Santa Mickey: 20 Holiday Treats Foodies Can Get In Disneyland

For many people, it's hard to single out what their favourite part of Disneyland is, because there's just so many factors that go into the experience. Obviously, many people absolutely love the different rides you can go on. There are some who really just enjoy walking around the different parks and seeing the themed areas. Others love finding cute trinkets in the gift shops that they can take home, from coffee mugs to limited edition Mickey Mouse ears. And, many absolutely love the food.

There's no denying that food at Disneyland is quite a bit pricier than the same types of treats you'd find elsewhere, but for many people, it's all part of the park experience and can't be missed. And, while there are some things that have become year round staples on the menu at the park, there are many items that only come around during certain seasons — like these 20 holiday treats.

These 20 holiday treats offer seasonal twists on certain beloved dishes, and really help get anyone in the park in the Christmas spirit. I mean, can you imagine munching on one of these treats as you wander through the park, all lit up with lights? Talk about festive.

From Mickey-shaped sweets to savoury dishes that capture classic holiday flavours in a unique way, here are 20 holiday treats available at Disneyland that you absolutely need to try if you find yourself there during the holiday season. You can try to recreate them at home, but it probably won't quite be the same.

20 Gingerbread Funnel Cake Fries

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For many, funnel cakes are a quintessential part of any fair going experience. It's really not the kind of treat you'd ever try to make at home, and it's fairly indulgent, which makes it the perfect once in a while treat to enjoy while you're at a fair or amusement park. Disney offers a bit of a twist on the junk food classic by creating fries out of the funnel cake batter, and slathering that with gingerbread flavouring before adding a dollop of whipped cream to the top. We have to admit, it looks even more delicious than regular funnel cake.

19 Peppermint Chocolate Churros — And Festive Red And Green Churros

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Peppermint and chocolate are a tried and true holiday combination, found in everything from cookies to steaming cups of hot chocolate. The sky's the limit for the amount of ways the two flavours can be combined — including in a churro. While the festive red and green sugar dusted churros may be fun for someone who wants something colourful, the peppermint mocha churros actually have a different taste than regular churros, which makes it a must try if you're a fried dough connoisseur — or are simply looking for a sweet treat to get you through a long day at the park.

18 Santa's Lump Of Coal Beignets

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This twist on a New Orleans classic is adorable, and sounds super delicious. Disneyland has taken the classic beignet — a type of fried dough — and created a dish that references what children on the naughty list get at Christmas after a long year of troublemaking. The beignets themselves are chocolate-hazelnut flavoured, to give them a coal-like hue, then tossed in peppermint mocha sugar, and topped with a scoop of peppermint ice cream. Understandably, they're served at Cafe Orleans in New Orleans Square — and they definitely sound like a dish you need to try, especially if you love Creole cuisine or the mix of chocolate and peppermint.

17 Festive Cookie Glasses

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Let's be honest — no matter how many recipes you see for cookie shots on Pinterest, it just seems like a ton of work to create them at home for yourself. However, if you spot them when you're out and about, you know you have to try them — which is why these ones served at Disney's Grand Californian Resort are a must try. The chocolate chip cookie cups have chocolate and festive sprinkles on the rim, and can be filled either with milk, if you're simply looking for a sweet treat, or with some kind of alcohol, if you're looking for a more adult twist on a cookie shot.

16 Peppermint Crunch Shake

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It seems like peppermint is one of the more prevalent flavours when it comes to the holiday menu at Disney, and we don't blame them — there's something about the refreshing flavour that goes well with decadent treats. This shake is totally over the top, with a chocolate and crushed peppermint rim as well as a huge swirl of peppermint green whipped cream on top, and a sprinkle of crushed peppermint candies to add the finishing touch. It's probably a super rich shake, but we can only imagine how delicious it must be — especially if you're a peppermint fan who loves shakes.

15 Hot Cocoa Marshmallow Macaron

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If you're looking for a sweet treat that's not quite as over the top as some of the others Disney is serving up during the holiday season, this adorable little macaron might be the perfect option. The macaron itself is hot chocolate flavoured, incorporating your favourite seasonal beverage into a dessert, and is topped with a dab of whipped cream and a little piece of chocolate shaped to look like a plume of steam is coming up off the drink. It's definitely a super cute touch — all that's missing is a teeny tiny handle on one side of the macaron to complete the beverage-turned-treat experience.

14 Frosted Snowflake Mickey Cookies

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These frosted sugar cookies are the perfect proof that we eat with our eyes first. With the pale blue frosting and variety of blue sprinkles, these cookies would definitely be stunning even if they were just regular round cookies. However, the fact that they're Mickey Mouse shaped makes them even cuter. After all, who at the park doesn't want to eat at least one Mickey-shaped treat? It's practically a requirement. I mean, the cookies even have an adorable snowflake nose! This treat would be perfect for anyone who wants something festive, but doesn't quite feel like totally over the top amusement park fare.

13 Milk Chocolate Candy Cane Pot De Creme

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The cool thing about Disney is that there's such a wide variety of treats available, from the super casual fair favourites to more elevated snacks you'd normally find at a restaurant. This dish definitely falls in the latter category. A pot de creme is a super decadent type of pudding that you'd normally see on the menu at a fine dining restaurant, but they're serving it up at the Disney Festival of Holidays at California Adventure for the festive season. The presentation is gorgeous — we love the dollop of whipped cream, square of chocolate, and delicate sprinkle of crushed peppermint candies — and we can only imagine how delicious it must taste.

12 Festive Mickey Whoopie Pie

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Okay, this seasonal treat is so festive we can barely stand it. First of all, you have the trademark Mickey Mouse shape — a great way to take any treat served at Disney to the next level. Then, you have the festive holly sprinkles along the edges of the filling to add a seasonal twist. Then, the fact that the whoopie pies themselves are dyed green rather than sticking with a classic vanilla or chocolate shade. And, as if that weren't enough, the surface is decorated to look like strings of colourful holiday lights are stretching across it. Too cute — what a fun treat.

11 Holiday Linzer Cookie

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Disney obviously gets its money's worth out of all the Mickey Mouse shaped cookie cutters it has in the kitchens at the park, including with these Linzer cookies. The holiday classic usually involves different cookie shapes, sandwiched together with the top layer containing a cutout area to showcase the filling, a simple jam filling, and a layer of powdered sugar on top to tie it all together. This cookie skips the powdered sugar step and instead opts to have a drizzle of icing and sprinkles to make the cookie festive. Between the green icing and the vibrant red jam filling, this cookie will definitely have you in the Christmas spirit.

10 Vanilla And Cranberry Trifle

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Okay, it's pretty clear that if you like a more elevated take on holiday treats, you need to head to the Disney Festival of Holidays at California Adventure. In addition to your pot de creme, you can try a single-sized vanilla and cranberry trifle. The assembly is flawless, with each layer beautifully on display, and everything from the dollop of whipped cream on the top to the sugar-dusted square of cookie looks stunning. If you prefer fresher flavours like tart cranberry to the typical chocolatey flavours, this is the perfect treat for you. I mean, how delicious does a single-serving trifle sound?

9 Candied Yams With Marshmallow Cream And Toasted Pecans

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For many people, sweet potato casserole topped with a thick layer of toasted marshmallow is a holiday classic. It's sweet enough to be served as dessert, but many can't imagine turkey served without it on the plate as well. So, we love that Disney has a twist on those classic flavours in this dish. Squares of candied yams are topped with some kind of marshmallow sauce and then sprinkled with toasted pecans. Sure, the texture is a bit different than a slab of casserole, but it has all the flavours that you love from the seasonal staple, all in one delicious dish.

8 Holiday Dinner Pizza

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One of the things we love about amusement park food is that it's over the top in the best possible way. There really are no limits to the kinds of dishes you can create, and park goers are always looking to try fun new treats that they'd never encounter anywhere else. That's where this festive pizza comes in. We'd never have thought to combine a classic holiday meal with a pizza, but that's exactly what Disney has done, creating a pizza that's topped with roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, bacon, vegetables, and cranberry sauce. Talk about over the top!

7 Eggnog Wreath Eclair

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Though at first glance this treat may simply seem like a festively iced doughnut, it's actually an eggnog eclair made in the shape of a wreath instead of the classic oblong eclair shape. Eclairs are made with a different type of pastry dough and filled with a different kind of cream, which means they're far more special than just your average doughnut. We love that they've incorporated eggnog flavours — a holiday favourite for many — into this festively frosted treat. The little red holly balls and snowflakes add a nice touch, and it definitely seems like the type of snack that would get you in the holiday spirit.

6 Peppermint Loaf

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Okay, someone at the park really does love peppermint — it makes its way into several of the festive seasonal dishes, including this one. This mini loaf contains all the classic chocolate and peppermint flavours, as well as a generous layer of sprinkles topping it all off to give it a festive appearance. Sure, it's nothing crazy, but sometimes you don't want a totally over the top treat — you just want a slightly more festive version of the kind of thing you might indulge in alongside your cup of coffee when you want to treat yourself. And, we love that they even went festive with the wrapper — it's a nice touch.

5 Jalapeno Latkes

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Latkes are a seasonal staple for many, and Disney decided to pay tribute to the fried favourite by creating a version that packs a little extra heat thanks to the addition of jalapenos. Sure, some latke purists may prefer the regular version, but we love that Disney included a version of the dish on the park menus. Latkes are a thing that many people have heard of but some haven't had the opportunity to try — and what better place to try something new than at The Happiest Place On Earth? Kids may want to steer clear of it though, unless their tastebuds can tolerate the heat.

4 Nostalgic Roast Beef TV Dinner

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One of the biggest parts of the holiday season is good old fashioned nostalgia. Many people eat dishes that have been in their families for decades, and have traditions that they participate in year after year. We love that Disney took that sense of nostalgia into account when creating this tv dinner, which is a more elevated version of the frozen food classic that came in the little cardboard box. Sure, everyone knew that TV dinners weren't exactly good for you, but many people remember eating a few in their childhood — and this interpretation will take you right back to that time.

3 Roasted Turkey Slider With Cranberry Sauce

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If turkey is without doubt your favourite part of a holiday meal, this slider is a must try. The bite-sized slider has a piece of hearty roasted turkey, a layer of cranberry sauce, and what looks to be a layer of vegetables on the bottom. It's basically a pre-made version of the leftover sandwich you've probably created for yourself year after year with all the remnants of your holiday feast. We love that Disney is covering all the different aspects of seasonal favourites, from the main course to festive desserts. Although you may find yourself way too overstuffed if you attempt to try all of the seasonal treats!

2 Turkey And Stuffing Tamale With Cranberry Relish

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We never would have thought to combine tamales and a holiday dinner, but that's exactly what Disney has done in this dish — and we have to admit, we're kind of intrigued. They've taken the classic preparation of tamales and executed them with a bit of a twist, stuffing them with turkey instead of pork or beef and adding a cranberry relish and layer of veggies in a creamy sauce to the top. It's probably something you've never had before, so why not try out some new flavours while you're checking out the amusement park? We love that they thought outside the box on this one.

1 Lox And Everything Bagel Nachos

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Talk about an interesting twist on a classic dish. Many people have enjoyed a bagel topped with cream cheese, lox, and a thin layer of onion, but we bet you've never imagined what those flavours would taste like in nachos. Now, thanks to Disney, you don't have to imagine — you can try it for yourself. Bagel chips topped with lox, onions, a cream and sprinkle of sesame seeds sounds like a strange combination, but if you love those flavours, we imagine it's actually surprisingly delicious. It's something you at least need to try — after all, when will you have the chance to try something like them again?

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