Worlds Collide: 20 Pieces Of Food/Celebrity Trivia Only True Foodies Know

Calling all hardcore foodies and celeb fans! If you want to test out or add to your food/celebrity trivia knowledge, then this list is for you.

If you think that you know everything about the place where food and celebrities converge, go ahead and tick off your celeb meets foodie knowledge. You may be surprised however by some of the entries on this list!

If you are not a self-proclaimed foodie and celeb expert, and are just here to satisfy your curiosity, read on, because there are probably few things more fascinating than the diets and eating habits of the stars. While they have the financial means to eat what they want, most celebrities definitely cannot simply have whatever they feel like, as the vast majority of them are doing their best to keep trim and toned. This road to sculpted limbs and perfect abs can often involve some rather odd food choices. The most extreme of these has to be Madonna’s air diet!

And then, some stars are also just plain weird when it comes to what they like, dislike and their eating habits in general.

Other stars have pretty normal diets, but form a part of food and celebrity trivia, thanks to having worked with food brands, either now or back in the day. Can you guess who these stars are? If not, keep on scrolling. Oh, and bet you won’t believe what Angelina Jolie's kid’s favorite snack is...

20 Chrissy Teigen Licks Doritos Instead Of Eating Them


It makes sense the Chrissy Teigen’s inner foodie would not let her forgo Doritos. At the same time, being who she is, it is vitally important that she maintain her tip top physique. So she developed an odd hack, and that is to lick Doritos instead of eating them. According to her, you get all of the flavor and almost none of the calories. You of course also do not get the crunch, but that does not seem to be a big issue.

Where this hack gets gross is that instead of chucking the licked Doritos, Chrissy puts them back in the bag and gives them a good shake to coat them once more in flavor. This must be what Doritos deprivation does to someone...

19 Reese Witherspoon Eats A Diet That Includes Baby Food


Reese Witherspoon eats baby food. Yup! And this is not some weird food fetish. It is a diet designed for weight loss which was ‘developed’ by a celebrity personal trainer, Tracy Anderson.

The diet consists of eating 14 jars of baby food during the day, and then one regular meal at night. That is a lot of baby food to order in, or pile into your shopping cart… And imagine eating a jar in public!

Reese is supposedly not alone in this eating of baby food. Other celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Jennifer Aniston are rumored to have also used the baby food diet to shed a few. Jennifer Aniston denies it, but perhaps this is just so as not to be labelled as weird.

18 Gordon Ramsay Eats Micro Meals


With a palette like his, one would assume the Gordon Ramsay enjoys regular multi course meals. He definitely can cook them for himself, and if he doesn't feel like making food, there is always his multitude of restaurants he could swing by.

But it turns out that while Gordon Ramsay is one of the wealthiest and most famous chefs on the planet, he eats more like an athlete then a gourmet or a foodie.

Gordon follows the micro meal eating schedule where he eats up to seven smaller meals per day. He says that this keeps him energized and fueled.

17 Selena Gomez Puts Pickle Juice On Her Popcorn

via youtube.com

Picture perfect Selena Gomez has an odd popcorn habit! She said she is obsessed with pickles, and goes so far as to even drink the juice - and pour it over her popcorn.

Her exact recipe for this pickle flavored popcorn delight is to combine popcorn with salt, a few drops of Tabasco, add some pickle juice and shake well to combine. Selena calls this Texan Popcorn, however other people have come forward to say they have never heard of this in Texas, and it is actually Selena Gomez popcorn!

We think that this flavor combo could be pretty addictive. And, it is low calorie. However there is a problem here, and that is, doesn't the pickle juice make the popcorn soggy?

16 The Hidden Snacks In The Avengers Were From Robert Downey Jr.’s Personal Stash


You know those snacks in The Avengers that Robert Downey Jr. kept unendingly eating and offering to people? We all thought that they were part of the story line, worked in as some kind of comedic relief.

However, it turns out that these snacks were actually Robert Downey Jr.’s personal stash, which he hid all over the set. In the beginning the film crew endeavored to track them down and remove the snacks from the set. However they were too well hidden, and they had to give up and allow Robert Downey Jr. to satisfy his hunger, even if it was during takes!

15 Jessica Biel Often Eats In The Shower

via People.com

Jessica Biel has admitted that she regularly eats her meals in the shower. And this time it has nothing to do with weight loss. She says that as a mom to a toddler, she is so busy that she often literally has to batch task showering, and eating a meal.

Instead of being embarrassed about this, she owns it and embraces the comedy and time pressed days that come with motherhood. In a recent Instagram post she depicted her breakfast plate and espresso mug next to the shower stream, hastaged it #ShowerEats, and dared others to try it.

Those of us who are childless will probably pass, but to any body in the midst of motherhood, #ShowerEats can actually sound quite peaceful and relaxing.

14 Novak Djokovic Eats Grass On Occasion


Eats what? Yes, Novak Djokovic has eaten grass on more than one occasion and wishes to do so again. And no, it is not part of some health strategy known only to tennis players.

Novak revealed that he thought up eating the grass of the Wimbledon court before his rise to success. He was trying to envision a celebratory gesture that would mark the memory in his mind and in those of others. Sampling some of the court’s grass popped into his head as the perfect way to do this.

Perhaps he would not have hit on this pact with himself, if he knew that he would be the Wimbledon men’s champ 4 times over and counting. However according to him the grass tastes very sweet... so it's all good.

13 J.K. Simmons Is The Voice Of The Yellow Peanut M&M


Oscar winning actor J.K. Simmons is probably most known for roles such as those he played in Whiplash and Spider-Man.

But before all of this, did you know that J.K. did the voice of the yellow M&M in their commercials from back in the day? He must have been great in that role, because M&M's later commissioned a portrait done of him, out of, you guessed it - M&M’s!

Interestingly, the yellow M&M is actually originally based on J.K. Simmons’s face. According to him, during recording sessions, the voice artists were filmed in order for the cartoon artists to incorporate their expressions into the M&M characters.

12 Kourtney Kardashian Starts Her Day Off Drinking Ghee Out Of A Ceramic Mug


According to Kourtney, she starts her day off by drinking a small cup of ghee. Which is clarified butter. Which is pure fat! Kourtney does this for health reasons, as there are claims that drinking ghee in the morning assists with weight loss and cleansing.

The science behind this is a little disputed, with some health experts saying that drinking ghee is just a glorified way to drink butter. Either way, Kourtney Kardashian looks amazing, so if she wants to drink melted fat first thing in the morning, who are we to stand in her way.

Of course from a foodie’s perspective, that butter could also be eaten as part of, let’s say, an amazing sandwich… Or a buttery sauce!

11 Fergie Went From A Six Egg Omelette For Breakfast To Veganism

via celebrities-eating.com

Nothing has changed when it comes to Fergie’s fitness levels and stunning physique. However a lot has changed in her diet. A few years ago the star was eating a 6 egg strong omelette for breakfast. Talk about starting one’s day off with a punch of protein!

Now, she recently told Fox News that she credits her currently toned and sculpted limbs to a vegan diet. And working out constantly, as well, of course. Which in case you were wondering includes loads of yoga and cardio.

In the past she has admitted to having hypnotherapy done for fast food cravings - and it must be working, what with the vegan vibe going on!

10 Beyonce Was Sponsored By Pepsi


Back in 2012, Beyonce was sponsored by the Pepsi brand. Many took to the streets (aka the internet) to voice their disgust at her promotion of a drink which is definitely up there on the unhealthy scale of things! However a girl has got to make a living, even if it is just $50 million.

Beyonce made drinking Pepsi cool again, but we were wondering what does she actually drink herself on the daily? Well, it turns out, roughly a gallon of water at times. Beyonce’s gallon-a-day weight loss and beauty trick is her sworn by health hack. Pepsi does not seem to feature - which is not surprising, because getting a gallon of water down in a day does not leave room for much else!

9 Taylor Swift Loves To Bake


According to Taylor, she grew up as her mother’s helping hand in the kitchen, and one of her favorites parts of cooking is baking.

If you have ever done a deep dive on Taylor Swift's Instagram presence, you will most probably have come across her posting pics of her baked goods. Her baking pics received such a response from followers that she started sharing recipes online and basically broke the internet.

Her recipes have received close to a cult following, and we are pretty sure that if ever Taylor got tired of entertainment, she would probably have an instant million dollar food blogging career lined up for the taking!

8 Dianna Agron Can’t Stand It When Two Foods Touch Each Other


Dianna Agron comes across as such a friendly and easy going actress, it is pretty surprising that she would get up tight about something as simple as foods touching each other on her dinner plate.

Before all of us messy, mix-and-match, eaters judge, this dislike is actually a medical phenomena. It is called brumotactillophobia and is pretty common. Some associations have been made between brumotactillophobia and mild OCD, however it can also merely be a sign that a person enjoys order, is very neat, and likes to be able to experience flavors separately.

Another theory behind this peculiarity is that perfectly spaced food simply looks prettier! Whatever it is Dianna, know that you are not alone.

7 Angelina Jolie's Kids Are Happy To Snack On Fried Crickets


In the days of Brangelina, the family was all over the world experiencing different countries, cultures and cuisines. Angelina has continued this, and took the kids along to the shooting of her Netflix film ‘First They Killed My Father’ in Cambodia.

While there, she did an exclusive interview with BBC, during which Angelina showed her kids how to cook up a batch of tarantulas, scorpions and other edible bugs. She says that deep fried crickets are the intro bug to start with, best enjoyed with a cold beer. According to the kids, deep fried crickets are really not bad, and very much like ‘flavorless chips’.

6 Aerosmith Guitarist Has His Own Hot Sauce Brand

via ashleyfoodcompany.com

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry not only rocks it on stage, he also developed his own line of hot sauces. One of which is called, wait for it, Rock Your World hot sauce.

While some stars may use their fame to rack in cash with product lines, the idea for the hot sauces wasn't just a marketing ploy. Joe Perry says that he grew up with, and loves, spicy foods, and that when one is on the road touring, you encounter a lot of really bland food.

He started travelling with his own stash of hot sauce, but couldn't hit on a brand that he loved. Everything was either 'too hot or too fruity or too much vinegar or too much tomato'. So, to solve this problem, he decided to develop a small line of hot sauces that where just right. No to mention rocking hot, and way up there on the Scoville chart!

5 Stephen King Eats Cheese Cake Everyday

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Stephen King has a personal indulgence in the form of cheesecake. According to him, he eats it everyday, before he writes. Who would have thought years of best selling fiction could be caused by none other than cheesecake of all things?

Stephen King says that the idea actually comes from his son, who is also a best selling author! Owen King is the writer behind Locke & Key and Strange Weather. His writing-fuel-dessert of choice is Crème brûlée.

Considering the literary success of the two of them, the editorial team here at TheRecipe is seriously considering implementing this dessert centric writing technique...

4 Giada De Laurentiis Likes To Eat Rice With Olive Oil For Breakfast


Super slender and willowy celebrity chef, Giada De Laurentiis, is definitely not on the low carb, protein filled breakfast train. If at home, her go-to breakfast consists of brown rice, with a generous amount of olive oil. 3 tablespoons to ¼ cup brown rice to be exact. So, sort of swimming in olive oil.. Her words!

If Giada is travelling or on the go, then it can be tricky to get brown rice in the morning for breakfast. Instead she then opts for oatmeal, because she says it is similar, and tops that with olive oil and salt. And a squeeze of lemon if she can find it.

We sense a common thread in this, and that has to be, complex carbs and - always - olive oil.

3 Chanel Creator, Karl Lagerfeld, Keeps A Separate House For Food


Some celebs keep things (relatively) simple and down to earth. Not Karl Lagerfeld however! The creator of the Channel empire has some eccentric ways, and one of these concerns his eating and kitchen.

He owns two houses, right next to each other. The one is for him to live in, and the other is for his food. In the ‘food’ house, his chef and staff prepare his meals for him, and then bring them to him in his ‘living’ house. His living house does not have a kitchen, he says that it is only for sleeping and sketching.

One would think that the set-up is geared for him eating three course meals and having gourmet things whipped up for him at the blink of an eye. In contrast however his meals are mostly liquid, he hates all hot beverages and drinks only diet coke.

2 Andrew Zimmern Collects Mustards


Some high net work individuals collect cars (ahem, Gordon Ramsay), and others collect… mustard. As the Creator of Bizarre Foods, Andrew Zimmern has tasted dishes from over 150 countries, and on his travels has collected some unique condiments such as red tahini, which is one of the world’s rarest foods.

He is also a collector of the humbler ingredient, mustard. He says that although he is at heart a Goulden’s guy, at some point he started collecting mustards from around the globe.

Andrew Zimmern by this stage has so many mustards, treasured condiments and bottles of pickles on the go, that he has to have three fridges to fit them all into!

1 Wendy Williams Keeps Frank’s Red Hot Sauce In Her Handbag


A woman’s handbag can carry a surprising amount of surprising things, but Wendy Williams number one handbag item has to top them all. She carries hot sauce, in her handbag, at all times. And it is not just any hot sauce, it has to be Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. She says that it is the first thing that she will pack!

And it turns out Wendy Williams is not alone in making sure she has hot sauce on her when leaving the house. Apparently Beyonce carried hot sauce in her bag too, which is a tip she got from her grandmother. Beyonce's brand of choice is Tabasco as far as we can make out.

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