Have Some Cake And Eat It, Too: Ranking 25 Cake Flavors From Worst To Best

Of all the desserts, everyone can agree that cake is the best one—well, except for the people who claim that pie is more delicious. But dessert-loving foodies can avoid the debate and just smile because dessert is on its way.

I've always loved cake for one main reason: icing. And I know I'm not the only one. This amazing sugary invention is an awesome way to get some frosting since it might seem strange to simply buy (or make) some and eat it... although it's probably been done. When we're kids, we instinctively love cake. My fiance's three-year-old nephew always asks, "Is it cake?" when he's told that there's dessert, and I'll never forget the look of pure bliss on his face when he once ate a massive leftover slice of birthday cake.

We know that cake is the best, but we might not agree on which cake flavors are the most worth eating. There are so many kinds of cake, but just because something has flour and sugar and butter and eggs doesn't mean that it's amazing.

Since we don't want to waste time (or our sweet tooths), it's time to get serious. Here are 25 cake flavors ranked from worst to best.

25 Angel Food Cake

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Many people like angel food cake, but still others would agree that the texture is way too spongy and, therefore, off-putting. This cake is made with egg whites, sugar, and flour, and it's not as beloved as some other cake flavors out there.

It's also not particularly sweet, at least not when compared to a nice big slice of cake that has frosting both on top and in between the layers. That's the kind of cake that we want. Sorry angel food cake, you're number 25 on our list, aka the worst kind of cake.

24 Bundt Cake

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A bundt cake is pretty inoffensive... but that doesn't mean that it's particularly good. It's not like anyone is sitting around going, "You know what? I would really love right now. A bundt cake. The whole cake and nothing but the cake. Seriously, I'll eat the entire thing."

First of all, chocolate isn't typically involved, so that's the first strike. The flavor is usually vanilla or plain, which are basically the same. The only thing that this cake has going for it is that you bake it in a special pan, but that's not that exciting, really.

23 Marble Cake

via Good Food

Marble cake needs to make up its mind: is it a vanilla cake or a chocolate cake?

Just kidding... but not really. Honestly, the reason why marble cake isn't that amazing (and why it sits at number 23 on this list) is that it's pretty bland and boring as far as cake flavors go. It's just nothing to write home about. We can take it or leave it, and while we might turn down a freshly baked slice, there are so many cake flavors out there, we'd rather eat one of those.

22 Coffee Cake

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Coffee cake is a staple of entertaining. Moms and grandmas have been making them in their kitchens for generations. Is someone coming by unexpectedly? Well, aren't you so pleased that you have a coffee cake ready to go on the counter, just in case?

Coffee cake isn't exactly as thrilling as a chocolate cake, but it's definitely delicious, and it just had to be on this list. It's number 22 because it's never truly bad, but it's not everyone's cup of tea (or slice of cake). Some flavors are better than others, and cinnamon is always a winner.

21 Coconut

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Coconut is a flavor that could be considered an acquired taste. Many people don't enjoy it as a child and then love it as adults. Coconut is having a moment with coconut milk, coconut flour, coconut oil, and so on.

A coconut cake has a super strong flavor... maybe too strong for some. That's why it's sitting at number 21 on this list of cake flavors. Some people will go (coco)nuts for it and others will ask for a slice of another cake. If you enjoy coconut, though, you love it in cake form.

20 Banana

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Like coconut, banana is a strong flavor when it's in cake form. A banana cake is super different from banana bread. It's much sweeter, more moist, and less dense.

Sometimes, when you bite into a slice of banana cake, it doesn't even taste like there's real banana in there because it's so sugary. That's what you want, though, because after all, this is a piece of cake that you're eating. It's a dessert. Often, banana cake is served with chocolate frosting, and we're all over that.

19 Chocolate Raspberry

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A chocolate raspberry cake just feels decadent. It's elegant. It's sophisticated. It screams "fancy dinner party" and seems like just the thing to make for your special someone on Valentine's Day.

It's a pretty situation-specific cake, though, which is why it's not higher up on the list. It's number 19 because it's definitely amazing, and no one would say that it's not, but people don't really eat it all the time. It's a specialty flavor that works for dinner parties and special occasions. That's valid, of course, but it's not super popular.

18 Spice

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A spice cake traditionally has cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger, and cloves. If we think that sounds delightful and if we like the idea of making a spice cake around the holidays, then cool. If we don't want spices in our cake, then we're going to say that this isn't the best cake flavor that there is.

A spice cake is the kind of thing that's passed down through generations, and someone would make it because a relative did. We have nothing against a cake with a strong story and family memories. That's pretty cool. But a spice cake isn't as popular as other types of cake, so it's number 18.

17 Orange/Clementine

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An orange/clementine-flavored cake is super homey and lovely. It's the cake that your grandma makes (my own grandma used to make a clementine bundt cake with a sweet glaze every time that I used to visit... yum).

This might not be up there with vanilla or chocolate, and people might not talk about an orange cake very often, but does anyone have anything against orange? No, of course not. Orange is a great flavor, and it's a great cake flavor as well. Number 17 feels just right for this flavor.

16 Apple

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An apple cake is slightly more delicious than an orange cake, so it's one point above it on this list. Why is it better?

Well, an apple cake can be made two ways: it can be a super sweet moist cake that's awesome, or it can have pieces of apple inside it. Either way, it's totally craveable. There's something about an apple cake that's just so wonderful. It brings all the fall vibes, no matter what time of year you make it, and it just feels cozy. That counts for a lot, and it's number 16.

15 Lemon Poppyseed

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Lemon poppyseed loaves are a beautiful thing. Many of us grew up eating them from Starbucks, but lemon poppyseed is a legit cake flavor in its own right. It's often on the menu at fancy bakeries and goes way beyond the simple loaf.

Since this is such a popular flavor combination, it just had to be on this list, and it's number 13 since it's not as good as the cake flavors in the top five (or the top ten) but, yes, it's good. It's always sweet and often has a great glaze on top.

14 Chocolate Chip

via The Answer is Cake

A chocolate chip cake is amazing. It's magical. No one could ever say a bad thing about it. It's number 14 on this list of cake flavors since it might not be as popular or made as often as a straight-up chocolate cake, but hey, it should be.

This flavor is often combined with banana to make a banana chocolate chip cake, and, of course, many people enjoy putting chocolate chips in their banana bread. But chocolate chip cake can stand on its own, and it's always lovely.

13 Pound Cake

via Cook's Illustrated

Pound cake is super dense. That's basically the whole point. It can have flavors of vanilla or lemon, and any way you make it or slice it, it's going to be really good.

A pound cake takes the number 13 spot because it's such an easy cake to make at home. While it might not be as sugary or as decadent as a three-layer chocolate cake with frosting on top and in between the layers, a pound cake is more practical. It's an afternoon cake. It's cake when you really, really need cake but can't whip up something more time-consuming. That's important. We love pound cake.

12 Carrot Cake

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Carrot cake takes the number 12 spot on our list (aka the middle spot) because it's a divisive flavor. You know when something is described as "You either love it or you hate it"? That's how people feel about this particular cake flavor.

Carrot cake lovers are nuts about it... and nuts about adding walnuts and pineapple to the batter. They adore the cream cheese frosting (and want more walnuts there too, please, and thank you). The rest of us? We're not exactly wishing that someone would bake us a carrot cake for our birthday. Next.

11 Lemon

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Of all the cake flavors, lemon is super interesting and unique. It can be a flavor for a fancy birthday or wedding cake and can be ordered from a nice bakery, but it can also be a more casual cake that you make at home on a Sunday afternoon. You know... like a pound cake or a lemon loaf.

Lemon is a delicious flavor, and many people would agree with that. That's why it sits at number eleven on the list. It's no chocolate—that's for sure—and it might be too subtle for some people, but no one really loathes lemon, right?

10 Black Forest

via America's Test Kitchen

Black forest cake is awesome since it's got so many good things in it: a chocolate cake base, a lovely frosting of whipped cream and sugar in between the chocolate cake layers, and more of that frosting on top. The whole cake is covered in chocolate shavings plus cherries. It's a dream.

It takes the number 10 spot since it's not something that you see every day (and it's not something that you'd necessarily think to bake when you're making dessert). It's a special occasion kind of cake. And it deserves all the love and popularity that it has.

9 Funfetti

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Funfetti cakes seem to have taken the cake world by storm in the past year or so. Suddenly,  you see them everywhere, especially on social media. Funfetti cakes are super fun, and it's impossible not to love them.

A funfetti cake is a vanilla cake with sprinkles. Lots and lots of sprinkles. There are sprinkles baked inside the cake and sprinkles on top of the frosting. This is the kind of dessert that makes anyone eating it feel like a kid again, and it's a top choice for birthdays and those times when some sugar is desperately needed.

8 Strawberries And Cream

via America's Test Kitchen

Taking the number six spot is the strawberries and cream cake. This can also be a strawberry shortcake - it's essentially the same thing: a sponge-like vanilla layer cake with cream and strawberries in between the layers.

It's delicious, and no one would argue that it's not. It's not in the top five because it's not as popular as some other cake flavors. Plus, there's the fact that it kind of seems like a seasonal dessert. It's not like you'd go out of your way to make a strawberries and cream cake in the middle of winter. But it's a cake that tastes as good as it looks—that's for sure.

7 Yellow Cake

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A yellow cake is a total classic. It's got that bright, gorgeous color and, usually, a thick layer of chocolate frosting.

For many people, a yellow cake is the only cake that they'll ever ask for on their birthday. It's nostalgic and something that they always love. Okay, so it's clear that people who love yellow cake love it for the chocolate icing, and that's totally easy to understand. Yellow cakes are often baked as super large sheet cakes, which also makes this a practical dessert choice for a large party or gathering.

6 Molten Lava Cake

via Food and Wine magazine

Molten lava cake is dreamy. It's not something that we eat super often, but we honestly should incorporate it into our lives much more. It just missed being in our top five because there are some other types of chocolate cake that are better, but there's still something special about a chocolate cake with chocolate gooey stuff in the center. Yum.

We love this cake because it's so rich... and that's also why it's not in our top five. Sometimes it's just a bit too much.

5 Flourless Chocolate Cake

via King Arthur Flour

Flourless chocolate cake, on the other hand, did make it into our top five. It takes the number five spot on our list, in fact, because something absolutely incredible happens when a chocolate cake doesn't have flour. It's funny because we'd assume that the opposite would be true and that it would be impossible to bake a cake without a super important ingredient such as flour.

Instead, the resulting cake is ooey and gooey and full of so much chocolate flavor. Yes, please. The main ingredients in flourless chocolate cake are butter, sugar, eggs, cocoa powder, and chocolate.

4 Banana Chocolate

Bon Appetit

Now, we've arrived at number four on the list: banana chocolate cake. This can also be called a banana chocolate chip cake, which, obviously, sounds epic.

Banana chocolate is one of the greatest cake flavors around and absolutely had to make it into the top five. It's sweet, it's chocolatey, it's perfection. If a plain banana cake is too dull for us but we want something a bit more exciting than plain old chocolate, then this combination is right up our dessert-eating alleys. There's something about this combo that's so dreamy.

3 Red Velvet

Food Network

Red velvet cake takes the number three spot on this list of the best cake flavors for a few reasons. First of all, the bright red color is delightful and fun. It'll perk up any dessert table or birthday party. Second of all, the combination of the cream cheese frosting and the chocolate flavor is too good.

Yes, that's right—red velvet cake doesn't really taste "red" (we're not sure what that would taste like... cherries, perhaps?!) but it does taste like cocoa powder since that's one of the main ingredients. The red coloring can come from straight-up food coloring or beets for a healthier, more natural take. Either way, we love this cake. It's so special and fancy.

2 Vanilla

via Country Living Magazine

Vanilla cake might be boring to some people (and many would always choose chocolate over vanilla), but we have this to say: a vanilla cake is the best cake ever when you want to go nuts with frosting.

Think about it: so many different frosting flavors work really well with a vanilla cake. You can go with regular old vanilla, but you can also do chocolate, strawberry, lemon, raspberry... There are just so many ideas. Since vanilla is a popular cake flavor, we had to give it the number two spot. But it's not number one...

1 Chocolate

via Southern Living

Oh yes, chocolate cake is definitely the best cake that there is, so it absolutely had to take the top spot on our list of the worst to best cake flavors.

What can we say about chocolate that hasn't been said before?! It's delicious, it's always something that we're craving, and it works for every single occasion. You can bake and bring a chocolate cake to literally anything, from a birthday party to a work potluck to anything and everything in between. Who's craving a slice of cake right now?

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