10 Foods That Are Better Covered In Chocolate (And 10 That Are Worse)

Chocolate. That's all we need to say to get your attention, isn't it? After all, what's better than chocolate? Even when you have a good meal, complete with a perfectly cooked steak and delicious sides, you still look forward to what's coming after: a dessert made with chocolate! There are so many great things you can do with chocolate. You can eat it on its own, which is always really great, but you can also melt it down and use it to coat other foods. It pretty much makes any food better just by virtue of being there, and it doesn't get greedy either. Chocolate knows when to let the other flavors shine, which is what makes it such a perfect food.

However, there are some foods that chocolate cannot improve and actually makes them worse when they come together. It's not chocolate's fault, and it's not the other food's fault either. It's just that sometimes, foods don't want to hang out together, and that's okay! Chocolate should never be used to force another food to try and taste good. It just doesn't work at all, and both foods end up worse for wear because of it. The best thing to learn about chocolate is that it cannot always make something better, no matter how delicious, sweet, and rich it is. Sure, there are people out there who'll try to impress their friends by covering an unconventional food in chocolate, but trust us—it's just going to end up making their friends confused and angry. These are 10 foods that are better with chocolate and ten that should just stay away from chocolate altogether.


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Could there be any better chocolate-covered nut than the humble almond? This delicious snack, which usually incorporates a healthy, thick shell of chocolate around the almond, is the perfect snack for just about any occasion. In fact, one of the most beautiful sights in the world, right up there with sunsets and rainbows, is that giant tub of chocolate-covered almonds in the bulk food store. Chocolate-covered almonds are pretty much a guaranteed crowd pleaser. There's just something magical about the way the smoothness of the chocolate is perfectly complemented by the crunchiness of the almond. Even people who don't like nuts in their chocolate can't deny that chocolate-covered almonds are pretty great.


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Oranges, clementines, grapefruit, and tangerines are all great to eat on their own. The bright citrus flavors and the juicy bite of their segments make them a perfect, healthy snack for any time of day. However, you dip those segments in chocolate, and everything just gets a lot worse. There's nothing wrong with citrus-flavored chocolate (as anyone who's enjoyed a chocolate orange can attest), but dipping actual citrus segments in chocolate kind of ruins the bright, energizing flavor of the fruit by making them overly sweet. An orange segment already has a perfect blend of acidity and sweetness. There's no need to throw off that balance.


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If there's one fruit that truly deserves to be dipped in chocolate, it's the humble strawberry. This chocolate-covered berry can be given as a simple gift, or it can be used in a more romantic setting. The thin chocolate shell, which can also have some great swirly designs made with white and milk chocolate, perfectly complements the juicy sweetness of the berries. If you put these out at a party, they'll be an instant hit and make for a nice, light dessert. Just be careful when transporting these, as the chocolate can sometimes be a bit delicate, and can crack and fall off of the berries. At least you'd still get to eat chocolate and strawberries, though!


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There's no reason that a bacon rose needs to be dipped in chocolate. It's honestly just insulting to both the bacon and the chocolate to assume that they need each other to taste better. Bacon can play well with sweet flavors, but it's not exactly great when you mix it with chocolate. The salty, smoky, and savory flavor of bacon can be somewhat overtaken by the flat-out sweetness of the chocolate. Also, coating bacon in chocolate eliminates one of its more enticing aspects, that being its crispiness. This is just a complete disaster and shouldn't ever be given to someone in place of a real rose.


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There's nothing quite as good at satisfying a snack craving than a good old plate of peanut butter crackers. Whether it's smooth peanut butter on saltines or maybe crunchy peanut butter on Ritz crackers, there's only one thing that could make them even better: being dipped in chocolate. This is the kind of snack that only gets more delicious when the salty, savory flavors of the peanut butter and crackers are allowed to interact with the sweetness of milk chocolate. What also makes this chocolate-covered snack better than most is the blend of textures. The crispiness of the crackers, the richness of the peanut butter, and the creaminess of the chocolate all come together to make something really great.


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Sweet potato chips are like the red-headed stepchild of potato chips. They're not exactly the worst thing in the world, but whenever you're eating them, there's a moment where you think you'd rather have some actual potato chips. Besides, despite the fact they're often marketed as being healthier, they're not any better for you. Dipping them in chocolate is just a pale imitation of the more flavorful and fun chocolate-covered potato chip. Besides, the combination of sweet potato and sweet chocolate doesn't exactly provide enough flavor contrast to make the combination interesting at all. This isn't the worst chocolate-covered food, but it's far from being the best.


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Sure, there are plenty of people out there who'll never be convinced that raisins are any good, and we're just going to go ahead and say that those people are wrong. Raisins are delicious when thrown into a bowl of bran flakes or baked into an oatmeal cookie (we definitely lost some of you with that claim), but they're even better when they're coated in a generous layer of chocolate. The smooth, creaminess of milk chocolate finds its way into every nook and cranny of the raisin until the chocolate and the raisin are completely inseparable. The raisins offer a nice, chewy texture that plays well with the melting chocolate. There's a reason Raisinets remain one of the most popular movie snacks.


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Okay, this is just ridiculous. Who would even think of covering edamame in chocolate? Isn't the whole point of edamame that it's something you eat before a big meal? What exactly is the point of coving these little beans in chocolate? There can't be that many people out there who'd actually enjoy eating these as a snack, right? And yet, you can buy these things at Trader Joe's. Beyond being unappetizing, these just seem pretentious, like something that hippie parents would put in their kids' lunches or that hipsters would put out at a party as a snack. Well, the rest of us will just say "no thanks."


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As the Bluth Banana Stand proved on Arrested Development, there's always money in chocolate-covered bananas, especially if they're frozen first. Bananas and chocolate play very well together, and that could be due to the more subtle sweetness and soft texture that a banana has, which both contrasts and complements the thin chocolate coating, which can also be adorned with nuts, sprinkles, or any other sort of candy. Chocolate bananas are delicious, and on top of that, they're also really easy to make. Plus, you eat them off of a stick, and that's something that always makes food more fun.


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Is there a snack that's more boring and unimpressive than dried apricots? They trick you into thinking they're going to be really sweet and delicious by looking at least a little bit similar to fuzzy peaches, but when you bite into one, all you get is a chewy, flat, disappointing snack that's not nearly as sweet as you thought it was going to be. You might think that the situation could be improved by covering them in chocolate, but all that's going to do is waste chocolate since no one's going to want to eat these things anyway.


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We're not sure if chocolate-covered pretzels kicked off the whole trend of blending sweet and salty flavors, but it was definitely a big factor in showing people that the opposing flavors could actually work very well together. Chocolate-covered pretzels are practically perfect in every way. They combine smooth, creamy chocolate with the crunch of pretzels, and all of the flavors, including the savory and salty notes from the pretzel and the sweetness of the chocolate, all play very well together. The only way to make this almost perfect snack better is to dip them in some peanut butter!


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If we're all being completely honest, then we have to admit that we don't eat fortune cookies for the cookies themselves. They're sweet and crunchy, yes, but they're not a great cookie on their own. The appeal is reading the message that's hiding inside (and adding the words "in bed" at the end if you're feeling a bit cheeky), not eating the cookie itself, which actually seems like a bit of an afterthought when it comes right down to it. So, it just seems like dipping a fortune cookie in chocolate is wholly unnecessary. The chocolate isn't going to make anyone more excited. Plus, it might make it more difficult to hide the fortunes inside.


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Fruit and chocolate generally go well together, but it has to be the right kind of fruit. Obviously, the king of chocolate fruit combinations is the cherry, which has always been used in chocolate confectionery, often being referred to as cherry cordials. These candies are incredibly popular and blend the rich sweetness of chocolate with the brighter sweet flavor of cherries. There's a reason why the chocolate-covered cherry is still included in almost every box of chocolates: it's the one that everyone wants. Sure, some people just go for the solid chocolate piece, but they're really missing out on something special by passing up on the chocolate-covered cherry.


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Okay, this just seems mean. People shouldn't be trying to eat chocolate-covered chili peppers. For one thing, chocolate and chili shouldn't be served in this form. Chocolate can be complemented well by a slight hint of spice, but it has to be very subtle. Second, anyone biting into these is going to be in for a surprise when they realize that after the chocolate has melted away, they're just left with the intense heat of an unfiltered chili pepper. This is more like something you'd give to your enemies than anything if only to see the looks on their faces as they try to deal with the intense heat.


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Who would ever say no to chocolate-covered cheesecake? Not many people, which is why it's even one of White Castle's signature desserts. Now, you could take an actual slice of cheesecake, cover it in chocolate, and sever it on a plate, but anyone who knows their chocolate-covered desserts knows you can do better than that. Most of the time, chocolate-covered cheesecake is put on a stick and then dipped in chocolate. As we mentioned before, anything served on a stick is automatically more fun to eat. This may seem rich to some people, considering how sweet cheesecake can be already, but this is really a great dessert.


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Apple chips can be a decently satisfying snack on their own, but we have to say that covering them in chocolate is wholly unnecessary. The problem arises from the fact that apple chips have a very subtle flavor and a texture that most likely wouldn't hold up to being covered in chocolate. Now, if you wanted to dip apple chips in caramel, that would make more sense, as those flavors have always worked well together. Chocolate, though? We don't think that would work that well at all, to be honest. If you have a craving for both apple chips and chocolate, it's probably better to go ahead and enjoy them separately.


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Just like chocolate-covered pretzels, chocolate-covered potato chips deliver on the combination of sweet and salty that is somehow more delicious than the sum of its parts. However, chocolate-covered pretzels were accepted pretty quickly as a great snack, while chocolate-covered potato chips faced a bit of skepticism when they first started being introduced. To be fair, it does seem like a flavor combination that shouldn't work, but as people have discovered, it really does. However, you can't really eat a lot of these, as they can be a little much. It might be difficult, but you have to limit yourself when it comes to this delicious snack.


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Chocolate and gummy bears need to be kept separate. They're both great in their own ways, but when mixed together, it kind of just ruins both candies. See, chocolate is great when it brings out and enhances the flavors of whatever it's covering. Gummy bears are bright, chewy, and fruity. However, when they're coated in chocolate, their texture and flavor get lost in the mix, making it completely pointless to even mix the two together, as you may as well just be eating one or the other. It may seem like a fun idea to coat gummy bears in chocolate for a fun snack, but overall, it's a waste of time that accomplishes nothing.


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There aren't that many ways to make an Oreo better, but covering it in chocolate is pretty much perfect. These chocolate and cream cookies are practically begging for a chocolate coating to make them even more delicious than usual. Sure, it might seem like a lot of chocolate, but in reality, the different textures and flavor of the cookie and chocolate coating would ensure that the flavors don't get lost in one another. Plus, there's always the cream filling, which would help to break up the chocolate flavor just enough. If you have these with a glass of milk, take a bite out of them first, so the milk can get inside and saturate the cookie.


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Oh, come on! This is just the worst idea ever when it comes to covering food in chocolate. Look, pickles are great and are awesome when you put them on a burger, but they should never, under any circumstances, be used in a dessert, especially when that dessert involves chocolate in any way. Sure, we've said that blending chocolate with salty foods can help to bring out both flavors, but this is going way too far with that notion. Besides, pickles are briny, which is a different flavor profile from just being salty. This is a non-starter, although this could be a great dessert to bring out if you want people to leave your house after the party's over.

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