ESPN Report Says Sports Stadium Food Is Plagued By Food Safety Issues - But You Probably Already Guessed That

Want to catch a live game at the stadium this season? Well, don’t even think of eating the food, as an ESPN report recently claimed that the health and safety precautions and conditions are at an all-time low.

When we go out to restaurants or eat at stadiums, while enjoying our local teams playing their rivals, we put our trust in those preparing the food, as well as in the given establishment we find ourselves in, but according to recent reports, stadium food safety levels aren’t where they should be.

There was a time when you could go out to a ball game and be treated with fresh food that actually tasted fresh and didn’t surprise you or cause you to jump up in your seat when you reached into the bag given to you at the concession stand and found a mouse or something worse stealing your food away from you.

Well, as it turns out, this is indeed the sad state of affairs at many stadiums across North America, and if something isn’t done soon, the problem could reach ghastly extremes.

Can you say: Night of the Living Rodents? Or how about: Arachnophobic Terror in Seat 1, Row 8?

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Reports started coming in as early as 2016 when inspectors visited Coors Field in Denver, Colorado and found many mice and other rodents on the premises. Cockroaches as well as other creepy crawlers were found on site too. The problem was in fact quite serious as, droppings were found on food trays as well as kitchen floors.

Well, over the next few years other reports started coming in and an incredible number at that. Apparently 111 stadiums across North America were said to be in violation and ranging from the stadiums where the NBA, the NFL, the NHL, as well as others play their season games. An astonishing 16 000 reports were made!

28% of these reports contained serious offences that could lead to food-related illnesses.

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The reported issues are not only based on the rodents and insects taking up residence at your local stadiums, but are also concerning the kitchens and how their food is safeguarded against bacteria and rotting of ingredients. Many claims were made because kitchen staff was keeping food items like chicken at way too low temperatures while storing, dirty utensils and equipment, and unsanitary conditions while serving the food. There are many more violations reported, and well, we can’t fit them all in, but rest assured, it’s pretty bad.

So maybe when going to catch the next game at the stadium, pack a sandwich, and while you’re sitting there, watching the game unfold, try sticking your pants in your socks—jungle survival style.


Sources: espn, thetakeout

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