Five Stars: 15 Best Hotel Restaurants Around The World and 10 Tanked By TripAdvisor

Hotel restaurants used to be seen as a last-minute option for the times when your flight was leaving the same day or when the kids were hungry. That's all changed in recent years. There are some hotel restaurants that are the hotel's only redeeming factor in an otherwise replicated model of the usual. Across the world, people have gone above and beyond to outdo each other in the already competitive industry that is food and hotel management. The final outcome is that we, as visitors and diners, have an array of options that make our mouth water.

Food has been proven to be a visual experience time and time again, and the hotels on our list cash in on that big time. Every restaurant on this list has one thing in common: they're all classy, modern, stunning venues that leave diners having to keep their jaw from dropping. Food isn't just about taste anymore. It's an entire experience, and whoever manages to give diners the experience they're looking for, wins. These are the best places to go if you are looking for a memory as your side dish.

A great venue can mean anything from a view of the entire city to a hotel in Dubai that can make mediocre food taste absolutely amazing. Today, we'll be looking at hotels around the world that managed to nab the best locations possible without compromising on food.

The best often means expensive, so you could also take a look at our list of the world's most expensive restaurants, which, if nothing else, will help you feel better about that unnecessary expense you were beating yourself up about!

25 Delicious: Man Wah - Hong Kong


Man Wah is located on the 25th floor of the Mandarin Oriental and is a Michelin-star Cantonese restaurant that puts others to shame. If you want a taste of Hong Kong on a silver spoon, this is the restaurant for you. The view of the skyline is best seen at night and pairs wonderfully with the traditional cuisine. The walls of the restaurant are covered with original paintings on fine silk, and the ceiling lamps are designed to look like gold birdcages. Overall, the restaurant takes you back in time and makes you feel like royalty.

24 Delicious: Waku Ghin - Singapore

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Located in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, Waku Ghin has tables that need months of reservation to sit at. Chef Tetsuya Wakuda, one of Australia's finest chefs, focuses on using ingredients known to Australia to create French cuisine with inspiration from the Japanese-style presentation. Their signature dish, Marinated Botan Shrimp with Sea Urchin and Oscietra Caviar, has some of the finest flavors Singapore has to offer. The two-Michelin star restaurant also has a ten-course degustation menu that uses some of the best ingredients in the world to give diners a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

23 Skip: Star Hotel and Restaurant - England

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The Star Hotel and Restaurant leaves something to be desired when it comes to their food and rooms... and well, everything. The exterior of the hotel is actually decent, but once you get in, the reception and the dining area put you off before the food can. The food seems to be shipped in from an old folks home, and the interior definitely doesn't help alleviate the situation. If you do manage to survive the bad hotel conditions and for some reason make your way down to the restaurant, it doesn't get better.

22 Delicious: The Restaurant at Meadowood - USA

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This three Michelin star restaurant in Napa Valley wine country has tasting menus that focus on local ingredients and some of the best wines the world has to offer. Chef Christopher Kostow and his team consistently create amazing food that's surrounded by the most amazing interior possible. The beauty of the restaurant will floor you before you have the chance to order. Located at the St. Helena, this is the perfect restaurant for a romantic getaway or an anniversary that deserves the finest.

21 Delicious: Blue by Eric Ripert - Grand Cayman

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Eric Ripert, who's known as New York's seafood master, managed to get Blue ranked as one of the best restaurants in the world. The restaurant at the Grand Cayman resort is the Caribbean's only AAA Five Diamond restaurant and has made some amazing dishes using the local seafood. It also has a wine list that boasts over 700 different types of wine that come from various parts of the world. You also have the option to dine in exclusivity by choosing one of the private dining rooms on offer that host up to 40 guests at a time.

20 Skip: Barcel0 Salinas - Ecuador

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The Barcelo Salinas has a restaurant with price tags that lead diners to believe they're going to enjoy their meal. Unfortunately, this isn't the case for most. The seafood on offer doesn't seem very fresh, and the drinks menu isn't worth going through at all. Most of the food isn't very visually appealing, so it's pretty hard to find a dish that's enjoyable. The WiFi isn't free either, so you can't even distract yourself from the lack of good food.

19 Delicious: Il Palagio - Florence

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If you're looking to be spoilt as if you were in Italy, this is the restaurant for you. Located in the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence, Il Pagio has the best food from Italy ever created by Vito Mollica and his team. Mollica's primary focus has always been amazing ingredients from Italy and the people behind the restaurant have been known to walk around the markets of the country in search for the perfect ingredients. Il Palagio's signature dish, cacio and pepe cavatelli pasta with baby squid and red prawns, has been praised by food critics around the globe and is the best representation there is for great food from Italy.

18 Delicious: Marcus - London

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The Berkeley's Marcus in London is considered one of the best places for fine dining. It holds two Michelin stars, and its chef, Marcus Wareing, even claimed the spot of GQ chef of the year. He's also a judge on the BBC show ' Masterchef the Professionals' while being in charge of his award-winning restaurant. Marcus serves contemporary British cuisine, and there's even a private dining option for those looking to be pampered. The Berkeley itself is a part of the Maybourne Group that owns some of the world's best hotels.

17 Skip: Hotel Riu Touareg - Cape Verde

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The biggest complaint regarding the restaurant that comes with Hotel Riu Touareg is the lack of hygiene. The buffet has tons of insects that feast on your supper before you have the chance to. The food doesn't have anything that protects it when it's laid out, which means diners are forced to look for a more local option. Other than this, the hotel itself seems to have countless issues that go unnoticed till you book a room. The restaurant isn't worth your money or time, and Cape Verde has local options galore.

16 Delicious: GB Roof Garden - Athens

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The GB Roof Garden can be found on the roof of the Grande Bretagne Hotel in Athens. The restaurant offers New Mediterranean food along with amazing views of the Acropolis, Lycabettus Hill, and the Parliament. The restaurant has even been awarded by Wine Spectator magazine and excels at making amazing dishes using raw ingredients. The hotel is also great for history buffs since it gives its diners the ability to delve into its past, which goes back to 1842. Athletes from the first Olympic Games have been hosted at this location, and it was even once the German command central.

15  Delicious: é by José Andrés - Las Vegas

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This restaurant is all about mystery with no one really knowing what exactly is on the secret menu. Diners are given a secret multi-course menu, and no one really knows exactly what's on it. The restaurant at The Cosmopolitan has rave reviews nonetheless. The Daily Meal believes that the restaurant may have Spanish-inspired signature dishes like 'secreto of Ibérico pork with squid and torta pascualete,' that's only known to be a type of Spanish cheese with cotton candy. Andrés believes it's the restaurant's mysterious nature that attracts dozens.

14 Skip: Cabana Hotel - Benidorm

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The Cabana Hotel in Benidorm, Spain has a restaurant straight out of the 1920s - and . not in a cool vintage way. There's nothing welcoming about the restaurant, and trying to convince yourself that the food will be better is a waste of time. TripAdvisor actually has an overwhelming number of terrible reviews for this place, which is never a good sign. Overall, spend a few more euros on your holiday in Spain or risk having painful nightmares about it.

13 Delicious: Alain Ducasse - London

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Alain Ducasse found in The Dorchester is London's highest-ranked hotel restaurant with three Michelin stars. It serves French cuisine and has some of the world's best chefs to make your time there absolutely amazing. The Dorchester also enjoys an equal amount of fame, so spending a night there after dining at Alain Ducasse is considered a dream come through for a foodie or just about anybody really. Alain Ducasse is one of the world's most decorated chefs, and to be served his food is considered an honor like no other.

12 Skip: Luxor Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas

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If you want to have a good time while you're in Las Vegas, skip this hotel restaurant because it serves nothing but disappointment. The staff take forever to serve diners their drinks, and everything closes pretty early as well. The overall presentation of the food isn't very appealing, and in terms of taste, it's won no awards. None of the food is bad, but you wouldn't come back for it either. Every dish served can be made at home by even the most amateur cook, so paying for it seems silly.

11 Delicious: Felix- Hong Kong

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Felix at the Peninsula Hotel focuses on modern cuisine from Europe and is located on the rooftop of the prestigious hotel. Amazing views of the Victorian Harbour make Felix one of the best restaurants to visit for diners who want a view of the skyline. The restaurant was designed by the renowned French designer Philippe Starck and has some amazing signature dishes. The marinated Tasmanian salmon with guacamole is supposed to be a favorite. There's also live music at the venue, and the entire experience is a sensory overload in the best way possible.

10 Skip: Britannia Hotel - England

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If you do visit the Britannia Hotel, you'll discover sooner rather than later that the restaurant is really bad. You'll discover this if the restaurant is open, which isn't something you can bet on. The staff at the hotel is bad, to say the very least, and the staff at the restaurant is no better. Most of the food reminds you of the TV dinners that you lived on after a long day of work. At best, your experience will be average, but there are definitely better options to choose from if you can spare a few more pounds.

9 Delicious: Livingstone Room - Zimbabwe

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This isn't as uptight as some of the other hotel restaurants on our list, but jeans and sandals won't do either. The Victoria Falls Hotel's restaurant has a formal British afternoon tea as well as an à la carte menu. There's also a seven-course tasting menu that includes herb salad, beet jelly, and some traditional cheeses that are native to Zimbabwe. The restaurant is Edwardian-style in regard to architecture and has been voted the seventh finest restaurant in the world by the Daily Meal.

8 Skip: Badhotel Restaurant Stauferland - Germany

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The name of the hotel should've been your first warning sign, but if it wasn't, let us be your second. The hotel restaurant in Germany has average food at best but also hosts parties and gatherings without much thought for the other guests there. So, if you're looking for peace, quiet, and a good menu, keep reading our list because this entry isn't going to do the trick. Airplane food and Badhotel Restaurant Stauferland's food have a lot in common.

7 Delicious: Dinner by Heston Blumenthal - London

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The restaurant that was inspired by Heston's fascination gastronomy first opened in the 1990s and has been getting rave reviews ever since. The interior of the restaurant is the perfect blend of modern and traditional, which, when coupled with the food, is simply perfect. The floor-to-ceiling glass walls let diners view the kitchen from their table. The kitchen also uses a unique pulley system that has taken its inspiration from the version used in the Royal Court. The restaurant describes its food as a journey into Britain's culinary past, so get your time machine ready!

6  Delicious: The Bazaar - USA

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The Bazaar, located in the SLS Beverly Hills, can occupy up to 675 guests, which is great if you're looking to host a party. It's managed to take each one of its guests on an adventure by blending well-known delicacies with avant-garde delights. The dishes served at The Bazaar have been sculpted by James Beard award-winning chef José Andrés. Get ready for cocktails served with smoke to start off your night, followed by some of the best dishes the world has to offer. It's been voted #5 on MSN Travel's list of Best Hotel Restaurants Around the World and is on Business Insider's list of 44 Best Restaurants in America.

5 Skip: The Roosevelt Hotel - NYC

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Mad46 at The Roosevelt Hotel lacks taste and flavor. It has a good rooftop bar, but the food isn't worth paying for. Other than a rich history and a prime location, the hotel doesn't have much to its name. The staff has left plenty of diners waiting and unhappy regarding the service they've received. It's not only the restaurant that needs a do-over; the hotel, in general, also isn't worth the price. New York City has some amazing hotels to choose from, and this one shouldn't even be on your list.

4 Delicious: Epicure - Paris

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The 3 Michelin-star restaurant located at Le Bristol Hotel is a must-see and is as famous as the Eiffel Tower for the people of France. It's considered the champion of French cuisine and the "macaroni stuffed with black truffle, artichoke, and duck foie gras, gratinéed with aged Parmesan" is a signature. People have traveled to France simply to dine at Epicure and taste this dish. Eric Frechon is a celebrated chef worldwide, and the restaurant itself has received the Grand Award from the Wine Spectator three years in a row.

3 Skip: Hotel Croatia Cavtat - Croatia

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Although the hotel itself is great and the view is absolutely amazing, the restaurant doesn't exactly live up to expectations. The rooms are definitely worth it, but if you're looking for a good meal, try something local that's around the corner instead. The dining options are alright for a business dinner, but don't bother if you're looking for foodie heaven. This essentially means everything's alright, with nothing on the menu blowing your socks off.

2 Delicious: Bougainville - Amsterdam

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Executive Chef Tim Golsteijn, who's in charge of the Bougainville restaurant located in Amsterdam's TwentySeven Hotel, has always been able to understand world-class gastronomy. His team consists of Lendl Mijnhijmer, who was the winner of the McNie Tasting Trophy in 2016. Lendl works as the wine director at Bougainville, where cuisine from Europe meets Middle Eastern, Far East, and Latin American ideas. The restaurant gives each diner the ability to take in the amazing view of Amsterdam's city center.

1 Skip: Village Hotel Warrington - England

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The restaurant at Village Hotel Warrington certainly left a sour taste in the mouths of their diners. Countless reviews for the hotel's restaurant complained about staff that didn't seem to care if the diners were served. One diner even said that he was tempted to go pick up his drinks from the bar because the waitress didn't seem to care. The interior of the restaurant hasn't impressed many either since its kindest description was 'dark and dingy.' The rooms at the Village Hotel Warrington are actually fine, but the restaurant ruins everything.

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