D'Oh Canada: 20 Foods We Can’t Believe Tim Hortons Actually Served

“As the years changed, so did our slogan. In the '60s it was "Your friend along the way."

This tweet was issued out by the official Tim Hortons page. In reality, some might replace the friend part with enemy. Given the growing amount of Timmies locations, let’s just say keeping a proper standard hasn’t been the easiest. We’ll give them the pass, even giants like McDonald’s struggle with this issue. As they say, more money, more problems.

With more than 100,00 employees we can understand that problems can arise, it is only human nature. Nonetheless, the company has a revenue in the billions along with a near 5,000 locations. That’s not just in Canada, they also exist in the US, China, Spain, Mexico, Ireland and various other spots around the world.

The biggest reason as to why so many of us visit Timmies is the simplicity of the menu along with the dirt cheap price point. It’s basically like a homemade meal. Coffee, bagels, donuts and sandwiches are their best sellers. However, at times, the easy to make food item or beverage doesn’t meet the quality criteria.

Via sources like Twitter, we were able to find several examples of Timmies failing to hit the mark in terms quality. Making a mess of a grilled cheese and a cup of coffee is unacceptable. To their credit, they usually respond to complaints via Twitter. At the very least, they care, at least somewhat. Enjoy the article folks and remember, Timmies is still great most of the time!

21 The Not So Grilled Cheese

via Reddit

It is because of reasons like the grilled cheese as to why Tim Hortons became such a popular hot spot over in Canada. It is an easy to make comfort food, one most consumers enjoy.

Making the sandwich really doesn’t take a scientist. Usually, you butter up the breads, put cheese in the middle and grill it to perfection. For whatever reason, Timmies has a hard time with those directions. Some customers learned the cruel reality with a basic cheese sandwich in which the cheese isn’t even close to being melted.

20 A Soup-y Coffee

via Twitter

Over in Canada and parts of the US, a big reason to visit Tim Hortons is a fresh cup of coffee. It costs dirt cheap and let’s face it, for the most part, it tastes so darn good.

We say for the most part due to the example above. This person posted their displeasure with this coffee that kind of resembles a soup. Obviously, the employee put way too much cream turning it into one chunky cup of coffee. To Tim’s credit, they responded to the complaint via Twitter.

19 The Bagel From Hell

via Twitter

A bagel with cream cheese. Now that isn’t hard to master. Cut the bagel in between, toast it properly and slap some yummy cream cheese in the middle. Easy to make and it taste like magic, especially in the morning.

This thing isn’t anywhere near magic. First off, the employee cut it real bad and as if that wasn’t enough, it wasn't toasted anywhere near as to how it should of. The bagel is cracking all over the place, definitely not a great start to the morning for whom ever consumed this thing.

18 Two Pieces Of Salad...

via Twitter

Bill (the guy who posted this pic) really didn’t have to say much when he released a photo of this sandwich via Twitter. All he wrote was “Seriously.”

Once again, Tim Hortons took exception to the post and here’s what they had to say via this tweet;

“Hello, Bill. Please see the manager about this, we would appreciate the chance to make this right for you. Thanks.”

Unfortunately for Bill, he responded by saying that he did complain and nothing was done.

17 The Red Goopy Mess

via Twitter

We’re still trying to figure out what on earth this pastry is. Via Twitter, this un-amused customer took a photo of the oddly shape pastry. The photo was fueled by the fact that she was waiting over ten minutes for a simple order. Clearly, those working that day weren’t helping the Tim Hortons name.

Surprisingly, there only remains three of the weird looking desserts. As they say, maybe it is on the inside that counts? Nonetheless, that’s one bad looking outside – real bad.

16 The Smiling Cookie

via Twitter

We love the intent of this cookie but man did it ever get roasted online among the masses, especially via Twitter. Not only did the outside look real bad but the inside was just as underwhelming. Take this review from the Complaints Board as an example of just how bad it tasted:

“We purchased 2 smile cookies with other products from the 7195 Goreway Drive location. We have purchased these cookies from other locations before. It was about a week ago and we were disgusted in what we were served. The food colouring was so thick and tasted like plastic. It also stained our mouth and hands. I still have them with me. I would like somebody to come and see them personally and tell me what's wrong with them. I did takes pictures and included with this complaint.”

15 Hot Chocolate Fail

via Twitter

Here's another reason to visit Timmies: some yummy hot chocolate. Especially in the winter time, this beverage sells like hot cakes. Of course, this beverage is so easy to make, in fact anyone can easily make it at home.

One can imagine this person’s disappointment after having consumed this drink. The fact that they opened it up to check the bottom is enough indication as to how sweet this drink was. The evidence is all at the bottom with a massive amount of sugar just sitting there.

14 The Chocolate-less Donut

via Pinterest

Raise your hand if this happened to you before. You purchase a donut, the employee puts it in a bag. When it’s time to devour it, the donut frosting is almost all gone and stuck to the bag. Okay, hands down.

This is an unfortunate reality that many have to deal with and that’s especially true when it comes to Tim Hortons. On Twitter, we’ve seen so many posts as such with a basic naked donut featuring all the chocolate stuck inside the bag. Maybe don’t take it to go next time....

13 A Little Too Toasted

via Twitter

How can an employee look at this and say yup, it’s good to go. The bun is clearly burnt to a crisp. Surely, this happens a lot but most of the time, an employee throws it out and starts over, at least we hope.

In this case, perhaps because of a rush, the employee says why not serve it anyway. The evidence looks quite embarrassing to be honest, who in the right mind would actually want to take a bite out that?

12 The Cardboard Bagel

via Twitter

Another angry Twitter user. Maybe to speed things up, this employee cranked the heat of the toaster. We hope that’s the reason cause if not, how does a bagel become this bad looking? Another elementary food prep completely squandered by the restaurant.

The inside is burnt to a crisp while the outside is breaking looking like it was sitting there for days. This bagel belongs straight in the garbage. Given that there’s nothing on top, why wouldn’t they just re-toast a new one?

11 3/4’s Cold Coffee

via Twitter

“I would like one not so medium cold coffee please.” Perhaps if that was the case, then this coffee would have been passable. However, we doubt that took place. This person posts their cold coffee, which isn’t even close to being filled to the rim. Heck, you can argue that it reaches ¾’s!

If it was a large format, we might be able to comprehend but at that size, it needs to be filled to the rim. Perhaps McDonald’s or even Starbucks was a better idea for this beverage, sorry Timmies.

10 Bacon & Romaine Mess

via Twitter

I can admit to this myself, opening up a Tim Hortons sandwich isn’t always the prettiest visual. At times, ingredients are just thrown around and the portions are quite tame, putting it lightly.

Speaking of tame, how about this sandwich featuring a couple of strips of bacon along with a bad looking piece of romaine. At the very least, cut the brown part off! And hey, doesn’t a BLT include a tomato? This is a really bad look and one that could have gone the other way with at least a bit of effort.

9 The Smoked Egg Sandwich

via Yelp

The photo above resembles an egg plant more than an actual egg, that’s when you know Tim Hortons made a mess of this particular sandwich. The bread doesn’t even look toasted not to mention that the cheese just looks so bland, sitting there like it was just unwrapped and placed into the sandwich. Not ideal circumstances for a piece of cheese.

Arguably, burning an egg tastes worst than burning a toast or in this case, the bagel. This egg needed to be thrown away and replaced with a new one to begin with.

8 More Failed Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

via Reddit

Another grilled cheese mess. Let’s keep in mind that we’re only seeing examples from those that take a photo of it – just imagine how many others end up that way? Let’s hope not many, though that might be wishful thinking on our part.

This is another unacceptable grilled cheese example. Again, the cheese in nowhere near grilled, just sitting there completely cold like it came out of a high school cafeteria. The only problem, this isn’t a high school cafeteria and instead a Tim Hortons.

7 More Donut Mishaps

via Reddit

When a donut is that freshly made, it is not the best idea to put a sheet of paper over it. In that case, just place it on a napkin or tell the customer that the chocolate on top if freshly put on top. That’ll avoid this type of fiasco that the customer faced.

He took off the paper only to see the chocolate completely stuck on side, he’s left with a naked donut and a type of DIY project, having to put back the chocolate on top. Thankfully, he’s at the establishment so he can just get a new one.

6 Where’s The Chicken?

via Reddit

We checked just to make sure, no, Timmies doesn’t have a salad sandwich, though that’s what this person might have thought when he or she opened up their chicken salad sandwich. We can understand Timmies getting a little stingy but let’s get real here, that chicken probably contains five grams of protein!

That portion needs to be tripled and even that might be a little too tame. We hope this customer got his money back or at the very least, asked for a chicken refill.

5 Chocolate Toasted Coconut Donut

via MTL Blog

You might be looking at this donut and wondering what’s wrong with it? Visually, nothing is wrong and it actually looks pretty tasty. However, according to the MTL Blog, the inside just isn’t as appetizing as the outside.

According to the same source, biting into this donut can be a big mistake given the bad taste. It is considered one of the worst menu items and unsurprisingly it only appears sporadically on the menu. Although even sporadically might be a little much for some.

4 Large Coffee Not Properly Filled

via Twitter

You can tell just by grabbing a cup of coffee as to whether or not it is properly filled. In this case, the coffee isn’t filled properly and wisely, this Twitter user decided to open it up and make sure.

We can understand an expensive drink not being filled to the rim but something as easy coffee, the thing should be almost overflowing! Maybe that was the last of the prior batch but nonetheless, they should have taken that extra time and brewed more.


2 Crumbling Breakfast Sandwich

via Yelp

Starting the day of with Timmies isn’t the worst idea. The establishment has a lot of light options like this egg sandwich above. Other breakfast places can be far too filling, that’s what makes Timmies so great.

With that said, we do expect a certain standard even if it cost dirt cheap. The standard definitely isn’t met with this egg sandwich. We appreciate the size of the egg but the bread looks like it was already bitten into by someone else, maybe the employee.

1 The Plain Donut?

via Reddit

We close off with another donut that lost all of its appeal. We can hear Dunkin’ in the background saying, “hold my beer.” However, in truth, this likely happens to the best of the best, it just needs proper care more than anything else.

Sadly, most of the chocolate ends up on the paper and not even the napkin, had that been the case it could have been salvageable or even tissue paper for the matter. Nonetheless, this is another lost donut that looks anything but appetizing.

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