20 Of The Most Famous Celebrities In 2019: What Do They Like To Eat?

The eating habits and preferences of celebrities have to be one of the most fascinating topics for many a foodie, to the point where a number of us have most probably found ourselves ‘plate stalking’ successful and famous people on the regular.

Which is exactly what we're doing here—plate stalking, fridge stalking, store run and takeout stalking—to find out exactly what 20 of the most famous celebs in 2019 like to chow down on.

Part of the intrigue behind knowing what celebrities eat is that... well... they just look so good! So naturally, one wants to know what they eat and if that's part of their key to success and glamor. The flipside to this is obviously that we all are itching to know if they cheat—do they, too, have guilty food obsessions, or are they just impeccably perfect and have never experienced a bad food craving in their life?

This second side to celebrity food plans is what we want to do a deep dive on—not just what they eat but also what they want to eat and what foods they love irrevocably, for better or for worse.

And boy, be prepared to be surprised and delighted at some of these stars' favorites when it comes to the food department. Turns out they ARE human after all and face many of the same food-related struggles that we all do.

Of course, it helps to have a personal trainer to get one back on track after a takeout binge, but hey, there's YouTube and the home workout, so we mere mortals do have some hope!

20 Lady Gaga

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Did you know that Lady Gaga’s parents own a restaurant in New York? And like a true foodie, Gaga blames a recent health deviation on the amazing pizza that her Dad serves up. Besides having a weakness for great pizza, Lady Gaga also enjoys many of the other dishes that are part of her heritage, such as pasta and pannacotta! According to a private chef, Gaga can also cook a mean pasta if she feels like it!

According to Gagapedia, Lady Gaga also has a thing for peach cobbler and gummy candy. We also know that she dreams of cheeseburgers...

19 Kim Kardashian


If y’all thought Kim has no interest in food, think again. While Kim Kardashian is supposed to maintain an eating regimen of lean protein, veggies, and healthy snacks, some of her favorite foods are deliciously unhealthy.

For example, her love for Dunkaroos is so great that she used her Twitter influence to try and persuade Betty Crocker to get them manufactured again.

Kim is also a die-hard In-n-Out burger fan, loves Häagen-Dazs ice cream, has eaten Tim-Tams by the box, and says that Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are her ultimate favorite junk food.

Other all-time Kim faves include McDonald’s McGriddles, churros, ramen noodles, Chipotle burritos, Lucky Charms, beignets and Tamarindo candy.

Kim also has a mean recipe for a 5-Cheese Mac n’ Cheese, so we can safely assume that this is another food she likes.

18 Taylor Swift


If you didn’t already know, Taylor Swift is a fellow foodie! Taylor Swift definitely knows her way around the kitchen and good food.

According to her, if she could eat something all day in a world where calories were of no consequence, it would be, without a doubt, chicken tenders. And if she were at a drive through, her go-to order would be a cheeseburger, fries, and a chocolate shake. Taylor, you ARE our kind of girl!

Other Swifty favorites are a good breakfast of "buckwheat crepes with ham, Parmesan cheese and a fried egg on top," coke, orange juice, coffee, her mom’s toffee, brisket and pot roast, and sweet potato pancakes from the Pancake Pantry in Nashville.

She also says that in the fridge, she always has a binge food along the lines of cinnamon rolls or cookie dough.

17 The Rock


Dwayne Johnson has to be one of the most disciplined, fit, and in shape human beings on the planet. Recent times (in his preparation for the leading role in Hercules) saw The Rock eating 7-8 full sized meals per day, consisting only of healthy proteins, complex carbs, and vegetables, all weighed out.

But while Dwayne Johnson's healthy food strategy is herculean, so are his cheat days. The star has his ‘cheat’ day on Sundays, where he eats as much of whatever he feels like treating himself to. The Rock’s cheat day feasts have become so legendary that he's even been called ‘The Cheat Day God.’ From these cheat days, we can see that some of his favorite foods are pancakes, cookies, sushi, more pancakes, more sushi, more pancakes, pizza, and more cookies.

16 Kylie Jenner


Kylie Jenner has been systematically establishing herself as a celeb foodie. Her social feeds feature a lot of food, and she even started her own cooking show on her YouTube channel.

Like the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner gang, she does her best to eat healthy with lots of salads and shakes. However, her favorite foods to eat are a whole world apart from green juices and kale.

Like Kim, Kylie Jenner loves In-n-Out, Häagen-Dazs, Lucky Charms, and ramen noodles! She also has a major thing for Twizzlers, Flaming Hot Cheetos, and Oreo's. According to both her and Travis Scott, Kylie makes the meanest P&J sandwich, complete with perfect cuts and no crust.

At the same time, while Kylie definitely enjoys some junk food as much as the rest of us, she's declared pomegranate seeds to be her all-time favorite snack.

15 Cardi B


Cardi B is unapologetically herself—and definitely so when it comes to food. Recently, she restricted herself to two meals a day to get into shape after her pregnancy. She also imposed a daily junk food limit on herself in order to get healthy. But Cardi B is definitely all about moderation, as she loves McDonald's breakfasts and pizza (it's life), and she has an insane breakfast cereal collection, which features birthday-cake-flavored Fruit Loops, Chips Ahoy cereal, and Oreo cereal.

When it comes to eating out, she's divided between different kinds of cuisine. But according to her, the ultimate has to be her grandma’s cooking.

14 Katy Perry


Like Gaga, Katy Perry is another cheeseburger diehard. And her cheeseburger of choice is her ‘beloved double-double’ from In-n-Out. Then, she also REALLY likes mushrooms, especially truffles. And cookies, tacos, wraps, and ranch dressing. And the way that you can really tell she's a foodie is from all of her food-themed outfits! Pepperoni emblazoned onesies, sushi leotards, a McDonald’s dress—Nothing is too out there for this friend-to-food of a star!

Of course, like the rest of us, Katy also has to watch what she eats. When she's being good, healthy options that she enjoys are soups made with broth, grilled chicken, fruit, kombucha, coconut water, and veggie crudites.

13 Beyonce


Beyonce has said that she doesn't believe in crash diets and does her best to maintain her weight through healthy eating and exercise. She and hubby Jay Z even partook in and ran a 22-day vegan challenge to help build healthier eating habits and spread the move towards eating plans that are gentler on the planet.

Beyonce is definitely a healthy-eating diva, but at the same time, she's also a regular girl whose favorite cheat day food is pizza! She's described herself as a ‘Houston born foodie’ and when asked what love feels like, replied that it's like eating her mother’s gumbo.

Like the Jenner/Kardashian clan, Beyonce also has a thing for In-n-Out. Her favorite sandwich filling, however, is none other than the healthful avocado. B is definitely all about balance!

12 Kanye West


Unlike picture-perfect Kim, Kanye lets loose a bit when it comes to food. He loves candy, fast food, and all the other Kardashian no-nos.

Kanye’s appreciation for McDonald’s is so great that he wrote a rap for them. Chipotle is another fast-food-chain favorite of Kanye West's, so much so that he even included them in a line in one of his songs.

He picks out the Waffle House for double dates with foodie friends Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. He's addicted to Doritos and Cheetos and seriously has a thing for chips in general. And when on tour, he has a double slushy machine on the tour bus!

11 Demi Lovato


Boss babe Demi Lovato has been pretty open with her food journey. After conquering some of her issues, she's now gone on to take care of herself by taking eating healthfully super seriously. She says that she doesn't eat out and has a personal nutritional chef who takes care of all of her meals.

Thankfully for Demi, her absolute favorite food can easily fit into this self-care program. And that's cashew anything.

Besides this very virtuous food fave, Demi also loves pickles, hot sauce, tacos, and pizza, and we know for sure that chocolate chip cookies are a long-time love of this hardworking girl. She said that she can remember making a tray for her family as a teen and then eating them all. #Relatable!

10 Justin Bieber


Before topping charts as a teen, Justin Bieber was, by all appearances, a regular kid when it came to food. With his rise to fame came the additional pressure of looking good, which brought with it an overhaul to his diet. The Biebs hired a personal trainer who put him on a healthy eating plan.

However, the foods that Bieber likes are standard everyday fare. He's renowned for his love of McDonald’s and Subway, and he's professed a great liking for Indian food, a particular favorite he revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show being Chicken Tikka Masala. He's also been said to enjoy spaghetti bolognese, Sprite, tacos, and apple pie, and his favorite breakfast was, at one point, Cap'n Crunch with berries and orange juice.

9 Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande is an enthusiastic vegan who really gets behind her plant-based eating habits. Coming from a family with roots in Italy, Ariana said that it wasn't the easiest transition to make initially. However, she did it—and not for herself either. Ariana initially went vegan for the sake of animal rights and environmental reasons; however, she now also credits her health and fitness to it as well.

Fortunately, eating plant-based foods isn't too hard for Ariana, as she loves fruit and vegetables, particularly, sweet potatoes, strawberries, and mangoes. She also has a thing for edamame and tofu, among other vegan Japanese-style dishes. Starbucks iced tea is a favorite drink of hers. Her favorite cereal is Coco Puffs.

8 Selena Gomez


Gorgeous Selena has gotten pretty serious about eating healthy in recent years and has been combining that with a diverse fitness routine. Her diet consists of lots of beans, avocado, lean protein, vegetables, and cold pressed juices.

However, just like many of the most famous celebrities, Selena is super relatable when it comes to her food cravings. She loves Flaming Hot Cheetos, a good plate of fried chicken, donuts, McDonald’s, and pizza, especially the crust.

Then, on the healthier spectrum, she's absolutely obsessed with pickles, loves mangoes, and enjoys eating whole lemons. Umm... That last one is a bit odd, but hey, anything for you, Selena!

7 Rick Ross


Rick Ross isn't shy to wax lyrical about his love of food. He employs a permanent private chef, which he says is great because you can have whatever you want, whenever you want! Rick Ross loves food from Italy, but he says that sometimes, he wakes up and wants tacos. Well, that's where the private chef steps in!

In one of his track, Rick Ross rapped, "Am I really just a narcissist / 'Cause I wake up to a bowl of lobster bisque?" Well, we got the answer. No, Rick—you're a foodie!

It's difficult to pinpoint all the exact foods that Rick Ross likes because he seems to thoroughly enjoy all food. We do know that he loves lemon pepper wings and also enjoys, on occasion, some ‘fried Oreos and fried velvet cake.’ 

6 Priyanka Chopra


Glowing Priyanka Chopra definitely has a good thing going on when it comes to food. She says that she doesn't diet or workout and simply eats what she wants. Priyanka loves things like cheeseburgers, Pringles, Cheetos, and pizza with pepperoni and doesn't restrict her fast-food cravings.

However, at the same time, she says that if she starts to feel grossed out by what she's eating, she'll naturally enjoy more salads and vegetables. Hailing from India, Priyanka practically has an inbuilt affinity for spicy foods and always travels with Tabasco sauce in her handbag!

She doesn't like ice cream, generally, but always craves it when at the beach.

5 Justin Timberlake

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Justin Timberlake is another celeb who happens to also be a bigtime foodie. He told Bon Appetite that he basically only works out so as to be able to eat whatever he wants.

He starts the day off strong with a breakfast fit for a king, which he never skips. One of his favorite breakfasts is waffles along with almond butter and scrambled eggs on the side.

He owns his own brand of tequila and professes that it's one of his favorite drinks. He loves BBQ and opened a BBQ restaurant at one point. Pasta is another food that he loves, and when it comes to his gorgeous SO, Jessica Biel, his favorite product in her cafe is the brownies.

4 Chrissy Teigen


You've got to love Chrissy Teigen’s style. She manages to be a fun-loving foodie and a full-on bae of a model at the same time. She's authored two cookbooks and definitely knows a thing or two about good food!

Overall, Chrissy Teigen eats a pretty healthy diet consisting of foods that she actually likes, such as eggs, avocado, tuna salad, green juices, sashimi, nuts, and lots of branzino. She loves fish in general, eats loads of it, and tries snack on the other healthy items that she enjoys like nuts and banana chips.

At the same time, Chrissy doesn't restrict herself and also enjoys fast food on the occasion. She loves McDonald’s and Taco Bell and gets late-night cravings for hot pockets. She makes killer cereal combos like her much dissected Cap’n Crunch and Fruity Pebbles bowl.

One of her favorite meals also happens to be hubby John Legend’s fried chicken. Go, John!

3 Oprah Winfrey


Oprah has proven to us time and time again that she's a total foodie. She even has her own cookbook and food line called ‘O, That’s Good.’

Like many a foodie, Oprah has struggled with weight gain at times. But now, she seems to have struck a real foodie sweet spot. Oprah uses the weight watchers guidelines to make sure that she's eating healthfully while at the same time enjoying all of her favorite eats as well.

Pasta, and especially tortellini, is one of Oprah’s ultimate favorite foods that she likes to eat on the daily. Bread is also a favorite food that she's not willing to forgo, and she loves cornbread so much that she had it for her birthday. And Cheetos, despite their junk status, get sneaked in according to Oprah.

2 Angelina Jolie


Like the mysterious actor herself, Angelina Jolie's favorite foods are unusual and fraught with rumor. However, we've been able to establish that Angelina followed a flexitarian diet, which included bugs from time to time, depending on where she is in the world. According to her, fried crickets are best enjoyed with a cold beer and fried tarantulas taste great—just a little hard to chew with the legs.

She's been said to like McDonald’s and Pepsi but at the same time has been spotted buying groceries such as steel-cut oatmeal and Brussel's sprouts at Whole Foods. She also allegedly loves almonds and red wine.

1 Rihanna


Rihanna is another celeb who definitely has balance going on. To boost her stunning looks, Ri-Ri sticks generally to a balanced whole-food eating program. She loves eggs, fruit, and chicken curry and eats a lot of West Indian-style food such as fish dishes paired with vegetables.

But that doesn't mean that ya girl is a health nut. In her tour rider, it's been revealed that Rihanna has it down that she needs a supply of Cheetos, both regular and hot, Golden Grams, Oreos, Cup of  Noodles, and garlic olives. She also is partial to chicken nuggets, pizza, ice cream, and cake.

The common thread here has to be the hot sauce. According to her chef, Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce has to go everywhere, and Rihanna eats it on… everything!

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