Dining Divas: 20 Celebrities Who Have Outrageous Food Demands On Tour

When you start living a lifestyle full of fame and fortune you do begin to get just a little spoilt. Within reasonable limits this is alright but some celebrities just go a little too far. They get to a point where it is almost impossible to refuse them of something because they simply will not tolerate it.

Celebrities like Nikki Minaj and Cardi B have been known to kick off at the slightest inconvenience. When it comes to their food countless performers are pretty stubborn about what they can and cannot eat. This to a certain extent is understandable but the celebrities on our list have gone a little too far.

Beyonce has a dressing room set to a certain temperature and Justin Bieber even has a list of demands he classifies as 'necessities' when he tours so these food demands are actually the more understandable ones when you look at the big picture.

Whether you love them or hate them, this list does tend to show you how average a life we are living in comparison and if anything it will be the last positive you need to buy that over-priced coat you were guilt-tripping yourself about.

Without further ado, here are our twenty celebrities who would not appreciate Nando's like we do (their loss) and have demands that are borderline mad-

20 Lady Gaga

via Billboard

Lady Gaga had been in the papers for countless reasons. Some of them not so great (like the time she was banned in China for having 'vulgar' content) and others times for making amazing music. Something that is not as well known as her out-there personality and well-written lyrics are her food demands. When Lady Gaga is on tour she insists on having a platter of cheeses in her dressing room. These cheeses cannot just be any ordinary ones either. She prefers 'non-smelly' and 'non-sweaty' variants. That to us is Gaga's way of saying that she is too good for certain cheese and no one is too good for cheese.

19 Katy Perry

via Girl HD Wallpapers / Twitter

Katy's food list is very very specific. She needed unsweetened, dried apples because the ones we pick up from the grocery store have apparently been wrong all along. She also needs pears that are prepared the same way. On the side, there needs to be salted and dry-roasted edamame. Other than this she needs whole wheat pita bread, baked tortilla chips, Fuze Slenderize assorted flavours and much more. Here is her whole dressing room list if you want to check it out for yourself. To think - getting our mothers to buy a bag of chips on their grocery runs was a miracle.

18 Beyonce

via okmagazine.com

Everyone knows Beyonce is a diva if you have ever seen one and that has already been proven by the fact that she wants her dressing room to be a certain temperature. It is 78 degrees Fahrenheit for anyone who was wondering.

When it comes to food, Beyonce needs lightly seasoned veggies and heavily seasoned chicken with cayenne pepper. This chicken needs to be a 'juicy baked chicken' and there cannot be any coca-cola in sight. This gal is pretty stubborn about her Pepsi support.

17 Kanye West

via NY Daily News

The whole Kardashian family is over the top to say the very least. So, it is only fitting that when Kanye joined the bunch that he too would become as unbearably picky about his habits. While on an Australian tour he insisted that he needed Versace towels for his sweat and a slushie machine for refreshments. The slushie had to be programmed specifically to have only two flavours available - Greygoose & lemonade and Hennessy & Coca-Cola. Having a slushie is one thing but making a custom machine is a completely different story.

16 Van Halen

via thomann.de

You know how children sort out their M&Ms into colour categories for the fun of it? Well, Van Halen may have the perfect summer job for your kid. The rock band refuses to touch brown M&Ms. No clue what these M&Ms did cause they seem lovely to us.

This food demand got pretty famous when they were on their 1982 tour which is when they first made it known that they need a filtered candy bowl. They even threatened to cancel the show with no reimbursement if that demand was not followed through. A bit dramatic but okay.

15 Nikki Minaj

via Elle

Most of the crazy food demands come from musicians that are known as divas as well- people like Mariah Carey and Jennifer Hudson. But nonetheless, Nikki Minaj is quickly making her way into this list. She has quite the list of demands for her and her entourage. On her rider, she specifies that she needs a gallon of lemonade, throat lozenges and red bull to start with. When it comes to food though she essentially covers everything from breakfast to dinner. Scrambled egg whites, toast, turkey bacon, Belgian waffles for breakfast and buckets of spicy fried chicken for lunch. The chicken pieces cannot be thigh pieces though. She also needs a lot of wings, a cheese platter and silverware.

14 Jennifer Lopez

via Hello Giggles

Lopez is quite the diva and her food demands are proof. Her most famous food demand is that she wants her coffee to be stirred anti-clockwise. That is all the information we have for you really. No one knows why she wants it done that way. It is doubtful that even Jennifer knows why it is done that way, to be honest. It could just be too much money with too little brain cells that helped her come up with that one. Apparently, she can 'taste the difference.' She has also been known to ask for an all-white dressing room when she is on tour. Her demands for her performance at the Indian Cricket League season were considered so absurd that she was eventually replaced with Pitbull.

13 Jack White

via The Daily Beast

White and his label does some amazing things when it comes to music that can truly be appreciated. A recent statistic brought to our attention that White was part of the reason 321,000 phones were taken away from people this year during concerts. He makes people watch his concert with 'their actual eyes' rather than through snapchat and you cannot help but admire that idea.

So, if anything he deserves to be a little spoilt in the food department. He needs a very specific guacamole recipe to be prepared for him before his arrival whenever he is performing. This recipe gives you a final dish that has chunky guacamole that uses a very specific variety of avocados.

12 Justin Bieber

via Robert O'neil / SplashNews.com

So far, it has only been celebrities that ordered specific foods with very specific instructions. Justin Bieber ordered a chef that was going to be able to make him dishes that can be named after his songs. So you cannot just be a good cook, you also have to a be a fairly creative on-the-spot name-giver. The dressing room rider that was leaked in May of 2017 when Bieber was performing in Mumbai, India has a whole bunch of absurd demands along with it. He also specified that he would need a packet of Haribo Cola Gummies whenever he craved one.

11 Adele

via GRAMMY.com

Adele is pretty specific about her food demand when she is on tour. While most celebrities are all about organic products, Adele actually specified that she wants a jar of honey that is anything but organic. She also asked for chicken salad sandwiches that have been individually wrapped and do not have any chili, vinegar, tomatoes, or citrus, the 'best quality' red wine, six large mugs and six metal teaspoons. Other than this she also asks for chewing gum and Marlboro cigarettes. Quick tip - if you are ever in charge of Adele's demands, you should know she capitalized the words 'no citrus fruit' within her last rider.

10 Slash

via Wikipedia

You should be really really happy you are not working for Slash and if you are - we are so so sorry. While on tour, the rock singer asked for a square melon which is um..hard to find to say the very least. We cannot possibly understand the reason behind this. Yes, some people eat with their eyes but who eats with shapes? Other than this (unfortunately we are not done yet), he also demands seven different types of cheeses and two pots of honey that are shaped like bears. Told you he was into shapes when he is eating food. Just know that whenever you are buying a ticket for a Slash concert, you are indirectly making someone do this.

9 Mariah Carey

via Brent N Clarke/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock

Mariah has been famous for a very long time and has gotten used to a certain lifestyle and she evidently has the money for it considering her single 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' in itself gives her more money than most of us can ever dream of. Her dressing room demands include Cristal champagne along with some bendy straws to help with consumption. She also insists on having an actual person that is hired just to throw her chewing gum away. That was someone's actual job - a live chewing gum bin for Mariah Carey. A little much?

8 Backstreet Boys

via The Movie Database

This one is more depressing than outrageous. When the backstreet boys go on tour, they are all about staying healthy which is admirable most of the time but sometimes a bit of chocolate is just necessary. They specify that they need only peanuts, fruits, vegetables, water and milk in their dressing room. If junk food of any kind, chocolate, crisps or anything fried is found in a five feet radius someone is going to kick off very fast. Our question here is simple - is it worth being famous if you do not have candy?

7 Whitney Houston

via abcnews.go.com

Just like her big voice, Whitney also had big demands when she was on tour. Her taste was pretty pricey as well. Everything from crab legs to shrimp cocktail needs to be on offer if you needed her to perform her best. She was also a big fan of any sort of candy (something you can learn from Backstreet Boys). Anything from butterfingers to Raisinets were welcome in her dressing room. Sweet and sour chicken, shrimp, spring rolls and shrimp fried rice were also on her list. You are getting the picture - big shrimp and food from China fan.

6 T.I

via atlassteak.com

This hip-hop star asks for a prepaid bill tab of a $1000 before any performance which is absurd considering that for some people that is two weeks worth of earnings. This liquor cabinet includes brands that put our $10 bottles to shame. When it comes to food, T.I and his crew ask for nine filet mignon steaks butterflied and well-done. There also have to be at least nine ounces each. So, if you think hosting T.I is easy - think again. He is as spoilt as anyone else on this list.

5 Alicia Keys

via variety.com

Alicia has some very specific requests when it comes to her food demands. She only eats vegetables and fruits so everyone needs to keep that in mind. Room temperature water, tuna sandwiches and chocolate almond milk are all part of her rider when she is on tour. She also asks for seven sets of metal silverware, three glade candles (French Vanilla, Rain shower, Wild Berry or Tangerine Ginger), ten Nutri-grain bars, six individual packets of Quaker Oats oatmeal and three menus for local seafood restaurants that she can order from.

4 John Mayer

via precisionwatches.com

Everyone loves cereal but some people are just a little obsessed with it and Mayer is one of them. He specifies in his list of demands for every tour that he needs a cereal box of any one of the following - Cap'n Crunch, Lucky Charms, Count Chocula, Cookie Crisp, or Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It is a pretty simple demand and pretty specific at the same time. In his defense, every one of the cereals on his list are a part of many childhoods and taste great.

3 Lupe Fiasco

via Arizona Daily Star

Rapper Lupe Fiasco created an entire sundae bar for his tour and believe us it had all of the frills. Every topping known to mankind was on that table. Whenever we think about celebrities, we just assume they order something specific and have it delivered to their room but Lupe is all about keeping his options open. His sundae bar was required to have multiple types of ice cream available as well sprinkles, an assortment of nuts, fudge, brownies, apple pie. He also had Krispy Kreme doughnuts on the table as an option. It was any dessert lover's dream.

2 Jerry Springer

via progressohio.org

Jerry Springer is pretty easy to please apart from the weird demand that he has regarding ice. He asks for thirty pounds of ice after lunch and sixty pounds of ice after dinner. No one really knows what all this ice is for but oh well. His choice of food though is pretty great - he keeps it simple with lox and cream cheese bagels along with a cafe mocha from Starbucks. Another demand he has that is not food related but food inspired is having pina-colada scented smoke during all of his events. If you have always wanted to go to a Jerry Springer event, this is just more reason to get booking.

1 Blake Shelton

via YouTube

This country singer really keeps his roots in mind when deciding on his dressing room requests. His rider states that he wants peppered or teriyaki beef jerky, BBQ flavored Lays and Cheetos. He also needs a lot of Bud Light when it comes to alcohol. Compared to everyone else on this list, Blake's needs are pretty tame. He is essentially happy with a lot of junk food which is fair enough. He does have some specific brands that he needs for his drinks cabinet.

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