Hungry Hollywood: 20 Actors & Their Favourite Meals

Have you ever wondered what your favourite movie stars like to eat? Do they follow a strict diet to look the part for a film, or do they indulge in their favourite fast food dishes? While both may be true, it is clear that most actors and actresses follow a healthy lifestyle because looking good is part of the job – they are humans after all, and treat themselves to a burger and fries every now and then.

We have picked a handful of Hollywood actors and actresses who have revealed what they like to eat, whether that be a healthy option or their guilty junk food pleasures. This article will certainly make you feel better about your diet, and maybe even convince you that it is OK to eat the foods that make you feel good once in a while. Some of them you’ll already love and couldn’t live without (like pizza), while others you’ll want to recreate and try for yourselves (like The Rock’s cheat day meals). From Blake Lively’s love for desserts and Channing Tatum’s love for Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with Cheetos, there’s plenty here to whet your appetite and maybe even some to try yourselves!

20 Jennifer Lawrence

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The Hunger Games actress is no stranger to junk food and makes it clear she is no fan of dieting, unable to live that kind of lifestyle. While she may curb her cravings and workout regularly (and maybe even follow a regime) in preparation for a role in a new movie, she has happily shared her junk food binges, proving her to be a totally relatable star. JLaw's  favourite foods are pizza and fries; she also loves Cool Ranch Doritos (I mean, who doesn’t?) and has been known to munch on a packet while she’s been all dressed up!

19 Blake Lively

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Blake Lively, the Gossip Girl cover girl turned Hollywood star, doesn’t count calories and listens to what her body needs in terms of food and nutrition. She doesn’t shy away from the food she loves but drinks lots of water to manage cravings and to stop overeating. Blake never skips breakfast especially, when she is actively training. She loves to make eggs Benedict for breakfast and is definitely obsessed with baking and sweet foods (that makes two of us). There is no dessert she would say no to – especially if it’s a chocolate souffle. She also loves cakes and hot chocolate.

18 Chris Pratt

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Chris Pratt lost 60 pounds by eating more food, but of the right kind of foods. He followed a low carb, paleo style diet, drinking lots of water on a daily basis and snacking on kale chips between meals. He was told by his nutritionist and his personal trainers he couldn’t drink beer, hash browns, burgers or anything fried. He also had to work out 5 times a week. He revealed his favourite food is meat, meat and more meat on his Instagram videos ‘What’s my Snack’, where he reads food labels and tells us his true thoughts on dieting. Totally relatable.

17 Emma Stone

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Emma Stone eats a lot of healthy foods - and not just because she has to. She likes eating fresh, clean foods which is especially important when she was training for her role in La La Land and other films. It turns out we’re not the only ones obsessed with food blogs – Emma loves them too and has even arranged a meeting with one after she followed them in secret for a year! Fries are one of her favourite foods and she always needs some form of caffeine on set. She loves brussels sprouts, so we know she’ll be one of the few tucking into a few sprouts over her Christmas dinner.

16 Bradley Cooper

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Bradley Cooper rose to the challenge of eating 8,000 calories a day for several months in order to gain 40 pounds for his role in American Sniper. He wanted to do this all naturally which resulted in working out for 4 or 5 hours in the day and eating around every 55 minutes. Eating delicious food like pizza and cake was one thing, but to avoid just putting on unhealthy fat, it couldn’t all be junk food. He revealed one of his favourite dishes to end the day on was his grandmother’s cheesecake. Although this may sound like the best thing ever, eating over double the amount of food recommended for a normal diet would be tough!

15 Emma Watson

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Emma Watson, best known for her roles in the Harry Potter franchise and working with the UN on Women’s rights, shows us that sometimes simplicity is key when it comes to food. Her favourite meals consist of simple ingredients assembled together to create something spectacularly tasty. She is a lover of anything from Italy, and chocolate. She doesn’t like to use recipes but instead just knows how to cook with great ingredients. She revealed in an interview with Marie Claire her go to meal at home was egg tortillas. She recommended combining scrambled eggs with salsa and guacamole in the tortilla. Simple but delicious.

14 Gwyneth Paltrow

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Gwyneth Paltrow is most recently known for her role as Pepper Pots in the Iron Man films and of late her alternative lifestyle website ‘Goop’. She has said before she will never deny herself food but will regularly take part in a detox diet where little food is actually involved. Think water, herbal tea, smoothies, nuts and soup. The healthy eating site includes lifestyle changes and a ton of recipes to get you started with healthy living. According to this site some of Paltrow’s favourite snacks include chicken salad, homemade seed bars and spicy cilantro lemonade. She has clearly detoxed all junk food from her life and fallen in love with her alternative healthy foods.

13 Justin Timberlake

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Justin Timberlake loves food. He loves food so much he owns a barbecue restaurant in New York and we are eager to go. In an interview he stated ‘I mostly workout so I can eat religiously. I’m such a foodie.’ He admits he never skips breakfast and will eat a lot of protein to fill him up. His favourite breakfast foods are blueberry pancakes and cereal, specifically Apple Jack’s and Oreo O’s. However, his favourite dish is Lobster pasta with pecorino cheese, favourably eaten in Italy. He loves homemade pasta from Italy and favours the fresh tastes to processed ones.

12 Scarlett Johansson

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Scarlett Johansson is known to take her training and nutrition very seriously. With her taking part in movies such as The Avengers, energy strength will definitely be required especially when undertaking most of her own stunts. When working on the Avengers films she was on mostly a vegan diet but one of her favourite food indulgences is buffalo chicken wings. She goes against the motto ‘everything in moderation’ and instead prefers to eat foods that makes her feel good and helps her achieve her goal. She loves cheese but has given it up because her body does better without it.

11 Channing Tatum

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Channing Tatum has revealed his favourite food and it’s a bit out there. He confessed his love for peanut butter (the creamy kind, not crunchy) and jelly sandwiches (grape flavoured) with the addition of a few Cheetos! It’s certainly an odd combination but who are we to argue! His other favourites are much less adventurous though and he describes his taste as boring. Pepperoni pizza and cookie dough are among his favourites which he likes to stick to when treating himself. Although he definitely doesn’t eat these kinds of foods when training for his part in Magic Mike and instead feasts on protein rich foods like plain chicken breast!

10 Cameron Diaz

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Cameron Diaz has moved on from binging on greasy junk food and as she grows older has left that all behind in favour of healthier choices. She’ll eat protein for breakfast and whilst some of her friends can’t stomach anything in the morning, she will east first and second breakfast. Now that’s something I can get on board with! She starts with something light like scrambled eggs and avocado and after working out will fill up on a dinner-like dish of meat, grains and veg. However, her favourite meal is savoury oatmeal. She loves it cooked al dente with caramelised leeks, green vegetables and ponzu sauce.

9 Dwayne Johnson

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Dwayne Johnson aka ‘The Rock’ eats plenty of calories in the form of protein and fats to build a muscular body. Sirloin, chicken and bison meat are on his daily menu, combined with either rice or baked potatoes and fresh salad. Simple yet tasty. Instead of a morning coffee he opts for fruit flavoured powders plus 3 gallons of water a day! After training and dieting for a specific role, for instance his role in Hercules and Fast and Furious he’ll allow himself a cheat day on a mammoth scale. He once consumed 12 pancakes, 4 pizzas and 21 brownies in a legendary cheat day.

8 Ashley Tisdale

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Ashley Tisdale makes no point of hiding the fact that she loves carbs. She will eat a pretty normal healthy diet when she is being good but will definitely eat whatever she fancies if she travels somewhere great for work or on vacation. She is allergic to dairy but that does not stop her from consuming some of her favourite foods. Transitioning from traditional pizza to vegan cheese can be difficult but there are some great varieties of alternative cheese pizzas available. She loves pumpkin waffles and her favourite restaurant in Los Angeles is a restaurant called Shabu Shabu.

7 Zac Efron

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Zac Efron’s role in the Baywatch movie helped him get rid of his junk food cravings. Living off meat and green veggies and training intensely got him those well-deserved rock-hard abs. For part of his plan he even lived off absolutely zero carbs and sugar for 9 days, feeding on only organic grass fed and free-range protein and organic leafy greens. However, in an interview about the Greatest Showman he reveals that his happy place is The In-N-Out fast food chain in Los Angeles where you could find him chugging down a shake, a burger and maybe some animal fries.

6 Amanda Seyfried

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The Mamma Mia star Amanda Seyfried gives an insight into her favourite foods (and her not so favourite foods). She once took part in a raw food diet for 5 days but vows she will never do that again as she went to bed feeling miserable because dinners would usually consist of cucumbers kale and dressing. She told self magazine “I mean, at the end of the day, if you can't have a Girl Scout cookie and a piece of cheese, what it life all about?" Nowadays she’s all about balance. She wants to eat raw foods for breakfast but come lunchtimes she wants a slice of pizza.

5 Anna Kendrick

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Anna Kendrick is a relatable star who speaks her mind and loves her food. She once tweeted that Sometimes the best part of her day is imagining what she’s going to eat when she gets off work.” That doesn’t mean she doesn’t eat healthily and has actually tried to give up junk food and her all-time favourite Taco Bell because she finds she feels so much better when not eating it. Although she splurges now and again and says her ideal fast-food tasting menu would be Taco Bell’s gordita crunch, a Jack in the Box breakfast sandwich and probably a Wendy’s frosty.

4 Jennifer Aniston

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The famous Friends star loves food from Mexico and can’t tear herself away from a bowl of homemade tortilla chips complete with guac and salsa. She would choose a soft meaty taco over a burrito and sometimes treats herself to a frozen yogurt. She has a strong affliction for mayo probably resulting from her well-loved mayo and white bread sandwiches she used to eat as a child. Aside from that her Mum’s homemade beef chilli. She also loves to cook – her signature dish being pasta. She makes a lean carbonara – one of her all-time favourites with egg, cheese, turkey bacon, red onion and garlic.

3 Liam Hemsworth

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Liam Hemsworth – who plays a role in The Hunger Games – made the transition to eating vegan back in 2015 when he found that eating too much red meat was harming his body. Yet, this Aussie star doesn’t miss out on food just because he’s vegan. He’s even convinced his brother Chris to try out the plant-based diet too! On the daily, he lives off salad, rice and beans and his go-to smoothie is filled with nutritious foods like spinach, berries, almond butter and protein powder, which he blends up a few times a day. He treats himself every now and again on a veggie burger and has a love for vegemite (something his fiancé has taken on board and got a tattoo in honour of).

2 Gal Gadot

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What does Gal Gadot Wonder Woman eat? Well, she loves to experience food and doesn’t restrict herself. She can eat everything but likes to moderate the amount of each. She likes to eat healthy, but then she also likes cheeseburgers. She’ll eat eggs, fruit and coffee in the morning but have her favourite snack of avocado on toast when she’s feeling peckish in the evening. Her love for sushi runs deep and sometimes has sushi rolls for a lunch treat. She truly is a wonder woman, taking the modern and healthy approach to dieting and proving you can eat cake and stay thin.

1 Chloë Grace Moretz

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Chloë Grace Moretz loves pizza and all things carbs. Coming from a modelling background she would have had to be restrictive but now she has a healthier approach. If her next meal was her last meal on Earth she would choose Emmet’s for pizza in New York hands down. She is also a lover of sushi and subscribes the notion that it is a great meal for any time of day. She once told USA Today that even if she woke up at 11:30 in the morning, sushi would still be her breakfast. More surprisingly she loves eating plain seaweed sheets as well.

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