Eat Fresh: The Definitive Ranking Of Subway Sandwich Toppings, From 25th to 1st

When you're hungry and you're out and about, there's only one place to go, and that's Subway. Sure, there are tons of fast food places, but you're trying to find a healthier choice than a burger and fries. And since sandwiches always make people happy, there's really no reason not to grab a sub and call it lunch or dinner.

Of course, the most important part of ordering a sandwich at Subway is what toppings you're going to choose. There are so many to choose from and you know that this is a key decision. What you add to your sandwich could honestly make or break it and it could be the difference between a lackluster meal and the best sandwich ever. No pressure...

People have very strong opinions about what they like on a sandwich and for good reason: whether you go spicy, creamy, or veggie, you're going to be creating a whole world of flavor. This is no time to slack off and you want to be super sure that you're picking the best toppings that you can.

Let's get serious about our sandwiches. After all, this is a big deal. Here is the definitive ranking of Subway sandwich toppings, ranked from number 25 to number one.

25 Lettuce

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Does anyone really want lettuce on their sandwich? Sure, you think that you should order it because when your mom made you sandwiches for your lunches growing up, she probably put lettuce on it.

But you're older and wiser now and you know that chopped lettuce is boring. That's the honest truth. When you're standing in line at a Subway and you're faced with the many toppings, why would you go for lettuce? There's no reason to. It's number 25 aka the worst sandwich topping.

24 Carrots

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According to the Subway website, some locations have carrots as a topping option. Honestly, this is kind of confusing. Do you want carrots on your sandwich? Not really.

As we can see from the photo, it seems like the carrots are served shredded, but that still doesn't help. Carrots don't need to be a sandwich topping. They're best roasted with some spices or cut into sticks so we can enjoy them with hummus and other dips.

23 Pepperoni

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You can also get pepperoni as a Subway sandwich topping at some locations, and we're scratching our heads about this as well. If you want pepperoni, order a pizza.

Why would you order pepperoni as a sandwich topping? First of all, it seems like it would be cold, and that's kind of gross. And second of all, it doesn't seem like the flavor would go with a lot of other sandwich fillings and toppings. No thank you. Pepperoni is number 23 on this list and we won't be ordering it.

22 Avocado

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Avocado is also available at some locations, but while we love our avocado and would never say a bad thing about it, we're not big on it as a Subway sandwich topping.

It's number 22 because it's not the absolute worst but we would never say that it's close to the best, either. The problem with avocado as a sandwich topping is that it has to be super ripe, creamy, and flavorful in order to add to the sandwich. Otherwise, it's going to taste strange and kind of "off", and it's going to ruin the sandwich.

21 Spinach

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Spinach is number 21 on this list of Subway sandwich toppings because it's a bit better than boring old lettuce... but not that much better.

Spinach doesn't scream "the best sandwich ever." It's just kind of... there. If you love the taste, you still would probably prefer to cook spinach with some salt, pepper, and garlic instead of using it as a sandwich topping. Raw spinach has a strange texture and it's not that appealing.

20 Red Onions

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Whether you want red onions on your Subway sandwich really depends on whether you love or hate them in general.

If you're a fan, you're probably wondering why these aren't further up on the list. They add a nice zesty bite to anything, particularly sandwiches. The reason why red onions couldn't be anything other than number 20 is that so many people find them too strong and intense of a flavor. They don't appeal to the masses, so they're number 20, and only a few people would want to order them as a topping.

19 Cucumbers

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Cucumbers are pretty good. They're crunchy, refreshing, and nice to dip into hummus. Are they the greatest sandwich topping ever? No. They're kind of just... whatever.

If you ordered a Subway sandwich and weren't sure which toppings were the best choice, you could definitely go for cucumber and it wouldn't ruin the whole deal. You could still enjoy your sandwich. The only thing is that cucumbers might make the sandwich too watery, so this sandwich topping is taking the number 19 spot.

18 Guacamole

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Guacamole and chips, yes. Yes a million times. This is the greatest party and anytime snack ever.

Guacamole as a Subway sandwich topping? That would be a no. You can get this at some Subway locations, but it's probably best to pass on it and pick some other toppings. Guac on a sandwich is probably going to end up being super mushy and gross and you're going to regret it for sure. Save yourself the sadness and order other toppings that will make you much happier.

17 Bacon

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Bacon is the best when it's served with eggs for breakfast, in a BLT, on a salad, or pretty much anytime and everywhere.

When it comes to the best and worst toppings that you can get at Subway, you might want to pass on the bacon. It's not going to be as great as it would be at your local breakfast place. Why? Because it's the kind of strip bacon that you can cook in a microwave. It's also not really something that you want on a sandwich unless it's a straight-up BLT. Save your beloved bacon for another time.

16 Feta Cheese

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Feta cheese isn't really a cheese that you would think to put on a sandwich. It goes great on pizza and salad, sure, and you can find some really amazing super salty and flavorful ones at your local grocery store.

Feta cheese as a Subway sandwich topping might be kind of an acquired taste. It would definitely take some getting used to. Since it's not something that most people would think to add to a sandwich, it's number 16. It's better than the above toppings, but not that much better.

15 Mustard

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Mustard is a great topping for a sandwich. It's probably something that you use when you're making sandwiches at home.

It might not be your first choice when you're standing in line at Subway and thinking about your options, which is why it's number 15 on this list and not higher up. But it's still pretty good. The only problem with it? It could be too strong for the other flavors that you're picking. And it's important to mention that plain mustard isn't as good as another sauce that Subway sells (more on that later).

14 Mayo

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Some people love mayo and others hate it. You have a very strong opinion about it either way.

Mayo isn't the best in terms of sandwich sauces or spreads. You can agree with that even if you like it. At the very least, you want it to be spicy mayo. When that's not happening, it can be goopy and kind of gross. That's why mayo is number 14 on this list of Subway sandwich toppings. Enough people like mayo on their sandwiches that it had to be on this list (and it's a pretty typical sandwich spread) but it couldn't be too high up because of all the mayo haters.

13 Tomatoes

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Now we're around halfway on this list of the best and worst Subway sandwich toppings, and we're going to say that tomatoes need to be at number 13.

They're definitely middle-of-the-road when it comes to what flavors you want on your sandwich masterpiece. Some people never eat tomatoes and can't stand them, others adore them, and still others are so-so about them. It's very complicated. If you're in the mood for tomatoes, then go ahead and order them and you could be pleased with your sandwich.

12 Green Peppers

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Green peppers may not be something that you would eat on a regular day but when you're choosing sandwich toppings at Subway, they're a really good pick.

They don't stand up to some of the other toppings, which is why they didn't make it into the top 10, but they're a fairly decent choice. They're number 12 for that reason. When you want something crunchy and you want to feel like you're eating some green vegetables, go for the green peppers.

11 Chipotle Southwest Sauce

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In the mood for a super spicy sauce on your Subway sandwich? You're going to want to order the Chipotle Southwest sauce.

This is a great sauce if you love spicy flavors. The reason why it's not higher up on the list is that not everyone associates Subway sandwiches with something spicy like this. A lot of people want something milder and in the turkey and veggies and cheese category. But if you like spice, then you'll like this. It's still a better pick than many other sauces and toppings which is why it's number 11.

10 Savory Caesar Sauce

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Now we're in the top 10 and so these are definitely the toppings that you can always count on. If you order any of these 10, you'll be happy.

Savory Caesar sauce is number 10 because it's not the best sauce to order but you can't go wrong. If you love Caesar salad (and you probably do because who doesn't?!) then you're going to be pleased with this. We bet that this sauce tastes great with other toppings such as fresh veggies and, of course, with chicken.

9 Swiss Cheese

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When it's time to pick your toppings, you want something cheesy for sure. Why not go with Swiss cheese? It's going to work well with other ingredients but be just different enough to stand out, which is why it's number nine.

Swiss cheese makes for a great sandwich topping since it's not really the kind of cheese that you eat all the time.

Go ahead and order this on your sandwich at Subway the next time that you're there for lunch or dinner. You can't go wrong with cheese, of course, so you're always going to think that this was a good idea.

8 Pepperjack Cheese

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Pepperjack cheese is delicious, which is why it's number 8 on this list. If you love it so much that you think that it should be higher up, it couldn't be because not everyone is into spicy cheese. (Sad but still true.)

It does make for a tasty sandwich, though, and when you want to go pretty typical with your other ingredients (say, turkey and some tomato or something), you could go with Pepperjack cheese to spice things up. It'll be a good idea.

7 Barbecue Sauce

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Do you think of barbecue sauce as a typical thing to spread on a sandwich? Probably not... which is why it's a good idea.

Barbecue sauce on a sandwich is a fun idea that is just different and unique enough. It's not in the top five since it doesn't seem like it's something that everyone would order, but it's interesting enough that it had to take the number seven spot. It's better than mayo, that's for sure. No one could argue with that.

6 Buffalo Sauce

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When people love hot sauce, they really, really love it. They want to put it on everything. And that's the right way to be.

Buffalo sauce is always going to be more delicious than barbecue sauce. It's just a fact. That's why it sneaked one point higher than barbecue and takes the number six spot. Barbecue sauce will be a great Subway sandwich topping no matter what else you're ordering. It'll make your sandwich that much more fun to eat since it's going to be hot and spicy and perfect.

5 Honey Mustard Sauce

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Now we're here at the top five best Subway sandwich toppings. Number five is none other than the Honey Mustard sauce.

Many people go crazy for this sauce and think that it's the greatest thing to put on a sandwich from this popular chain, so we're going to go ahead and agree with that. It's sweet, it's spicy, and it will go with any any bread, protein, or toppings that you choose. We're definitely craving it right now, that's for sure.

4 Cheddar Cheese

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Who doesn't want Cheddar Cheese on their sandwich?! Exactly. Everyone loves cheese and so this is obviously a great thing to put on your sandwich from Subway.

While there are lots of cheeses on the menu, cheddar is obviously the best. It appeals to the greatest number of people. Not everyone loves spicy cheese or strong cheese, so when you know that you want cheese on your sandwich, cheddar is going to be your pick. It's number four and is a really great topping.

3 Black Olives

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All the olive haters won't agree with this but black olives are a wonderful sandwich topping. (They work well on pizza as well but we'll forget about that for now and focus on sandwiches.)

Do you want something salty and flavorful on your Subway sandwich? Something that will make you go "that's delicious" and that will work with whatever other flavors you have going on? Of course you do, which is why black olives are number three. They're going to make any sandwich that much more epic.

2 Banana Peppers

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Banana peppers are number two on this list of Subway sandwich toppings and they deserve it. They are spicy and full of flavor and will make any sandwich special.

When you order a sandwich at Subway, you want it to be much more interesting than anything that you could make at home. While you might have a jar of these peppers in your fridge, chances are that you don't and you would make something a lot more dull in your own kitchen. Have some fun and order banana peppers.

1 Pickles

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Here we are at the absolute best topping to order for your sandwich at Subway: pickles.

Just like banana peppers, pickles make for a super enjoyable and fun sandwich. Salty, crunchy, and amazing, pickles need to be on every single sandwich that you order from Subway. It's just the way that it is.

The next time that you're in the mood for a Subway sandwich, remember this very important list, and seek out the best toppings that they have to offer. (And get extra pickles. That's always a good idea.)

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