Flowers Or Chocolate For Valentine's? Buy Both In The Form Of A Reese's Bouquet!

In the spirit of love, Walmart is selling bouquets of Reese’s Pieces as an option for you to buy for a loved one (or yourself)! This combination of the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts will surely bring a smile anyone’s face. Available for online order or in store, these bouquets are changing up the gift game.

While flowers and chocolates as gifts on the 14th of February are cute, it can get boring if done over and over again. With the help of some good marketing, retailers like Walmart have given us the option to buy different kinds of bouquets to shake it up. Especially if your special someone’s favourite chocolate is Reese’s Pieces, then this bouquet is absolutely perfect!

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Via: Walmart

The bouquet retails for $44.99 USD, and delivery options are available. It contains 36 peanut butter cups and faux orange flowers wrapped in matching orange wrapper and ribbons. Walmart also offers a variety of other candy-themed bouquets like KitKat, Ferrero Rocher, and Twizzlers. If your loved one would rather eat your gift than display it, then a candy bouquet could be the perfect option.

Other than candy bouquets, retailers like Walmart make a variety of Valentine’s Day-themed items for purchase. This can be anything from decorations, clothing, cards, food, or little trinkets. During this time, be prepared to see everything in shades of pink or red, or see hearts everywhere. It can seem tacky or gimmicky, but that’s part of the appeal of Valentine’s Day. It’s a time when it’s socially acceptable to be cliché, so more people should take the opportunity to be so. Even if you’re single on February 14th, show yourself or your friends some love and get some cutesy gifts!

Via: Donegal Flowers

Of course, flowers, chocolates, or chocolate flowers aren’t the only ways you can celebrate your love for someone. For every kind of person, there’s an unlimited number of great date ideas or gifts is available in the world. Even if it’s just taking time to walk together to the park, if you both enjoy it, then that would be a pretty cute Valentine’s Day.

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