15 Foods To Eat The Morning After A Night Out (And 10 To Avoid)

A fun night out shouldn't mean a horrible morning and day afterward, but unfortunately, sometimes, that's the case. It can be hard to think ahead to the day after when we're in the moment and having fun while out with friends, but many of us have been sharply reminded of our choices the night before by waking up with a severe headache, nausea, a lack of energy, and an overall general feeling of regret.

In those moments, we want to find something, anything, that will make us feel better and help us get on with our day as best as we can manage. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths about the kind of foods and drinks we should be consuming the morning after a fun night out to help us feel like normal human beings again. Although our bodies are smart and know exactly what to do in order to keep us functioning smoothly, there are some well-known “remedies” that actually suggest foods and drinks that will ultimately make us feel worse and could even slow down the body’s natural healing process!

Although there are certain things we can consume before heading off to party that'll prevent any pain in the morning, sometimes, it's not always possible to plan ahead, and it's worthwhile to be aware of some well-proven remedies—just in case.

The following list includes a few items that we should definitely make sure to keep nearby just in case we overdo the festivities the night before, and it also contains some items that'll not only not help; it might even make things worse!

25 Drink: Water

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Drinking enough water on a daily basis is very important to our health overall, but it's especially important when we're trying to recover after a fun night out. The night’s activities usually dehydrate our bodies, which is the main reason why we tend to feel so lethargic, and both our stomach and head can ache terribly. Drinking water before and during a fun night out is the best idea to try and prevent any aches the next day, but drinking water the morning after is the next best alternative.

24 Eat: Bananas

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One of the main reasons we tend to feel so nauseous and sluggish after a long night out is because our bodies are dehydrated, and we lose important electrolytes like sodium and potassium. One simple-to-eat and portable banana has a high amount of potassium and is made up of a high percentage of water, which addresses both reasons why we don't feel our best in the morning. Another important benefit of bananas is the natural sugar they contain, which can help balance our sugar levels and help us return to feeling normal.

23 Avoid: Orange Juice

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Although we might think of orange juice as a great, healthy alternative to many other morning breakfast drink choices, the morning after a night out might not be the best time to chug orange juice. Even though oranges are well known to pack a lot of Vitamin C, and the natural sugars and fluids can help you feel better, it's the acidic nature of oranges that can make you feel worse, as it can irritate your stomach, which is probably already not feeling too good.

22 Eat: Oatmeal

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Oatmeal, in general, is known as a great food to incorporate into our diets because they're so nutritionally dense without being a high-calorie food. In addition to being good for our bodies, there's something relaxing about sitting down and eating a warm bowl of oatmeal that fills you up for a long time after eating it. Oatmeal contains a lot of antioxidants, which help rid our bodies of anything that's not serving us and can also help raise blood sugar levels to give us a boost of energy.

21 Avoid: Coffee

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Since one of the most distinctive symptoms of a fun night out is a pounding headache, you'll definitely want to stay away from drinking cups of coffee. Although it can seem like a good idea to wake you up and clear the cobwebs from your head, drinking coffee can make your headache much worse, and since it's a diuretic, that means that it'll dehydrate you, which is the absolute last thing you need for your body when it's trying to recover.

20 Drink: Berry Juice

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The wide variety of berries in the world ensures that almost anyone can find a few that they like. Berries are well known to be packed with antioxidants that help us cleanse our bodies and prevent inflammation. Many of them are high in fiber and can help improve blood sugar levels. All of these are important benefits that are especially crucial to people who are having a rough morning. Since unbalanced blood sugar levels and dehydration are the main culprits in feeling poorly, berry juice is definitely recommended.

19 Avoid: Greasy Food

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Although it's definitely imperative to eat in the morning after a long night out, greasy foods are one myth that needs to be put to rest. Contrary to popular belief, greasy foods won't absorb anything once they've entered your system; in fact, they might impact your stomach negatively since they offer very little nutritional value but a lot of carbs, fat, and salt, which are bound to make your body feel heavy and make you head back to bed to try and sleep off the effects.

18 Drink: Pickle Juice

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Yes, pickle juice. Some people might not be particularly interested in this remedy because it can be quite aromatic and taste very sour, but pickle juice contains ingredients that can actually help your body get back into balance. Pickle juice contains vinegar, salt, and water, which are helpful in helping your body to replenish low electrolyte and sodium levels. Although the general advice is to drink pickle juice before or during a night out, the next best thing is taking a small shot of it the morning after.

17 Avoid: Sugary Food

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Sugar is a popular ingredient in many of the comfort foods that we may reach for when we're feeling especially bad, but it's something we should try to stay away from when we want to make our bodies feel good. Since a night out can affect our body’s blood sugar levels, adding more sugar to our body will make it even more unbalanced and have us feeling even more tired after the initial sugar rush wears off. Natural fruit sugars are a much better alternative to sugar-coated treats.

16 Eat: Chicken Noodle Soup

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A hot, steaming bowl of chicken noodle soup is not just perfect for days when you're feeling a bit under the weather because of the cold; it's also a great remedy to feeling better the morning after a night out and about. Because of the broth, it can help balance sodium and water levels in the body, which are most likely out of whack. Chicken also contains cysteine, which is helpful in protein synthesis, detoxification, and diverse metabolic functions that can help us rid our bodies of anything that's making us feel bad.

15 Avoid: Fries

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Fries have a lot of carbohydrates, calories, and fats, which are bad enough on a regular day, but because they're so small, it can also be difficult to keep track of how many we've consumed, and portion control becomes a bit more difficult, making it easy to overdo it. Even though fries will definitely fill you up quickly because of all the carbs, it won't take long for your most likely sensitive stomach to start protesting the dense but nutritionally empty food.

14 Eat: Eggs

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Similar to chicken, eggs are also rich in cysteine, which can help your body cure itself faster by providing a very important amino acid that can help detoxify the body faster. In addition to cysteine, eggs also contain a whole host of other essential vitamins, minerals, and high quality protein that'll help you feel full but not bloated and actually help your body’s energy levels rather than just weigh it down and make you feel more tired, which can happen if you just consume a lot of the high protein found in red meat.

13 Eat: Watermelon

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Dehydration is the main cause of feelings of nausea and dizziness and gives you a pounding headache and overall low energy in the early hours of the morning when we first wake up. This is why not only is it so important to drink water and other healthy liquids; it's also a good idea to make sure that the food we choose also has a high water content so that we can get multiple benefits in one bite. Watermelons are mostly made of water and also have natural sugars.

12 Avoid: Soda

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One of the best pieces of advice to feel better in general and especially after a night out is to drink liquids to avoid the pains that come from being dehydrated. Before you reach for a couple of sodas to appease your morning thirst, however, it's best to avoid the sugar-heavy sodas that'll most likely add unnecessary sugar and make your body work harder than it needs to in order to deal with the excess of sugar that most sodas come with.

11 Eat: Crackers

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Crackers may be plain and unexciting, but when you wake up in the morning with a terrible stomachache and even the sight or smell of food is too much to tolerate, they're ideal for an upset or sensitive stomach. Crackers are easy to eat and will help to settle an upset stomach, which can make a huge difference in overall mood and energy levels in the morning. Lightly salted varieties are usually recommended so that you can help raise low blood sugar levels and start to feel a bit more settled.

10 Avoid: Bacon

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Bacon has long been one of the most common and popular breakfast meats, and its popularity extends far beyond breakfast. Although it's definitely a good idea to get something to eat after a long night out so that you can fuel your body as it tries to recover, bacon isn't something you should be frying up. Bacon has a very high amount of saturated fats and salt content, and even though it might fill up your stomach temporarily, it offers little nutritional value to help you feel better long term.

9 Eat: Nuts

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Highly recommended as a healthy snack to incorporate into your daily diet, nuts come in a variety of different kinds, and they each offer a unique flavor. Nuts offer a variety of benefits such as being high in protein, vitamin E, and other important nutrients. Plain nuts are the healthier alternative to the ones heavily coated in sugar and salt and can usually be eaten without upsetting a sensitive stomach, although lightly salted nuts could also help in raising blood sugar levels that can contribute to overall energy level.

8 Eat: Salmon

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Many of us have heard about the numerous brain benefits of eating salmon since it's very high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are an important nutrient for a healthy, well-functioning brain. However, eating salmon won't just make you smarter; it can also be an option when you're not feeling your best after a night out. In addition to containing high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, salmon also contains a lot of B-complex vitamins that can help us feel more energized and grounded.

7 Drink: Ginger Tea

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Teas can come in endless flavors and varieties, and one small cup is usually loaded with a number of surprising benefits. Although most teas will help induce a feeling of relaxation because it takes time to sip a hot cup of liquid, some teas are better than others for helping us recover from a long night on the town. Ginger tea is well known to be excellent at soothing an upset stomach, which is one of the more noticeable symptoms we have to endure. And adding a bit of honey to sweeten the tea can also help to restore blood sugar levels.

6 Avoid: Grapefruits

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For much the same reason that oranges don't make a good morning-after snack, grapefruits are probably one of the few fruits that you should skip in your quest to feel better again. Although grapefruits are a great fruit to incorporate into your regular diet because they contain a high amount of fiber and antioxidants that can prevent a lot of different conditions, they're also a sour citrus fruit, and the acid in them can irritate stomachs that are probably already feeling extra sensitive.

5 Eat: Asparagus

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Asparagus contains a number of amino acids and minerals that are good for our body no matter when we eat it but are especially helpful to alleviate some of the more unpleasant feelings on the morning after a night out. Because our liver is usually one of the main organs that take a hit after we've been partying, eating asparagus is a smart idea since it helps protects liver cells against toxins and boosts levels of key enzymes that can help your liver do its job more quickly.

4 Avoid: A Lot Of Meat

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Replenishing your body with both food and liquids the morning after is very important, especially because blood sugar levels can be low after a fun night out. Because stomachaches and headaches are common side effects, though, it's important to choose carefully so that we don't make any symptoms worse. Going overboard with the meat is definitely not a good idea even though it might be tasty at the moment. If you consume a large amount of protein and don’t balance it with carbs, it could make your body ache even more.

3 Eat: Spinach

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Spinach is a very well-known leafy, green vegetable that's highly recommended for regular consumption. It contains high levels of fiber, folic acid, sulfur, and vitamin C, the latter being a key ingredient in helping your liver detoxify your body so that you start to feel back to your normal self again quickly. Spinach is also rich in other vitamins and minerals like potassium and B-complex vitamins, which are usually at low levels after a night out and can contribute to feeling low energy.

2 Eat: Avocado

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As mentioned before, a night out can result in a morning of regrets that are primarily the cause of your body trying to get back in balance. Potassium levels are especially low and can contribute feelings of low energy and aches. Avocado has recently become a very popular food because it's so jam-packed with important vitamins and minerals, like potassium. The best part? The creamy texture of avocados can be incorporated into countless recipes, so you can feel better without sacrificing delicious taste!

1 Avoid: Fried Food

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Another type of food that's going to cause more trouble than anything else, fried foods are something else to avoid when trying to feel better in the morning. Although fried food is usually very tasty and can fill you up for a long time, nutritionally, it doesn't really offer anything that can help your body recover, and the high caloric and fat content can actually lead to making your stomach irritability a lot worse, which is probably one of the last things you want to happen.

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