Top 20 Gordon Ramsay Restaurants All Foodies Have To Visit

Gordon Ramsay is an internationally known chef who has become a household name in the US due to his many successful television shows and his outspokenness and spicy language. While many avid viewers of his shows know he can be rude and crude with his insults towards would-be chefs in fast-paced test kitchens—yet surprisingly kind and gentle with the younger budding chefs on his other shows, they're often surprised to find that Gordon Ramsay has built an empire of restaurant experiences. Fans can go and sample Ramsay-approved fare that often focuses on where he came from and what he became known for as a world-renowned chef—before he built up the TV persona.

With so many restaurants across the United States, United Kingdom and even in France, food enthusiasts might not have to travel as far as they thought to get a taste of one of Gordon Ramsay's signature dishes, prepared by his often hand-selected chefs according to Ramsay's strict standards. The continued success of many of his ventures is a testament to the fact that while people may come at least in part for the celebrity shine, they praise the cuisine and return because more often than not, it's a foodie's dream. Here are the Top 20 Gordon Ramsay Restaurants All Foodies Have To Visit.

20 Be Amazed At Maze Grill Royal Hospital Road

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In the southwestern end of London known as Chelsea, Maze Grill offers typical grill fare such as fish, poultry and steaks, but the food establishment is also known for its delicious sashimi and sushi, according to Luxe Pet Guide. The steaks are cut from rare breeds of cattle and served for lunch or dinner. While the atmosphere reflects the Manhattan Grill Rooms, the Maze Grill Royal Hospital Road manages to serve up memorable, well-crafted meals while also offering a kid-friendly atmosphere—kids eat free all day with an adult. Dogs are also welcome to dine with their owners; so a foodie never has to dine alone.

19 It's Not A Gamble At Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill Atlantic City

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Foodies visiting Gordon Ramsay's Pub & Grill in Atlantic City in Caesar's Palace will have a difficult time deciding between the traditional pub fare of staples such as Scotch Eggs or Beef Wellington, or the more seasonal creations of the chef based on what's in season locally, as per Caesars. A foodie worth their salt might have to visit more than once to sample different meals off the menu, especially since the restaurant also stocks both local and imported brews. This location is modeled on Gordon Ramsay's Las Vegas location, but a discerning diner might want to compare the subtle differences a chef can bring to a well-worn recipe.

18 Happy Eating At Heddon Street Kitchen

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Despite the rocky start at the opening of Heddon Street Kitchen several years ago, the restaurant seems to have established itself as a place where diners can order Loch Duart Salmon at one table and fish and chips for the kids at another table and both expect delicious dinners, as per Luxury Lifestyle Magazine. Parents wanting to encourage their budding baby foodies can sign kids up for a Kids Party cooking experience. One of Heddon Street Kitchen's chefs personally oversees this kiddie masterclass. Adults can get in on the food-crafting themselves and learn how to do their own signature Beef Wellington.

17 The Perfect Pies Of Street Pizza

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All-you-can-eat pizza might not sound like a gourmet treat, but in this case foodies might have to adjust their current conceptions of just what makes food worth eating. Menu choices at Street Pizza will satisfy the cravings of the heartiest meat eater and the most discerning vegan, according to The Daily Meal. Street Pizza offers a more off-the-cuff, hip approach to the evening meal, complete with all-female DJs for the weekend nightlife crowd. There are a few lighter snacks available from the menu, but it's hard to imagine choosing a salad over a never-ending pizza course. Street Pizza is one of Gordon Ramsay's newest adventures in London.

16 The Best Bites Are At Gordon Ramsay Burger

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Gordon Ramsay took over the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas and made burgers more than just a casual lunch option. His burgers are the talk of the town and are the only ones grilled over an open flame from mixed hard woods to really up the ante on flavor, as per Caesars. Firing the burgers this way keeps them the star even when dressed in all the right, quality ingredients. The best part for the hungry foodie is that the burger isn't a wee little slider size, but is generously large and served with perfectly crispy, hand-cut fries—because of course they'd be hand-cut.

15 Savoir Faire And Savoy Grille

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Foodies become gourmet connoisseurs when they enter the Savoy Grill inside the historic Savoy Hotel. With it's long history of serving up the finest of dining to the rich and famous for nearly one hundred years, the stakes for the Gordon Ramsay group were high, but his chefs have more than lived up to the task and serve incredibly rich and elegant main courses, according to Gordon Ramsay Restaurants. Even lunchtime is a sophisticated affair; guests can select from a rotating selection off of the traditional trolley that moves around the room. The atmosphere and the food combine to create the poshest of dining experiences.

14 Next Level Comfort Food At Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips

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Sometimes pinky-up dining is too over-the-top and even the most sophisticated gourmet wants a little comfort food. While fish and chips shops aren't a dime a dozen in the US the way they are in the UK, that could change as people get a taste for what it's like when fish and chips are done right. Even though Las Vegas already has several other Gordon Ramsay restaurants, his Fish & Chips opened to rave reviews from people who loved how the fish fillets stayed crispy, and the fries perfectly complemented them without drowning in grease, as per the LA Times. The shop serves up a lot of the meals to-go.

13 The Pressure's On At Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen

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Gordon Ramsay's group just opened a Hell's Kitchen on the Las Vegas strip and it's proving to be really popular. Many fans of the show go to experience a near-exact replica of the Hell's Kitchen set, and the kitchen staff even dress in red or blue like the teams on the show, but the biggest surprise for many diners is that the food ends up becoming more important than the theme, as per Food And Wine. As at most of his other restaurants, the Beef Wellington is his signature star, but food lovers might love the Hell's Kitchen experience more when they opt for the fixed menu.

12 A Lucky Choice At Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill Las Vegas

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People come from all over the world to visit Las Vegas, but many of the city's most loyal visitors are from neighboring California, who are pretty far from typical UK fare. It makes sense for Gordon Ramsay to focus on what he does best, and food fanatics can get a taste and feel of real cuisine fro Britain at his Pub & Grill in Las Vegas, as per the Las Vegas Sun. It's very similar in scope to the Pub & Grill in Atlantic City, but now west coasters can enjoy Ramsay's signature dishes, although they're prepared by one of his team's chefs, and not by the master chef himself.

11 Yes To York & Albany

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Once again Ramsay has combined upscale UK elegance in the York & Albany restaurant with an incredibly welcome and open atmosphere. Foodies don't have to leave their best dog friend at home; they can take a stroll through nearby Regent's park, then head into York & Albany to order what Ramsay does best: typical, yet well-done UK food, according to Luxe Pet Guide. In the summertime, guests can choose from a curated selection of vino, and enjoy it al fresco if they'd like. Sometimes the whole experience of a meal really enhances the flavors and makes it easier to appreciate the chef's handiwork.

10 What's At Stake At Gordon Ramsay Steak Baltimore

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Doing one thing right is sometimes better than doing a whole bunch of things so-so, and it's clear that steak is the focus at Gordon Ramsay Steak in Baltimore. Specially cut pieces of meat from select USDA and even rare breed beef ensures that steak-lovers get what they came for, as per Caesars. Ramsay's perennial favorite Beef Wellington makes an appearance at this restaurant as it does at most of his others, and foodies can round out the meal with original cocktails and amazing starters. The steak focus at Gordon Ramsay Steak means that chefs take ownership of the entire process, from choosing the animal to the dry-aging process.

9 Pétrus Rocks The Palate

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Not just any restaurant can earn a Michelin star, and Pétrus has earned two. Foodies should definitely make a point while in London to book a table at a restaurant that—despite it's soap-opera beginnings when Gordon Ramsay and co-founder Marcus Wareing split—has consistently crafted gorgeously plated modern dishes that incorporate a bit more cuisine from France than in many of Gordon Ramsay's other restaurants, according to Elite Traveler. Serious foodies should plan far in advance and book the chef's table. Intimate groups only: this table isn't as expansive and only seats eight, but watching world-class chefs prepare Michelin-starred masterpieces would be memorable.

8 Gordon Ramsay Steak Las Vegas

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Gordon Ramsay looks out for both coasts of the US and has opened Gordon Ramsay Steak Las Vegas, mirroring the restaurant of the same name in Baltimore. Guests won't forget where Ramsey draws his inspiration from when they see the restaurant décor, but the same attention to details that characterizes the meat selection and dry-aging process at his Baltimore restaurant happens at the Las Vegas location as well, as per Gordon Ramsay Restaurants. As he often does, there's a chef's table for those who want to see how the magic happens, and folks who want to focus on the food can get a private dining room to minimize distractions.

7 Bread Street Kitchen Best For Families

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Foodies have families too, and often it can be difficult to indulge when the restaurant's atmosphere is prohibitive of families and smaller children, but that's just not the case at Bread Street Kitchen. Traditional classics that Gordon Ramsay loves to feature at so many of his locations mix well with more modern choices, but fans of Bread Street Kitchen love it best because it's just so relaxed, with no signs of stuffiness, according to Marina Bay Sands. The menu offers delicious options that fit any food allergy or preference, and the weekend brunch will satisfy the pickiest toddler, as well as fortify any adult after a late night out.

6 Where To Start At The Maze Grill Mayfair

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At maze Grill Mayfair, just off the posh Bond Street, guests in the know book ahead to get the chef's table, where they are served either the Chef's dining experience or the Meat Lover experience, which allows everyone at the table to share three different selections, according to Gordon Ramsay Restaurants. Foodie families are welcome at this location, as the serves kids free with adult meals. The butcher block chef's table allows a group as large as 14 to see directly into the kitchen while they dine. Rumors are that maze Grill Mayfair will close in 2019, so foodies better hurry over before it's gone, as per Tasting Table.

5 Worthy Of A Chateau's Table At Au Trianon

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Upscale isn't a fancy enough description of Au Trianon, yet another Michelin-starred offering from Gordon Ramsay. Appropriately set in Versailles at the opulent Waldorf Astoria Hotel, the elegance of the dining room is breath-taking and the beautiful plates are practically heart-stopping. The chef's table is an intimate and cozy table that only seats six and offers unique menus and a personal sommelier, as per Trianon Palace. The incredible executive chef and pastry chef both have a long list of accolades and accomplishments. Au Trianon is based on Gordon Ramsay's flagship restaurant in London, and has translated very well in France amongst a discerning crowd.

4 Broad Choices At The Narrow

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Set on the banks of the Thames river, The Narrow is Gordon Ramsay's approach to the gastropub movement. Much of the food mirrors the riverside-setting, and fixed menus allow a deliciously complete meal without breaking the bank, according to Gordon Ramsay Restaurants. Traditional UK choices such as lamb, shepherd's pie and of course the Sunday favorite roast are far from ho-hum and are served in filling, rib-sticking portions. Foodies who value atmosphere as much as technique can really get in to what The Narrow offers, and like most of Gordon's restaurants, kids are made welcome here without compromising the quality of the offerings.

3 Loose Wallets And Delicate Palates Visit Le Pressoir d'Argent


Le Pressoir d'Argent shares the same high standards seen at Gordon Ramsay's other Michelin-starred restaurants, but deserves its own visit so cuisine connoisseurs can see what makes it different. There's no doubt that the sumptuous atmosphere and delicately-arranged dishes are designed to press the money out of a diner, but the executive chef's focus on local produce really gives Le Pressoir d'Argent a distinctive flavor, as per InterContinental Bordeaux. The chef even influenced the décor of the restaurant—ambiance is key. It's definitely not beef and bangers at Le Pressoir d'Argent, and that means that Basque country organic ingredients can tempt the foodie in a different direction.

2 There's No Place Like London House

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Gordon Ramsay's got London pretty well covered now that London House is open in Battersea. Here he's stuck with a formula that's worked well for him, because it gives foodies what they crave— UK food done well at a decent price, according to Gordon Ramsay Restaurants. Sunday roasts are a serious tradition, and London House steps up to the plate with perfect carvings. Gordon must love the convivial atmosphere that happens in an inclusive eatery, as four-legged patrons receive complimentary biscuits and water while folks tuck in to reliably hearty modern UK meals. Lunches and dinners here follow the seasonal flow, and the garden gives it all extra charm.

1 Michelin Star Meals At Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

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The flagship restaurant of the Gordon Ramsay group has held three Michelin stars for 17 years running, recently reaffirming its status in the newest Michelin guide for 2019, as per the Daily Mail. This highest of high end restaurants is very exclusive—“smart” dress is required, and there is seating for only 44 guests, ensuring a very calm and attentive atmosphere, according to Gordon Ramsay Restaurants. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay opened in 1998 and currently has a menu full of cuisine inspired from France and precisely-crafted delicacies. For foodie fiends, masterclasses are available even at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, where participants can learn to craft the menu alongside the Chef de Cuisine and the kitchen team.

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