12 Foods From The '90s We Can’t Believe Are Still Available (And 8 That Left Without A Trace)

“Hasta La Vista, Baby."

"Life is Like a Box of Chocolates; You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get."

"To Infinity... And Beyond!"

Excuse us for walking down memory lane with the quotes above. Those are some of the most iconic movie quotes from the '90s, and we’re only scratching the surface. The era is praised for its innovativeness, and even to this day, we can’t help but to turn back the clock and reminisce about some of the greatest things that came out of the decade.

For those that enjoyed the '90s and love to look back, you came to the right place. In this article, we’ll include some of the more fascinating foods from the '90s. We’ll split these products into two. We’ll feature 12 items that continue to trend well into the 2000s such as Pop Rocks and Oreo O's cereal. On the flip side, we’ll also take a look at '90s products that quietly went away without anyone realizing. Some consumers took the decision so bad that they started petitions and Twitter trends to revive the products. In one case, as you’ll see in the article, Walmart obliged bringing the snack back into their stores under a different name. To their credit, they flew off the shelves.

From Sunny Delight to WarHeads Sour Candy, let’s take a look at 12 foods we can’t believe are still available and 8 that left without a trace. Enjoy the article, and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!

20 Still Available - Pop Rocks

via Huff Post

Pop Rocks actually was officially invented in the late '70s and was eventually released in the '80s. It wasn’t successful then, but it would all change in the '90s thanks to clever marketing.

It turned into the candy parents hated but were forced into buying. One might assume this was only a limited-time trend given the type of market, though in truth, it can still be purchased today via the likes of Amazon. In addition, Pop Rocks sells via their very own website, selling different original and new flavors.

19 Still Available - Fun Dip

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Speaking of candies parents didn’t like, Fun Dip was on the same wavelength as Pop Rocks. This candy was so high in sugar. Basically, you were dipping an eatable candy stick into a pool of flavored sugar.

After it was bought by Nestle in the late '80s, the candy enjoyed a massive boom during the '90s. Fun Dip created various flavors including cherry, grape, apple, sour lemonade, and sour apple. Fun Dip can easily be purchased today off the likes of Amazon and Old Time Candy.

18 Left Without A Trace - Sunny Delight (The Original Format)

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Back in the late '90s, Sunny Delight started trampling over the competition. It became common ground for kids to bring the beverage for lunch. Why wouldn’t they? The company claimed that it had numerous health benefits, and let’s face it—the drink tasted so great.

That type of marketing eventually caught up to the company. Given their false claims, Sunny D was forced to change the formula in order for it to actually taste healthy. It hurt the overall taste, and the sales also fell apart in the early 2000s. It can still be found today; however, the original format is long gone, never to return.

17 Still Available - Lunchables

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Oh yes, Lunchables still exist today. In fact, this lunch pack can easily be purchased via the likes of Walmart or online via Amazon.

Lunchables began in the late '80s, and by the '90s, they were booming with so many different pack themes. All of a sudden, it was more than just crackers; customers were also creating their own pizzas and subs with the meal. Although it all sounded so great back then, just watch some YouTube videos of adults trying them today—let’s just say our palate is a little more refined today compared to back in the '90s!

16 Left Without A Trace - Squeeze-It

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Squeeze-It succeeded for a brief amount of time thanks to clever marketing and a clear-cut demographic: the younger folks. The bottle looked kind of cheapish, and the goal of the product was to squeeze the beverage out. It came in lots of different flavors. However, in the end, the market subsided, and it was history as of 2001.

The UK has a similar product, Twist N Squeeze. However, as for the US, the closest you’ll come to this product is by visiting YouTube and watching some of the funny ad campaigns from back in the day.

15 Still Available - Bagel Bites

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Currently owned by Heinz, Bagel Bites were a genius idea, and that holds true to this very day. They enjoyed a boom during the '90s, and wisely, they ran campaigns during children's shows. This led to a massive spike in sales. As their jingle indicates, the bagel bites can be consumed in the evening, the morning, or midday!

If you’re craving some pizza bagels, don’t be alarmed; they can be purchased at just about any popular retailer like Walmart, for example. We don’t expect this Bagel Bite trend to go away—not anytime soon at least.

14 Left Without A Trace - Dunkaroos

via Daily Mail

The height of its popularity was back in 1996. Almost two decades later, the product was finally discontinued in the US. Thanks to a trend on Twitter, some tried to bring the product back. However, General Mills issued a statement that this wouldn't be the case.

Walmart wouldn’t let the issue rest, though. According to Delish, they created their own version of Dunkaroos that literally flew of shelves. Now, it isn’t exactly the '90s treat, but it looks and tastes pretty darn similar.

13 Still Available - Yoplait Go-Gurt

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The intent behind Go-Gurt was to make a yogurt alternative suitable for children. We can say that it caught on rather quickly; in 1998, the product was licensed by General Mills.

More than a decade later, it continues to enjoy great success, even partnering up with McDonald’s in 2014 as a side alternative in the Happy Meal. Like Bagel Bites, this product is so easy to find whether it be online via Amazon or through the likes of giant retailers such as Walmart.

12 Left Without A Trace - WWF Ice Cream Bars

via Nostalgia King

Back in the late '80s and into the '90s, pro wrestling enjoyed a massive boom. All of a sudden, wrestling-related merchandise was flying off the shelves, and that included wrestling-related ice cream bars.

They were a big hit back in the day, so much so that Matt Stymacks decided to start a petition online via Change.org to bring back the ice cream bars. His goal is to reach 2,500 signatures. He’s almost at that goal with 1,923 people signing the petition. If you miss this product, sign the petition!

11 Still Available - WarHeads Sour Candy

via Twitter

In 1999, WarHeads was worth $40 million, if you can believe. Now, it isn’t as popular of a trend compared to what it was in the '90s; however, don’t kid yourselves—there’s still a large market for WarHeads and their various flavors.

The irony here is that everyone seems to enjoy them. Just give YouTube a visit, and you’ll see kids, teens, and adults not only trying them but even reviewing the various different flavors. Amazon, Walmart, and the WarHeads website are just a couple of places one can easily find this product.

10 Still Available - Oreo O’s Cereal

via Junk Banter

Search “Oreo O’s Cereal,” and the first thing that comes up via Google is “Do they still make Oreo O’s cereal?” The answer is yes; however, nowadays, it's referred to as "Extreme Creme Taste Oreo O’s."

Despite the name change, it still has that wonderful taste we remember from back in the day. Walmart has plenty of stock available in the US, and a box can be yours at the cheap price of $3.98. Close your eyes, add some milk to the bowl, and it’ll be like you’re back in the '90s—just make sure to play some Backstreet Boys in the background.

9 Left Without A Trace - Gator Gum

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Produced by the Fleer Corporation, Gatorade looked to expand its empire with the production of Gator Gum. It actually spanned through the '70s, '80s, '90s, and 2000s, according to The Foods We Love Wikia.

The goal of the gum was to quench one’s thirst, basically what Gatorade does but in a gum format. Lemon-lime and orange were the preferred flavors. Despite the potential, it was discontinued due to a lack of interest from the consumer. Given the heavy competition in the gum part of the market, it isn’t hard to understand why it failed.

8 Still Available - Minute-Maid Juice Bars

via Chicnsawy Reviews

Who can forget those classic Minute-Maid juice bars that grew in popularity back in the early '90s? To Minute Maid’s credit, the product still exists today with a variety of different flavors including orange, grape, and everyone’s favorite, cherry.

Not only is it available via the likes of Amazon, but even large retailers like Walmart still carry the product after all these years. To their credit, the brand has pivoted with the market, using a healthier formula today compared to one from back in the day.

7 Still Available - Fruit Roll-Ups

via Broke and Cooking

The fruit snack was first introduced to the US during the early portion of the '80s. Once General Mills took over, Fruit Roll-Ups underwent a massive boom. Before they knew it, Fruit Roll-Ups became a common lunchtime item for the youth during the '90s.

It still exists today, and it can be found just about anywhere, whether it be in a large format at Costco or at a local Walmart. This can also be a fun DIY project with some recipes available online.

6 Left Without a Trace - Dessert Lunchables

via Amazon.com

It isn’t hard to find Lunchables consisting of crackers and ham or pizza toppings. However, what might be a lot harder to find is the Dessert Lunchables. We’re not talking about that Oreo cookie that was included as a dessert; we’re talking about the entire Lunchables meal devoted to the dessert.

This can’t be found via the likes of Amazon or Walmart. Perhaps nowadays, there just isn’t a market for it, especially given the various sweet alternatives that exist. At the very least, the original Lunchables still exist.

5 Still Available - Planters Cheez Balls

via Joly Gram

According to Foods We Love Wiki, this product made its debut in the '80s, and it would enjoy success in the '90s. Given the competitive space in the chip industry, most would understand if this product were to leave without a trace. However, years and years later, it continues to last and stand the test of time.

It can be purchased at just about any retailer, including giants such as Costco, Walmart, and Amazon. The puffed cheese balls must be really tasty, given their longevity spanning from the early '80s.

4 Left Without A Trace (Kind Of) - Push Pop

via Wikipedia

Unlike the others that left with a trace, Push Pop can still be found, but it’ll take some serious devotion from the customer. Only a few online retailers still carry them, and finding it at an actual store is pretty rare and near impossible. Nonetheless, although it generally left without a trace, hardcore fans can still track it down.

Debuting in 1986, this product became a juggernaut thanks to its taste and various types of flavors. Who can forget the Triple Push Pop which came with three different flavors?

3 Still Available - Pizza Pockets

via Wordpress

Especially for those in Canada, it's common knowledge that Pizza Pockets were a thing back in the '90s, thanks to McCain. The greatest part about it aside from the taste was how easy it was to make. Just a couple of minutes in the microwave, and it was ready to serve. However, Pizza Pocket enthusiasts are well aware that putting them in the oven was that much better!

It can be easily purchased in Canada at any food retailer. It can also be a fun way to spend a Sunday: creating your own Pizza Pocket snack from scratch. Various recipes are available online to duplicate this '90s product.

2 Left Without A Trace - 3D Doritos

via Reddit

Fans demanded a return of the popular 3D Doritos, and that wish was granted, but sadly, that was only for a limited time.

The Dinosaur Dracula Blog made the claim that the item still exists today. However, don’t get too excited—the only place it can be purchased is over in Mexico. As of 2016, the chips were a big hit overseas, though they haven’t returned just yet in either the US or Canada. Maybe they’ll return at some point—this time as something more than a two-month shelf filler.

1 Still Available- Rice Krispies Squares

via Walmart Canada

It began as a fun DIY project. However, once it became a staple in various homes, Kellogg’s decided to turn it into an actual snack juggernaut, one that eventually dominated the '90s.

It made it to market in 1995, and to this very day, it remains a sought-after snack item that's suitable for lunch or any time of the day. This product can be found anywhere whether it be gas stations, Walmarts, or Costco locations. The '90s remain alive and well!

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