Flavortown: Episodes Of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Ranked From 25th To Funkalicious

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is one of those foods shows that resonates because the places are closer to home. It’s great seeing someone explore international cuisine, but its even better knowing that delicious piece of steak you saw on tv belongs to a restaurant within driving distance of your home. With how many places Guy Fieri has been to it'd be incredible if there wasn’t at least one diner, drive-in or dive that you could sample what he reviewed on the show.

While the show has had many amazing dishes there were also some that made us raise our eyebrows or laugh out loud at the absurdity of it. Not saying we wouldn’t eat the entire thing in one sitting anyway, just saying some were a little off normal with their flavor combinations, presentation, or the fact someone thought it would make an appetizing looking dish.

In this article we’re breaking down the 25 most funkalicious episodes Of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and sharing their oddest moments in bite sized pieces. Whether it was because the restaurant itself was a little weird or because you wondered if the dish was watching Guy Fieri while he ate. These episodes were definitely memorable for their funky moments.

25 Turkey-Giving (S25 E11)

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Savory crepes are by no means a new thing, but it is hard to come by a crepe that manages to take a traditional sandwich and make it look better with a crepe. Yet Jammin’ Crepes in this episode managed to do that when they served Guy with a Jammin’ Turkey Club.

The Table Café also made this a unique episode in that not only does the restaurant serve amazing food, but it offers a pay-what-you-can option for its guests. Meaning some guests can pay the normal price while others might opt to help do dishes or take orders to pay for their meal.

24 East-West Flavorfest (S23 E13)


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Toki Underground sounds like a great nightclub, but in reality it’s a noodle shop that serves some mean ramen. In this episode Guy tried the Toki Classic Ramen and was impressed by the quantity and variety within the one bowl calling it a “seven-course meal sitting inside of a bowl”. He also like the vegetarian dumplings.

This episode also featured Mountain Shadows Restaurant that served massive cinnamon rolls that Guy described as “maple madness” along with sandwiches that loomed over the plate.

23 Pizza, Pork and Peru (S28 E8)

This episode showed us a cool pizza place called The Cosmos that delivered some far out pizzas in a fun and casual atmosphere. The owner Sam Short said a pizza place he ate at with his dad gave him the idea and he wanted a fun place where he could serve delicious pizzas.

Well if this episode is any indication he certainly nailed it. The Spaceball is a pizza topped with meatballs, mozzarella, ricotta, sweet onions, pepperoncini, on a red sauce made in a wood-fired oven. But if you’re not sure what to order the restaurant gives you the “Trust Us” option where they serve you whatever they feel like. This place definitely looks like it could be a lot of fun and very delicious.

22 International Intrigue (S28 E6)

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Thailand's cuisine got funky with this intriguing episode of Diner, Drive-ins and Dives. Guy visited a place in Dallas, Texas called Crushcraft Thai Street Eats that has taken the old and mixed it with the new. Chef Nuchjasem took the dishes and flavors from his childhood days in Bangkok and infused them with his own twists and tweaks to create spectacular dishes.

After eating the green curry, Guy said it was “one of the best curries I ever had.” The restaurant is also famous for its Drunken Noodles and green papaya salad.

21 East Coast, West Coast (S28 E12)

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This episode was interesting for its contrasting dishes and flavors. One restaurant, Calafia Café and Market A Go-Go is dedicated to providing farm-to-table meals with organic and locally obtained ingredients. Guy was impressed with the Calafia Citrus Carnitas and the Vegan gnocchi.

The other restaurant, Sweet n Savory Café wasn’t afraid to deliver hearty meals and sweet treats. They had everything from traditional foods like pot roast and chicken pot pie to the restaurant's signature creation the Mutha Heffer Sandwich, a delicious looking meatloaf sandwich. They also had waffles that came with sweet or savory ingredients that made the place live up to its name.

20 Italian, Hawaiian and Columbian (S28 E13)

This Diner, Drive-ins and Dives episode had some crazy cultural foods that looked incredible. The dish that stood out as the most funakalicious was the Ricotta Gnocchi from the Italian restaurant Pazzo in San Carlos California.

The reason this dish stood out was because of its unique twist on an Italian classic. The Ricotta Gnocchi is made with artichoke, lemon and mint that challenges the traditional savory and creamy standards of old Italy while still doing the gnocchi dish justice. Its not often that mint tastes good on pasta, in fact its hard to think of another dish that tries it, making the Ricotta Gnocchi a funky meal.

19 From Sandwiches to Stroganoff (S29 E7)

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Unlike some of the other items on this list, this is a funkalicious episode that showed us something amazing that we wouldn’t hesitate to try. At a restaurant called Fat Tummy’s in San Antonio Texas, Guy tucked into some empanadas that looked absolutely incredible.

The restaurant is owned by a couple from Argentina who used some traditional recipes and modern creativity to create massive empanadas filled with all kinds of things. Guy was moved by both the food and their story when he said, “You’re the example of the America Story.”

18 Fusion of Flavors (S28 E16)

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Some of the best foods are invented when two cultures are combined into one dish. Fusion of Flavors was an entire episode about this concept and demonstrated some unique and exciting meals. The Saucy Porka is an Asia/Latin-inspired restaurant that takes some amazing dishes and serves them in Latin fashion. The standout here was the Asia Style Paella with pork sausage, pork carnitas, edamame, combined to create a fusion of cultural flavor.

Also featured was Island Lava Java, a restaurant that offered up tropical pizzas and their signature dish Guava BBQ Ribs.

17 Culinary Journey (S28 E19)

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These restaurants were definitely funky for their bold dishes and mix of flavors. Broke Da Mouth Grindz is a funkalicious restaurant that’s combining Hawaii and Philippines-style dishes to make things like the Furikake Chicken. Guy was impressed with this dish and said the chef couple “really take the time to do things right.”

The Chicago restaurant MFK was also an intriguing restaurant with its unique seafood dishes like Crunchy Prawn Heads and anchovy fillets on baguettes.

16 Big Food, Small Towns (S25 E9)

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Nothing says funk like disco and the disco fries from Rocky Hill Inn in this episode looked amazing. The homemade fries had banana peppers, fontina cheese, scallions and pork belly piled on top creating a turbocharged dish.

The episode also featured the Tuckaway Tavern & Butchery which had it’s signature bite size Chili & Cheese Corn Holes. All ingredients in the restaurant are sourced from the neighboring butcher shop meaning those cuts of meat are fresh and ready to go.

15 Old Standards, New Styles (S20 E3)

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Sometimes all you need is a favored traditional dish and a creative chef and you get a new classic. The Starling Diner in this episode shows its funky creativity by taking a slow-roasted pot roast and wrapping it in a gravy soaked tortilla. The dish looked excellent and Guy said it was a “power bomb of flavor”.

Guy was also digging the Funky Chicken pizza at Pinky G’s Pizzeria. With marinated chicken breasts, ricotta cheese, artichoke hearts, red onions and basil pesto this was certainly a funky pizza that looked spectacular.

14 Fresh and Funky (S8 E10)

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Often what makes a restaurant unique is the funky way they prepare some of their signature meals. In this episode Guy showed us a place where they cook an entire turkey by boiling it.

We’ve all seen the tips and tricks around Thanksgiving for preparing a turkey, whether it’s putting it inside a plastic bag to retain the moisture, sticking a beer inside, cooking it in a massive fryer, or microwaving the entire bird. But boiling it seems like a radical, if not extremely convenient way of preparing a turkey that actually comes out looking pretty good.

13 Stuffed and Twisted (S20 E2)

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With an episode named Stuffed and Twisted you knew Guy was going to deliver with some funky eats. Perhaps most interesting from this episode was the onion soup at the Sidewinders Grill & Tavern. An odd choice of dish for a sports bar & grill to be sure, but Guy really seemed to enjoy it calling it “the real deal”.

There’s also the fun Sidewinder Pretzel which can be stuffed with options like mozzarella or pepperoni and are wound around on your plate like a delicious looking snake.

12 Delicious Discoveries (S28 E2)

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This episode was full of unique and funky finds but the standout is when Guy tried the Choila Set at Momo Ghar, a Tibet and Nepal-style restaurant. The Choila Set is a chicken salad with rice, potatoes and black-eyed peas made in traditional Tibetan style that impressed Guy who said it was “one of the most-unique dishes” he’s ever had.

The other dish from Momo Ghar we’d love to try is the Johl Mo Mo. It’s a dish of chicken dumplings in a spicy fenugreek tomato sauce. This little restaurant tucked away in Columbus, Ohio has a menu full of funky and delicious items we’d love to try.

11 Lights-Out Latin (S28 E7)

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Three great Latin restaurants showed us some funkalicious dishes and mouth watering meals in this episode. Ceviche’s is a Panama inspired restaurant that serves up Ropa Vieja, which literally means ‘old clothes’ in English.

Mr. & Mrs. Bun was a charming restaurant with Peruvian style sandwiches on home-made buns. The Asado con Plata sandwich had Guy declaring it was “one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a long time. It’s actually giving me goosebumps.” But Café Tumerico delivered the funk with its vegan friendly dishes made with fried jackfruit, eggplant chicharron and soy chorizo that had Guy so impressed he was calling his mom to tell her about it. We’re not sure how we feel about the Cactus Nachos though.

10 Not Your Typical Joints (S26 E7)

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This episode had some interesting places with funky dishes that looked phenomenal. In Houston Texas, Guy visited a restaurant called Q-Shi that combines the barbecue specialties of the west with the sushi delights of the Orient to create a unique combo that’s bursting with flavor. Guy’s surf-and-turf roll packed with snow crab, tempura-style shrimp and smoked brisket looked incredible.

The other place was Fud at Salud that served up Waffle-whiches or as Guy calls them “Wild waffle sandwiches". The one Guy ordered was a sandwich made with two Belgian waffles with graham cracker crumbs, chocolate sauce and a massive marshmallow they caramelized with a blow torch.

9 All Kinds Of Comfort (S28 E4)

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Chicken and waffles is already a pretty funkalicious meal, but the chicken and waffles at Whistle Britches in Dallas, Texas looks off the hook. Their signature dish in the episode named simply Chicken N’ Waffles is anything but simple.

It’s piece of fried chicken served on a waffle with sausage gravy and a jalapeno hot honey drizzle. To top it off the dish is served with a wedge of fresh watermelon right on the waffle. Guy was blown away by the funky dish saying, “That’s wrong in so many ways that it makes it right.”

8 Funky Joints (S6 E1)

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This episode was well named given the places he was checking out. He starts off at a little place by Forth Worth Texas that’s a gas station on the outside with functioning Conoco pumps and a restaurant called Chef Pointe Café on the inside. As strange as it was that gas station bread pudding sure looked good.

Guy also visited a restaurant during this episode called Bizzaro Café in Seattle where the employees are retired circus performers. It was a funky ambiance and an interesting place to pick up Elk Bolognese, but those clams Guy got seemed delicious.

7 Fish, Fries, and Feet (S22 E1)

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This episode was a little funky for the Tacopocalypse a great restaurant name with a former metal musician as the owner. He surprises Guy with his inventive Masa Fries topped with kimchi and queso. The combinations of tacos and burritos also seemed really good and could be a place you’d go back over and over again to try new and wild things.

The other restaurant, Kelsey and Kim’s Southern Café offered up a plate of pork trotters. For the non-foodies that’s cooked pigs’ feet. I imagine it’d be hard to eat that dish without the song about five little piggies entering into your mind.

6 Twists and Traditions (S8 E9)

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Fans of the movie Grumpier Old Men got a kick out of the ending when the main character opened his bait shop alongside his sweet heart’s Italian restaurant. Yet we’re wondering if the joke might have been based on reality after seeing this episode of DDD.

In Twists and Traditions Guy visits an Italian restaurant called Aldo’s Restaurant in Santa Cruz, California that, get this, used to be a former bait shop. Guy raved about the handmade ravioli, but we wonder if the spirits of vengeful earthworms ever haunt the place when they serve spaghetti.

5 Mega Mouthfuls (S26 E3)

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This had to be one of the better episodes of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. It was packed full of mega foods that Guy discovered that look incredible. Perhaps most memorable was when he visited the tiny food truck called Matt’s BBQ and ordered the Whole Shabamwich.

The Whole Shabamwich is a colossal sandwich filled with pulled pork, brisket, sausages and even a rib. Guy couldn’t get enough of this massive meat monstrosity and said “It’s dynamite, man.” It’s not often we see a sandwich packed so high with meat and topped off with a rib, which makes this a very funkalicious episode.

4 All Day Dining (S20 E5)

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This episode contained a funky dish from a restaurant that’s not afraid to get a little weird. Dining at Tavern on 2 requires an adventurous stomach. It’s an Asia and Mexico-inspired restaurant that combined the traditional dish of fried pig tails with a sticky, but spicy sauce that Guy seemed to enjoy.

If pig tails aren’t your thing then the restaurant highly recommends its Belly & Sucker dish which is comprised of tender pork belly with a helping of octopus. Because nothing says funky like a small sea creature reaching out to you from the plate.

3 From Port to Port (S25 E10)

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We can all agree the pig is a magical animal; responsible for bacon, pulled pork, ham, and sausage, there’s so many parts of the pig that taste absolutely amazing when prepared the right way. This episode gave us a taste of a part of the pig we probably wouldn’t ever considered eating in our wildest dreams.

At the Vida cantina Guy Fieri showed us the restaurant's infamous Pig’s Head Platter. It’s literally half of the pig’s head served on a platter with salsa and tortillas. Maybe in an attempt to distract from the half-face staring at you from the plate the servers added edible flowers, it didn’t really help.

2 Multicultural Cooking (S26 E11)

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When a guy like Guy Fieri, who has tried so many dishes over the years, calls something “an outrageous experience” you pay attention. This episode featured one of the most funkalicious items on the list, four-color handmade tortillas. A green, white, purplish gray, and orange tortilla, these delightfully funky tortillas were a hit with Guy and brought a fun bit of variety to the meal.

In addition to being surprised by the four-colored tortillas he was also amazed by the potato stuffed tacos called tacos Chelo. He considered it “one of the top ten tacos” he’s ever eaten and brought this funky little restaurant into the limelight.

1 Rollin’ in the Dough (S28 E5)

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Many DDD fans were likely drooling over the tv screen when they watched guy visit a bakery/restaurant called Mojo Donuts and Fried Chicken. In a surprising combination of pastry and savory chicken the artisan donut shop was hitting it out of the park with creative and unique delicacies.

The dish that caught Guy’s eye was the Chicken Brulee Sandwich. A brulee donut filled with chicken tenders, cheddar cheese sauce and sprinkled with bacon. Speaking about this divine looking sandwich Guy said, “This changes the fried chicken sandwich game.”

It’s not the weirdest thing on the list, but it earns this episode the number one spot for being the most funkalicious by combining chicken with donuts and still looking really delicious.

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