Open Wide: 20 Enormous Burgers That Are Too Big To Handle

When it comes time to pick something to eat at the company picnic, do you go for a hot dog? No! You get yourself a burger! After all, who doesn't love a really good burger? It's a slab of beef, topped with whatever kind of vegetables and condiments you want, nestled cozily on a soft bun. Sometimes, you even get it with melty, gooey cheese, making everything just oh so much better. You can walk into almost any restaurant and get a burger. That's how popular they are! However, some people have become bored of the typical burgers. They want something more, and when we say more, we mean that literally. There are plenty of challenge burgers out there that are giving diners a run for their money.

These burgers are gigantic, and we don't use that word lightly. These behemoth beef beasts sometimes require more than one person to take them down, and even then it's pretty difficult. You have to have a group of friends who all are able to eat their fair share. Sometimes the restaurant says you have to finish the burger alone, which makes everything even harder. Sometimes, there isn't even a contest. The burgers are just huge because that's the way the restaurant serves them! Taking down any of these bad boys would be an accomplishment in itself, but you would definitely need to take a nap afterward and eat nothing but chicken and salads for the next few days after. These are 20 enormous burgers that are too big to handle!

20 The 666 Friday the 13th Burger - Wiener and Still Champion

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If the intimidating name of this burger isn't enough to scare you off, then just know that it would take someone with a serious iron will (and stomach) to take this thing on. This monster of a burger consists of two burger patties, six slices of cheese, six strips of bacon, and six mozzarella sticks. That's right, if you thought that no restaurant would ever be crazy enough to put mozzarella sticks on a sandwich, rest assured, that Wiener and Still Champion went right for it. There is no contest associated with this burger. Finishing it is all about personal pride (or lack thereof).

19 The Garbage Burger - McGuire's Tavern

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The name of this burger really says it all, because one look at this thing and you know exactly where it should be. The Garbage Burger, available at McGuire's Tavern in Pensacola, Florida, might remind TV fans of the Skip's Scramble from Arrested Development, in that it includes practically everything available on the menu. Some of the more normal ingredients include sauteed onions, sauteed mushrooms, jalapenos, cheese, and bacon, but the burger also includes peanut butter, ice cream, and hot fudge. There's really no reason to even attempt eating this burger because when it arrives at your table, it's more of just a sloppy mess on a plate than anything.

18 The T-Rex - Wendy's

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This specialty Wendy's burger is the kind of thing that food legends are made of. It all started when one Reddit user noticed a local Wendy's in his town of Brandon, Manitoba noticed a sign for the behemoth burger, which includes nine beef patties and cheese. The sandwich suddenly found viral fame, as many people wanted to try it. Unfortunately, Wendy's shut the whole thing down when they learned about the unauthorized sandwich. However, there is still a way to order the T-Rex by simply modifying a burger yourself. Wendy's allows you to add patties to any burger, so just order a classic triple and add six more patties.

17 The Triple Triple - Wayback

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In-N-Out isn't the only burger restaurant with a number system for their burgers. Every year, Wayback Burgers holds a contest to see who can finish their most monstrous burger creation, the triple-triple. Like the T-Rex, this burger has nine patties and nine slices of cheese. However, there is an incentive to ordering and finishing this giant burger. If you can eat this thing the fastest out of everyone in the contest, then you'll walk away with $3330. Be warned, though. There are some serious competitors, with one woman managing to finish the mammoth burger in just over 40 seconds! We don't know how she did it, and frankly, we don't want to know.

16 The Over De Flames Burger - The Basement

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This is yet another challenge burger, served at the Over De Flames restaurant, located in the Basement, a Norwich club venue. This monstrous burger contains roughly six-and0a0half pounds of beef and is topped with relish, ketchup, mayonnaise, two whole onions, three tomatoes, and an entire head of lettuce. This gargantuan burger is meant to be eaten by one person, but if they manage to do it, they can walk away with a prize of £200. At the cost of £30 to buy the burger, that's not a bad bet to make, assuming you're the kind of person who can down a burger this big.

15 The Stuffed Lasagna Burger - Slater's 50/50

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Who would have thought that combining a burger with lasagna could result in something so absolutely epic? The stuffed lasagna burger from Slater's 50/50 in California would make a pretty great meal on its own, and might also necessitate a nap afterward. The burger consists of a sausage and beef patty, marinara sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese, and fresh basil leaves. However, it's the bun that really makes this burger special. Rather than the average, run-of-the-mill brioche, this burger is served on a "fried cheese lasagna bun." This was just a burger of the month, so it comes and goes from the menu, but anyone lucky enough to try it probably thought it was amazing!

14 The Sarge Burger - Pig'n-Chik

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The Sarge Burger at Pig'n-Chik in Little Rock, Arkansas is almost kind of humble in its simplicity. Make no mistake, this is still a huge burger. At four pounds of ground beef, plus a one pound bun and all the fixins, this would definitely take a concerted effort to finish. However, the Sarge Burger doesn't dress itself up with all the bells and whistle of other burgers. It doesn't even require advanced notice to prepare. You can simply walk into the restaurant, sit down, and order this giant sandwich. Even its stately appearance, sat alone on a plate in front of any diner who dares take it on, has less pageantry than most other challenge burgers out there.

13 The Big Al Burger Challenge - Fergburger

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All the way on the other side of the Earth, nestled in New Zealand, is a little restaurant called Fergburger. You might have thought that giant burgers were purely something you'd see in North America, with maybe a couple here and there in the UK. However, New Zealand's Fergburger has its own challenging burger to finish known as the Big Al. This tasty burger boasts one pound of beef, round bacon, cheese, two fried eggs, tomato, red onion, lettuce, relish, and aioli. Of course, since the burger is served in New Zealand, it is also served with their signature topping of sliced beets. The burger isn't a challenge of any kind, so you won't win anything for finishing it, but at least you could say you took down Big Al.

12 The Eagle's Challenge - Eagle's Deli

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Eagle's Deli in Boston is your standard restaurant serving typical diner fare such as omelets, sandwiches, and burgers. However, there is a section on their menu titled "Gigantic Burgers," and sitting at the top of this section is the Eagle's Challenge. This gargantuan burger is comprised of eight beef patties adding up to five pounds, 20 slices of bacon, and 20 slices of cheese. however, the challenge does not end at the burger. Contestants also have to eat five pounds of fries on the side. If they have any room left over, they can also eat the deli pickle that comes with it if they want.

11 The Manchester Wheel - Solita

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The Manchester Wheel from Solita in Manchester is named after the large wheel in the city that overlooks Piccadilly Gardens. This giant burger is made with a 1-kilogram patty (roughly 2.2 pounds), 12 slices of cheese, eight slices of bacon, and a liter of special sauce. The burger is supposed to be shared by six people, which would result in 6 roughly 6-ounce servings. This burger may seem modest by the standards set by others in the United States, but you have to give credit where credit is due. After all, the UK doesn't have as much of a giant food culture as the US, so even starting out with something like this is fairly impressive. However, there is no challenge associated with this burger, as it is meant to be shared.

10 The Monster Red Ruby Burger Challenge - Urban Burger

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If you really want a challenge in the UK, then you need to visit Exeter's own Urban Burger, where you can take part in the Monster Red Ruby Challenge. This towering burger and fries combo consists of seven, six-ounce burger patties, 14 slices of bacon, and seven slices of cheese. You also have to consume a double serving of fries along with the monster burger, making this yet another challenging burger to take down. The real problem is how to approach a burger that wouldn't even fit in your mouth if you tried to take a bite out of it. We suppose there's only one way to finish this burger: one bite at a time.

9 The Five Five Challenge - HWY 55 Burgers, Shakes, and Fries

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The Five Five Challenge at HWY 55 Burgers, Shakes, and Fries is something of an anomaly in the burger challenge world for one reason: it is customizable. Rest assured, anyone who takes part in this challenge still has to consume 55 ounces of beef, but they are also required to add at least four toppings. That means that you can do this challenge with any toppings you like. How much of a difference would that make in consuming this giant burger? We're not sure, but it might be a relief to know that if you don't like onions you can do this challenge without them.

8 The 100 x 100 - In-N-Out

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People who are familiar with In-N-Out know that the California fast food staple has a whole secret menu. That means that you can order a burger practically any way you can think of and the staff will be more than willing to make it for you. A group of friends took that to the absolute limit one night when they asked if it was possible to order a 100x100 burger. The staff did not back down from the unorthodox request and instead made the friends their giant burger with 100 patties and 200 slices of cheese. This was not an official burger, and it was not a challange authorized by anyone. It was just one group of friends seeing what they could get away with. However, their burger will live on in fast food history.

7 The Speck Burger Challenge - Speck's Bar and Grill

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At Speck's Bar and Grill in Topeka, Kansas, they don't take their burger challenge lightly. Most places will just sit a giant burger down in front of you and say "finish that and you win!" Speck's is different though. Their philosophy appears to be that no one would ever really eat a burger on its own. they'd get it with a side of fries. That's why the Speck Burger challenge goes the whole ten yards, in saying that to win the challenge, participants must finish not only the three-pound burger that is the centerpiece of the meal, but also a heaping mountain of fries that are served with it.

6 The Beast - Bokampers Sports Bar and Grill

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Bokampers Bar and Grill in Fort Lauderdale, Florida got it right when they named this incredible burger. This challenging meal comes with a patty made from four pounds of beef. It is then topped with six slices of bacon, six slices of cheese, and, just to make things even more interesting, four fried eggs. It also comes with a side of fries, in case the burger isn't enough to fill you up. This burger may not be the biggest one on this list, but it earns its spot simply by having all that extra protein from the bacon and eggs. If you manage to finish the beast in under one hour, you get it free, which would be good considering that you have to pay 40 bucks just to take the challenge.

5 The 9 Pound Burger - Blondie's Burgers

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The T-Rex burger at Wendy's might have shown the world that Canada is serious about its giant burgers, but it's the nine-pound burger from Blondies in Winnipeg, Manitoba, that puts them all to shame (there must be something in the water in Manitoba that makes its residents crave impossibly huge burgers). This staggering meal can be purchased for $155 and shared with friends. Or, if you're really feeling like you want to challenge yourself, you can attempt to eat the whole thing solo. If you can do that, then the burger is free and you get your picture on their wall of fame.

4 The Triple Coronary Bypass - Vortex Bar and Grill

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The name of this burger is pretty accurate. Just looking at it is enough to make you break out in a cold sweat and experience pain in your left arm. The Triple Coronary, available at Vortex Bar and Grill in Atlanta. This thing goes way over the top with the ingredients needed to make it. Each of the outside buns is a patty melt, meaning that even the buns have burgers in them. The bun in the middle is a bacon grilled cheese, and it comes with two eight-ounce patties. Then, it is topped with 18 slices of cheese, 3 fried eggs, 18 strips of bacon, grilled onions, diner relish, and mayonnaise

3 The Beer Barrel Belly Bruiser - Denny's Beer Barrel Pub

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This giant burger with the alliterative name is something to behold. Within its gargantuan bun, it holds a fifty-pound beef patty, topped with cheese lettuce, onions, and ketchup. If you and your loyal group of friends want to take this burger on, then you have to give the restaurant 72 hours notice. However, you should be warned that this burger is not a challenge. At least, not a challenge in the sense that the restaurant will give you a prize for finishing this one. That's right, if you order this burger expecting your picture put up on a wall or anything, you might be disappointed.

2 The Mount Olympus - Clinton Station Diner

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The Clinton Station Diner appears to have a thing for the mythology of ancient Greece. They name many of their burgers after mythological figures like Zeus, Atlas, and Hercules, but they save the name of Mt. Olympus for one of the biggest burgers they sell. 25 Pounds of beef, along with 20 pounds of bun, 5 pounds of cheese, 4 heads of lettuce, onions, and tomatoes make up this giant burger, but if you and four of your friends can finish the entire thing in under three hours, the restaurant will pay you $1000! That seems like a pretty daunting task though, considering each of you would have to eat roughly 10 pounds of food in a single sitting.

1 The Absolutely Ridiculous Burger - Mallie's Sports Bar and Grill

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The name says it all because this is less of a meal for a group of people than something that was built purely to break a world record. The Absolutely Ridiculous Burger at Mallie's in Southgate, Michigan is the world's largest commercially available burger. That's right, if you thought this was just for show, then you have underestimated Mallie's will to sell this behemoth, 330-pound burger to the masses. If you want to order one for a group, you have to call 72 hours in advance so they have time to prepare it. The burger also boasts 15 pounds of lettuce, 30 pounds of bacon, 30 pounds of tomatoes and 36 pounds of cheese.

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