25 Haunted Restaurants That Serve Up Spookiness

Doors opening by themselves and dolls that have a mind of their own have the ability to scare us to death but our self-destructive fascination with these supernatural occurrences isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Getting dinner with a couple of friends almost always means a good time but a few people felt that it lacked the much-needed element of excitement. This meant that countless restaurants around the world decided that adding a spooky vibe to your regular session of food and drink would be a good idea. So, if Halloween is your favourite time of the year and the 1st of November is like waking up after your birthday, then these restaurants are beckoning you.

This is also becoming quite a fascination for travellers around the world who are looking for something different everywhere they go. If you do decide to go on a spooky tour of your own and come across the supernatural, take it as another experience from your travels rather than a scary snippet of your life.

A lot of these restaurants also have some pretty great stories to tell that really do draw a diner in, making them crave more. The thought that you are sitting in the same place that the ghost of Lincoln may have haunted is pretty cool whether you believe or not. So, if you fancy a night out with a twist then this list is for you. You can also take a look at our 12 most unusual restaurants around the world and make this one long, weird road trip.

25 Beardslee Castle, NYC

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Beardslee Castle at NYC really takes you on a tour of Ireland with its faux Irish castle architecture. It has even featured on an episode of Ghost Hunters where the paranormal activity there was studied in detail. Talk about the restaurant being haunted really began to spread in 1983 when Norm Gauthier, a paranormal expert, came to the conclusion that there were two spirits in the house. The first ghost is believed to be a man who committed suicide out of despair while the second is a bride to be that died on the night before her wedding.

24 Restaurant 1833, California

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Restaurant 1833 in Monterey, California which was previously known as Stokes Bar and restaurant after a sailor that convinced the town that he was actually a doctor. The fraudulent doctor wound up killing most of his patients due to a lack of skills and later committed suicide. Hattie Gragg who was a tenant after him also haunts this restaurant along with the sailor. The ghosts are thought to be pretty aggressive because of the nature of the paranormal activities which includes doors banging and the smashing of glass.

23 Marsden Grotto Restaurant, England

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This restaurant and pub is nestled into the coastal area of South Shields and has been around since the 1780s. The Marsden Grotto has had diners that swear that ashtrays have had a mind of their own during their meal along with other crazy occurrences that made their seafood meal more eventful. This cave restaurant is believed to be haunted by Jack the Jibber who was a smuggler that was offed by his accomplices. He was left to starve to death by his fellow criminals and haunts the restaurant to this day.

22 Buma Inn, Beijing

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The Buma Inn located in Beijing has some pretty rave reviews for the Chinese food available but you may have to deal with an unexpected guest while you are there. According to the story, there was a guest that was poisoned by the head chef who later stabbed himself. The reason behind the poisoning remains unknown but it is believed that the guest still haunts the restaurant looking for his killer. These paranormal activities are mostly witnessed by diners who frequent the restaurant in the night.

21 Muriel's Jackson Square, New Orleans

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This New Orleans restaurant leaves a table empty every night for their resident ghost out of respect. This is actually pretty understandable considering he used to be the owner of the place at one point. The ghost that is said to haunt Muriel's committed suicide on the second floor of the building after losing his house in a game of poker. He can be heard banging the walls of the second floor and guests have seen glasses flying across the room or hovering over shelves. This is especially seen during the night time.

20 One If by Land, Two If by Sea, NYC

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One If by Land, Two If by Sea is considered to be one of the most romantic restaurants in NYC as well as one of the most haunted. No one really knows the reason behind these occurrences but all of the staff that has worked at the restaurant has said that they have experienced paranormal activity at some point. The general manager, Rosanne Martino, has said that she has had some unexplained experiences in her time as manager. Rosanne has been working at the restaurant for years now and believes it is haunted much like everyone who has taken up a job there. Machinery that has a mind of its own, moving cutlery and other spooky occurrences are all part of the job description.

19 Catfish Plantation, Texas

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Waxahachie in Texas has a population of barely 30,000 but it also has the most haunted restaurant in Texas. Catfish Plantation is a Victorian style house that serves Cajun food along with the company of their residential ghost - Caroline. Caroline used to be a former resident of the house but continues to live there pretty peacefully in comparison to some of the other stories we have heard. Owners found coffee brewing in the middle of the night along with cups stacked in different places. Some people even said that they saw a young woman in a wedding dress standing by the entrance. It is believed that Caroline had a strong connection to the house and because of that, her presence can still be felt.

18 The Ten Bells, London

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The pub and restaurant is a great place to grab a pint. At least that is what Jack the Ripper thought because the story goes that he used to look for his prey while waiting for a pint at this pub 130 years ago. At least 2 of his victims were last seen leaving The Ten Bells before Jack the Ripper got to them. So if you want a taste of history as well as some spookiness, this pub is the perfect place. The restaurant is still tiled to maintain the historical charm and their pheasant egg with garlic and snails has some great reviews.

17 The Black Derby, NYC

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This quaint restaurant in NYC is pretty hard to find because you have to know what you are looking for. It is nestled into the basement of an old building that dates back 130 years. Similar to the Catfish Plantation, guests and owners saw silverware and glasses fall off the table mysteriously and also saw a young woman in a flowing dress walking around. Other than this, the restaurant has a long list of drinks as well so it makes for a pretty entertaining night. They also have some amazing reviews.

16 Heritage Hotel, Australia

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The Heritage Hotel or the Bulli Family Hotel is said to be haunted by the previous owner of the hotel Edward Cullen. Much like Edward from Twilight, this one has decided to stay on for hundreds of years as well. It is believed that Edward and his wife become owners of the hotel right before the Great Depression hit and that meant a plummet in sales. The day Edward died he went to the bank to ask for an overdraft but was refused. When he got back home, he asked his wife to switch off all the lights before going to bed. The same night he hanged himself and now roams the restaurant. Waiters have talked about odd taps on the back, missing stock and moving cutlery.

15 The Melting Pot, Colorado

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Littleton, Colorado, transformed their old library into what is today the Melting Pot restaurant. The amazing part about this restaurant is it gives diners a crazy amount of privacy. Each little table can be found in an enclave of its own giving guests the ability to chat in a mini room of their own. This restaurant also used to be the local jail at one point which is where the spookiness comes in. The lighting of candles mysteriously and whispered voices are said to be because of the failed escape attempt carried out by an inmate that then lead to the death of both him and a jailer.

14 Nottingham Road Hotel, South Africa

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The Nottingham Road Hotel in South Africa was built in 1854 and was right near the railway tracks. This made it the hot spot for soldiers coming in from different posts. It is believed that a patron of the spot, Charlotte, was deeply in love with one of the soldiers that frequented this restaurant. One day while she was at the balcony waiting for him to return, she received the news of his death and took her fatal leap from the balcony she was stood at. It is believed that even though she committed suicide to escape the pain of not having her lover, her soul remains trapped in that area looking for her lover and causing supernatural appearances while she is at it.

13 The Captain's Anchorage, Southern California

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The Captain's Anchorage is located at Big Bear Lake in Southern California and is known for its cosy set up and paranormal activities. The restaurant used to be a hotspot for gamblers in the 1950s and that lead to the killing of George the bookkeeper who was embezzling money from clients on the sly. Employees and diners have seen ghosts at various points during the past few years which has lead to the belief that the restaurant is haunted. The Captain's Anchorage is great for fine dining though so if you are cool with meeting the ghost of an ill-fated bookkeeper, you should definitely give it a go.

12 Poogan's Porch, South Carolina

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Poogan's Porch in South Carolina may appear cosy and quaint but it has a dark history behind it. The Victorian home was built in 1888 and was transformed into a restaurant in 1976 which has had numerous visits from the ghost of Zoe St. Armand who haunts the restaurant to this day. Zoe used to live in the house that is now Poogan's Porch along with her sister and had given up on finding true love. She and her sister were dependent on each other for company and when her sister died in 1945, she lost her mind. Diners and staff have said they have seen her roaming around the restaurant dressed in a black dress looking for her sister to this day.

11 The Brentwood Restaurant and Wine Bistro, South Carolina

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The Brentwood Restaurant has so much paranormal activity that Stephen Lancaster actually spent a year making a documentary about it. The Gothic-looking house was the paranormal researcher's biggest project for that entire year and it is easy to understand why. The Brentwood Restaurant even offers ghost tours along with their usual meals. The haunted activities here range from ghostly faces peering at you through windows, a chilling feeling for guests that visit the washroom and abnormal noises. The restaurant is the local hotspot for paranormal researches or just people interested in the mystery behind it all.

10 Jean Bonnet Tavern, Pennsylvania

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The Bedford based restaurant that now attracts quite a few customers were used to try criminals back in the 18th Century. The criminals who were then sentenced to death were hung right there outside the restaurant. Their ghosts are said to haunt the place to this day with weird noises, crying children and moving furniture all part of the meal you sign yourself up for. You can also sign yourself up to stay the night at this hotel cum restaurant if you really want to give yourself the creeps.

9 Old Town Pizza, Oregon

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The ghost of Old Town Pizza is believed to be a low-class prostitute that worked in the basement over which the restaurant was built. Nina was found dead in the hotel's elevator shaft with plenty of possible stories. Some believe that she was forced into prostitution and was trying to escape before someone caught her while others believe she was offed by her jealous lovers. Diners have been recorded saying that they feel her presence at times while some say that they have been able to smell her perfume.

8 The Fenton Hotel Tavern and Grille, Michigan

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We have all overstayed our welcome at some point but the ghosts of The Fenton Hotel has outdone us all. The custodian that used to take care of the place years ago can still be heard stomping about above the dining room. There is another man at table 32 that has probably had the longest meal in history since he is still sat there ordering jack and cokes. Glasses have broken while no one was around and objects have moved out of place. All of this simply adds to the spookiness. Thankfully people are still more focused on the booze than the paranormal activity.

7 The Horse You Came In On Saloon, Maryland

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This bar is famous for a lot of reasons- firstly, Edgar Allan Poe used to be a regular back in the day and secondly, some believe he still is. Edgar has freaked everyone from bartenders to diners out by being a bit of a naughty schoolboy in his ways. Glasses are smashed, drawers are played around with and chandeliers swing at odd moments with no real explanation. If you are ready to deal with all of that and fancy a dinner with Edgar then this is the place for you.

6 Stone's Public House, Boston

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In the southwest of Boston, there is a pub that has raised so much speculation that the Discovery Channel filmed an episode of Ghost Lab over there. The story goes that a young girl was hit by a train and was brought into the tavern to die. It is her ghost that is said to haunt the area but this story is disputed by some who claim that the occurrences are due to a link with the underground railway of that time. Either way, Stone's Public House has brought in tons of paranormal experts who are trying to figure out the mystery behind the eerie noises that can be heard by diners.

5 Old Bull and Bush, London

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Since the opening of the restaurant, there has been an unsmiling figure stood at the bar looking at diners. This went largely unexplained until the 1980s which is when the restaurant was dug up and a skeleton was found surrounded by Victorian-era surgical equipment. The skeleton was trapped in the ventilation shaft, forgotten over the years and was only found a little too late because the figure continued to show up now and again. There is no information regarding how the skeleton got there or how he died but it is believed his figure is the one that stands at the bar.

4 Captain Tony's Saloon, Florida

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Captain Tony's Saloon used to a be a morgue for the area before it became the restaurant that is known today so it is pretty obvious that it would be haunted. There have been various diners that have seen different ghosts as the years have gone by but one of the most common ones is the Lady in Blue that is said to show her face more often than the others. This woman was hung at the famous hanging tree that can still be found if you choose to visit. She was found guilty of killing her husband and two sons. Diners talk about an eerie feeling in the ladies washroom and doors opening by themselves so be ready for an eventful dinner.

3 Baker Peters Jazz Club, Tennessee

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The Baker Peters Jazz Club in Knoxville, Tennessee is known for its strange occurrences with an even stranger backstory. During the Civil War, this restaurant used to be home for a doctor and he was later fatally shot there. The Union raid is what caused Dr Bakers downfall because he went out to warn the rebels of the city. While he was on horseback trying to reach them, he got into an ill-fated altercation with a Union soldier. He continues to roam his house which later became a jazz club. Diners and staff say that they have experienced sudden chills as well as hearing eerie whispers through the club.

2 Milano's Bar and Tavern, Melbourne

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Melbourne has a list full of spooky restaurants but this one takes the cake. It has the worst haunted story out of the restaurants in this list and you won't even be able to tell if you visit the place. It is airy and right by the sea making it a great spot for a family outing but it, unfortunately, has a pretty dark past. The 170-year-old building was once the location of the worst crime of that time. A young girl only known as Tilly met a violent death in the restaurant and her ghost is said to haunt the place looking for vengeance. Glasses smashing and voices that sound otherworldly are some of the supernatural occurrences that diners have talked about. Tilly is also believed to prefer female diners and is rather rude to males when she does show up.

1 The Brass Rail, London

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The Brass Rail is a great place for casual brunch and a spooky story. You can settle down with a plate of short rib omelettes and hope you don't have to make polite conversation with the bride that haunts the place. The story is that in 1904, a to-be bride and her groom had a date with destiny and they did not enjoy it. The bride fell down the spiral staircase breaking her neck which led her groom to take his own life that very same evening. Now the pair continue to live on at the bar of the restaurant until the last call for drinks.

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