20 Fast Food Drinks With More Calories Than A Big Mac

In 1967, the Big Mac officially made its debut out in the Pittsburgh area. A year later, it became a nationwide burger. Thanks to its “special sauce,” the burger remains sought after to this day.

What might steer some folks away from the Big Mac is the calories that it contains. There’s no denying the heaviness of the burger but in reality, it is far from the most fattening menu item. Even at McDonald’s there are lots of menu items that contain more calories, even certain drinks!

That’s what this article is all about. We’ll take a look at drinks from around the fast food world that surpass the 563 calories of a Big Mac. In some cases, that drink might be so hefty that you can combine the calories of a Big Mac and a small fry!

In a society that’s all about the go-go-go mentality, sipping on a beverage has become an easier alternative. For that reason, drinks continue to trend. Some might think that it’s a healthy format but don’t be fooled, in lots of cases that isn’t true. We’ll take a look at the likes of Starbucks, Five Guys, Burger King, Wendy’s and even McDonald’s, featuring on the go drinks that contain more calories than a Big Mac. Before purchasing a shake, you might want to think twice.

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20 Burger King – Fruit Loops Shake

via Twitter

Burger King is pretty creative when it comes to shakes. However, these shakes come with a cost and that’s over 700 calories, a lot more than a Big Mac. In truth, some would take those calories happily, as opposed to something like a lemonade from Dairy Queen that we mentioned earlier.

The shake features tasty pieces of fruit loops cereals, sweet sauce and a yummy soft vanilla to top it all off. Sadly, this is a limited time only menu item, one many are hoping makes a return at some point.

19 Dunkin' Donuts - Frozen Mocha Coffee Coolatta

via Business Insider

A big part of Dunkin’s demise in the last couple of years has to do with the changing times and health boom. The idea of a donut and thick coffee isn’t as appealing as it once was – particularly back in the 90s when it became a powerhouse in the fast food industry.

The items are far too filling, and that includes the sandwiches and cold beverages. One particular item that was way too heavy is the Mocha Coffee Coolatta, a menu item that had become a staple for years. According to Today, the menu item was finally removed last year. A lot of that likely had to do with the calories, 600 calories for a medium size just sounds insane.

18 Sonic - Grape Slushie with NERDS Candy

via USA Today

Don’t be fooled by the Kevin Durant endorsement of this drink. It definitely isn’t healthy, not in the slightest. You’ll get a crazy sugar rush however, as the drink features 189 grams of sugar, for a large format!

In terms of overall calories, the slush blows the Big Mac out of the water with 740 calories. Of course, most of those calories come from carbohydrates. The nerds along with the grape flavored slush have a big hand in that. You might want to settle for the small format instead.

17 Dairy Queen – Large Lemonade Chiller

via Zmenu

There are 720 calories in this lemonade according to Fit Bit. Yikes! Similar to the Nerds drink from Sonic, this thing is loaded with sugar, 179 grams. It contains no fat, no protein but just some straight up carbohydrates, 186 grams to be exact!

Once again, for this drink moderation is key. It might be best to go for the smaller DQ version that has less than half the calories. This is no ordinary lemonade and one that can lead to a pretty heavy sugar crash once you’re done!

16 Wendy’s – Chocolate Frosty

via tasteofhome.com

Oh the Chocolate Frosty. One of the most underrated desserts out on the fast food market. Due to its rich texture, any foodie can enjoy this as either a beverage or with a spoon. We recommended, a bit of both. Surely, you won’t be disappointed either way.

The only tough part about this dessert is the calories that it includes. Getting a smaller format at 300 calories might be the ideal way to go. The large contains 580 calories, almost 100 grams coming from carbohydrates. It also contains 15 grams of fat, when it’s heavy on both fats and carbs, that isn’t a good sign and a lot tougher to digest.

15 Five Guys – Oreo Creme Shake

via Yelp

Visually, at least, these milkshakes look so darn tasty. However, given the thickness of a milkshake, one can imagine that it includes a hefty amount of calories especially when it’s an Oreo flavor. Just the vanilla flavor from Five Guys includes 670 calories! Just imagine finishing up a burger and having to deal with that type of milkshake?

Some of us would be satisfied for the rest of the upcoming days with such a high calorie meal. Maybe skip the burger and have this shake as a meal!

14 McDonald’s - Shamrock Shake

via 3D Print

Ironically, McDonald’s has shakes that are higher in calories than the Big Mac. Heck, a medium Shamrock shake alone almost exceeds the calories count of a Big Mac with 560, literally coming an extra gram of carbohydrates short (one carb contains four calories).

The large format comes with 800 calories! According to Philly Mag, that’s the equivalent of a fine piece of Filet Mignon. For those that want to avoid this temptation not to worry, this is only a seasonal item that can be purchased during the Saint Patrick’s Day period.

13 Burger King – Smarties Shake

via Canadaify

In order to rival the McFlurry juggernaut, Burger King released a series of unique shakes. We featured the Fruit Loop version earlier; this is another shake with a hefty amount of calories. In Burger King’s defense, the McFlurry’s also come with a loaded amount of calories similar to this shake.

The lovely vanilla blended with Smarties might taste great but it also cranks the calories up several notches. It also includes whipping cream and vanilla syrup, resulting in 680 calories total, way too high of an amount.

12 Starbucks – White Hot Chocolate

via The Daily

This ain’t any regular hot chocolate! According to Business Insider, this is the heaviest Starbucks items one can consume in terms of the beverage options. It contains 640 calories.

A lot of that has to do with the thickness of the whipped cream along with the fact that whole milk is also used in the drink – it adds to density of the texture which of course, tastes great and nothing close to a drink that seems watered down. But again, the compromise is that it contains more calories than a Big Mac!

11 Dairy Queen - Arctic Rush Freeze, All Flavours

via Yelp

When we were younger, our parents weren’t kidding when they said sugary drinks are bad for us. The Arctic Rush drink might be the poster child for that notion. This drink comes absolutely stacked with sugar, almost 100 grams per every large format!

No matter what the flavor, you’ll be set back at least 610 calories – far too much for a refreshing beverage that pretty much mimics a slush. Again, portion control is the key for this one, a small format is a wise decision given the sugar count of this drink.

10 Burger King - Oreo Shake

via Burger King

Rounding out the BK shakes, we now feature the Oreo flavor which although might be the best tasting, also comes with a price and by price, we mean calories of course. Featuring vanilla syrup, soft serve mix-vanilla, whipping cream and of course, Oreo crumbles, the shake come out to 740 calories!

Putting it into perspective, that’s almost the equivalent of both a Big Mac and a small fry! Maybe take a couple of sips off a friend – that might be enough to fill you up.

9 Starbucks - Java Chip Frappuccino

via Starbucks

This is one of those menu beverages that just tastes to good to be true. Take a sip of this drink and judging by the rich texture alone, it’ll become obvious rather quickly that the drink isn’t necessarily calorie friendly.

The large format contains 580 calories, surpassing the Big Mac. However, there are ways to get around this. For instance, one can replace the milk with a non fat milk while asking for no whipped cream. With such changes, you’ll see the calories go down in a hurry.

8 Dunkin’ Donuts - Frozen Old Fashioned Butter Pecan Coffee with cream

via Pinterest

Visually, it looks like a cold coffee but it definitely isn’t that simple. Splashed inside of the cold coffee is a thick butter pecan flavor. Like other beverages, the cream adds so much thickness to the drink.

Although it aids in the flavor profile it also spikes the calorie count a heck of a lot, more so than an actual Big Mac. It might be best to settle for a small size, which retails $1.69 according to The Impulse Buy. Getting a large wouldn’t be the wisest decision.

7 Dairy Queen - French Vanilla MooLatté

via DQ

Here’s DQ’s version of a latte. As you might except, it isn’t necessarily calorie friendly. The drink contains coffee, vanilla syrup, creamy DQ vanilla ice cream along with the whipped topping, all of this according to the Dairy Queen website.

You’re likely drooling at all of those toppings. However get this, the drink has a near 700 calories! It contains 670 cals for a large format, 18 grams coming from fat along with 117 grams of carbs and over 106 grams of sugar! Even the medium size almost tops the Big Mac!

6 Starbucks – Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino

via Twitter

Visually, this thing looks like a masterpiece. The brown color along with the chocolate chunks makes our mouths water. Although it should be noted that according to Business Insider, the beverage comes with a hefty 590 calories.

Some might look the other way regardless, it might be too good to pass up. Starbucks details the ingredients found in this drink:

“It is made with rich mocha sauce, vanilla syrup, and Frappuccino chips, blended together with Frappuccino roast, milk, and ice. Topped with chocolaty whipped cream and Chocolate Cookie Crumbles.”

5 Dunkin’ Donuts - Frozen Mint Chocolate Chip Coffee Coolatta with cream

via Dunkin Donuts

For those that love a frozen drink with a chocolaty taste, that last two entries are both dreams come true. Like the Starbucks Cookie Crumble beverage, this one is also quite the visual, covered with a mint chocolate chip topping.

If that doesn’t float your boat, you can also choose from other flavors since us mocha, vanilla, caramel and the original. Another option is Hazelnut, for those that love Nutella you’ll fall in love with that flavor topping. Although it exceeds the Big Mac in calories, it might be worth it.

4 Burger King – Hand Spun Chocolate Shake

via Burger King

“Cool down with our creamy Hand Spun Chocolate Shake. Velvety Vanilla Soft Serve and chocolate sauce are blended to perfection and finished with sweet whipped topping just for you.” (Source Burger King)

Never mind cooling down, this drink can easily fuel anyone up. It comes with 700 calories but not to worry, 14 grams come from protein.... The thick chocolate might be worth the calories, even if it does surpass a Big Mac. This beverage can be just as tasty with a straw or spoon – it is that good.

3 Dunkin’ Donuts - Vanilla Bean Coolatta

via Pinterest

According to Today, a medium sized version of this drink with added cream comes out to 600 calories! Perhaps that might be the reason as to why Dunkin’ finally discontinued this product despite the fact that it was a staple of the franchise since the mid-90s (as we mentioned earlier with the other flavor). Have that drink with a donut and you have yourself a meal with more calories than both breakfast and lunch combined!

Dunkin’ added new coolatta flavors with decreased calorie numbers. They include both strawberry and blue raspberry flavors.

2 Starbucks - White Chocolate Mocha

via Starbucks

550 calories in this drink according to the Business Insider. You’ll get a big energy spike when consuming the beverage, it contains coconut oil, potassium, brewed espresso and of course, lots of added sugar. Those that consume this drink won’t be going to bed that’s for sure.

Maybe it might be best to hit the gym right after consuming this beverage and burn off those 500 plus calories. At the very least you’ll get a sugar spike, something the Big Mac doesn’t offer! But you’ll also experience a sugar crash if you opt for the large format.

1 McDonald’s - Large McCafe Chocolate Chip Frappe

via Twitter

Some might assume the Big Mac is among the most fattening McDonald’s items but in reality, it isn’t even near the top. Heck a large fry rivals the Big Mac in terms of calories. As does certain drinks, including the McCafe chocolate chip flavor which nears 750 calories according to My Food Diary.

Like some of the other drinks, the rich texture is so good that it can be consumed with a darn spoon, never mind a straw. McDonald’s details the goodness of this frappe:

“Frappé Chocolate Chip made with an indulgent blend of sweet caramel, chocolate chips, and a hint of coffee. Topped with whipped topping, a chocolate drizzle, and caramel.”

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