Nacho Average Chips: 10 Epic Nacho Recipes We Need This Winter Season And 10 Weird Ones We'll Pass On

Cheesy and crunchy at the exact same time, nachos are a classic and popular snack food that never go out of foodie style. Who doesn't have some super fond memories attached to nachos? Whether you used to order them every Saturday night at your old college stomping ground while out with friends or you make them your once a week treat these days, you know that you love this combination of flavors.

The best thing about nachos is how completely unhealthy they are. Sure, you can make them at home and choose organic blue corn chips and grass-fed cheese, and you can top them with veggies. But it's not really the same as the dish that you can order from pubs and the like. Nachos are pure fun food and they are comforting as well.

While it's often fun to see what creative recipes people have come up with, sometimes it would have been best if a classic dish had been left alone. That's how we feel about nacho recipes: some are magical and some leave us wishing for a more classic version. Here are 10 epic nacho recipes we need this winter and 10 weird ones that we'll definitely pass on.

20 Epic: Bacon Nachos

via Taste Of Home

Bacon is great, and nachos are great, and so obviously putting them together is a feat of culinary brilliance. It's hard to imagine why we never thought of putting bacon on nachos before but we'll make sure to right this wrong ASAP... and tell all our friends and relatives because we feel that this is key info that they need.

This recipe from Taste of Home has ground beef, bacon bits, guacamole, sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, and tortilla chips. We love that it's simple in terms of ingredients but the bacon bits and ground beef combination takes normal nachos and makes them much more delicious.

19 Weird: Chicken And Waffle Nachos

via Serious Eats

Now this is something that is honestly weird. Of course chicken and waffles is a delicious dish and it should be ordered whenever it's on a menu. It's sweet, spicy, savory, and everything that anyone could want.

But Chicken and Waffle Nachos recipes basically take bits of fried chicken and put them on tiny waffles (instead of the corn chips typically found in nachos) and add cheese. Even though we love cheese and never thought that we would be saying this, in this case we don't think that the cheese works. If we have a craving for chicken and waffles, we just want to eat that, plain and simple.

18 Epic: Homemade Pulled Pork Nachos

via SuperValu

When you want your nachos to fill you up and be hearty, you have to think about adding protein. Ground beef is a typical topping since it's easy to make spicy and it fits into the theme. What about pulled pork?

If we never considered this, then we're in luck because this recipe from How Sweet Eats is a truly great idea. Pork shoulder with spices and canola oil, flour or corn tortillas that are made into homemade chips, and queso. Yes, these are all beautiful things, and together, these ingredients make up seriously epic nachos that need to be a thing that happens in our kitchens very soon.

17 Weird: Nachos With Asparagus And Hollandaise Sauce

via Karen Wise/Buzzfeed

We know about this very weird nacho recipe from Buzzfeed, and it's hard to believe that this is a thing.

Sure, hollandaise sauce is a brunch staple and people love ordering Eggs Benedict from fancy places and down-home diners alike. Even pouring hollandaise sauce on ham and asparagus is fine and that's something that many families make around Easter. But adding these things to nachos is honestly mind-boggling and we're not sure how to feel about this. Mostly, though, we can say that we would rather eat regular old nachos, even if they were super plain and just cheese melted on chips.

16 Epic: Fry Nachos

via crueltyfreefamily.com

Let's gone one thing straight: when we want to indulge and we want carbs and we've decided that will be our dinner, fries are more satisfying than chips. They just are. No offense to chips (potato or corn) because they are lovely, but fries are heartier and more filling.

So it's cool to imagine a world where we can make nachos for dinner and use fries. And we know about this thanks to Delish. While nachos using corn chips are the best, we can't help but be intrigiued by the idea of using fries. We love this recipe from Delish that uses frozen fries, shredded Monterey Jack cheese, ground beef, and other wonderful nacho fixins.

15 Weird: Reuben Nachos

via Karen Wise/Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed wrote about these Reuben Nachos and they are another twist on classic nachos that makes us shake our heads because we're not sure about it. The flavors of a Reuben sandwich on nachos?

Nothing against the Reuben. They're fine. Okay, they're more than fine. They're amazing and always fun to eat. Deli sandwiches are magical and epic in their own right, and we're not so convinced that they need to be turned into nachos or anything else. Of all the deli meats or proteins in general that could be part of a nacho recipe, we wouldn't go with this, and we think that many people would agree.

14 Epic: Breakfast Nachos

via healthynibblesandbits.com

Yup, Breakfast Nachos sound great. Anything that involves breakfast food is generally a good idea, like when bacon and eggs are put on pizza. While these ingredients aren't usually put on nachos, it's hard to see why this isn't a more common thing.

We're thankful for the Food Network for this recipe for Breakfast Nachos. It has corn chips, grated Monterey Jack and cheddar cheeses, avocado, sour cream, cilantro, salsa, eggs, and bacon. We're thinking that breakfast and breakfast for dinner would be made even better with this recipe. We're also wondering why we never thought to put eggs and bacon on nachos before.

13 Weird: Zucchini Nachos

via Delish

The idea of using zucchini for the corn chips in nachos also comes from the Food Network. The recipe pictured uses crispy, breaded zucchini.

That's just not our cup of tea (or plate of nachos). We want corn chips and that's really all that there is to it. We want that crunch when we bite into a chip and we want the toppings to go everywhere and we want it to be a giant big mess of the best food ever.

12 Epic: Donut Dessert Nachos

via Beyond Frosting

Typically, we would say that we don't want nachos served on anything but a corn chip. And we might think that making nachos sweet isn't our thing because we love them salty.

This recipe has changed our minds. Thanks to Sweety High, we know about this recipe for Donut Dessert Nachos from Beyond Frosting. This recipe involves Pillsbury Grands Biscuits and the toppings include bananas, strawberries, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, chopped walnuts, whipped cream, shredded coconut, and/or peanut butter chips. You can make these and choose which toppings sound good or use them all, and it's hard not to overstate how epic these sound and look.

11 Weird: Whole Wheat Nachos With Corn

via Food Network

The Food Network has this recipe for Whole Wheat Nachos With Corn. They use whole wheat pitas... and that's making us scratch our heads because nothing could be more confusing. (Yes, we're going to get that dramatic. Nachos matter, okay?!)

Whole wheat and nachos?! What?! Sorry but it doesn't seem like these two things can even exist in the same junk food universe. We don't want whole wheat anything when we're stuffing our faces with nachos. The funny thing is that we wouldn't even want whole wheat or whole grain corn chips. We want regular corn chips, thank you very much, and we want them above anything else.

10 Epic: BBQ Cheeseburger Nachos

via bobsburgersandbrewbirchbay.com

Cheeseburgers are satisfying and if many of us had our way, they would be something that we ate pretty much daily. It's fun when we go to a restaurant and the menu has different toppings than we would normally use if making these babies at home. It's fun when BBQ sauce is served on top of a burger, and that's why this recipe for BBQ Cheeseburger Nachos from Tasty is really awesome.

Cheese, ground beef, and BBQ sauce come together and become really close friends in this nacho recipe and we couldn't be more psyched to give this a try.

9 Weird: Tuna Melt Nachos

via Taste.com.au

This recipe is honestly confusing. Tuna on nachos? And tuna plus cheese on nachos?

The thing is that most of us might even say that we don't want to eat tuna any time of day. Tuna sandwiches? Too much mayo. And just not that good, unless you really put some time and effort into doctoring it up with spices and pickles and celery. Tuna melts? No thank you. So if we're not big on tuna, tuna with mayo on bread, or tuna melts, then tuna melt nachos definitely don't appeal to us. Of all the proteins that could be put on top of chips, tuna wouldn't be our go-to.

8 Epic: Cranberry, Brussels Sprouts And Brie Skillet Nachos

Pure Wow

This recipe from Pure Wow makes us go "wow" because these are epic nachos and we love this creative combination of flavors.

We might never have thought that we would be into a nacho recipe that involved Brussels Sprouts (or any vegetable at all, really) but times are changing and Brussels sprouts are trendy and we all love them. The fact that this recipe also has cranberries and brie sounds like a party and gives these all kinds of comfy winter vibes. We also like that these are made in a skillet and think that is almost too much fun.

7 Weird: Guy-talian Nachos

via Food Network

This recipe for Guy-talian Nachos from the Food Network has some ingredients that we really don't see fitting into a nacho recipe. That would be salami, pepperoncini, parsley, and capers.

We have nothing against the ingredients in a typical meal. We totally get wanting a classic dish such as nachos to be more interesting and to change things up. But honestly, when it comes to this classic snack, we're totally good with cheese and corn chips and a few toppings... as long as those toppings aren't salami and parsley and capers. That just doesn't seem very appealing and we don't really understand that.

6 Epic: Shrimp And Chorizo Nachos

via Hungry Blonde

These Shrimp and Chorizo Nachos, on the other hand, are definitely epic. This recipe from Iowa Girl Eats puts these two proteins together and it's a genius idea. When you want something more interesting than plain old cheese and veggies on chips, this is it for sure.

This recipe takes things up a nacho (get it?!) and uses homemade tortilla chips made from corn tortillas. Along with shrimp and chorizo, you'll add avocado, green onion, and two types of cheese (Pepper Jack and Queso Quesadilla). Nachos that are basically a meal thanks to their protein content -- what could be better?!

5 Weird: Bell Pepper Nachos

via Food Network

The idea of using bell peppers as the vehicle for the glorious toppings that are part of the whole nacho experience is circulating around the Internet. We found out about it from the Food Network.

And we have to say that while bell peppers are great for salads and also for stuffing with meat and rice and other veggies, we're not sold on using them instead of corn chips. Low-carb ways of eating may be in right now but we would miss our carbs way too much and that is no way to live. It's actually a pretty sad thing to imagine.

4 Epic: Chipotle Braised Chicken Nachos

via Half Baked Harvest

You had us at nachos... but you definitely had us at all "Chipotle Braised Chicken Nachos" in particular.

What an epic recipe from Half Baked Harvest. We can guess that these would be nachos that eat like a meal since they have the chicken, and that's great news. The chicken is made with chipotle peppers in adobo and there is also an avocado salsa made with avocado, jalapenos, cilantro, salt, and lime to make things even more delicious. We'll be making these soon and bringing them to people who we want to impress. Nachos are always a good idea for gatherings.

3 Weird: Potato Nachos

via Tasty

Whether people are using regular or sweet potatoes and slicing them into rounds, we're going to say that it's a no for us when it comes to nacho recipes that involve potatoes.

Is there really anything wrong with corn chips? They are used in nachos for a reason: because they are simply delicious. Crispy, crunchy, crave-worthy, always perfect. They go with everything and they are the best vehicle for cheese, ground beef or pulled pork, olives, salsa, guacamole, and anything else that is on the nacho plate. Sorry corn chips, we still love you and think that you make nachos magical.

2 Epic: Thanksgiving Leftovers Turkey Nachos

via FODMAP Everyday

Thanksgiving leftovers are the best. But beyond putting that turkey into a sandwich (hopefully with gravy and cranberry sauce and maybe even some mashed potatoes), what can you do with the turkey?

Bless Her Heart Yall has a recipe for Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey Nachos. Yes, this is epic. This recipe has corn chips, chopped tomatoes, both green and white onion, taco seasoning, jalapenos, turkey, and shredded cheddar or Colby Jack cheese. Oh yeah, and it's got Sriracha, too. We think that we'll be whipping these up even it's not Thanksgiving and it'll be a good reason to roast a turkey (or learn how if we've never done it ourselves).

1 Weird: Curry Nachos

via Yelp

Curry and nachos don't seem to go together and this isn't something that people would probably even think about, but it is true that there are many recipes online for Curry Nachos.

The thing is that when we think of nachos, we do think of spices, but not the spices that are found in chicken or veggie curries. We think of taco seasonings and that's why taco beef, jalapenos, and the like are typical toppings. We'll pass on these weird nachos and eat curry in its traditional form when rice is the only carb that we're dreaming of for a perfect cozy winter dinner.

Now that winter is coming, it's time to get cozy with nachos, and we're going to skip the veggies in favor of good old corn chips. Who wants nachos?!

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