25 Food World Records That Are Over-The-Top

Food is something that has the power to bring people together from all over the world, especially when they are trying to break a world record. Records for food exist in pretty much any imaginable category, including food items that have been scaled up to enormous proportions, people consuming a record amount of food in a given amount of time, or even finding the most unique location to consume food with friends.

Setting or breaking a food record takes a lot of teamwork and determination. In order to create a favorite dish that weighs more than all the people cooking it combined, a lot of prior planning and communication is needed. The following list proves that there is little people can not do when they set their mind to breaking a world record and recruit others to help them create something bigger than ever thought possible.

Most of the food items on this list have been chosen to be the focus of a world record attempt because they are popular around the world and people can get very creative while making then as they put their personal touches on a familiar favorite. From sweet treats to comfort foods and even some healthy items, the following list proves that people are more than willing to experiment with their food in ways that almost seem fantastical; but they are actually verified and recorded food world records that leave us wondering when and where the next food world record attempt will be taking place.

25 Most Layers In A Sandwich

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The world’s most layered sandwich will appease even the hungriest of the hungry, but it definitely won’t fit into any regular sandwich bag or box. On October 22, 2016 in Madison Square Park in New York, Dr. Irwin Adam Eydelnant of Future Food Studio broke the record for the most layers in a sandwich with 60 layers all stacked neatly on top of each other. The structure had to stand on it’s own for at least one minute and was made with the simple ingredients of bread, mustard, and salami.

24 Largest Cheese Sculpture

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There are many materials sculptors can use to create art; including a block of cheese. Debuting on September 18th, 2015 (also known as National Cheeseburger Day), “The Melt”, a casual eatery in Los Angeles, unveiled their giant 1,524 pound cheese sculpture in the shape of a cheeseburger with a pickle on top. The sculpture was made of 100 percent aged Wisconsin cheddar cheese, took over 30 hours to carve, and the final measurements were recorded to be 45 inches in height and 38 inches in width.

23 Biggest Bowl of Mac and Cheese

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Variations on a simple bowl of mac and cheese are abundant because so many different tweaks can be made on this comfort food favorite. No matter how many different variations we have tried on mac and cheese, most of us have never had a bowl of mac and cheese quite like this. On September, 23, 2010 in New Orleans, Chef John Folse & Company teamed up with Cabot Creamery Cooperative to break the previous world record for the largest bowl of mac and cheese and created a bowl that weighed in at 2,469.

22 Largest Cake Sculpture

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On October 15, 2015, 250 cake designers decided to come together to break the world record for the largest cake sculpture in Milan, Italy. The National Association of Cake Designers achieved this feat with artistic flair and country pride. The design on the cake was the outline of the country of Italy surrounded by light blue waters with a few of the most well known landmarks such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa included. The final measurements were 54 feet x 45 feet x 1 foot 9.25 inches.

21 Most Pumpkins Carved In One Hour

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Most people take their time to carve a pumpkin because it is not usually a common activity and knives need to be dealt with carefully. But Trevor Hunt apparently knows his way around both knives and pumpkins because he managed to carve various designs onto 109 pumpkins in just one hour on October 21, 2014. The most intimidating part though? Trevor carved all these pumpkins in such a short amount of time live on the set of The Meredith Vierira Show in New York, New York.

20 Largest Scoop of Ice Cream

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Most of us hope for a bigger than average scoop of our favorite ice cream on a hot summer day, but on June 28, 2014 in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, Kemps LLC broke the world record for the largest scoop of ice cream ever created. The scoop was created using 733 containers of ice-cream, measured 5’6 feet tall, 6’2 feet wide and weighed in at 3,010 pounds. The flavor they decided to go with? Good ol’ plain strawberry in honor of the annual Cedarburg strawberry festival.

19 Most Milkshakes Dispensed Through The Nose

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How exactly does one set a world record for most milkshake dispensed through the nose without first getting a terrible brain freeze from chugging so much of it? Just ask Gary Bradshaw Jr. who holds the world record for dispensing 1.82 ounces of a chocolate milk mixture from his nose on the set of Guinness World Records: Primetime in Los Angeles on August 1999. Instead of drinking any ice cold milkshake, Gary mixed milk and chocolate powder in his mouth before he let the mixture fly.

18 Largest Gingerbread House

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On November 30, 2013, Traditions Club in Bryan, Texas decided to create some lasting Christmas memories for a good cause. The delicious and colorful house measured in at an impressive 60 feet long, 42 feet wide, and 18.28 feet tall at its highest point. In keeping with the giving spirit of the holidays, Traditions Club also invited Santa Clause to hang around and welcome visitors for a small donation that was meant to help St Joseph’s Hospital raise money to build a new trauma center.

17 Most Juice Extracted From Grapes By Treading In Two Minutes (Individual)

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Treading grapes for juice is not something most people have ever done since most of us tend to buy our juice or wine at the store. But Martina Servaty from Germany is quite an expert at taking her shoes off and getting down to business. On September 13, 2008, Martina set the individual record for most juice extracted from grapes by treading in two minutes on the set of the Guinness World Records in Cologne, Germany. Martina managed to stomp out 4.47 gallons of juice.

16 Largest Serving of Pancakes

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Pancakes are one of the most common and well liked breakfast food because they can be made simple or with many different variations to suit any preference. There are even some breakfast restaurants which will offer unlimited pancakes, but few will serve 12,716 in one single day which is what it will take in order to beat the current world record. On February 25, 2017, JSC MAFKA in Russia set the world record for the largest serving of pancakes in honor of their annual pancake week.

15 Largest Collection of Hamburger Related Items

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Hamburgers and cheeseburgers are among the most popular American foods and the amount of variations in terms of ingredients is as varied as the restaurants serving this popular food. Some people enjoy hamburgers so much however, that they don’t just want to eat them- they want to wear them, sleep with them, and hang them on their walls. Harry Sperl (aka Hamburger Harry) has been collecting hamburger related items for many years, and on September 20, 2014, it was verified that he had 3,724 different hamburger related items in his home.

14 Most Potatoes Held In One Hand

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Potatoes can have a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from long and thin to thick and round and pretty much anything in between. This makes them especially hard to stack evenly, much less carry a log in one hand. However, Peter Durdik from Slovakia once held an impressive 27 potatoes in his hand at once on march 27, 2016. Peter accomplished this feat by patiently and carefully making sure to stack each potato on top of the other in a pyramid like formation before they came toppling down.

13 Largest Hamburger Patty

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Although there are many different ways to make a hamburger, sometimes a simple burger is more than enough to satisfy one’s craving. The world’s largest hamburger patty is simple in terms of ingredients, it is made of 6,040 pounds of pure Montana beef and not much else, but it took a specially made 576 square foot grill and about two hours to cook in front of a crowd of more than 3,500 people who waited patiently as the burger sizzled its way to the record books.

12 Most Expensive Hot Dog

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Hot dogs are not typically considered fine cuisine. In fact there are many places that sell them very inexpensively and have them ready to go for anyone who wants to grab a bite on the go. But if you are having the most expensive hot dog in the world, perhaps taking the time to savor all of the nontraditional ingredients is in order. The price tag of $169 includes some fancy ingredients, including foie gras, mushrooms and onions, truffles, wagyu beefs, and caviar.

11 Largest BubbleGum Bubble Blown

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Most of us can remember trying to blow the biggest bubble we could when we were kids to show off to friends; only to have it blow up into a sticky mess all over our face and chin. Chad Fell from Winston County, Alabama however, can proudly state that he is a world record bubble gum blower and has the witnesses to prove it. On April 24, 2004, Chad blew a bubblegum bubble that was 20 inches in diameter without using his hands at Double Springs high School using three pieces of Dubble Bubble gum.

10 Longest Noodle

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The record for the world’s longest noodle stands at a whopping 10,119 feet and 1.92 inches; that’s almost two miles long! Following a traditional ramen recipe, the chefs at Xiangnian Food Co. Ltd in Nanyang, Henan, China spent 17 hours rolling out the huge noodle which contained just three simple ingredients: 40 kg of bread flour, 26.8 liters of water and 0.6 kg of salt. Just measuring the noodle took 3 hours and it far surpassed the previous record of 1,800 feet and 2 inches held by Japan.

9 Biggest Cookie

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Like many of the other foods on this list, cookies are one of the most popular treats for many people who enjoy sweets because of how many different ways there are to add our own little tweaks to suit our personal tastes. Chocolate chip is one of the more classic flavors of cookies, and on May 17, 2003, the Immaculate Baking Company decided to please cookie lovers in Flat Rock, North Carolina and set a world record for baking a cookie that measured an impressive 8,115.99 squared feet.

8 Largest Fruit Salad

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Although we all know fruit is good for our bodies, it can sometimes be difficult to get our recommended amount of fruit servings every day, especially if our favorite fruits are not in season. For the people in Vienna, Austria, on June 27, 2014 however, getting the recommended amount of fruit was definitely not a problem. Spar Österreichische Warenhandels AG, a company that manages various food markets, had employees get together to chop and mix in a fruit salad that ended up weighing a total of 19,158 pounds!

7 Largest Pizza

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Pizza is a very popular food and the variety of toppings, sauces, and other variations are part of what make it so appealing to many different people no matter their preferences. On December 13, 2012, four employees of NIPfood at Fiera Roma in Rome, Italy broke the world record for the largest pizza, creating a pizza with a surface area of 13,580.28 ft². The pizza was named “Ottavia” as an homage to Octavian Augustus, the first Roman emperor. Another fun little detail? The pizza was entirely gluten free.

6 Biggest Chocolate Bar

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Chocolate is many people’s favorite sweet to munch on because there are so many different kinds to suit almost anyone’s particular preference. Although the world’s largest chocolate bar is made of relatively simple ingredients (sugar, dried whole milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, butter oil, emulsifier) chocolate lovers will still undoubtedly be impressed by the weight which came out to a whopping 12,770 pounds and 4.48 ounces! Thorntons PLC in the UK has the honor of being able to claim responsibility for this massively sweet record.

5 Most Smarties/M&Ms Eaten In One Minute Blindfolded Using Chopsticks

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Eating 20 Smarties or M&Ms may not seem like a high number; especially in the context of it being a world record. But eating these small treats is a lot more difficult when one is using chopsticks- and can not see where the slippery little candies are exactly. But Ashrita Furman from New York is apparently an expert at this because on December 8, 2011 at the Sri Chimnoy Centre in New York, he set the world record for the most most Smarties/M&Ms eaten in one minute blindfolded using chopsticks.

4 Biggest Chicken Nugget

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Chicken nuggets are one of the more popular food items on the menu at most fast food restaurants. They are tasty, easy to eat, and there are usually many different sauces available for dunking to give each bite a slightly different taste. The world’s biggest chicken nugget probably isn’t going to fit into any sauce container for dunking though. Weighing in at 51.1 pounds, Empire Kosher Poultry decided to make a record breaking nugget using a 500 gallon fryer for 45 minutes for a creation that was the size of approximately 720 regular nuggets.

3 Biggest Ice Cream Cake

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This record is particularly impressive considering how fast ice cream can melt, especially outside in the summer sun! Most of us have a hard time not making a sticky mess when we get a regular size ice cream scoop, but the workers at Dairy Queen Canada undertook this daunting challenge to create the world’s largest ice cream cake which measured 14 feet and 7 inches long, 13 feet and 3 inches wide, and 3 feet, 3 inches tall. The sweet creation consisted of sponge cake, vanilla ice cream, buttercream frosting, and Oreo cookie crumble topping.

2 Largest Cupcake

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The world’s biggest cupcake is a creation of Washington DC’s first gourmet cupcake bakery, which also happens to be a part of a docu-drama called “DC Cupcakes.” On November 2, 2011 during a one hour episode of the show, the staff filmed their attempt to make the sweet treat which broke a previous record and measured 56 inches in diameter and 36 inches tall. Both the oven and pan had to be made custom for this attempt and the pan itself had to be easily unassembled to prove that the cupcake was fully cooked and able to stand on its own.

1 Highest Dinner Party

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Most people would consider hiking to the high peaks of a mountain a feat in and of itself, especially if that feat is climbing the famous Mount Everest. But for the daring Neil Laughton, a British adventurer who had previously led other expeditions up the Mount Everest, just climbing the mountain was not quite enough. Once his group of eight adventurers had made it to 23,129 feet in altitude, they exchanged their climbing gear for formal dinner jackets, ball gowns, and set up a full table which included crockery, cutlery, flowers, candles and a gourmet three-course meal.

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