25 Flavours Of Candy Canes, Officially Ranked From 25th To Peppermint

Candy canes are the perfect holiday treat! There's nothing quite better than gobbling one up on Christmas morning (and a few more throughout the day). Everyone loves the classic peppermint candy cane - and there's no flavour that can replace the original! With that being said, there are certainly some interesting candy cane flavours to indulge in this holiday season. Adding a few unique candy canes to the mix will keep your guests on their toes - and will be a great holiday surprise for your friends and family.

Does your mom love a good cup of coffee in the morning? Tie a few coffee-flavoured candy canes to her presents this year! Does your brother always brag about how much spice he can handle in food? Challenge him with a wasabi- or sriracha-flavoured candy cane (just to see if he really can handle the heat)! If you want to get creative, try making some unique flavours of candy cane bark using whatever candy canes you can find! Crush up some coffee-flavoured candy canes and mix it with melted dark chocolate, or mix the wasabi candies with melted white chocolate. Try out some new combinations, and experiment with new flavours!

Be a little careful though, there are a few flavours that are probably best avoided... Some companies have taken the candy cane trend to the extreme (and not in a good way). Keep on reading to discover some of the weirdest, some of the best, and some of the most interesting candy cane flavours to surprise your guest with this year! Happy holidays!

25 Gravy

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Holiday dinners are never complete without a generous spoonful (or two) of gravy! The salty, fatty, juicy sauce completes a traditional holiday dinner - adding a special savoury bite! You usually can't go wrong with a heaping spoonful of gravy during the holidays - unless that spoonful finds its way into a sweet treat... The company "Accoutrements" tried to combine the flavours of gravy with a sweet candy cane. The company claims that "no matter how bad a holiday meal is, you can always count on gravy to cover everything up and make it better". To be honest, I don't think a gravy candy cane is the solution to a "bad holiday meal". The colour of these candies is slightly off-putting, the flavour is nauseating, and the thought of biting into one of these treats after a holiday meal is very unpleasant!

24 Pickle

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Dill pickles. Sweet pickles. Hot pickles. Kosher pickles. Candy cane pickles…? One of these things just doesn’t belong… I’m not sure exactly what these candies taste like, and I don't think I really want to. Pickles are meant for sandwiches, slaws, and snacking - not for sweet treats! Even worse, the green coating on the candy canes looks as if you’d be biting into a spearmint- or mint-flavoured candy cane. Imagine picking one up of these on Christmas morning, expecting a delicious bite of spearmint goodness. You take a bite, and instead of tasting a minty-delight, you get a big mouthful of pickles... Save yourself (and your family) from a holiday disaster, and leave these candies on the shelf!

23 Clam

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This one is a little fishy (pun intended)... To be honest, I don’t think there’s ever a time when fish and candy should be combined into one - especially not during the holidays! The drab grey colour suits the flavour of this candy perfectly - disappointing, unappealing, and outright disgusting… If you’re a lover of the sea, go for some sea salt dark chocolate, a salted caramel treat, or a salted chocolate bark - leave these “clamdy canes” on the shelves. Want to learn a little more about these weird clam candy cane treats? Learn all about "Clamdy Canes" here!

22 Rotisserie Chicken

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Archie McPhee continues to invent these crazy candy cane flavours (most of which are destined to disappoint)! This chicken-flavoured candy tastes like an extra sugary (but still savoury and salty) piece of chicken… Just imagine yourself sitting at the kitchen table and reaching for a candy cane from a the bowl of sweets in front of you. Now imagine yourself picking up the candy cane and expecting a sugary-sweet dessert at the end of a holiday meal. You take your first bite of the “sweet” treat and BAM - a sugary, salty, savoury chicken explosion pops into your mouth… Talk about a holiday nightmare! Unless you’re buying these as a joke gift, I think it’s best they stay on the shelves!

21 Mac and Cheese

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There’s no question that this ooey-gooey dinner is delicious - but as a candy cane? No thanks! These candy canes simply ruin the comforting, creamy, cheesy flavour of a fresh bowl of Mac-and-cheese! The artificial yellow colouring is anything but appetizing, and the thought of having a sugar-filled candy that tastes like mac and cheese is nauseating. Some reviews on amazon have said “they smell like wet dog and plastic”, and many social media posts have warned about the disgusting gift. If you've got a Mac-and-cheese lover in the family, cook them a nice bowl of KD for a holiday treat, and leave these Mac-and-cheese-flavoured candies at the store!

20 Bacon

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Alright, at least this one has some potential... sort of. Many people enjoy a few pieces of sweetened, fried bacon on top of cakes and sweets, so it’s not too much of a stretch to put the flavours into a candy. The problem is, the flavour is so strong and artificial, that it doesn’t taste so much like bacon - but more like a confused mess. Like many artificially flavoured candies, these sweets don’t taste much like the food they were intended to taste like. You’d be much better off enjoying a holiday breakfast with candied bacon slices for a sweet treat! Coat them in maple syrup and serve on top of  pancakes, waffles, or even warm cinnamon buns!

19 Wasabi

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This candy cane is sure to have a generous dose of holiday spice packed inside. It might sound a little odd, but if you’re someone who loves a good kick of heat, this might be the perfect combo for you. The sweet and spicy treat is perfect for your friend and family members who can’t seem to get enough spice (you know, the ones who pour hot sauce on pretty much everything they eat). Similar to white chocolate wasabi treats, these wasabi candy canes aren’t so bad - so long as you can handle the heat (along with the sweet)!

18 Sriracha

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The red-and-green coating of these candy canes is a little misleading... Instead of the expected peppermint flavour, these candy canes are sure to hit you with a bit of a surprise… Just like the wasabi-flavoured candies mentioned above, this candy cane packs in an unexpected spicy-sweet punch. If you like spice, these Sriracha candy canes might be a delicious holiday treat, but be warned, the heat in these is NO JOKE! The candy starts off tasting like a sweet treat, but the heat sneaks up on you fast! If you want a bit of spice (but not a whole mouthful of it), try breaking up the candies and mixing them in melted white chocolate. You'll get the perfect hint of spice - just enough to warm you up from the chilly season!

17 Blueberry

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These candy canes admittedly look a little odd - the colour is slightly too artificial-looking, and the blue tone isn’t too festive. With that being said, if blueberry-flavoured treats and sweets are your thing, these might be a nice change to the traditional peppermint candy! The blueberry flavour isn’t exactly natural, but it tastes similar to the kind you’d have with a blueberry ice-cream or yogurt. If you're looking for a fresh blueberry treat, try coating blueberries white chocolate, or baking up a batch of blueberry-lemon muffins for a morning Christmas dessert! But, if you've got a big sweet tooth, and a passion for blueberries, these candies might be a nice holiday treat!

16 Bubble Gum

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Bubble gum isn’t everyone’s favourite flavour, but if you’re someone who can’t get enough of the bubbly goodness, this might just be your holiday miracle! If you like the taste of bubble gum ice cream or Double Bubble bubble-gum, these candy canes are the PERFECT holiday treat! The best part? Unlike normal bubble gum, the flavour won’t fade out! If you want a to make a fancier holiday dessert, try mixing some of these crushed candies with a warm vanilla custard! With every bite, you’ll get a warm, comforting, and satisfyingly strong taste of bubble gum - perfect for a post-tobogganing snack!

15 Coffee

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I definitely need my fair share of coffee over the holidays! Endless carolling, partying, gift wrapping, gift opening, and cooking with family and friends calls for some much-needed caffeine! In addition to your morning coffee, treat yourself to one of these festive goodies! With a little extra sugar and a little wake-me-up coffee flavour, these candy canes are sure to be a crowd favourite! This year, say good morning to your family by serving up some warm coffee, cream, and coffee-flavoured candy canes! Or, bake up a batch of your favourite coffee cake, and top it with these crushed coffee-flavoured candy canes!

14 Sour Patch

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Remember the days when you’d run to the candy store and pick up a packet of sour patch kids with your friends?? The sweet and sour flavours were addicting, and the colours were playful and vibrant! My friends and I could each eat a whole pack of these sour treats in one sitting - easy! When I came across these sour patch candy canes, I nearly jumped out of my seat! The same sweet and sour flavour was wrapped up in these cute traditional candies! In addition to the traditional peppermint candy canes, try throwing a few of these in the goody basket this year!

13 Swedish Fish

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Just like Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish were a huge fan-favourite during my childhood! During Halloween, I’d always eat the Swedish Berries or Swedish Fish candies first! Unfortunately, after halloween, I usually wouldn’t see the candies until the next year… Until now! The Swedish Fish company has finally decided to transform these scrumptious treats into the shape of a candy cane - genius! Now, I finally have an excuse to indulge in the Swedish Fish flavours throughout the holiday season. Finding a few of these wrapped up in my stocking this year would truly be a Christmas miracle (hint, hint...)!

12 Oreo

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Love a good ol' box of Oreos? If you love the chocolate and cream combo, you’ve gotta get yourself a box of these! Instead of dipping these candies in milk (like you would with a traditional Oreo), dip them in a nice warm mug of hot chocolate! The candy cane flavours will melt into the hot chocolate, making a delicious sugary drink (in addition to the yummy Oreo candy)! Even better, crush some Oreo cookies and Oreo candy canes on top of melted dark chocolate! Dip them in a glass of warm milk for a unique (and delicious) night-time snack!

11 Starburst

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If you’re someone who can’t get enough of the sweet-and-fruity starburst candies, these treats may be perfect for you! The best part? You won’t get a bunch of sticky, tacky candy stuck between all your teeth!! It’s like having the delicious taste of Starburst candy, without the all the flossing after! For this reason, these candy canes might even be better than the original Starburst candy. This box has two starburst flavours - strawberry and green apple, but you can also get boxes with a lemon flavour inside. Instead of opting for the dreaded fruit cake, get your fruity holiday treat from these delicious candy canes!

10 Jelly Belly

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No matter what flavours are your favourite, Jelly Belly is almost always sure to please. With many different flavours and colours, there really is something for everyone! This box of candy canes comes with three different flavours: cherry, green apple, and orange! If these flavours aren't speaking to you, don't worry! Jelly Belly also sells another option with tutti-frutti, blueberry and watermelon - YUMMM! No matter what flavours your family loves, there's sure to be a little something for everyone! Mix a few of these in a basket for your holiday dessert table for a delicious treat to snack on throughout the day!

9 Soda

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Soda tends to shine in the summer months, but it quickly fades during the chilly holiday season! Instead of abandoning the soda flavours, keep 'em around during the holidays by indulging in these soda-flavoured candy canes! The three flavours taste just like a refreshing drink, and they bring back some summer feels to warm up the winter blues! Indulge in A&W Root Beer, Orange Crush, and Dr. Pepper soda-flavoured candies! Better yet, melt a few of the candies on top of a shortbread cookie for a unique take on a holiday classic! Enjoy this unique festive treat, and add a nice taste of a summer beach party to your holidays!

8 Chocolate Mint

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Every year I open my stocking and find a few minty After-Eight chocolates. It’s a tradition in my family to have a piece of mint chocolate on the morning of Christmas Day. Admittedly, our tradition could use a little upgrade, and this creative spin on a classic candy cane could be the perfect change. Instead of serving up an after-eight bar or a boring mint Hershey's Kiss, try grabbing a box of these cute chocolate mint candy canes! Serve them in a warm mug of hot chocolate (with marshmallows, of course) for a delicious morning treat! Your friends and family will be more than satisfied with the flavours, and they’ll love the festive holiday-themed candy!

7 Birthday Cake

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Who wouldn’t want a birthday cake on the holidays? Make this holiday season extra special with a birthday-cake flavoured candy cane. It’ll feel like the holiday season was made just for you!  Enjoy your own version of a mini birthday cake while spending time with friends and family. Better yet, dip the candy in some hot chocolate for a mouth-watering birthday-cake-infused hot chocolate drink! If you have a big holiday gathering, try serving up a cinnamon-vanilla cake topped with a bunch of these colourful candy canes! Your guests will love the colourful presentation and sugary flavour, and they'll appreciate the unique holiday dessert idea!

6 Pumpkin Pie

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Pumpkin pie isn’t only for thanksgiving - it’s for the holidays too! The creamy, ooey-gooey pie is irresistibly delicious, and a personal family-favourite. This year, treat your pumpkin-pie-loving friends to a unique gift. Pick up a few of these pumpkin pie flavoured candy canes so they can enjoy a bite of pumpkin pie - without the inevitable mess! Place a basket of pumpkin-flavoured candy canes on the table for your guests to snack on all day long. Even try putting one into a warm latte to add a sweet pumpkin spice to your drink - it's the perfect way to warm up after a day in the snow!

5 Sugar Plum

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When I think about holiday flavours, sugar plum is one of the first that pops into my mind. The sweet hard candy has been transformed into a candy cane, making it the ultimate Christmas delight! Welcome a little magic of the sugar plum fairy into your holidays by grabbing yourself a box of these delicious treats. Feeling extra festive? Make candy cane bark by mixing together these sugar plum candy canes with white chocolate! Simply break the candy canes into small pieces and mix them with melted white chocolate. Lay it flat on a baking pan and pop in the fridge until it’s set! When it's done, break it into small pieces and serve with tea or coffee for a festive mid-afternoon snack!

4 Cinnabon

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Waking up to a warm batch of cinnamon buns is one of the greatest ways to start a day. The problem is, cinnamon buns can take such a long time to bake (and they take some serious skill to master). Instead of spending your holidays trying to perfect a tasty cinnamon bun, pick up a box of these candy canes to indulge in! Eat them on their own, melt them on top of an apple crumble, or sprinkle them on a vanilla cheesecake! If you're really a cinnamon fanatic (like myself), use one as a stir stick for your morning coffee - it adds the perfect note of sugar and spice to a boring 'ol cup of joe!

3 Molasses

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This one is definitely an all-time favourite candy cane flavour! Although they can be difficult to find, these molasses candies taste just like gingerbread - but a little sweeter, and a little stronger. Don’t get me wrong, they certainly shouldn’t replace the classic gingerbread men on the dessert table, but they should definitely join them! Try dressing up your next batch of gingerbread men with “candy cane” canes! Decorate with an icing top hat and a molasses candy cane for a little extra holiday spirit. If you can't get enough of the festive molasses flavour, melt a few pieces to glaze a batch of shortbread cookies (or any other plain cookie) - YUM!

2 Apple Pie

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Apple pies are probably the most common (and most loved) type of holiday pie. There’s not too many people I’ve met who will pass up on a warm piece of freshly-baked apple pie. Why not serve this comforting classic in the form of a cute candy cane? Spread the holiday cheer by leaving a few of these at the office or on the front steps of your friends’ houses! If you’re feeling extra fancy, try crumbling them on top of vanilla cake, cinnamon buns, or french-vanilla ice cream! Instantly, these otherwise un-festive treats get a hint of holiday magic! Pick up a box of these apple-pie candy canes and start spreading some holiday cheer!

1 Peppermint

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Classics are classics for a reason, and variations are rarely favoured over an original. The original peppermint candy cane is certainly no exception! Just like grandma’s apple pie, dad’s classic cookies, or mom’s special egg nog, there’s no flavour that can replace the traditional peppermint candy cane. Even though all these variations are unique and exciting, the holidays just wouldn’t feel right with indulging in at least one peppermint candy cane. If you want to try something new, top a New York cheesecake with crushed peppermint candy canes, or melt a few pieces on top of chocolate brownies or cookies! Whatever you choose, you can never go wrong with serving your family and friends a classic peppermint candy cane treat!

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