Dunkin' Is Going All-Out Against Starbucks, Introducing A Flat White Chocolate Latte For The Holidays

Dunkin' Donuts plans to head up the competition this season with a bold new coffee menu and the addition of the Flat White Chocolate Latte. And with its reputation for fast service, the old dog may have a few left up its sleeve and give Starbucks and other competitors a run for their money.

Dunkin' Donuts was founded in Quincy, Massachusetts in 1950… a whopping 68 years ago and since then has been offering communities tasty deep-fried treats and freshly brewed coffee and the name of Dunkin’ has indeed garnered some respect for itself.

Unfortunately, in Canada, the company has suffered some serious setbacks, especially with the advent of Tim Horton’s Coffee and donut shops popping up on every Canadian intersection, was it any wonder?

But the brand is still going strong in the beautiful United States and for good reason.

Their current campaign, offering a bold new look and additional coffee choices to their menu might be the perfect example as to why they’re still doing well and giving Starbucks and other chains some decent competition.


It was this past November that they added some new espresso drinks at extremely low prices. And the espressos were just the beginning. For the upcoming Holidays, Dunkin’ plans to mix the brew up a little more, adding a white mocha latte, an affogato (a coffee dessert - espresso often topped with vanilla ice cream) and of course the flat white chocolate latte, which seems to be getting quite a bit of the attention with this bold new move.

And you may be asking yourself where are we, a coffee shop in the heart of Europe? Well, we’d more than understand the sentiment, but the move is definitely necessary, as Starbucks has been adding such items to its menu for years and it’s high time that Dunkin’ makes a move in the same direction.

Does the concept sink or swim mean anything to you? For us, it comes to mind here, as Dunkin’ has been treading water as of late and this move can definitely put them on an even keel with their competition, as the offerings might convince coffee drinkers to stop in and give them a try. The buzz is already serving them well and they've recently announced big plans for the future with many more location openings in 2020. But of course, one step at a time, as they say.

via Boston.com

And of course at the speed at which they serve their menu items, they feel they’ll have the advantage in the marketplace, as CEO, David Hoffman explains: “There are a lot of competitors in this space and we think if we go after the best espresso, and we have the machines and training and the people to deliver against that, we think that’s the best place we can be. If you combine that with the best place in the marketplace at the speed of Dunkin’, we think that’s tough to beat.”

There are definitely a lot of competitors in this particular market, particularly Starbucks who already serves many of these items at what many would argue at a better quality, but comparison is too hard to make at this early juncture. Only time will tell.

But, if you’re in the mood to try some new coffee flavors and brews, Dunkin’ might be the place to give it a try. Why not stop off to see an old friend for brand new flavors and style? It might be worth the trip.

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