25 DQ Blizzard Flavors, Ranked From Worst To Best

The Dairy Queen Blizzard is by far one of the best frozen desserts in the world, hands down. Sure, there are plenty of imitators and even some that might come close to matching it in quality, but there's just no replacing the signature flavor and texture of DQ soft serve blended with a variety of delicious mix-ins. The Blizzard stands the test of time as being the ice cream treat that's easy to eat while taking a stroll on the boardwalk or just sitting on a bench in the park. It's the perfect refresher for a hot day, and no matter what your flavor preference is, you can easily find a Blizzard to suit your personal taste. Do you like fruit flavor? There are plenty of Blizzards that deliver on that front. Ditto for peanut butter. And chocolate? Forget about it! There are more chocolate Blizzards than you could try in a single week.

Which flavor of Blizzard is best, though? That's all a matter of taste, isn't it? Well, some might say that, but we here at TheRecipe believe that you really can rank just about anything, so why not Blizzard flavors? Sure, there are people out there who'll dispute where their favorite flavor happened to land, but we honestly feel that this is as close as you can get to a definitive ranking of flavors. We apologize in advance if anyone isn't happy about our ranking, but we're just doing our jobs. Besides, maybe this list will inspire you to try something new! These are 25 Blizzard flavors, ranked from worst to best.


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The banana split Blizzard is a complete disaster. The confluence of flavors in this frozen treat never really coalesces into anything beyond a slick, watery mess. It never really seems like it knows what it wants to be. Is it fruity? Is it chocolatey? Even the bananas get lost in the mix, which isn't something you want to happen with a dessert that's trying to be a play on a banana split. Instead of this blizzard, go for the actual banana split that Dairy Queen still sells.


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The appeal of cookie dough seems like it's finally starting to wear off. Like bacon, it must've been the sheer saturation of cookie dough as a novel flavor that made it less likable. The cookie dough Blizzard is absolutely nothing to write home about. The chunks of cookie dough taste so artificial that it's hard to take them seriously as what they claim to be. There just isn't a lot going on with this Blizzard, which tries to sell itself on a fun ingredient rather than flavor.


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Peanut butter cookie dough gets to sit a little bit higher on this list by virtue of the fact that it does something just a little bit different than the all-too-familiar chocolate chip cookie dough. The fact this Blizzard uses chunks of peanut butter cookie dough means that it has a little bit more balance between being salty and sweet. That tiny bit of savory flavor helps to make this Blizzard just slightly more appealing than the standard cookie dough.


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The strawberry cheesecake Blizzard does a decent job of letting all of its flavors shine. It has the richness of a cheesecake filling, cut with the straightforward sweetness of strawberries. On top of all that, there are, of course, the chunks of cheesecake blended throughout the soft serve. This is a fairly decent blizzard if you want to try something new, but it's probably not something that'll become a favorite anytime soon. Still, it acquits itself well and is a lot more creative and flavorful than the previous entries.


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This Blizzard is by far more straightforward than the strawberry cheesecake variety, which gives it a slight edge over the previous flavor. It perfectly combines the flavors of rich chocolate with the fruity sweetness of strawberries. It balances the flavors very well, never letting one overtake the other. This is the kind of Blizzard that shows how much better the dessert works when all of the combined flavors are allowed to shine in their own way. It might not have a lot of bells and whistles, but it gets the job done.


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The choco cherry love Blizzard gets a little bit more love than the chocolate-covered strawberry if only because the flavor of cherries just works so much better with ice cream and chocolate overall. This is the kind of blizzard that might strike some as being slightly too rich and sweet all at once, but it does a fairly good job of balancing all of its flavor elements. It's still not the best Blizzard by a long stretch, but it's serviceable.

19 M&M'S

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The M&M's Blizzard is about as straightforward of a Blizzard as you can get. It's one of the original flavors, combining nothing more than the delicious flavor of DQ soft serve and the crunchy candy-coated chocolate flavor of M&M's. It's not a bad Blizzard choice by any means, although M&M's never really added much to the fun of this frozen treat. Besides, M&M's that have had a chance to get really cold also tend to get really hard and lose a lot of their chocolate flavor due to the low temperature. This is an okay Blizzard, but it's not the best.


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The choco brownie extreme Blizzard is the kind of thing that's perfect for any chocolate lover out there. Not only does it blend soft serve with big brownie pieces and chocolate chunks, but it also folds in some cocoa fudge, just to push everything over the top. This Blizzard might be a little bit much for people who want a little more balance in their frozen dessert, but for anyone who can't get enough chocolate, this is an absolute perfect treat for a hot day.


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The s'mores Blizzard is typically only available in the summer, but it's definitely worth checking out when it comes back around. It deftly combines all the flavors essential to a perfect s'more (that being chocolate, graham cracker, and, of course, toasted marshmallow). This Blizzard does a great job of blending all of these flavors together without letting any of them come too far forward. The problem that often arises with marshmallow flavor is that it can be a little bit overbearing. However, this Blizzard lets it out just enough to make an impression.


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If ever there was a frozen treat that let a lot of its key flavors blend perfectly, it has to be the lemon meringue Blizzard. This Blizzard perfectly lets the tartness of its lemon flavor blend with the richness of the soft serve and just a hint of meringue flavor. Plus, it has the added benefit of adding pie pieces, giving it a nice textural surprise and allowing for even more layers of flavor to come from the buttery, flaky crust.


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Salted caramel may seem like a trendy food to some people. After all, its prevalence has only ascended within the last few years. Still, it doesn't look like the idea of salted caramel will be going anywhere anytime soon. That's actually fine because if the salted caramel truffle Blizzard proves anything, it's that by combining the richness of chocolate with the more nuanced flavor of caramel and just the right amount of salt, you can really achieve a flavor combination that's greater than the sum of its parts.


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This is just the first Blizzard on this list to feature the flavor of Reese's peanut butter. This Blizzard combines Reese's peanut butter cups and brownie chunks with vanilla soft serve, but it's the interior of the Blizzard that's the star of the show, as there's a hidden peanut butter core waiting to be dug into. Some people might be put off by the sheer amount of sweet peanut butter contained in this frozen treat, but peanut butter fans will be delighted by the abundance of peanut butter flavor.


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Anyone who's ever wanted the flavor of a big peanut butter cookie packed with M&M's in a Blizzard is in luck because that's exactly what you get with the M&M's monster cookie Blizzard. This frozen treat is a step above the average cookie Blizzard because it actually contains crumbled cookie pieces rather than cookie dough chunks, which honestly aren't all that great. By combining the peanut butter cookie crumbles with M&M's and chocolate pieces, this Blizzard gets a lot of checkmarks for people with a big sweet tooth.


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Anyone who's had Turtles knows that they're a particularly tasty chocolate treat. They're sometimes also known by their less formal name, "pecan caramel clusters." That may be why this Blizzard chose to use both names in its title, just to avoid confusion. No, this Blizzard doesn't contain actual turtle. It is, however, a nice blend of chocolate, caramel, and pecan pieces. All of the flavors are balanced well, and the pecans provide a nice crunch among the soft serve.


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The Oreo hot cocoa Blizzard ranks pretty high because it combines the flavor of a great frozen hot chocolate with the signature chocolate crunch and creaminess of Oreos. This is definitely the kind of limited-time Blizzard that should be tried before it goes away again. It's perfect for people who love chocolate, but it's not so over the top with its chocolate ambition that it would turn off people who want a more balanced flavor from their frozen treat.


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While the strawberry cheesecake Blizzard ended up ranking quite a bit lower than this Blizzard flavor, there's a very good reason for this. The royal cheesecake Blizzard, like the royal Reese brownie Blizzard, also has a flavor-filled filled center. This one contains a fruity, strawberry center, which helps to accentuate its similarity to an actual slice of cheesecake, which might be topped with a fruit sauce of some kind. But it's usually not overdone and just helps to accentuate the richness of the cream cheese filling. That's the same kind of flavor profile you get with this delicious Blizzard.


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For people who can't get enough of that delicious Reese's peanut butter flavor, there's no better Blizzard option than the Reese's outrageous Blizzard. This frozen treat combines delicious DQ soft serve with Reese's pieces and peanut butter cups. On top of that, it also adds in a helping of peanut butter topping and caramel. Sure, it may sound like there's a lot going on with this Blizzard, but all of the flavors combine together very well and might just leave you wanting another one.


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Remember all those things we said about how cookie dough is a little bit too played out to remain a popular flavor? Well, that doesn't count for snickerdoodle cookie dough. These delightfully flavorful (and hilariously named) cookies make for great desserts even if they're joining the unbaked club. The Snickerdoodle cookie dough Blizzard manages to rise above other cookie dough Blizzards by really emphasizing the sugary cinnamon flavor of its namesake cookie. If you feel like getting a Blizzard with cookie dough bits, then this is the one you should go for.


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The royal Oreo Blizzard is by far the best out of all of the royal Blizzard options. This devilishly simplistic yet surprising Blizzard combines a typical Oreo Blizzard with a delicious, rich chocolate core. Digging into the middle of this Blizzard opens up a whole new level of fun and deliciousness, one that the other royal Blizzards can't quite live up to. If you really want to go all out and feel like royalty, then dig into one of these delicious Blizzards on a hot day.


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There isn't really a better chocolate bar than Snickers, so it stands to reason that a Snickers Blizzard would be absolutely delicious. Luckily, that logic is proven correct. The Snickers Blizzard is a delicious blend of chocolate sauce, caramel, and peanuts, all mixed into that signature delicious DQ soft serve. This is a limited Blizzard, so if you ever get an opportunity to try one, you should definitely jump on it. All of the flavors blend perfectly, and the peanuts add a nice crunch to the proceedings.


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The Heath bar isn't one of the more popular choices of chocolate bars, but those who love them do so with a passion. Their buttery toffee flavor blends perfectly into a Blizzard, which makes the Heath Blizzard one of our top five Blizzards. All of the flavors, the rich chocolate, the cool soft serve, and the crunchy toffee come together to make something that's truly delicious and can't really be matched in flavor. Heath bars are so unique in flavor that their Blizzard version stands as one of the best.


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This might be the only Blizzard that would have the expressly stated endorsement of Bart Simpson—that is if the Simpsons were still appearing in Butterfinger commercials. Still, this Blizzard is wonderful, combining the sweet yet salty crunch of Butterfinger filling with chocolate and DQ soft serve to make a frozen treat that has a more complex flavor profile than most. This is definitely one of the better classic Blizzards and a great choice if you ever want to try one of the originals.


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The Oreo Blizzard is beautiful in its simplicity: DQ soft serve blended with crushed up Oreo cookies. It's the kind of frozen treat that proves sometimes less is more. When you dig into this Blizzard, its simple flavor can bring a lot of joy, especially if you manage to find one of the big Oreo chunks that have become deliciously soft while hiding in the ice cream. This is by far one of the best frozen treats that you can get anywhere, which is why it gets the number 3 spot.


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You might not think that you can improve on perfection, but the mint Oreo Blizzard manages to do just that. It takes the traditional Oreo Blizzard but utilizes mint-flavored soft serve as the base to really bring all the flavors together. This is the kind of Blizzard that's perfect for those people who love mint chocolate chip ice cream. The Oreos actually lend a nice depth of flavor to the mintiness, which gives this Blizzard a wonderful balance of flavor. Plus, the cool mint really helps to accentuate the cold, delicious flavor of the ice cream.


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This right here is the pinnacle of Blizzard perfection. The Reese's peanut butter cup blizzard is sublime in its perfect blend of flavors, both simple and complex at the same time. The soft serve provides a mildly sweet base for the rich chocolate and sweet but savory peanut butter. As far as Blizzards go, this is the absolute best one. There may be people who disagree with this assessment, but we'd challenge them to try one of these Blizzards and tell us it's not absolutely perfect in every way.

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