We All Scream For Ice Cream: 25 Pictures Of The Most Epic Sundaes Ever Served

Diet? What diet? We know this may be the worst time of year to talk about ice cream, but lay your New Year resolutions down if not just for a moment. It's time to discuss how major ice cream sundaes have become across the globe. What began as a couple scoops of ice cream, whipped cream, and a cherry has exploded into massive gargantuan bowls and sometimes buckets of ice cream sundaes.

Clearly by now you know we mean sundae with an e. This is a special kind of going to church that looks a lot like going to the diner. These Insta-worthy pounds of ice cream are some of the most epic dessert creations to grace the planet. Whether they're drowned in chopped peanuts, smothered in caramel chocolate sauce, or cushioned up against pastry favorites, they all constitute sundae greatness. Many of them are conjured up by adventurous dessert chefs and some are made by brave home cooks meaning you can try them at home. You may need everything including the kitchen sink, though. You'll see what we mean.

Buckle up for a break down of the most epic ice cream sundaes you've ever seen.

25 Unicorn Blondie Sundaes

Via www.studiodiy.com

Unicorn food is one of the best thing that has happened food culture. How can you deny bright colored rainbow sugar treats? The best thing about this sundae is that you can make it at home. Studio diy has given the recipe to their epic sundae made with homemade pink blondies and rainbow ice cream. The blondies are actually white chocolate and vanilla in flavor and get their color from food dye giving it the burst of pink. The rest of the unicorn toppings are up to you. Studio chooses lollipops, candy necklaces, sprinkles, and colored marshmallows.

24 The Kitchen Sink

via visiteiffel

This is real life and proof that we are living in the future. Sloan's Ice Cream means it when they say Tracy's Kitchen Sink. They are literally giving you the kitchen sink. I'm talkin' 18 scoops of ice cream and everything else in the cabinet including 4 cookies, 4 brownies, deluxe toppings, and dollops of whipped cream and cherries. Get your phone ready because honestly when is the next time you're going to get your dessert served to you in a kitchen sink?

23 The Chilled Churro Sundae

Via www.gymlive.com

A churro is enough to make you feel like you're falling in love, but now there's churro sundaes. These giant handcrafted churros are rolled and dipped and every form of sugar your sweet tooth can think of. Because of their varying color availability these guys are becoming super insta famous. Customers at The Loop Churros are invited to create their own churro with the glaze of their choice and all the toppings their heart may desire. Pick your soft serve and you've got a looped churro sundae.

22 Nutella Seduzione

Via www.justinabit.com

Italian eatery Vivo 53 has become every food blogger's paradise and for good reasons. Their menu is full of Italian favorites, but more importantly enormously photogenic ice cream sundaes. If you've seen giant glasses layered with sweet goodness on your News Feed chances it was these guys. Pictured is their famous Nutella Seduzione that declares death by chocolate ice cream. The sides are covered in chocolate drizzle and chopped hazelnuts with huge dollops of Nutella cheesecake and whipped cream. It's then finished with a stunning swirl lollipop in case you needed a candy leftover. Good luck finishing one of these after downing one of Vivo's equally delicious pizzas.

21 Dylan's Candy Bar Sundae

Via www.opentable.com

Innovators are transporting ice cream fans to a candy filled confectionery wonder world. Dylan's Candy Bar has completed upped the game of sweet café experiences. In addition to making their own candy they also invite guests to  an ultimate dining experiences that looks and feels like scenes out of Willie Wonka. Their I Bet You Can't Sundae is exactly that, a dare to finish an endless bowl of everything sweet. It starts with ten scoops of your choice of ice cream, ten toppings of your choice, hot fudge, caramel, whipped cream, and sprinkles. That's before it's completely covered in all the best candies in the store including home made rice krispies, white chocolate bars, rock candy, and lollipops. Expect to pack a doggy bag to go.

20 Vanellope’s Go-Kart Sundae

via Simply Sinova

Disney Cruises have always known how to cater to both young and old. Their Disney Dream cruise is blowing guests away by offering a dessert buffet with a Wreck-It-Ralph theme. The floating candy world aptly named Vanellope's Sweets & Treats offers a one of a kind Go-Kart Sundae. The edible kart actually moves and is customizable by guests giving them the freedom to choose their very own three flavors. It brings back cinematic nostalgia when Ralph and Vanellope designed their very own kart in the movie. Load it with gummies, candied popcorn, and rainbow sprinkles for a sweet mouth full.

19 The Ultimate Banana Split

via Sugar Hero

Let's start with the fact that there's a National Banana Split Day. It just so happens to be the day after National Waffle Day, August 25th. August might be the best month next to Christmas. To celebrate the glorious day Elizabeth at Sugar Hero has made The Ultimate Banana Split and it lives up to its name. It includes seven whole bananas, three quarts of ice cream, and a dozen of chocolate dipped strawberries. Then go on the warm brownie cubes to get everything nice and happy. What's a sundae complete without its whipped cream, sprinkles, and maraschino cherries. This big guy gets three of those.

18 King Kong Sundaes

via Gerardo Mora/Getty Images for Sugar Factory American Brasserie

This might be the most famous ice cream sundae out there. It's made for the real party animals with its flaming sparklers giant dessert pile. It's everyone's favorite sweets with cookies, ice cream, ice cream cones, brownies, and giant lollipops. It's been seen with the Kardashians, Nick Carter, JWoww, Dennis Rodman, and more. Kylie Jenner is even the sundaes brand manager for Sugar Factory who have expanded to Las Vegas, Miami, Florida, and Dubai.

17 The Vermonster

via Flickr

Find your nearest Ben & Jerry's shop ASAP. Inspired by their home roots in Vermont, Ben & Jerry want you to know you shouldn't be fooled by by the states small size. They've cooked up a sundae loaded in size and flavor and you get to choose the flavors. There's 20 scoops of ice cream in the bucket and you get to decide each and every one of them. Though, creators suggest sticking to five max. Then four whole bananas are split on top of the scoops with the addition of warm brownies and cookies to help everything melt to just the right consistency. Then if you're ready all the final sundae toppings are poured on top including hot chocolate, caramel, chopped nuts, sprinkles, M&M's, and even cotton candy pieces. This is the Ben & Jerry's of your dreams.

16 22 Scoops of Strawberry

Via www.plugon.us

Who does just one scoop of ice cream anymore? Well in Thailand they're doing a full 22 scoops. Mo & Moshi in Bangkok calls their giant bowl of pink goodness a fruity parfait. Their café looks like something out of Japan with its super kawaii pink atmosphere. Their Strawberry Supreme is the main attraction even though they have all kinds of sweet delectables to choose from. The giant parfait is filled with strawberry ice cream, waffles, more ice cream then handfuls of strawberry Pocky sticks. Hello Kitty would definitely have a bite of this, but maybe after she was done visiting the Thai beaches.

15 Ferraro Rocher

Via www.yelp.co.uk

Who's genius idea was it to take those addicting bites of hazelnut heaven and make a sundae out of it? We can thank Gelato Jo Jo for that. Their menu in London has over 30 kinds of sundaes. Each one is a full blown bowl of gelato, sauce, and toppings for the taking. Their Forever Ferraro Sundae includes a Ferraro sauce, hot chocolate, chopped peanuts, whipped cream, and wafers and crumbled Ferraro Rocher on top.

14 Humongous Banana Split

Via www.bigdudesramblings.blogspot.com

When the Poky Dot says their banana split is humongous, they mean it's humongous. This nine-pound ice cream sundae is so huge most can't get a full landscape shot of it, let alone eat the entire thing. The poor banana slices at the bottom are barely holding their ground while the scoops of strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla tower above. It's crazy to think that the West Virginia sundae scoopers are offering this main attraction for a low price of only $7.99. That's less than what you'll pay for a bucket at your local Walmart.

13 New York Puff Sundaes

Via www.bravotv.com

The Industry Kitchen in New York has gotten tons of attention for its 24k pizza, but their ice cream puff sundae is close to taking the crown. Crafted after French profiteroles its has a puff cream filled pastries lining as its base. It's then topped with burnt sugar flavored ice cream. Think crème brûlée sugar profiles. Then to give us the sundae fulfillment we need its topped with hot chocolate sauce, layers of whipped cream, and chopped almonds. You will definitely need a friend to go in on this with. Crispy, spongy, chocolatey, creamy. It has it all.

12 Ava Marie's Handmade Sundae

Via www.bravotv.com

Ava Marie's Handmade Chocolates in New Hampshire specializes in you guessed it, chocolate. But take a look at their mountain of a sundae Mt. Monadnock. After tourists climb the Vermont Mountain they then come in to climb the monstrous sundae that features five flavors of their choosing. It's then covered in hot fudge and caramel with granite chocolate rocks at the bottom. It's then covered in whipped cream and topped with a chocolate moose who looks over his ice cream kingdom. Ben & Jerry's has some stiff competition.

11 Waffle Sundaes

Via www.timeout.com

One thing is for sure. No one does waffles like Clinton Hall does waffles. Their waffle sundaes are stacked with ice cream and topping pairings you can't even imagine like M&M's paired with Fruity Pebbles drizzled with chocolate. Just think what this place must be like on National Waffle Day. That's August 24th for those of you wondering. There's Carnival Waffles, Red Velvet Waffles, and even S'mores Waffles all loaded up with ice cream sundae toppings.

10 Udder Chaos

Via www.vegasnews.com

Holstein's Burgers in Las Vegas is known for their over-the-top Inta-worthy milkshakes. Located inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel they've become the go to burger and shake joint with a level of artistry only found in Vegas. Their utterly beautiful Udder Chaos Sundae is truly a sight for sore eyes. It features a giant chocolate chip cookie on the bottom with topped with scoops of vanilla ice cream on top with both chocolate and strawberry sauces. Then comes all the candy dreams with additions of nitro meringues, jawbreakers, Laffy Taffy, and rainbow twist pops. It's a Vegas secret you're not going to be able to keep to yourself.

9 30 Scoop Tower Of Doom

Via www.brit.co

Looks like the 22 scoops in Bangkok have some competition. This tower has 30 scoops of ice cream piled high for those willing to go in for the kill. It's made as a giant tribute to Haagen-Dazs each scoop a different flavor from the ice cream legends. There's Belgian Chocolate, Bourbon Praline, Chocolate Peanut Butter and more. Everyone gets a bite of their personal favorite with humongous endeavor like this.

8 The Trough

Via www.newyork.seriouseats.com

It's called The Trough for a reason. Line up a team of 8 with spoons to get down to the bottom of this one. Underneath all eight scoops of ice cream is a giant pudding pie. Just imagining 8 different kinds of ice cream melted on top sounds like the perfect bite of creamy, sweet, and salty. Then it's loaded with hot fudge and caramel with crunchy munchies on top. Think salty pretzels and saltine cookies with chunks of cookie dough. It's one of the top dogs in New York for loaded ice cream sundaes.

7 Serendipitous

Via www.news.accesvegas.com

Serendipity 3 is becoming one of America's most iconic ice cream shops and that's because they're challenging customers to eat as much ice cream as they can. Located in both Vegas and New York, the dessert shop wants everyone to try to eat their Peanut Butter & Jelly Glazed Donut Sundae in under ten minutes. With all the precious drippings it might be easy for ice cream lovers. It's filled with three pints of strawberry and vanilla ice cream then a ten-inch wide donut with chocolate sauce, Oreos, and peanut butter sauce. For those who can finish in under 10 minutes they sundae is free of charge, otherwise it'll cost you $30.

6 The Titanic

Via www.vegas.eater.com

This is a boat you'll want to sink. The Titanic created by Carmine's has created a mound of ice cream that features six giant scoops on top of a chocolate torte. Once the scoops are layered its covered completely in whipped cream creating a dome of creamy goodness. Then come the strawberries with hot chocolate drizzle and chocolate straw wafers. Where do you even begin eating with this one? The good news is you can find Carmine's New York, New Jersey, D.C., Las Vegas, and the Bahamas.

5 The Elvis Sundae

Via www.certifiedpastryaficionado.com

You know that someone would have done it by now. Someone had the guts to push sundaes all the way and put bacon on top. It just had to be done didn't it? Have we reached the edge of the world? Sharon from Certified Pastry Aficionado pays homage to Elvis who had a deep love of peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwiches. This man was really somethin'. First thing's first Sharon says she caramelizes the bananas. The warm gooey bananas are crusted over with maple syrup and brown sugar then layered on top of the vanilla ice cream. Then it's covered in whipped cream and a peanut butter sauce, while it waits for the show-stopper ending. Enter bacon, over all of it. How does anyone survive this?

4 Thrillest Does 80 Scoops

Via www.thrillest.com

A few years ago Thrillest set out to create the "World's Greatest Ice Cream Sundae". With the help of ice cream makers at Sweet Cow in Denver, Colorado they loaded a tray with 80 scoops of ice cream then rushed to build the masterpiece before it could melt. Lucky charm marshmallows went right on top along with sprinkles, M&M's, Oreos, and every kind of chocolate bar you can think of. Then came the sauces. Tons and tons of chocolate and caramel sauce coated the mounds of whipped cream. Though 20 scoops was overboard? Maybe 30? This 80 scoop sundae goes down in ice cream history.

3 Brownie Sundae Floats

Via www.ideahacks.com

This takes an ice cream float to the next level. Half Baked Harvest has mad a chocolate brownie stout ice cream sundae. Yes, there's stout beer adding to the foamy creamy delight. The bottom layer is piled with brownies then sticky Irish burnt caramel. Then goes the chocolate ice cream on top with splashes of Irish stout beer. We're only half way up. Then goes more ice cream then Coconut Irish Cream before the final whipped cream topping with chocolate syrup and one tiny cherry. We need every single layer of this.

2 The World

Via www.thedailymeal.com

You can have the world if you want to. It comes in the shape of a giant sundae. The International Delight Café in Bellmore, New York serves up a massive serving of waffles with two and a half gallons of ice cream. Their topping of choice is ice cream cones stuffed with whipped cream smothered in sprinkles and chocolate sauce. Good luck eating the whole thing. No one has ever finished it.

1 Fenton's Does It Big

Via www.sacremento.cityvoter.com

This is what I call a SUNDAE! Fenton's Creamery has a menu full of every single ice cream flavor you can ever imagine. The 122-year old creamery has been scooping their handmade ice cream with diner favorites. That means you can even have a BLT to prep you for your giant sundae. Pictured is the heavenly strawberry cheesecake loaded with every topping you can imagine including strawberry syrup and layers of whipped cream and chopped peanuts. Could it get any better? The Fenton creations are reminders of what a true ice cream sundae can really be.

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