It's Game Night: The Official Ranking Of 25 Super Bowl Snacks, From Worst To Best

Of all the reasons to throw a party and invite your family and friends over, the Super Bowl is a really good one. Even people who aren't into sports will be more than happy to come because there are two other things that everyone loves about this big game: the commercials and the snacks.

There are really no rules when it comes to entertaining, but a generally accepted rule is to have finger foods that are easy to eat while walking around and chatting. A Super Bowl party is definitely an exception to that rule because you're going to be sitting on a comfy couch and watching TV, and you need lots of hearty food that will allow you to watch hours and hours of TV. And your guests are going to arrive at your place super hungry and ready for some junk food. It's just the way that it is.

When it's game night, invite some people over and put out an epic spread of snacks. Just make sure to serve stuff that they actually want to eat. You know, the snacks that make the evening more fun. Here is the official ranking of 25 Super Bowl snacks from worst to best.

25 Hummus And Veggie Sticks

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Please, please, please don't serve hummus and veggies at your Super Bowl party. Sure, you might feel that you have to because people always serve this healthy option at gatherings. You figure that this is what your guests want, especially since they'll be eating a ton of junk food. They want some veggies to even it out, right?

Honestly, your guests want to eat something other than veggies and dip. That's just a fact. Don't worry about offering this party snack, which is number 25 and, therefore, the worst.

24 Homemade Pita Chips

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Pita chips are a step above hummus and veggies, and homemade ones are pretty good since you can put all kinds of spices and seasonings on them.

But you really don't need to serve pita chips, either. If you're going to offer carbs, there are much more delicious options (and they're much higher up on this list). Homemade pita chips are number 24 because your guests will eat them, sure, but they're not going to be super excited about it. You don't want to offer lackluster snacks. You want to host the best Super Bowl party with the best snacks ever.

23 Candied Nuts

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A lot of people dislike candied nuts since they're super hard to stop eating, and honestly, you feel kind of gross after eating an entire bowl.

Don't serve them at your Super Bowl party. There is really no reason to. You and your guests can literally eat nuts anytime that you want since it's not like they're tough to find, right? When you're figuring out your snack menu, you want some really delicious picks that feel special and out of the ordinary. This is a big game and it deserves amazing snacks. Candied nuts are sometimes too sweet and they don't stack up against other foods on this list. They're sitting at number 23.

22 Pigs In A Blanket

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Pigs in a blanket take the number 22 spot on this list. Some party guests will love to see them and get all nostalgic about how they used to eat them at parties growing up. Others will turn their noses up and not want to eat them at all.

Those last people are definitely foodies who know that there are more sophisticated snack options. Hot dogs have fallen out of fashion for sure and these could end up getting soggy and cold if left out for too long.

21 Mozzarella Sticks

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Does anyone really love mozzarella sticks? You'll randomly find them on some pub menus, but not on very many. At first glance, these seem like a great snack: breaded and fried cheese.

In reality, the insides of mozzarella sticks are super stringy and not in a good way. The cheese often tastes rubbery and not good at all. These also might be tricky to make at home (and if you heat up frozen ones, that's not the most delicious thing either). Pass on serving these.

20 Potato Skins

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Potato skins usually have bacon and cheese so that's already a good thing. But they're still number 20 on this list and they just couldn't make it to the top five or even the top ten.

Why? Because potato skins can get soggy and once the texture of this food is off, you're not going to want to eat it. And if they're cold, then forget about it. Since you're going to be serving a lot of food at this Super Bowl party, you don't want to worry about stuff getting cold, and you won't want to babysit these guys.

19 Chicken Lettuce Wraps

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There's something about a party that makes people put out lettuce wraps. They usually have ground chicken that has been seasoned so it's spicy. You can go with taco spices or anything that you want.

Lettuce wraps are okay if there is nothing else that you want to be chowing down on. They're crisp and refreshing. They're also good for people who don't want to be eating carbs. But since you probably do (and since a Super Bowl party calls for junk food), these aren't the best choice.

18 Bruschetta

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At this point, we can probably agree that bruschetta feels kind of old-school. While the combination of bread, garlic, tomato, and basil will always be classic, there are a lot of other party snacks that are worlds above this one in terms of deliciousness.

There's nothing wrong with serving bruschetta. People will eat it. But it's not as craveworthy as other snacks, and it doesn't really scream "this is a Super Bowl party and let's eat some fun food." Number 18 feels perfect for this snack.

17 Puffed Pastry

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When you go to most gatherings, there is going to be some kind of puff pastry food sitting on the table. These could be those puff pastries that are fashioned to look like ears and have garlic and sun-dried tomato and flavors like that inside of them. Or they could be cheese straws.

Puff pastry snacks will be number 17 on this list because they have to be done really right in order to be good. Sometimes, they'll have the perfect amount of filling and will really hit the spot, and other times, they'll be kind of boring and forgettable.

16 Pretzels

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As far as crunchy snacks go, pretzels are at the bottom of the list. They're not as good as potato chips or tortilla chips. They're not even always as good as crackers, especially fancy crackers with sophisticated flavors like sweet potato and garlic.

When you're hungry and at a party, you wouldn't mind eating some pretzels... but you would definitely be looking around to see if there is a better snack to eat (kind of like those people who are always looking for more interesting peeps to talk to... which, yes, is pretty rude). Sorry pretzels, but you're number 16. You're fine when there's nothing else, but not the best party snack by any means.

15 Buttered Popcorn

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Number 15 brings us to buttered popcorn. It's true that when a TV show or movie is involved, popcorn is a welcome idea.

Popcorn might not be the quintessential Super Bowl party snack but it totally deserves a starring role at the gathering that you throw. It's buttery, of course, and it's crunchy and addictive. It's the kind of thing that guests can eat while seeing what other food is available or while waiting for you to pull something out of the oven.

14 Party Mix

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Party mix has a combination of salty and crunchy things such as pretzels, Chex cereal, cheese crackers, and nuts. You can add whatever you want, which makes it fun to put together.

As is clear from the title of this snack, it's basically made for a party, so you have to serve it at your Super Bowl party. What guest doesn't want to show up at your house and see a massive bowl of party mix?! This is a great thing to serve for people who are sitting around and watching the big game since it's good for picking at and grazing. It's not as filling or satisfying as some other snacks, though, which is why it's number 14.

13 Jalapeno Poppers

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Jalapeno poppers are the best. They're a good flavor contrast between the spicy jalapenos and the cream cheese, and sometimes they are wrapped in bacon, as we can see from this drool-worthy photo.

Not everyone will want to eat them since they're so spicy, but a lot of people will, which is why they had to be on the list. They're number 13, aka right in the middle. You can only eat so many and they can be a bit messy, so they didn't rank any higher than this.

12 Potato Chips

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Oh, good old potato chips. It simply can't be a party without a big bowl. People always go nuts for chips, no matter what they are, and that's even truer when you're hosting something that involves watching a very important game.

Plain potato chips aren't quite as exciting as some of the other junk food offerings that you're going to have on hand, which is why they're ranked at number 12 on this list of 25 Super Bowl party snacks. They're always reliably good, though.

11 Pizza

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What's a party without pizza? From birthday parties to any other kind of celebration, ordering a pizza always feels right. For your Super Bowl bash, you'll want to order a few pizzas, hopefully with different toppings since people can get pretty picky about this kind of stuff.

Pizza is number 11. It's most likely going to be delicious. The only problem is that sometimes, pizza is super greasy and the quality from whatever delivery place you picked isn't up to its usual standards. It can be a hit or miss, unfortunately, but since it's pizza, even when it's not the best it's still worth eating.

10 Deviled Eggs

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Deviled eggs are usually welcome at a party where people have gathered to watch sports, and they're generally good so they take the number ten spot.

The only reason why they're not further up on this list is that there are some flavor combinations that aren't quite so amazing. Bacon or paprika or hot sauce? That's delicious. You might not want veggies to be involved, though, and you might not want smoked salmon or other popular ingredients, either. But most of the time, deviled eggs are a solid party nosh.

9 Seven-Layer Dip

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Dips are a party's best friend. You really can't invite a bunch of friends and family to watch the big game at your place and not put out a ton of dips and chips, crackers, and veggies. It would honestly be pretty weird.

Among all the dips that you could serve, seven-layer dip is a big favorite, and that's why it's number nine on this list. This dip has sour cream, guac, refried beans, cheese, some kind of salsa, black olives, and a seventh layer that is the chef's choice, like lettuce or ground beef. Since you get so many flavors in one dip, it's pretty wonderful.

8 Buffalo Chicken Dip

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Buffalo Chicken dip is creamy and hot. It's got cream cheese, cheese, chicken, ranch dressing, and Buffalo hot sauce. Not everyone will make this for their Super Bowl party but everyone definitely should, which is why it has taken the number eight spot.

The cool thing about this dip is that you can tell yourself that you're getting your protein since there's chicken in it but it can really be a vehicle for tortilla chips. And any dip that lets you eat some chips is a good one.

7 Spinach And Artichoke Dip

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If there is one dip that people go absolutely nuts for, it has got to be Spinach and Artichoke Dip. There is just something about the combination of these two ingredients, plus cheese, that people just can't stop eating.

Put out some crackers and/or bread (probably both since, come on, this is a party and party guests need their carbs) and you will be providing your people with some real happiness. Just make sure to eat some of this dreamy dip before everyone demolishes it in a few seconds.

6 Pulled Pork Sandwiches

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Sandwiches are a great thing to serve a group since they're hearty and filling. Since Super Bowl snacks are all about satisfying sauces and meats, pulled pork sandwiches are a smart choice. They're number six on this list and no one will be sad to see them on your dining room table or kitchen counter.

The combination of a good-quality roll or buns with shredded pork in a homemade (or store-bought which is totally fine as the amazing Ina Garten says) sauce is always a crowd-pleaser. Bring it on.

5 Chips And Guac

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When you throw a party, you absolutely have to see a bowl of crispy tortilla chips and a huge pile of guacamole. It's basically a rule. And it's definitely a rule that you have to serve this beloved snack at a Super Bowl party.

Of course this epic snack had to make it into the top five of this list, and chips and guac are sitting at number five. A Super Bowl party is a time to indulge and forget about healthy eating plans, but hey, avocados are good for you, so you can eat a lot of guac and feel good about it.

4 Sliders

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If burgers are good, then sliders are even better. There is something so special about mini burgers. A lot of people feel that if you serve smaller versions of certain dishes, you can eat a lot more, and that totally seems to be the case.

Sliders are one of the best things to serve at any party, but especially a Super Bowl party, and that's why they're number four on this list. You can't go wrong serving mini burgers with cheese and bacon on them, and you can get fancy with blue cheese and caramelized onions or any number of toppings.

3 Nachos

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If there's a more crowd-pleasing thing to put in front of a group of hungry people than nachos, we're not sure what it would be.

Guests will cheer when they arrive at your house and see the wonderful pile of nachos that you have so lovingly prepared. All of the ingredients found in nachos are the best, from crispy tortilla chips to melted cheese to any number of toppings from jalapenos to lettuce and tomato and black olives. Nachos are number three... and we'd like to eat some even though it's not the big game yet.

2 Chili

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There can't be a Super Bowl gathering without a big pot of hearty beef chili. It's just not possible.

Your party guests will be super excited to see this chili on the stove or in your Crockpot, and they'll be even more excited to dig in. The cool thing about serving chili at a party is that you can have people serve themselves from the pot and you can put out a whole bunch of toppings. And we all know that chili is all about the super fun toppings. Cheese, avocado, tortilla chips, green onion... The list goes on and on. Chili is the best and had to be number two.

1 Buffalo Wings

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What else could be number one on this list than buffalo wings?! Buffalo wings are the greatest snack for a Super Bowl party. They're hot, they're hearty, and they're often served with carrots, celery, and a nice blue cheese dip.

There is just something about watching the big game while eating hot and spicy chicken wings. You really can't have one without the other. Just be prepared to make a ton because chances are, your guests won't be able to get enough. (Or make some extras to hide in the kitchen so you can sneak in during commercial breaks and eat them. No one will be the wiser.)

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