You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Hangry: 25 Relationship-Saving Meals To Have Memorized, Just In Case

It's 6 p.m. and we've just gotten home from work. We're staring into our fridge, trying to figure out if there's even anything resembling food in there, and our stomach is basically screaming at us. Our significant other asks why we don't just order pizza, we tell them that we ordered pizza three times this week and really want to make something homemade, and that starts a whole big argument.

Love and hunger don't mix, and when couples want to make a weeknight dinner but are super hangry, they definitely need some easy and delicious meals in their back pockets. We're pretty sure that every few days, a couple needs to say to each other, "I'm sorry for the stuff that I said when I was hungry." We really become totally different people when our stomachs are growling and we're trying to think of something, anything, to whip up. Instead of ordering take-out or going for cheese and crackers, we should have some recipes up our sleeves.

Here are 25 relationship-saving meals that will avert any breakups and other hunger-based disasters. These are so great that they'll not only save the day (or evening) but they'll become our new favorite fast dinners that we want to make all the time.

25 Broccoli And Cheese Risotto

via Big Bears Wife

Do we think that risotto takes forever? Probably... because that's often what it seems like. That's totally wrong, though. Risotto is not only a delicious dinner (especially if we're into carbs... which is all of us, let's be real) but we can make it pretty fast.

Big Bears Wife has a great recipe for Broccoli and Cheese Risotto which involves chicken broth, broccoli, shredded cheddar cheese, butter, and arborio rice. We can also add some paprika on top. This recipe is also super quick because you can make the broccoli in the microwave in just minutes. Here's a secret though: You can make delicious risotto with just about any toppings you may have lying around in the fridge. Dinnertime magic.

24 Roasted Lemon Chicken Thighs With Potatoes

via thewoksoflife.com

The Woks of Life will save us from hunger (and will save our relationship, too) if we make this recipe for Roasted Lemon Chicken Thighs with Potatoes.

After searing the chicken thighs in a pan, we'll put them in the oven for 30 minutes. This is a really delicious, easy recipe and also has salt and pepper, potatoes, lemon, garlic, and olive oil. We can definitely see ourselves making this one time and time again, and well always avert disaster around dinnertime.

23 Creamy Pasta With Pancetta And Peas

via Food Network

We know that pasta is the best, but we don't want to spend hours simmering a sauce on the stove or forming meatballs or dealing with all those layers of lasagna. How do we indulge in our love of this carb while avoiding a fight with our significant other and getting dinner on the table super fast?

It's easy: this recipe for Creamy Pasta with Pancetta and Peas from Fox and Briar has got us covered. With only a few ingredients -- frozen peas, parmesan, pancetta, red pepper flakes, heavy cream, garlic, lemon, and parsley and mint, we'll make an amazing quick and easy dinner.

22 Three-Bean Vegan Chili

via naturallyella.com

Vegan chili is awesome because it's quick to make and also delicious and satisfying. Whether we're doing Meatless Monday, we're vegan or vegetarian, or we just like really good chili, we're going to like this recipe.

This Three Bean Vegan Chili from Naturally Ella has three kinds of beans: kidney, navy, and pinto. It takes a total of thirty-five minutes, and we think that is just the best news ever. She also has links to a recipe for cornbread, which we will be all too happy to make as well.

21 Meat Sauce

via thesuburbansoapbox.com

If we thought that we couldn't make pasta sauce on a weeknight, all while saving our relationship in the meantime and whipping up an epic dinner that will make us both very happy, well, we were wrong. This recipe is here to help us out.

30 minutes is all we need and we can whip up this meat sauce from The Suburban SoapboxThis sauce has ground beef and sausage, which is awesome, plus tomato paste, an onion, garlic, tomato sauce, crushed tomatoes, and a few other ingredients.

20 Cheesy Baked Chicken Fingers

via Prairie Winds Life

You had us at chicken fingers...

The next time the tension is super high in our kitchen and our boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/fiance/partner is asking us what we should order in, we're going to say, "Let's make these Cheesy Baked Chicken Fingers." And they will nod and smile and say that we're the most beautiful, wonderful person in the world. This recipe from Prairie Winds Life is awesome and only takes twenty minutes. Oh yes, chicken fingers that are made with cheese and take less than an hour to make? We're very interested.

19 Honey Garlic Salmon

via Chef Savvy

How do we feel about salmon? Many of us enjoy eating it when someone else makes it or we like to order it at a restaurant, but we're not so big on making it at home because, well, it can be straight-up anxiety-inducing. What if we don't cook it properly or all the way through?

The truth is that it's easy to make and we just need a good recipe that is simple to follow. Chef Savvy's recipe for Honey Garlic Salmon is just that. It will only take twenty minutes, which is the best news ever. It's got the main ingredients from the title, plus oil and lemon juice and parsley, and it couldn't look more delicious.

18 Red Pepper Fettuccine With Shrimp

via Pinch Of Yum

Pasta is a savior kind of dinner for a busy weeknight... or when we're starving and about to yell at our girlfriend/boyfriend/fiancé and know that we have to eat and soon.

Pinch of Yum's awesome recipe includes a "red pepper garlic butter" that we are dreaming about. It's lemon zest and juice, herbs, garlic, jarred roasted red peppers, butter, and some spices such as cayenne pepper and chili powder. If that doesn't sell us on this recipe, well, we don't know what would... but it totally does because we just know that this is a relationship-saving, say-goodbye-to-hangry recipe. We'll make the butter and then make shrimp and pasta.

17 Smothered Baked Chicken Burritos

via MasterCook

Who doesn't love a good burrito?! Instead of ordering takeout when we're rushing to eat some dinner and super hungry, let's make this recipe for Smothered Baked Chicken Burritos from Carlsbad Cravings.

The sauce is made from sour cream, green chiles, cheese, and a few other amazing ingredients, and then there are tortillas, more cheese, and chicken. It takes ten minutes to prep and twenty minutes to cook, so yes, we can absolutely make this on a weeknight. It's another back pocket recipe that we're so thrilled to know about, and we're already craving it (no pun intended).

16 Quick Loaded Chorizo Burgers With Pan Fried Sweet Potato

via PaleOMG

Paleomg has given us this amazing recipe that we will be so glad to eat after a long day of work.

We'll make a burger with ground beef, shallot, garlic cloves, salt and pepper, and ground chorizo. We'll add arugula, bacon, and avocado to the plate, and also make sweet potatoes in a pan. It's a really easy and quick dinner that no one would ever turn down. In fact, we're pretty sure that we'll eat seconds... and thirds... but then what will our boyfriend or girlfriend eat?!

15 Roasted Tomato Basil Grilled Cheese

via A Couple Cooks

Grilled cheese for dinner? Um, yes. We don't have to be asked twice.

But we don't have to settle for a plain old cheddar grilled cheese. Sure, that's super simple to whip up, and we know that we're hungry and on the verge of a breakup here. We can forget your typical grilled cheese and go one step further with this Roasted Tomato Basil Grilled Cheese from A Couple CooksIt's got shredded mozzarella cheese, mayo, butter, basil leaves, and cherry tomatoes. Oh yeah, and bread. Talk about a super good back-pocket meal.

14 Sausage And Asparagus Risotto

via mystylevita.com

Here's another awesome risotto recipe... and another reminder that when we're hungry and want a fast and easy dinner, this carb masterpiece is totally on the table (pun intended).

Thanks to My Style Vita, we have this great recipe that has sausage and asparagus. It takes 40 minutes (10 to prep, 30 to cook) and that is the greatest thing that we have ever heard. This recipe also includes a Parmigiana-Reggiano rind so we know that it's going to be good.

13 Oven Baked Meatball Sandwiches

via gimmesomegrilling.com

Sandwiches are always a great option when we want a quick meal. Meatball sandwiches are even better. We love this recipe from Gimme Some Grilling because it's meaty, hearty, satisfying, and also really easy. There's nothing better than a fast meal that only has a few ingredients and can be made even when we're tired.

All we need are frozen meatballs, buns, provolone cheese, and Mariana sauce. The recipe is intended for grilling, but we can also make them in the oven, which is awesome.

12 Quick And Easy Taco Soup

via Chowhound

People are pretty obsessed with tacos these days. We get it, they're totally amazing. The beef/meat/protein, the veggies, the toppings, the tortillas... It's all so good.

If we want to make dinnertime less stressful and whip something up (especially when we're so hungry that we're on the verge of a major argument with the person that we love... oops...), we can make this Quick and Easy Taco Soup from I Wash You Dry. We'll use taco seasoning on ground beef, and add corn, black beans, and kidney beans, plus tomato sauce and diced tomatoes.

11 Turkey Cranberry Panini

via Thanksgiving.com

A panini is always a fun dinner option. It's basically a grilled sandwich something about it just feels so fancy and special. It's definitely more exciting than a grilled cheese (no offense to the humble grilled cheese -- we still love you).

Let's make this Turkey Cranberry Panini from Happy Foods Tube the next time that our blood sugar levels are dropping and we need dinner and we need it now. This recipe literally takes 12 minutes. That's right, 12 minutes. And it's got all the lovely holiday vibes going on, too.

10 Honey Mustard Salmon In Foil

via Clean Eating Magazine

It's getting late and we're getting hungrier and hungrier. We just can't figure out what to make for dinner, and our partner mentions that we did just buy some salmon yesterday. Maybe we can find an easy and fast recipe?

Gimme Some Oven will totally save our hungry butts with this recipe for Honey Mustard Salmon In Foil. We'll make a mustard sauce from garlic, honey, whole grain mustard, smoked paprika, and a few other things. We'll bake the salmon in a 375 degree oven. And it'll be ready in twenty-five minutes. And we didn't think that (dinnertime) dreams came true.

9 Kielbasa, Pepper, Onion And Potato Hash

via thetwobiteclub.com

We'll never say no to a nice and delicious potato hash. Breakfast for dinner is the best and it's an even better idea when we're truly hungry and need something super fast. We don't have to stick to traditional dinner ideas, right? Why would we? That's boring.

The Two Bite Club has a great recipe for Kielbasa, Pepper, Onion and Potato Hash. Don't those things sound so good together?! And the cool part: it takes 15 minutes. Oh yes, we're running into the kitchen to make it.

8 Cheesy Bacon Potato Frittata

via thecomfortofcooking.com

Okay, we need this. Now that we're into the idea of breakfast for dinner, we never want to eat traditional dinner foods again and we need some recipes. This Cheesy Bacon Potato Frittata from The Comfort of Cooking sounds like it's right up our alley.

It's got all the stuff listed in the title, plus, of course, eggs. It also has onion and garlic powder, so we know that it's going to be totally delicious. Our significant other will love it and we will too, thus avoiding any tension and fights. Phew.

7 Baked Sweet And Sour Chicken Thighs

via Real Life Dinner

Chicken is a popular dinnertime protein and chicken thighs are super easy to make. This recipe from Real Life Dinner for Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken Thighs is sure to make us happy and help us out on busy weeknights.

The sauce is made of ketchup, soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, and sugar. Yum. All we have to do is bake the chicken so we can definitely come home from work, preheat the oven, get it all ready, and chill out while the chicken bakes.

6 Easy Weeknight Bacon Broccoli Pasta

via howsweeteats.com

When a recipe title says that something is both "easy" and can be made on a "weeknight", well, we're super interested. And we're definitely going to make this Easy Weeknight Bacon Broccoli Pasta from How Sweet Eats.

First of all, a bacon pasta dish is always going to be a great dinner, and then there's the fact that we can make this dish in 30 minutes. Besides the bacon and broccolini, this pasta also has red pepper flakes, garlic, and parmesan. We'll be so happy and wonder how we were ever worried about putting dinner on the table.

5 Sausage Sheet Pan Dinner

via Lemons For Lulu

Sheet pans are the greatest kitchen invention ever. Okay, okay, so some of us might argue with that point, but it's definitely true that they're a great way to whip up a fast dinner, especially when we're already beyond starving.

We love this recipe from The Busy Baker. We'll put yellow and red bell pepper, baby potatoes, sausages, zucchini, and, red onion, along with seasonings, on a sheet pan, and roast for 20-25 minutes at 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Talk about the best easy dinner... and a relationship-saving one at that.

4 Salmon Pasta With Spinach

via Cooktoria

Cooktoria's recipe for Salmon Pasta With Spinach is another awesome weeknight meal that is fast and easy and delicious. We've got our protein from the salmon, carbs from the pasta, veggies from the spinach. The recipe also has delicious ingredients such as heavy cream, garlic, parsley, butter, and Parmesan cheese.

The next time we're hangry and in desperate need of food, let's turn to these 25 relationship-saving meals. We'll be so glad that we have them in our back pockets.

3 Quick Turkey Chili

via foodnetwork.com

The Food Network's Quick Turkey Chili recipe will save us when we need to eat and we don't know what to make for dinner. It's only 35 minutes (20 minutes to cook, 15 minutes of prep).

There is something so lovely and hearty about chili. Since we know that we love the ground beef version, we can try turkey instead because it's going to be healthy and a nice change of pace. Even if our partner keeps saying that they want beef chili, they'll be pleased with this bowl, so it'll all work out.

2 Caramelized Onion Turkey Burger

via alittlegathering.com

Turkey burgers are pretty underrated when we stop and think about it. When we think of a burger, we always think of a beef burger. Preferably with cheese and bacon on top. But turkey burgers are also delicious, and turkey is a quick-cooking protein that's made for weeknights, especially when some relationship saving is on the table along with dinner.

A Little Gathering has a great recipe for a Caramelized Onion Turkey Burger that is super decadent but so easy. Panko breadcrumbs, sliced gruyere cheese, ground turkey, onions, garlic... It's so good.

1 Quick And Easy Chicken Noodle Soup

via kitchme.com

Who doesn't want to come home to a bowl of chicken noodle soup? Okay, so we'll have to make it ourselves... unless our partner is super sweet and makes it for us (and gets home from work before us... that's an important part of the equation, too).

We'll be happy to whip up this Quick and Easy Chicken Noodle Soup from Kitchme because it can be made in less than an hour. That's right, this is a half hour type of deal. Bring on the cozy soup dinner.

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