How Foodies Feel About These 25 Divisive Foods Will Reveal If They're Picky Or Adventurous Eaters

Parents often lament that their children are picky eaters and say that they only like typical kid food like chicken fingers and ketchup. They want their kids to explore more exciting foods but, sadly, that doesn't work out all of the time.

The truth is that many picky eaters grow up and are still just as picky as they were when they were growing up. They still refuse to eat green vegetables (sometimes even all vegetables), they hate certain textures, and they have a list of things that they will never put on their dinner plate. Other people love food so much that they can't imagine being picky. No matter what they're being served, they will give it a try with a brave smile, and most of the time they love it and have discovered a new favorite food.

What kind of eater are you? Are you picky or do you go for more exciting flavors? It's definitely time to find out. There are many foods that appeal to some people and are the worst idea ever to others. It's super entertaining how differently people can feel about them. How you feel about these 25 divisive foods will reveal whether you are a picky or adventurous eater.

25 Mayo

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Picky eaters are totally grossed out by mayo. It's white, it's a weird texture and consistency, and it ruins anything that it touches.

Adventurous eaters, on the other hand, love mayo, especially when it's spicy or made with chipotle peppers. If you're trying to figure out what kind of eater you are, just think about mayo and you'll be able to tell right away. Hopefully, you're a fan of spicy mayo because it's honestly the best. Adventurous eaters know that spicy mayo makes burgers, sandwiches, and tacos that much better, and it can be added to literally anything to make it more delicious and interesting.

24 Red Onion

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Red onions are a tough one. For some people, they're an irritation for sure. They make salads too spicy and they don't belong anywhere else. For others, they make food much more interesting to eat.

How you feel about red onions is another way to tell how picky or brave you are when it comes to the foods that you're willing to eat. Chances are, picky eaters who say no way to red onions can't stand regular onions, either. (They're missing out since caramelized onions are the best things ever.)

23 Tomatoes

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Tomato fans think that it's pretty nuts to be so upset about them, but picky eaters can't stand tomatoes. They don't want ketchup on their fries, they don't really like pasta sauce, and they definitely don't want a sliced tomato on their sandwich.

Tomatoes seem so cute and innocent that it's amazing that they inspire such hatred in some people. Those people are picky eaters, and the rest of us are brave eaters. (Let's pat ourselves on the back and go eat some ketchup.... which is a great excuse to eat some fries.)

22 Turnips

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Root vegetables can be scary since they look so weird in the supermarket. Picky eaters would never want to eat turnips and would choose a plain old baked potato any day of the week.

If you love turnips, then you know that they are delicious and have a really nice flavor. You think that all of those picky eaters are missing out, and you're much more adventurous than them. You will pretty much try any vegetable because you know that some of them are truly amazing.

21 Fish

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How you feel about fish will definitely tell you what kind of foodie you are. Do you love it? Do you think that shrimp, salmon, and any kind of whitefish is the best healthy dinner ever? Then you're absolutely an adventurous eater. People who love food and want to keep trying new things would never turn down the chance to try a dish that has fish in it.

People who avoid fish are in the picky eater category for sure. It's too, well, fishy for them and they can't see a different way to think about it.

20 Hot Sauce

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Would a picky eater even dare to try hot sauce? That would be a no. Spicy food is too much for picky eaters to handle and will never be something that they will choose.

When you're a foodie who loves going on food adventures, you love hot sauce. You're pretty crazy about it, actually. You probably have your favorite brand and your favorite flavor (jalapeno vs. chipotle, etc.) and can't imagine not having hot sauce to pour on anything that you're eating. In your opinion, everything from scrambled eggs to salmon is made better with some hot sauce.

19 Cauliflower

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Cauliflower is another divisive food, even though it has become very popular over the past few years. Even though it can make a great pizza crust, there are still people who refuse to eat this white vegetable.

People who think that it's too bland are picky eaters, and people who like it and are willing to try it any which way are adventurous. It's really pretty simple. If you're adventurous, then you know the sweet glory of roasted cauliflower, and you know that cauliflower rice is actually good.

18 Pickles

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Some people think that pickles are just plain gross. They are too slimy, too salty, and just too much in general.

When you want to know what kind of foodie you are, look no further than pickles. Whether the sweeter bread and butter kind or the more savory, saltier dill pickle kind, you probably have an opinion. If you love pickles, you're anything but picky, and you probably love all kinds of super salty food. You're up for anything in the salty category.

17 Eggplant

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Eggplant is divisive as terms as vegetables go. People who don't like it think that it's too mushy when cooked and don't really see a reason to eat it.

The rest of us don't mind it at all and don't see the hate for it. Eggplant parm is amazing, for one thing, and you can add eggplant to curries and all kinds of dishes. You can be sure that you're more adventurous than picky when it comes to food when you can look at eggplant in the grocery store and think, "That is going to make lots of delicious meals."

16 Meatloaf

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People really have mixed opinions about meatloaf. Some people absolutely loathe it and can't believe that their moms made it when they were growing up. Others love it and realize that it can actually be good if you figure out a great recipe.

Where do you stand when it comes to meatloaf? If you don't love it but don't hate it, you might be up for trying it, which still makes you a fairly adventurous foodie. When you're an adventurous foodie, you know that you won't love everything that you try, but you still want to excite your palate and try new foods.

15 Coconut

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Coconut is definitely a divisive food. That's because it has such a strong, intense flavor. To some, it's just plain bad. It's not good in desserts and even curries made with coconut milk is too much. Those people are called picky eaters for sure. Picky eaters can't get down with coconut.

People who love coconut like to live (and eat) on the wild side. They are way more adventurous and brave, and they love anything that has coconut, including chocolate desserts.

14 Beets

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For some people, beets are dirty. Literally. They taste like dirt, or so the picky eaters say. They will never eat them, even if they are roasted and, therefore, super sweet and actually amazing.

Anyone who will eat beets with a smile on their face is an adventurous eater. If you ever want to find out how picky or adventurous your partner or friend or sibling is, just ask them if they like beets. You will find the answer out ASAP.

13 Peas

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How do you feel about peas? They make for a truly nice soup in the springtime, especially with some bacon, and they're really good as a mushy side dish for a pub meal.

People who can't deal with peas are in the picky eater category. Even if you don't adore peas and don't really seek them out, if you can say that you won't run screaming in the other direction when you see them in your meal, then you're more adventurous than picky. Good to know, right?

12 Raisins

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Whether or not you like raisins in your baked goods (and banana bread in particular) is a super important question. And whether or not you like raisins can tell you how picky or brave you are when it comes to the food that you're willing to eat.

Do you love raisins? Then you're adventurous for sure. You don't complain when you're faced with oatmeal cookies or banana bread with raisins in them, and you wouldnt' say no to eating some raisins as a snack. You know that they're sweet and delicious and nothing to be afraid of.

11 Mushrooms

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Just like cooked carrots gross some people out, picky eaters will always hate mushrooms. Even if mushrooms are in chili, pasta sauce, or pizza, they will still say "no way" and they won't want to eat them.

You're more of an adventurous eater if you're cool with mushrooms and will accept them no matter what meal they're a part of. You also know that sauteed mushrooms are amazing, especially if butter and garlic are involved. You don't really get how people can hate on mushrooms so much, but hey, more for you.

10 Olives

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How you feel about olives will tell you everything that you need to know about yourself.

Picky eaters can't even be in the same room as olives. They are salty and strong and they don't think that olives are ever necessary. The rest of us are more adventurous eaters and we love olives. Green, black, cheese-filled, spiked with red pepper flakes -- give us all the olives. We love them on pizza, nachos, and as part of a charcuterie board.

Instead of getting into a fight with our olive-hating partner or friend, let's just agree to disagree. And remember that if someone is a picky eater, it just means more food for us. Problem solved.

9 Cilantro

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Oh man, is cilantro ever a big deal in the foodie world. You love it. You hate it. You can't possibly think anything else about it.

For picky eaters, cilantro is the worst. It tastes just like soap and can ruin anything that it goes near. If cilantro is on tacos or fish or roasted vegetables, a picky eater will run in the other direction. Adventurous eaters, on the other hand, can't get enough of cilantro. You want it to be added to anything that you can think of, especially guacamole.

8 Cooked Carrots

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Some people absolutely hate cooked carrots and will refuse to eat them. These are definitely the kind of people who were served a beef stew or something like that as a child and they would sit there, picking out every single mushroom. Even if the veggie was super tiny and hard to spot, they were like mini detectives and would always find them.

Cooked carrots can make you a picky eater or the total opposite. If you love them, then you know how amazing roasting carrots can be, and you feel excited about exploring the world of vegetables.

7 Brussels Sprouts

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Are you a Brussel Sprouts fan? Do you love them cooked in butter and bacon (the answer should always be yes)? Do you think that they are great shredded and in a salad?

You're the opposite of picky if this is the case since picky eaters would never go for this green vegetable. They remember being forced to eat Brussel Sprouts as children and they have the worst memories ever associated with these strongly flavored, bitter vegetables. That's okay because the rest of us are braver than that and know that Brussel Sprouts are actually awesome.

6 Honeydew Melon

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Honeydew melon gets a lot of flak. What did the melon ever do to people? It's often super innocent and unassuming, served as part of a larger fruit platter. Sure, it's not always sweet and in season, which means that sometimes it has a dull taste (or no taste at all).

Picky eaters who shun lots of fruits and vegetables also steer clear of this type of melon. The rest of us are more adventurous than that. Even though we get that not all Honeydew Melon will be epic, we're always willing to try it. We want to be pleasantly surprised. (As they say on Seinfeld, fruit is a gamble, and us brave foodies remember that always.)

5 Blue Cheese

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Blue cheese will also help you decide if you're picky or not. Picky eaters will definitely think that blue cheese is disgusting and has way too strong of a flavor. Picky eaters would always choose plain cheese instead.

Do you love blue cheese? Do you think that it's one of the most delicious things ever? Do you always add some when you're creating a cheese board? If you answered yes to these very important questions, then congrats. You are a foodie who loves adventure.

4 Calamari


Whether fried or grilled, calamari is one of the most delicious foods ever. The fried version is served with a squeeze of lemon and maybe some dipping sauce, and while it's not that great at pubs, it's amazing in restaurants that specialize in this cuisine. Grilled calamari can be tough to cook since it can be too spongy but when done right, it's amazing.

Picky eaters would never touch calamari. Of course not. It would be enough to freak them out. The rest of us are much braver and we love it.

3 Broccoli


As far as vegetables go, broccoli is pretty divisive. Those who love it like to roast it, maybe with some garlic and lemon, maybe with some spices. They think that it's always a perfect side dish, whether you're making salmon or chicken.

Other people are pickier and think that any green vegetable is basically the grossest thing ever. These are the people who can't even add cheese to broccoli and say that it's good. They hate it and that's all that there is to it. They are the opposite of brave when it comes to what they will eat.

2 Anchovies

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When it comes to anchovies, only adventurous eaters may apply. Everyone else is way too picky for these salty fishes.

It's actually kind of hilarious to imagine telling your picky eater friend or partner that they should give anchovies a try. They will absolutely make a grossed out face and refuse, and there's going to be no convincing them that anchovies are delicious. They will never, ever believe you, and this is just going to be something that you two will have to disagree about.

1 Green Peppers

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While most people would agree that red, orange, and yellow peppers are sweet and delicious, not everyone is on board with green peppers. In fact, many picky eaters would never eat them.

People who hate green peppers never want to see them in any recipe, from chili to tacos to pizza. Do you love green peppers (or even tolerate them)? You can be confident that you're more of an adventurous eater than a picky one. You also know that pizza is the best when it has pepperoni, mushrooms, and green peppers on it.

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