Foodie 101: A Crash Course On The 25 Top Food Trends For 2019

With a new year comes resolutions and lots of talk about trends. Now that we've said hello to 2019, people are talking about the food trends that we're going to be seeing this year.

Eating healthy has become popular and so it makes sense that many of the food trends for the next 12 months are foods that will make you feel your best. As someone who eats pretty healthy (with a healthy dose of fries, too), I'm always interested in reading about what products and meals are considered popular at any given time. Over the past few years, there have been some food trends that I've taken a pass on (seaweed is too much for me) and others I've been all about (avocado toast, overnight oats, and cauliflower rice to name a few). It's always fun to switch up your eating habits and see if you can incorporate some new products into your daily routine. You don't have to give up the foods that you love, but you might find some new favorites.

Ready to see what we're going to be eating over the next year? Pull up and a chair and read on to find about the 25 top food trends of 2019.

25 We Won't Be Going To So Many Restaurants

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It sounds like in 2019, we won't be going to so many restaurants because we're going to want to cook at home a lot more.

As chef, Malibu Farm owner, and cookbook author Helene Henderson told Food and Wine magazine, “Definitely eating in and not dining out is a big one. This may be a mix of to-go items, meal-prep packages, home cooking, and potlucks. The future of dining is in the comfort of our own homes.” Foodies who are also home-bodies will definitely be a fan of this food trend.

24 More Vegan Meals In Restaurants (But Legit Ones)

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Food and Wine also says that there will be more vegan meals that people can order in restaurants... but actually legit ones instead of just menu items that seem like random afterthoughts.

Even if you're not vegan or vegetarian, sometimes you go to a restaurant and see that the plant-based options sound much more interesting and delicious than the meat options. Chefs are doing really amazing things with veggies. We bet that we'll see this more and more often in 2019, and it's really cool.

23 Jackfruit Will Be Super Popular

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Jackfruit is a pretty cool looking thing, and a lot of people love using jackfruit to made a vegan version of pulled pork. This works great for tacos in particular (and we know that 2018 was a year that we all waxed poetic about the taco).

Women's Health counts jackfruit among one of the food trends of 2019. It seems like this stuff will be trendier than ever before. We might not all want to give up our pulled pork or meat in general, but this is cool to know about.

22 Healthy Fats Are Trendier Than Ever

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Back in the day, it was considered super scary to eat fat, but over the past few years, butter, coconut oil and olive oil have become trendy. In 2019, healthy fats will be trendier than ever before, and there are a few that we'll be seeing a lot. Coconut butter, ghee, and MCT oil have been named as the top trendy fats of 2019.

This is great news since foodies know that healthy fats are the best. Whether you're putting coconut butter on a piece of toast or oatmeal (yum) or cooking veggies in ghee or coconut oil, you're in for a treat. A lot of people enjoy putting MTC oil in coffee as well.

21 Harissa Will Heat Up

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Hot sauce makes a lot of food that much more delicious, and foodies know that spices are an essential part of home cooking. Without spices, you can't add much flavor to your food, and you may as well order out or go out to eat.

Women's Health says that harissa (and other spicy things like ras el hanout, dukkah, and berbere) will be a thing in 2019. Harissa is a "slightly spicy paste made with red pepper, tomato, chili, and a few other spices and aromatics." This is great news for those of us who are already big fans of harissa.

20 From Avocado Toast To Avocado Popsicles

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Ice cream made from coconut milk and cashew milk have been pretty popular over the past few years, and it's awesome that people with dairy allergies or intolerances don't have to miss out these creamy desserts.

In 2019, it sounds like there will be some dairy-free frozen desserts that are both healthy and interesting. As Self.com says, "If you thought frozen treats couldn't get more zany, think again, because Whole Foods says that 2019 will be the year of avocado popsicles, hummus ice cream, and coconut water soft serve." Avocado popsicles?! Sign us up.

19 Goodbye, Romaine And Hello To A Brand New Salad Green

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With healthy eating resolutions comes the realization that salad is a great way to get some veggies in. Supermarket News says that since romaine is a no go these days, it seems like there might be a brand new salad green that takes over in 2019.

We definitely need salad greens for, well, salad, but also sandwiches and all kinds of dishes, so we're totally on board with something new. It'll be interesting to see what ends up being the winner (please don't say kale. We need something else).

18 The Coolest Sandwich

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Sandwiches will never go out of style, and there's a sandwich that people are saying will be big this year.

Have you ever tried a katsu sando? That's a sandwich with cabbage slaw, a spicy sauce, bread without crusts, and pork that is both breaded and fried. Refinery 29 says that katsu sandwiches will be popular in 2019. These sound really good and really craveable. We would love to enjoy these for lunch on a regular basis. It'll be cool to see if these catch on this year and if we start seeing them everywhere.

17 Move Over, Cauliflower Because Cabbage Is Here

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Delish.com says that cabbage will be a big food trend in 2019. Even if you're wrinkling your nose right now and thinking, "Yeah right" remember how you used to feel about kale and cauliflower?

Okay, even if you don't love eating those veggies roasted or sauteed, you can probably admit that eating pizza crust made out of the white vegetable isn't the worst thing ever (at least you're eating pizza, right?). It'll be fascinating to see what happens to cabbage this year. Maybe we'll really love it.

16 More Veggies In General

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Something that has come up on every single article about the 2019 food trends is that you'll see more vegetables pretty much everywhere.

This makes a lot of sense since the past few years have been all about veggies. People are actually creating delicious dishes made from plant foods and this may not have been something that any of us ever expected. Many of us foodies are eating more veggies than ever before and actually loving it. This is a trend that will continue in 2019.

15 Snacks Are Changing (And They're Amazing)

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As Well and Good puts it, there are going to be some interesting snacks in 2019: "While before you may have reached for a bar or veggie chips, Whole Foods hints at fancier options to come, like artisanal peanut-butter crackers or mini cheese boards."

It's super exciting to learn that amazing new snacks will be offered at places like Whole Foods and we can't wait to see what we're going to be snacking on in 2019. Those PB crackers sound epic.

14 Spread On Some Seed Butter

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It might be time to forget about our beloved peanut butter (at least for a little while) and try some new spreads. Women's Health magazine says that seed butters, such as tahini and sunflower seed butter, will be more mainstream this year.

PB will always have our hearts but there is something to be said about these creamy seed butters as well. They are a nice change and can be spread on toast, added to oatmeal, or enjoyed as an afternoon snack with some fruit. Tahini also makes an amazing salad dressing or sauce for vegetables.

13 Pizza-Making Robots

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As Refinery 29 says, "Robots are already making pizza in France and serving coffee in San Francisco, Baum + Whiteman points out, so we'll probably see more AI in restaurants soon."

We're not really sure how we feel about this. On the one hand, it's kind of an entertaining idea, but on the other, why can't people just make pizza (and any other type of food)? We probably won't see robots in every restaurant that we go to (that would be kind of nuts) but it's interesting to note that this is at least a trend that is being talked about.

12 Snack Food That Has New, Different Whole Grains

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You've probably noticed that many cereal brands now are made with whole grains and that there are lots of products in the supermarket that are healthier takes on classic snack foods.

In 2019, a big trend is snack food that is made from new and different whole grains, or at least whole grains that you wouldn't think to see when you're buying a bag of chips or a crunchy snack. Quinn Snacks, for example, has pretzels made from sorghum, and they look great.

11 The Beauty Of Ugly Produce

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It's no longer cool to look at a bruised apple or weirdly shaped carrot in the grocery store and think, "Ew, gross." Ugly produce is considered totally awesome and we're going to see people buying more and more of it in 2019.

Just like you can sign up for a veggie subscription box from a local farm, you can order ugly produce from the same kind of company, and Delish.com says that this will be more of a thing in 2019.

10 Storebought Hardboiled Eggs Will Be A Thing

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Perfectly Peckish from Sonoma Brands literally allows you to buy storebought hardboiled eggs (along with a dip). According to Forbes, this product started out in California but will be sold in all of the U.S. as of the beginning of 2019. There are five products that have hardboiled eggs and dips, and some of the dips have quinoa.

These sound truly awesome because what's better than having some easy, healthy things to snack on during your work day? It sounds like this idea could latch on and we could be seeing this stuff everywhere.

9 This Restaurant Trend, Too

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Fast casual restaurants are awesome since you can get healthy food in a fast food setting. You don't have to wait forever at a typical restaurant and you don't have to get something that is basically junk food.

Geoffrey Zakarian told Food and Wine that he thinks that fast casual will be a real thing in 2019: “There are many things happening, but my prediction is that fast casual will make significant inroads. We’ll continue to see luxury ingredients served in a very simple fashion with self-service.”

8 Hydrate With Maple Water

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We could probably all drink more water, although honestly, that doesn't always seem like the most interesting to thing to drink. We might be sipping maple water this year: according to Women's Health magazine, maple water will become a big food trend in 2019. It has less sugar than coconut water does, so that's definitely good to know.

We might be surprised by that since maple syrup does have sugar, but people do bake with honey and maple syrup in order to cut back on refined sugar.

7 Hummus Gets Sweet, Not Savory

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Have you heard of "dessert hummus"? This is something that Women's Health says will become trendy in 2019.

It's hummus made sweet, not savory, and you can buy it and enjoy it for dessert or for a treat. If you already love hummus, then this might seem like a great idea since you want to enjoy it more often. And if you're not the biggest fan, then maybe sweeter hummus will be your jam since you could eat it with some fruit or chocolate on the side.

6 Oat Milk Is Here To Stay

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We may have heard of oat milk, aka a non-dairy milk alternative made from, well, oats. Oat milk was the talk of the non-dairy milk aisle near the end of 2018 and it sounds like it will become even more of a thing in 2019.

Self mentions oat milk as a food trend for 2019. Anyone with food allergies or just prefers not to drink dairy milk will love this. Oat milk is truly delicious and creamy, so it's a really nice drink.

5 Yogurt Has More Protein Than Ever Before

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Your mom always told you to eat your protein, and it's going to be super easy in 2019.

Many people enjoy a bowl of yogurt with fruit for breakfast or later on in the day for a snack. According to Everyday Health, you'll be seeing more yogurt that has added protein so you can eat it anytime: the website mentions that Yoplait has a product called YQ by Yoplait that has 17 grams of protein. Other protein sources that you'll be seeing more and more include collagen peptides from Vital Proteins and Zupa Noma's soups.

4 Fake Meat Products Will Be All The Rage

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According to Forbes, people will be buying a lot of fake meat products in 2019. This means snacks made from vegetables and plant foods that taste like bacon or pork rinds. It also means we could be seeing jerky that is made from coconut, soy, eggplant, or mushrooms.

Vegans will be rejoicing that there are so many delicious snacks for them to purchase from grocery stores, and Forbes notes that even people who don't eat only a veggie diet will still love these foods. With the rise of Meatless Monday and people eating more vegetables in general, this makes a lot of sense.

3 Breakfasts With Benefits

Good For You Gluten Free

It used to be that if you wanted an easy breakfast, you grabbed a frozen waffle or put some peanut butter on toast and called it a day (or started your day which is more accurate).

These days, you can definitely eat a healthy breakfast and it's simpler than ever before. According to Delish.com, we'll be seeing breakfast foods with some added benefits in 2019. The website mentions that Birch Benders has frozen waffles which are good for you, and some Kellogs cereal has probiotics in it.

2 More Seaweed Snacks Are Coming

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Some people truly love seaweed snacks since they're crunchy and salty (the rest of us aren't so sure about this). Well, the naysayers might have to jump on board because, according to Delish.com, we'll see more seaweed snacks in 2019. These include puffed water lily seeds, jerky made from kelp, and salmon skins.

Do we have mixed feelings about this? We might since, come on, these don't sound super appetizing. But, hey, everyone has been wrong before (we didn't think for one second that pizza and rice could be made from a vegetable and now here we are, loving it).

1 Shelf-Stable Products That Are Good For You


Supermarket News also predicts that shelf-stable products that are actually good for you will keep growing in popularity. One product is the Perfect Bar which has protein and also legit, healthy ingredients.

We love this trend since there's nothing worse than being on the go all day long and running into a grocery store and realizing that you can't pick up any healthy food because you won't have access to a fridge or kitchen. This should solve that problem for sure.

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