Love At First Bite: 20 Hilarious Pictures Of People Losing Their Mind Over Food

Food makes people do crazy things sometimes. With eating being an important human need, it’s only natural that there exists a link between emotions and the stomach. If that stomach doesn’t get food when it needs it, there’s potential for hanger to manifest.

People also get excited sitting down to eat in anticipation of food arriving. They look forward to how it’s going to taste and taking care of their appetite. Food has a way of breaking down people to reveal the raw emotions lying just underneath the surface.

Even more, certain foods bring out different emotions in people. Sugar, for example, can lead kids—and if we’re being honest, adults too—into bouts of hyperactivity. On the other hand, if someone eats too much food, it can put them in a dazed condition.

When people finally get the food they’ve been craving or are in a setting where their adrenaline is pumping due to people around them, all sheepishness goes out the window. The food takes over and their stomach calls the shots. This is the point where people lose their minds over the food they’re eating. This can result in food smearing all over one’s face, strange wide-eyed stares or other odd behavior. See also our list on what happens when one's love for food takes over during a first date, which can lead to an embarrassing evening.

We put together a list of photos that capture people at the exact moment when they lost themselves over to food—and it clearly shows on their faces.

20 Fist Pumping For Pizza

via YouTube user Dale Furr

It’s best not to get in the way of a toddler and their food. In a YouTube clip posted by Dale Furr, a parent off-screen asks a child, “Are you ready?” Without a second’s delay, the child raises his fists up in the air, tightens his mouth and looks as if he can hardly contain himself. This photo captured him in that moment of anticipation, which the video’s description was over pizza. No one can really blame the kid for his enthusiasm for pizza. It’s a popular food that kids and adults alike find it easy to go crazy about.

19 Tower Of Food

via The Independent

This looks like the face of someone who’s about to attempt a monumental task. The task here, as is evident from the photo, is whether he can eat the entire stack of food standing tall on the table. It looks like it’s made up of bacon, pulled pork, waffles, burger patties and more. The big eyes belonging to this photo’s subject looks seconds away from tearing into this towering food sculpture. He knows he has to lose his mind if he’s going to consume it all, or at least attempt to. Only crazy foodies are capable of attempting a dish so massive.

18 Corn On The Drill

via YouTube user RomanAtwoodBarelyVlogs

There’s a story behind every photo. According to YouTube user RomanAtwoodBarelyVlogs, the two subjects of this photo attempted a challenge: eating corn off of power drills. The hilarity that ensued soon after the challenge started was possible only when food takes over. On top of their determination to do the challenge, they also must have been hungry. It was their dinner, after all. Eating off of a drill doesn’t look easy though and they gave it their best shot. In the process, the challenge was so humorous it led them to erupt in laughter, thus confirming they had lost their minds.

17 Bacon Pizza Craze

via oppositelock.jalopnik.com as per YouTube user Daym Drops

This man couldn’t wait to get home before trying Little Caesar’s bacon wrapped crust deep dish pizza. According to the site Opposite Lock, this is a YouTube food reviewer who goes by the name of Daym Drops. Once he witnessed the cheese from a piece of bacon pizza pull apart in strands, it was just too much for him to keep emotions in check. He couldn’t hold back his joy over this pizza, which combines two amazing foods into one. Although there’s a whole video showing his review, this photo captures the point at which the bacon pizza officially took control.

16 Cotton Candy Girl

via mlb.com

A couple years ago, a video went viral of this girl who ate cotton candy. According to The Huffington Post, she was at a Seattle Mariners baseball game when they captured her eating blue cotton candy. As one can see from the photo, she looks as if the cotton candy is the greatest thing she’s ever tasted. People loved it so much they called her the MVP of the game. Her face smeared in blue along with a wide-eyed stare both support the theory that she officially lost her mind for a minute there, and everyone who got to see it found it hard not to smile.

15 Losing It Over Spilled Milk

via sbu.edu

Even the preparation of food can cause one to lose control of their own faculties. According to St. Bonaventure University, this photo captures a lineup of people creating food packages for those in need. It looks like someone is using a large funnel to dump food contents in while someone else holds a bag to catch. Their surprised, open-mouthed look suggests they’re really engrossed in the work at hand. Since the job revolves around food, food is the one to blame for throwing off these helpers off. At least these helpers are willing to spend time putting together food packages for others.

14 Sauce All Over Face

via Slate.com

Not only can eating in the present throw one off, but the aftermath too. Eating spicy foods like buffalo wings or curry can leave many feeling beaten up. They feel lost like they don’t know where they’ve been. That’s what happens when stomachs take control and leave their victims in a food coma. According to Slate, the one pictured here also just got some bad news: he lost the competition. Food eating contests aren’t for the faint-hearted. Not only does it take a big stomach and a big appetite, but also the mental fortitude that tricks one’s body into thinking that everything's OK.

13 Nacho Beard

via mlblogsbensbiz.wordpress.com

Having facial hair can become problematic when eating. The passage of food to the mouth can become obstructed by beards, especially if they’re unkempt. When one loses their mind eating food, the results aren’t pretty. Food gets smeared not just on a person’s face, but throughout their beard too. It then becomes hard to clean, forcing some to consider shaving on the spot. Then again, those who want leftovers can always indulge later, eating the food that’s still caught in their beards. We don’t recommend this though. It’s a sign to family and friends that someone has lost their marbles.

12 Blaring For Burgers

via scmp.com

Like pizza, burgers bring out the mania in people. It’s a delicious food people can’t get enough of. According to South China Morning Post, this photo shows a burger eating competition that takes place at Wan Chai restaurant in Hong Kong. With an enormous burger piled high place in front of her, the subject of this photo can hardly hold it together. She’s excited and anxious to dig in to that mouth-watering burger. The hamburger patties and cheese far outweigh the single slices of lettuce, onion and tomato at the top. Since burger lovers can’t get enough meat and cheese, we assume that’s what all the hubbub is about.

11 Bacon Fistfuls

via amny.com

Food contests call upon individuals to put their stomachs—and minds—to the test. Not only do competitors go up against one another but have to face their own limitations. Stuffing one’s mouth full of bacon can only last so long before a stomach wants to rebel. Here, the competitor on the left has given in to the food and doesn’t even know if he’s in a competition anymore. He’s at the point of no return where fistfuls of bacon keep cramming down food. We imagine he'd has a glazed look over his eyes if they were visible in this photo.

10 Caught In The Act

via medina-gazette.com

Cameras and food contests are a special combination. When what goes on at food contests gets captured on camera, it often shows competitive eaters in food-fueled hazes. This one looks caught off guard by the camera, as if she's just coming out of losing her awareness. According to The Medina Gazette, this contestant was part of a Chocolate Pie Eating Contest. Over 1,000 attendees can show up to this event. In order to do well at a food eating contest, people have to let themselves go. They can’t worry about how unhealthy it is or how they look, they just have to dive in, literally, headfirst.

9 Fruity Pebbles

via YouTube user Victoria vs Annabelle Cartoon

Part of having siblings is learning to share. Although it looks like both girls were able to decide on the same brand of cereal, neither is willing to let go. It’s humorous to see Fred Flintstone’s cheery face on the front of the box as the two girls engage in a heated tug of war. Both girls show different ways food can lead to bedlam. The girl on the left is conveying more hangry emotions while the one on the right is on the verge of tears. When something—or someone—gets in the way of a person’s meal, things can get ugly.

8 Mac N’ Cheese Spoonful

via whiskeyriff.com

Food obsessions can go deep. Whether it’s pizza, hamburgers of mac n' cheese, people have their loyalties to different foods. These affinities develop out of unstoppable cravings for those foods that manage to have a sway over us. This particular eater is eating a whole spoonful of mac n’ cheese into her mouth. She has a crazed look in her face manifested in a wide-eyed stare and raised eyebrows. What’s even crazier about the photo is that she’s not even the one scooping the bites in, but rather the woman sitting behind her. Even though she’s not even in control of how much she’s eating, it’s not enough to stop her craving.

7 Corn Dog Chow Down

via dallasobserver.com

This eater caught on camera looks focused and intent on eating corn dogs. Looking up at the lens, he seems surprised. It’s as if he just realized what kind of trance the food had gripped him in. It’s up for debate though whether he was officially out of the trance yet by the time of this photo. When people chow down on certain foods, it can end up governing all their attention. If people get sucked in too much, they can lose their sense of awareness. With another plate in front of him that has more corn dogs, he’s concentrating deeply on how he’s going to eat them all.

6 Lost In Pizza

via The Conversation

Seeing this photo makes one wonder whether the subject is even aware there’s a camera in his face. This close up proves one can experience immense pleasure from pizza. One could argue that this is a whole new level though. Not only does he look as if he’s unaware of the camera, but of the entire world as well. The only thing that’s on this person’s mind is taking a bite out of that pizza slice. Seeing someone lose themselves over to food is strange to witness, yet we’re all guilty of committing it at least once in our lifetimes.

5 Crazy For Cupcakes

via Flickr Hive Mind

Just the sight of cupcakes alone was enough to bring out crazed looks in these two girls. They look as if they haven’t had sugar in weeks, when it’s probably only been a few hours. One of them has her mouth open as if she’s going in headfirst. The table looks like it’s setup for an occasion like a birthday or shower. Even if the cupcakes were for the girls later on, they probably had to wait for guests to arrive before digging in. That kind of anticipation is enough to make these girls lose their minds at having to wait.

4 Eating Without Distractions

via cms.qz.com

People eat food different ways. They might scrounge up something at home, go out to a lavish restaurant or chow down ferociously in a food contest. Despite all the varying ways to put food in, they all lead to a fuller (and happier) life. When we don’t get food, things can get scary. This particular woman has chosen to eat her food very business-like. She’s doing it efficiently and fiercely without regard for anyone around her. There’s something uncomplicated about eating food this away that’s appealing. That doesn’t mean she’s unable to keep eating from gripping her entire attention though.

3 Making Breakfast

via Odyssey

Homemade food has the potential to be more enjoyable than even a high-end restaurant. People find joy in preparing their own food, even though it takes extra work. That might be the reason behind this child’s raving look here, or else he’s just really stoked to eat breakfast. It looks like he’s making a scramble with eggs, bell peppers and other ingredients. Another positive of making food at home is having to smell it cooking. The aroma created in the kitchen from the pan led this young kid’s eyebrows to raise up high as a huge grin stretches across his face.

2 Food Heaven

via arthoniel.deviantart.com

At the moment they snapped this photo, it's clear this girl was in the least, exuberant, and at the most, mad about food. From the lighting in the photo, it looks as if it’s late at night, so she must have been waiting to eat. Now, with food before her, she can’t contain her excitement any longer. Unless the food isn’t what you ordered or doesn’t meet one’s expectations, there are no downsides to eating. The joy and satisfaction one can feel from eating is so strong, it influences how we act. Even if it means looking crazy to other people.

1 Animated Meal

via videoblocks

It doesn’t always have to be the most sugary or eye-catching food to make one lose their sense of place and time. In this photo, a young girl eats from a plate with rice and cut-up pieces of hot dog. From the silly look she’s making in this photo though, it looks like it was enough to make her go bonkers. With a fork full of hot dog, she’s either making an impersonation of someone or breaking out into song. Not just food, but the act of eating at a table can lead one to act a little looney sometimes.

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