Fried Chicken Coated In Milo Powder - The Chocolate Energy Drink - Is Now A Thing You Can Buy

For the niche group that chooses Milo as a drink to accompany fried chicken, their dreams have come true, for you can now buy fried chicken coated in Milo powder. Originating from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the strange dish has gained popularity and is now available in Singapore as well. Perhaps there is something good about the seemingly odd combination.

Via: SETHLUI.com

Milo is a widely available powdered drink across Asia. It’s marketed as a chocolatey malt drink that gives you a boost of energy, so you don’t have to down a caffeinated beverage before doing sports. While there are versions targeted towards adults, Milo is known as a sports drink for kids because it’s jam-packed with vitamins and minerals. Fried chicken, however, is not the healthiest food on the planet. Adding Milo coating certainly does not balance out its nutritional value.

The dish was first served in a restaurant called Cheese Banjir in Malaysia, and the place is known for serving weird food combinations. The “Chicken Chop Milo Earthquake” consists of chicken fillets coated in batter, deep fried, then dipped in a bag of Milo powder. It’s served with sambal belachan (a spicy shrimp paste sauce), a Milo sauce, spaghetti, mashed potatoes, and salad. The Singaporean version is served at Flavour Flings Café, and it’s quite similar to its Malaysian cousin; this variation consists of fried popcorn chicken drizzled with condensed milk then dipped in Milo powder, and comes with dips like nacho cheese or sambal belachan. Both attempt to achieve the perfect strange blend of chocolate, salt, and oil.

It seems strange to even attempt to serve odd dishes like this one, but the restaurants are known for their creative food. This gives them a unique edge over their competitors, and the dishes serve as great promotion for them. Someone will see the Milo chicken on social media and wants to try it, and at the restaurant, they are exposed to the other dishes they serve that could spark more interest. Perhaps dipping fried chicken in Milo powder was more a genius idea than a crazy one.

Maybe we should congratulate the brave soul who first thought to dip their fried chicken in some chocolate malt powder and eat it. Their creativity could inspire others to also try seemingly strange combinations that would lead to a new food sensation. After all, someone decided to put pineapples on pizza, so maybe chocolate, malt, and fried chicken actually works.

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