Whiskey Bottle Dubbed The “Holy Grail” Of Scotch Sells For $1.5 Million

Whisky Bottle Dubbed The “Holy Grail” Of Scotch Sells For $1.5 Million

A bottle of single malt Scotch has sold for a record-breaking $1.5 million.

There are a few instances when you can almost literally consume money. Caviar is one. Eating rare and endangered animals is another. And buying million dollar bottles of liquor is another.

Last weekend, Christie’s auction house of London auctioned off the world’s most expensive bottle of single malt Scotch whiskey. The final price was $1.53 million. At that price, a single ounce shot would cost you around $60,000.

A luxury car, or a single shot of whiskey.

You may be wondering why this whiskey is so gosh-darned expensive. Well, to start, it’s old. This is a bottle of Macallan 1926 60-Year-Old single malt whiskey, which means it was matured in sherry casks at Macallan distillery for 6 decades.

What this does for the taste we can’t say--nobody in TheRecipe’s head office can afford to blow that kind of cash on a single sip of super expensive whiskey. However, charging rent for cask over 6 decades in the north east of Scotland would definitely drive up the price.

Second, this bottle is also a unique piece of art painted by renowned Irish muralist Michael Dillon. His bottle is the sole example of his work and shows a beautifully hand-painted version of the Easter Elchies House at The Macallan distillery against a background of the beautiful Scottish Highlands.

Macallan actually commissioned two other painters to paint bottles from the same vintage: Peter Blake, who did The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover, and Italian painter Valerio Adami. However, they painted a print that was placed on 12 bottles each. Dillon only had the one, unique bottle.

via Christie's

In the world of the elite, uniqueness commands an expensive premium.

So not only do we have a near century-old bottle of Scotch, but it also comes in a bottle that will never be replicated. Take that together and you’ve got an expensive bottle of whiskey.

The previous record was held by the very same vintage of whiskey in one of Adami’s painted bottles. That sold for $1.1 million in an auction last October.


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