The 14 Worst Things About Working In Fast Food (And The 10 Best)

Fast food jobs are always in demand, as nearly every franchise is hiring throughout the year regardless of the experience. It is a job that is suitable for people of all ages and often recommended for those aiming to join the workforce. Considering the high turnover in the fast food industry, it's safe to say that most employees aren't expected to remain around for too long. And since it's a job that is easy to train beginners, most franchises won't have a problem landing replacements almost immediately after an opening.

A job in the industry may not be ideal for the majority of people, but some find great comfort in doing it, especially since they are a few present opportunities to move up the ladder. In the past, fast food jobs had a somewhat bad reputation due to the pay as well as the work pace. Much like any other job, working in fast food has its cons that will undoubtedly discourage some people from applying in the first place. But it also happens to offer multiple pros that are often overlooked in favor of the well-known cons.

We always hear stories about people who disliked their experience as a fast food worker - some of which may be greatly exaggerated - but you also have many who credit their long-term success due to their early experience. Today's list discusses the 14 worst things about working in fast food and the 10 best.

24 Worst: Bad Working Hours

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One of the absolute cons of fast food jobs would be the hours as they happen to be inconsistent and unpredictable. The shifts are constantly changing, and while that may be fine with some people - the majority tend to dislike it since it affects their plans away from work.

Newer employees also tend to be stuck with the worst shifts, whether it is during the busiest hours of the day or overnight.

And people who value their weekends might as well forget about it since they are almost guaranteed to be assigned those shifts every now and then, especially early on.

23 Worst: Running Into People That You Know

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There are a lot of people who wouldn't take a job at the mall as they don't want to run into family members and friends that they know. But it is no different at a fast food place as you will surely be recognized from time to time. For some people, they don't have a problem with it and enjoy interacting with them. But there are some who prefer to separate their personal life from work, making it a not-so-ideal position.

22 Best: Easy To Make Friends With Co-Workers

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Given that you have to work as a team in the fast food industry, you are bound to develop a few friendships along the way. You will always be interacting with co-workers and will have to get to know them since most of your time will be spent around them. It may also help you make acquaintances with regular customers, especially if you are working the register. Since plenty of people value a friendly environment, then they would feel right at home.

21 Worst: Standing For Long Hours

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Being active throughout a shift may be appealing to some people, but the majority are likely to not be pleased with the idea of having to stand around the entire day. That is one of the cons that comes with working in fast food, as there are always going to be customers to serve, therefore you won't have time to take a break for long. And while most people get used to it after a few days, it is rarely an appealing part of the job.

20 Best: Teaches Many Valuable Responsibilities

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Say what you want about working in fast food, but nobody can deny that it teaches some valuable responsibilities especially if you happen to be young. Not only will you be expected to be professional and maintain all assigned tasks, but fast food employees have to work in a team environment - which teaches you how to remain useful when being a member of a group. Another responsibility would be paying attention to details, which is a valuable one in nearly every industry.

19 Worst: Cleaning Is Part Of The Job

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We all know that fast food places can get dirty, especially when they happen to be crowded. You have those who don't make an effort to clean their table, as well as customers who drop food on the floor and make a mess out of it.

Not to mention that one of the duties would be to clean the bathrooms, which is absolutely one of the worst aspects of the job.

Anyone who has ever been inside the bathroom of a fast food place will know exactly what the employees have to deal with at times.

18 Best: Can Work Your Way Up Quickly

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If you want a job in which you can climb up the ladder at a relatively quick pace, then fast food would be a realistic choice. Due to the nature of the high turnover industry, there are always openings and changes within the staff, which means that positions like manager and assistant manager may be up for grabs. Unlike many industries where you may have to work years before earning a promotion, the fast food industry offers a quicker way.

17 Worst: Limited Ceiling In Advancement

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Becoming a manager appeals to plenty of applicants, but it isn't enough of a promotion to justify sticking around for many. Fast food work is considered to be a temporary job among many, who happen to be in a transitional period and want to reach greater heights of success. There is a limited ceiling as to how much you can develop with the job, as you may reach the maximum heights with less than three years of industry experience.

16 Worst: It Is Very Fast Paced

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Unless you are willing to adjust to a fast paced environment, then fast food employment may not be the right fit for you. Employees are expected to work at a consistent pace in order to complete orders in a timely manner.

And with many tasks at hand, it could get frustrating for anyone who isn't used to working at a fast pace.

Some major adjustments would have to be in order, although it is one of the reasons people tend to quit their fast food job.

15 Best: Great First Job To Gain Experience

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When you are getting your foot into the door, there are only a few options out there for someone with no experience. Working at a fast food franchise is a great first job for anyone who is looking to get some experience under the belt, while also being introduced to the workforce. A lot of people credit that job for helping them prepare for the future, while also developing many important skills along the way.

14 Worst: Demanding Job

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Make no mistake about it - as fun and informative working in fast food could be, it is also a very demanding job.

Employees tend to have multiple responsibilities and will be prepared to fill in for a number of tasks.

Add in the fact that the place is likely going to be busy most of the time, as well as that you would be standing on your feet for hours, and you have the recipe for a demanding job to say the least.

13 Worst: Not Enough Benefits

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It varies from one franchise to another - but most benefits offered by fast food employment leave plenty to be desired since they don't offer much all around coverage.

There are some places that may not offer any at all, while others will have a very basic package.

If you desire a job with benefits, then fast food isn't the way to go. And that is unlikely to change in the near future as it has been the same for decades now.

12 Best: Free Food

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Everyone likes free things, especially when it happens to be food. In fact, one of the most appealing benefits in working a fast food job is that you would be either receiving free meals, or major discounts on all items. That may not entirely make up for some of the cons, but it is a sweet reward that makes the job even more exciting. Unless you happen to be on a strict diet, or simply not a fan of fast food.

11 Worst: Food Smell Sticks To Clothes And Hair

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When you are working behind the counter, even if you aren't highly involved in the food making process, you are still too close to the action and will smell like the food. Not exactly the worst thing in the world until you realize how difficult it can be to get rid of the smell from your clothes and hair. At first, it may not be something that you notice right away, but as time goes by - it will become tough to ignore the persistent smells.

10 Best: You Never Get Bored

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Compared to many jobs out there, working in fast food doesn't get nearly as boring as an office job. While there are many repetitive tasks on hand, you are always going to be moving around and interacting with people - so it doesn't get boring. Time will also pass faster than you expect when you work in fast food, and you won't be finding yourself looking at the clock every few minutes. If you happen to value working in a lively environment, then a job in fast food would be suitable.

9 Best: Most Customers Are Nice

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In any line of work, you are going to run into some pleasant people who will make your job easier, as well as some who may be disrespectful. When it comes to fast food work, you will mostly encounter nice people who just want to order their meals and get on with their day. Compared to jobs where you have to work on the phone for instance, there aren't quite as many unfavorable incidents to report since people are less likely to be hostile in person.

8 Worst: Same Food Smells At All Times

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When you're working with the very same food all the item around a heated kitchen, you are bound to grow tired of the same smells. In fact, many employees end up disliking the food due to the never-ending smell. And while there is nothing better than the smell of freshly cooked food, too much of anything is usually harmful in some way. Employees won't have a choice but to get used to the very same smells on any given shift.

7 Best: You Can Switch Shifts With Co-Workers

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One of the pros of being employed in the fast food industry is the option to switch shifts with your co-workers. Of course they would have to be working a different shift for them to be eligible to do so, meaning you would be switching with someone who is scheduled to work on a different day. As long as the shifts line up, and there is a co-working will to do it, then you would be able to skip a shift in order to attend a concert.

6 Worst: Many, Many Tasks At Hand

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Most fast food employees have several duties during their shift, making it a tough all-around job.

While some people are naturally good at multi-tasking, others tend to struggle since they aren't quite comfortable in dealing with more than one duty at a time.

Unless you are willing to face a challenging environment in which you will have to work hard more often than not, then working in fast food may not be an ideal fit as it isn't suitable for all types of personalities.

5 Worst: Hard To Follow A Diet

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When you happen to be surrounded with fast food at all times, it makes it tough to follow your fitness goals. You will always be tempted to eat fast food since you would be receiving free meals. Not to mention that it is tough to fight off cravings when you are seeing it in front of you. You won't find many employees who bring their own lunch to work, and even if they are extremely dedicated - the cheat days will occurr more often than they would like.

4 Best: You Are Unlikely To Lose Your Job

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Unless you happen to quit, then you could end up being around for as long as you desire in a fast food job. If you land in trouble or fail to meet expectations, that is an entirely different story. But as long as you are getting the job done, then you will always be safe since the franchise is always going to need employees. And since it takes some time to train newcomers, most workplaces will do their best to retain the services of their current employees.

3 Worst: Stressful Environment

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Whenever the job at hand is very demanding, then you know that it is guaranteed to be stressful. There is an immense pressure of offering customer service, getting the order right, dealing with different personalities, long lines, while working at a fast pace. That could lead to some unpleasant moments during the shift, and it is one of the top reasons as to why people quit their jobs. As the stress continues to increase with every passing day, not everyone will be able to handle it.

2 Worst: Dealing With Angry Customers

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When you working in customer service and there is constant interaction with people, you are most likely to run into some angry customers at some point. It may not be a personal issue the majority of the time, as some may be having a bad day, while others could have a complaint about their order. But working in fast food will show you the different sides of customers from the nicest and friendliest to the downright rude and disrespectful.

1 Best: Gets You Out Of Comfort Zone

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We always hear that it is important to get out of your comfort zone whether it is at school or workplace. And there is definitely some truth to it as it could play a major role in developing newfound skills that you may not have had in the past. Additionally, you would gain more confidence as you get to interact with other people, while also having many responsibilities at hand. As most employees come to learn, that is arguably the main benefit of working in fast food.

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