10 Hidden McDonald's Menu Orders To Try (And 10 That Should Stay Hidden)

So you've been to McDonald's so many times that there's nothing left on the menu that you want to try. You're not surprised anymore. Everything starts to taste boring to you, leaving you wanting more. Well, we here at The Recipe are here to tell you that the McDonald's menu doesn't end at what you see above the counter. There is an entire secret menu at the Golden Arches just waiting for you to explore it. Almost anything you can imagine is on there, and if you get the right kind of person serving you, they'll know exactly what you want when you ask them about the secret menu. You can order all kinds of meals that most people wouldn't even dare to come up with, or even something so simple that it should be on the regular menu, but just never made it.

However, there are items on the secret menu that you will want to avoid at all costs. After all, there is no such thing as true perfection, and although the McDonald's secret menu comes close, there are some items that are secret for a reason. These menu items are strange, overblown, or just combine too many things into one meal. It's best to know what you're getting into before trying to order off of the secret menu, so here are 10 secret menu items that you should definitely try and 10 that you can totally pass on. You might even end up finding your new favorite meal!

20 Try: Neapolitan Shake

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There are some days where it's difficult to make decisions: what shirt to wear, which route to take to work, and most importantly of all, which McDonalds' milkshake to have. which do you pick? Strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla? Well, what if there was a way to have all three, just like classic Neapolitan ice cream? Turns out you can totally do that! Certain McDonald's locations will layer all three flavors together to create a shake that has the best of every taste. Be warned though: a lot of McDonald's locations changed their milkshake machines to ones that can't do this anymore, so you can only really get one if you're lucky.

19 Pass: Ketchup & Pickles

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If you choose to order your burger this way, this is what you'll get: ketchup and pickles. Yes, that's it. There's nothing special about this burger, no topping that is different or interesting, just leaving off other condiments to get the barest minimum flavor possible. This variation on a McDonald's burger doesn't even have cheese on it. Without that little bit of tang from the processed cheese, this might be one of the blandest items you can get at McDonald's. On the other hand, this order might come in handy if you have kids who are picky eaters (but happen to like pickles).

18 Try: Chicken Cordon Bleu McMuffin

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Chicken for breakfast? Why not? Now that McDonald's is serving breakfast all day, there are plenty of ways you can change up your breakfast order (even if you're having breakfast at noon). The Chicken Cordon Bleu burger imitates the classic dish by combining chicken, ham, egg, and cheese on a single McMuffin. Unfortunately, this is not a fully authentic recreation of the dish, as that would require swiss cheese, but it's pretty close for a McDonald's sandwich. This would be a great way to get a little extra boost of lean protein on your breakfast sandwich, while also making it a little bit more filling than usual.

17 Pass: Big Mac 'n' Cheese

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What do vegetarians do when they want to eat at McDonald's but are tired of the fries and the salads? Well, since there still hasn't been a veggie burger introduced in most markets, they don't really have a lot of options. That is unless they want to order the Big Mac 'n' Cheese. What is this sandwich, exactly? It's just a Big Mac without the burger patties. That's right, this is basically a bread sandwich topped with lettuce, cheese, and special sauce. Frankly, vegetarians could do a lot better than this sad recreation of the most famous McDonald's burger. Maybe sticking with the fries isn't such a bad choice after all.

16 Try: Cinnamon melts a la mode

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The McDonald's cinnamon melts were a surprise hit with its customers. After all, no one . would have thought that a new dessert designed to replicate the flavor of a homemade cinnamon bun would ever be able to compete with the other McDonald's desserts. However, it really caught on, enough that people discovered a secret menu hack to make the cinnamon melts even better: ask for them a la mode. Ice cream instantly makes every dessert 100% better, so having the McDonald's staff smash one of their signature cones into your cinnamon melts means they're only going to taste sweeter and more delicious.

15 Pass: McChicken in a McDouble

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This is one of the most classic secret menu items at McDonald's, and it actually goes by another name that we would rather not say in polite company. This sandwich isn't really anything special. It is literally just an entire McChicken, bun and all, crammed between the burger patties of a McDouble. This doesn't exactly seem like it would be that interesting of a flavor combination, with everything from the McChicken most likely getting lost in the McDouble. Besides, trying to actually order one of these things by using its highly inappropriate name would probably get you some strange looks, and you might even get thrown out of the place.

14 Try: Fries with Mac Sauce

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Who made the rule that fries can only be served with ketchup? After all, in Belgium, the country of their origin, fries are often served with mayo (don't knock it until you try it). So why is it that it seems that Ketchup has been named the only acceptable dipping sauce in North America? After all, there are plenty of great sauce options out there, and not just at McDonald's. However, you can get one of the best sauces for dipping with your fries if you just ask: Mac Sauce. That's right, you can get those amazing Mcdonald's fries, which are almost perfect on their own, with a side of Mac sauce for dipping. Now that is a winning combination.

13 Pass: Caramel Apple Sundae

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There are many great desserts at McDonald's, on the regular and secret menus. However, going for this one, the caramel apple sundae, might not be your best bet. This secret menu item isn't really anything special. It just combines a normal caramel sundae with the apple slices you can get in a happy meal. First of all, we don't want fruit in our ice cream, thank you very much. Second, those apple slices are highly dubious. They are pre-sliced and packed in plastic bags. Who knows how fresh they actually are? If you really want apples in your McDonald's ice cream, there's a much better option for you (more on that later).

12 Try: Root Beer Float

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There might not be anything more refreshing than a root beer float. You might think the only fast food place where you can get one of this fizzy, creamy treats is A&W, but you'd be wrong. Turns out that there is actually a root beer float on the McDonald's secret menu. As long as the McDonald's location has root beer, they will be more than happy to make you one, combining their classic soft serve with root beer to create a rich, sweet drink that would go perfectly with any burger. This drink is also the perfect thing to have with an order of McDonald's fries, contrasting the salty and sweet flavors of both, and making you a very happy customer.

11 Pass: Big McChicken

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When the Double Down emerged at KFC, people scoffed. After all, who would want a sandwich so ridiculous that it didn't even include any bread? It was just two chicken breasts with bacon, cheese, and something called "Colonel's sauce" in between. Well, KFC had the last laugh when the Double Down became hugely popular. This McDonald's secret menu item seems to be trying to copy that sandwich, replacing the bread on a big mac with McChicken patties. However, the problem lies in combining beef and chicken, two types of meat that are typically kept apart. This seems like it is just a little bit too much, and if you really want some extra meat, there are better options.

10 Try: Monster Mac

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The Monster Mac is the kind of thing that legends are made of. It's a sandwich that only the hungriest people should even dare tackle. What makes this Mac so monstrous? Instead of just the regular two patties, it contains not four, not six, but eight beef patties. That is over a pound of beef on one sandwich, along with the extra slice of bread plus all the classic Big Mac toppings. This is the kind of sandwich that could satisfy just about anyone, even those massive weightlifters who eat, like, 10,000 calories a day. Of course, they might just go ahead and get two of these.

9 Pass: Grilled Cheese

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Did you know that you can order a grilled cheese at McDonald's? If you really don't have the time or desire to put the effort into making one of the easiest sandwiches to prepare, then you can just get one at the Golden Arches. It consists of a slice of that famous McDonald's processed cheese pressed between a burger bun until it's melty. We know that the cheese at McDonald's has a really special flavor that seems to be impossible to recreate, but this just seems silly. There actually used to be a grilled cheese on the official menu in Canada, but it was pulled due to lack of popularity, which should tell you exactly how good this menu item would actually be (not very).

8 Try: McCrepe

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The McCrepe is a more DIY secret menu item, but once you know about it, you might not be able to go back to just regular McDonald's hotcakes. To create this secret menu item, all you have to do is order the hotcakes and a fruit and yogurt parfait. Then, you pour the parfait into one of the hotcakes and just fold it over. That's all there is to it! Then you can go ahead and drizzle some of that delicious McDonald's syrup on top to create a breakfast that's almost as good as anything you would get at a fancy brunch spot.

7 Pass: Spam and Egg McMuffin

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There are McDonald's locations all over the United States, and many of them serve regional dishes that are not available anywhere else. One of those is the spam McMuffin, which is popular in the state where spam is most revered, Hawaii. Now, this may be a great treat for the locals who have grown to love the mysterious canned meat, but for those of us who don't hail from the Big Island, this might just be a little too weird. Spam is an acquired taste, and most of us just haven't bothered to get into it. Besides, could anything really taste better than one of those amazing McDonald's sausage patties? We think not.

6 Try: Chicken McGriddle

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We talked about having chicken for breakfast previously, but for your money, this is the way to do it: the chicken McGriddle. The McGriddle is already a pretty magical sandwich when you think about it: all your favorite breakfast foods crammed between two pancakes that somehow have the syrup baked right into them? That already sounds like it would be on the secret menu. However, you can make the McGriddle even better by adding a chicken fillet to it, creating a sandwich that recalls the taste of chicken and waffles, while delivering an extra dose of protein to start your day. What could be better than that?

5 Pass: Orange Creamsicle

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There are some desserts that just aren't that great. Take, for instance, the orange creamsicle on the McDonald's secret menu. Now, that's not to say that regular creamsicles aren't great. They are a delicious way to cool off in the summer, combining the rich flavor of cream and the sharp sweetness of orange in one perfect frozen treat. That being said, this creation from McDonald's can never live up to its namesake. This dessert involves ordering a plain vanilla ice cream, then mixing it with the orange Hi C from the drink machine. The combination of those two things seems like it would just be a sticky, overly sweet mess that no one would enjoy.

4 Try: Apple Pie McFlurry

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When you're craving ice cream and pie, and all you see is McDonald's, what can you do? You can try ordering an apple pie McFlurry! This is exactly what it sounds like: a classic McDonald's apple pie blended into a McFlurry. This is the kind of idea that should jump right off the secret menu to the regular menu because we bet it would really catch on with people. After all, who doesn't like their pie a la mode? As we've noted previously, ice cream makes any dessert instantly better. Of course, even if the employee isn't willing to make one of these for you, you could always order a plain McFlurry and an apple pie and mix it together yourself.

3 Pass: Mc10:35

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There used to be a time when McDonald's stopped serving breakfast at 10:30. We know, those were hard days, indeed. Imagine trying to drag yourself out of bed after a night of fun and entertainment and making your way to the Golden Arches in time for some McMuffins and hash browns, only to find that you were five minutes too late. Well, that was the genesis of this particular sandwich, which combines both a McDouble and a McMuffin into one, brunch-style sandwich. However, now that McDonald's has all-day breakfast, the novelty of this particular item has worn off completely. Without the thrill of skirting the system, this is just another weird sandwich.

2 Try: McKinley Mac

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Even though it has "big" right in the name, there are times when a Big Mac just doesn't fill you up. Sure, the classic flavors all taste great, but with those small burger patties, it sometimes just isn't enough. Well, for those times when you want more meat on your Mac (but don't want to go as far as ordering the monster mac), try ordering a McKinley Mac instead. This version of a Big Mac has all the toppings you know and love, only it uses two quarter pounder patties instead of the regular small burgers. The McKinley Mac is a great way to get a little more out of your favorite burger while preserving everything that makes the Big Mac Great.

1 Pass: Land, Sea, and Air Burger

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There are times when you might question whether you're making the right choices in life, and no one can really tell you if you are or not. However, if you choose to order a land, sea, and air burger at McDonald's, then we can firmly tell you that you have not made a good choice. This monstrosity of a sandwich combines a McDouble, a McChicken, and a filet-o-fish into one overstuffed amalgamation of all three sandwiches. We can't say we have ever tried one of these, but we have to wonder if the tastes of each sandwich are so different that you could even tell where one flavor begins and where one ends?

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