Sweet Victory: 25 Flavors Of Cupcakes, Ranked From Worst To Best

Ever since Carrie and Miranda ate some Magnolia cupcakes on SATC, we have all been cupcake crazy. The first Magnolia Bakery opened on Bleecker Street in NYC in 1996, and if you've been lucky enough to try a flavor or two, you know how good they are.

Cupcakes are always in fashion and they are truly the perfect dessert. When you're craving something sweet but don't want to eat an entire sheet cake (or you know that you could but figure you probably shouldn't), a cupcake hits the spot. Thankfully, there are so many flavors to choose from these days, and people are getting so creative it's tough to pick even five favorite flavors. There are also some classic flavors that will always be worth it.

Between the moist cake and the sweet icing, it's impossible to decide which part of the cupcake is better. Of course, if you're a frosting person and tend to eat that part first (or you prefer to save the best for last), then you'll always say that the icing is the most important aspect of a cupcake.

Which cupcakes are worth eating and which ones should you forget about? Here are 25 cupcake flavors, ranked from worst to best.

25 Coconut

via Taste

The worst cupcake flavor and number 25 on this list has got to be coconut. Do you crave a coconut cupcake? No, you definitely don't.

The thing about this cupcake flavor is that no one really wants to eat it. It's either going to have a weird bitter aftertaste or it's going to be packed with way too much sugar to make up for how strong coconut tastes. A chocolate coconut cupcake might be slightly better but it's still not very good.

24 Key Lime

via Z Sweets

Key lime cupcakes sound fun since everyone loves key lime pie (or at least everyone should). The specific combination of light and airy meringue with key limes is delicious.

Putting key lime into a cupcake? We might not be lining up at a cupcake shop to order this flavor. First of all, the bright green color of the cupcake might be off-putting to some people, including kids (since kids hate green food, as we all know). And second of all, sometimes lime-flavored baked goods have a sickly sweet taste.

23 Lemon Blueberry

via yourcupofcake.com

Blueberry muffins are the best. Lemon muffins (and especially poppyseed muffins) are the greatest, too.

Putting these two flavors together in a cupcake? It's not really the best. In fact, it's not a good idea at all. Lemon Blueberry cupcakes are sitting at number 23 on this list because this is a flavor combination that is much better suited to a muffin than a cupcake. Putting a sweet frosting on this cupcake is too much and will make you wish you were just eating a good old muffin instead.

22 Carrot Cake

via Going for Grace

In this age of hybrid desserts, it makes sense that people would put carrot cake flavors into a cupcake. That doesn't mean that this is something that should have ever happened.

Carrot Cake cupcakes are number 22 on this list. The problem is that they end up tasting way too much like a muffin (and, therefore, like something healthy). A carrot cake cupcake just doesn't give you the feeling that you're biting into a sweet cupcake like other flavors do. If you want a carrot muffin, then go for it.

21 Chocolate Raspberry

via Flickr

Chocolate Raspberry end up tasting kind of strange because the fruit flavor always tastes on the fake side. Even if it's not, there's something about this flavor combination that makes it seem that way.

When we want chocolate cupcakes, we honestly just want those, and we don't need raspberry (or any other fruit) to be part of the dessert party. What about a double chocolate cupcake with a super rich frosting? Now we're talking. We could totally go for one (or a few, who's counting?) of that flavor.

20 Chai

via Nerds With Knives

You're only going to love chai-flavored cupcakes if you love chai tea and drink it on a regular basis. Otherwise, you might find that this dessert tastes super weird and strangely spiced.

This flavor is definitely part of the trend of creating all kinds of new, different, and interesting cupcake flavors. While the basics will always be good, it's fun to try something new, and if you're up for it, this will at least be a new cupcake flavor experience. Not everyone will love it, though, which is why it's number 20.

19 Cinnamon

via Science Of Cooking

Cinnamon-flavored cupcakes are sometimes called Snickerdoodle cupcakes (after the cookie) and no matter what they're called, they're going to be pretty delicious.

While these will always be good when you want a treat that isn't crazy sweet and isn't too complicated, cinnamon cupcakes might be a little dull. You might wish that they had some more going on flavor-wise. That's why although cinnamon is a beloved, classic spice, this cupcake flavor is only at number 19, and they're always going to be overshadowed by other flavors.

18 Apple Pie

via I Am Baker

While not on the menu of every single cupcake shop or fancy bakery, apple pie-flavored cupcakes are popping up more and more. Tons of food bloggers and food websites are creating this flavor of cupcake.

If you love apple cake, then you'll most likely love apple pie cupcakes. This is a great flavor since it's got the not-too-sweet vibe of apple cake and then the lovely warming fall spices from apple pie. This flavor is number 18 since not enough people have tried it yet, but it's interesting.

17 Black Forest

via Rumbly in my Tumbly

Continuing the trend of taking traditional desserts and turning them into cupcakes is the Black Forest cupcake.

These are only good if you love whipped cream since they tend to have frosting made out of that. If you just want a chocolate cupcake, you might not want all the fanfare and you might want to order (or make) a plain chocolate cupcake instead. But when you want something a bit different but still with the chocolate flavor that you enjoy, this is a good flavor to turn to.

16 Pink Lemonade

via Better Batter Gluten Free Flour

Pink Lemonade is an awesome cupcake flavor since the drink is super sweet and already a treat when we think about it. Maybe you always had pink lemonade as a kid (or maybe your mom never really wanted you to drink something so sugary so you want to eat the cupcake version now and make up for lost time).

This cupcake flavor is number 14 which feels just right since it's kind of in the middle of this list of 25. It's not the most popular flavor, it's not for everyone, but it's still awesome and sugary.

15 Cookies And Cream

via RTE

Cookies and cream is a fun cupcake flavor that you just might find at a bakery near you, and even if you can't find one, you should totally make it yourself the next time you have a birthday to celebrate. Or when you just want cupcakes (which is probably all the time).

While this is a beloved ice cream flavor, it works well in cupcake form, too. You've got chocolate in the cake part and a super creamy icing. Best of all, these cupcakes are gorgeous and really fun to decorate, especially if you put some Oreo cookies on top.

14 Devil's Food

via A baJillian Recipes

A Devil's Food cupcake is basically this cake flavor in cupcake form, which means that it's got tons of chocolate.

It's not quite as decadent as some other cupcake flavors, which is why it's number 14 on this list and not number ten, five, or higher up. But, again, it's got chocolate flavor, so we're going to love eating it. You won't really see this cupcake flavor very often, though, so if you want to try it, you'll probably have to make it yourself.

13 Samoa

via Fork And Beans

Samoa cupcakes are based on the popular Girl Scout Samoa cookies. This means that this cupcake flavor has vanilla, caramel, chocolate, and coconut.

Sounds great, right? This is a perfect cupcake flavor when you're craving a lot of sugar but aren't quite sure which one flavor you want. You don't have to choose at all -- you can have a Samoa cupcake and get four flavors at once. How cool is that?! This won't be easy to find either, but you'll have fun making it in your own kitchen (and anyone who gets to try one will be pleased).

12 Lemon

via King Arthur Flour

Lemon cupcakes are one of the most delicious flavors. Lemon is just plain refreshing, and the combination of a moist lemon-flavored cake with a sweet citrusy frosting is amazing.

Lemon cupcakes, therefore, are number 12 on this list, and although they didn't make it into the top ten flavors, they are still worth eating when you want a sweet treat. They're not quite as incredible and magical as some other cupcake flavors, but they are worthy of adoration for sure.

11 Maple Bacon

via passthesushi.com

Maple Bacon cupcakes. Oh yes. We are very glad that these are real because who doesn't want a baked good that tastes like both maple syrup and bacon?

This cupcake flavor made it to 11 on this list because of course this is incredibly delicious but it seems like it would be a bit too much to eat on a regular basis. (We know. We can't believe we're saying that about bacon.) It's best to save this for a special occasion, you know? And we'll always look forward to savoring it.

10 Salted Caramel

via Chocolate With Grace

It's funny to think that just a few years ago, no one was talking about salted caramel, and now it's seriously all the rage.

Salted Caramel is awesome in so many different kinds of desserts, including cupcakes, which is why it's number ten on this list of 25 cupcake flavors. Salted Caramel cupcakes are wonderful. Sometimes these have caramel inside of the cake part, which is epic, and the frosting will either have caramel inside of it or the cupcake will be drizzled with caramel. Oh yes. We love this flavor.

9 Mint Chocolate

Just So Tasty

A Mint Chocolate cupcake tends to mean that mint-flavored frosting covers the top of a chocolate cupcake, and we think that this is a really good idea.

We've made it to number nine on this list, and this flavor has definitely earned its place. It's number nine and not higher up because this is a specialty flavor that you can't find everywhere, and cupcakes should be an equal opportunity thing where the best flavors are available at many stores and bakeries. But this is quite the epic flavor combo, especially if you love mint chocolate chip ice cream.

8 Chocolate Peanut Butter


Everyone loves the classic flavor combination of chocolate and peanut butter. What is it about this? It's just so decadent and indulgent, and these two seem like they were truly supposed to be together.

When we want this amazing flavor combo, we're not going to discriminate between desserts and we would take it in cookie, cake, brownie, or chocolate bar form. We would also gladly eat a chocolate and peanut butter flavored cupcake. It's just good. That's really all we can say about it.

7 S'Mores

Food Network

There's been quite a trend in recent years about putting the flavors of this campfire treat into baked goods such as cupcakes, and we're seriously loving it. It's impossible not to want a cupcake that has all of the elements of a good S'more, from the chocolate to the marshmallow to the overall burnt (but amazing) flavor.

A S'mores cupcake tends to have a chocolate cake base and marshmallow icing, plus a crust made of graham crackers, or perhaps some cookie crumbs on top to get that familiar flavor. Hello, number seven. This aren't in the top five because, again, you can't really get them everywhere, but they are magical desserts.

6 Strawberry

The Spruce Eats

If you visit a fancy or adorable bakery, you might be tempted to think that "pink" is a cupcake flavor because that's kind of how it seems. You'll see a beautiful pink cupcake with pink frosting staring at you from behind a display case, and you'll know that's the one that you want to order.

Of course, this flavor is usually strawberry, and it's so good. It totally deserves the number six spot on this list. Sometimes it's a vanilla cupcake with strawberry frosting and other times, the whole thing is this pink fruit. Yum.

5 Pumpkin

Lil' Luna

Pumpkin cupcakes are sometimes Pumpkin Spice Latte cupcakes (after the super popular Starbucks drink, of course). Either way, they are some of the best baked goods out there.

When you're over pumpkin pie but still want a seasonal dessert, you can turn to the pumpkin cupcake, and it's number five on this list because it's just so good. Most of the time, this cupcake flavor will have cream cheese frosting, which is always a good time. These also look really pretty, too (and they are especially worthy of your social media photos).

4 Funfetti

The Girl Who Ate Everything

Funfetti cakes have gotten really popular lately and who could blame them? This is probably the most adorable flavor out there. It doesn't get more enjoyable than baking a cake that has rainbow sprinkles in it.

Funfetti cupcakes, therefore, are even more fun because they are even cuter. If a funfetti cake is adorable, then of course cupcakes (aka tiny cakes) are even better. We're all over this cupcake flavor. It's number four and it's always a crowd-pleaser for sure.

3 Vanilla

via Gimme Some Oven

If some people think that vanilla is a boring cake or ice cream flavor, it's funny because it's definitely not considered to be a dull cupcake flavor. In fact, it's one of the most classic and beloved flavors ever, which is why it's number three on this list.

There is something so delicious about a vanilla cupcake. It's honestly perfectly sweet and it doesn't even need any chocolate chips or anything added to it. When you eat one, you're satisfied and happy (although, of course, you could still eat two).

2 Chocolate

via Sobey's

Number two on this couldn't possibly be anything other than chocolate cupcakes, right?

People go nuts for chocolate cupcakes. They are always so perfectly decadent. Even though they definitely contain tons of sugar, for some reason they never seem super sweet. They just seem delicious. When you want a cupcake, you might go for a trendier flavor or something seasonal, but you'll always come back to chocolate as an oldie but a goodie and a total classic flavor. Chocolate cupcakes are unique because they are almost equally good from a grocery store and from a high-end bakery.

1 Red Velvet

via Culinary Kids Academy

Number one couldn't be anything other than this popular cupcake flavor: red velvet.

When you picture this dessert, you probably imagine this flavor, right? Red velvet cupcakes have such an awesome flavor, and since one of the ingredients is cocoa powder, they do have kind of a chocolate flavor which is always appreciated. They're topped with cream cheese frosting which is a perfect compliment. Sometimes they're made with red food coloring (okay, most of the time) but you can make a homemade version with beets.

Who wants a cupcake?! They're so small that you can definitely have two...

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