Imperfect Produce: 20 Times Fruit And Veg Looked Like Something Else Entirely

What happens when nature goes wild and crops need to grow? We get some weird-shaped fruits!

Nature always surprises us with what it can do. It seems it has been quite distracted and has mixed up the things when it created those fruits and vegetables… Or it was particularly inspired!

In the last few decades, people tend to produce fruits and vegetables with perfect shape, equal size and unified color despite the natural process of growing and the growing season, which results in beautiful and attractive fruit and veggie shelves in the supermarkets yearlong. Luckily, there are still many people who like to grow their own fruits and vegetables, and those who let them grow naturally, which of course gives us much tastier food. However, those crops often go wild and get some very unusual shapes due to physical damage during growth or lack of fertilization. There are also cases when people deliberately make their fruits and vegetables take some weird shape trying to be unique on the market and earn more. No matter if they are obtained naturally or forcedly, those shapes can look like just about anything! Sometimes they are cute, sometimes they are kind of scary, and sometimes they are… well, strange and saucy and should be rated 18 plus! I’m pretty sure that if anyone figures out how to mass produce some of those fruits, he could become a millionaire!

So, here’s a list of 20 fruits and veggies that don’t actually look like ones (will skip the erotic ones though!)

20 Duck Tomato

via boredpanda.com

A couple of years ago, a woman in Michigan found this absolutely unusual tomato in her garden. The Ugly Duckling, or a cute rubber ducky bath toy? It can be both, but one thing is for sure – it would be pity to eat it, even though it looks so ripe and delicious! I mean look at it, it even has a small green tie around its neck! The woman herself told she will try to keep it for as long as possible, but we don’t know if she had managed to do so…

19 Butterfly Strawberry

via reddit.com

And here it is – another fruit that looks like some animal, and this time it’s a butterfly-like strawberry! So cute and so perfectly shaped! And those green leaves on the top even look like butterfly’s head altogether with the antenna! And those yellow “spots” on the “wings”, they are just fascinating! I don’t know where it has grown, but I do know I want it to fly right on my table!

18 Hugging Carrots

via nairaland.com

It’s not the first time we are seeing two veggies or fruits stuck together. But stuck in a warm hug? Now that’s weird. Wonderfully weird! It even looks like the left carrot has a ponytail, and the one on the right some earphones on his “head”! What do you think, is this a couple kissing or an innocent hug full of love between a mother and a child? Hum… No matter what, I know I couldn’t separate them!

17 Teddy Bear Potato

via kitschmix.com

This small russet potato could have grown scary! Luckily, it was harvested while it was still a cute teddy bear and now it wants to give us a warm hug! It kind of reminds me of the clumsy but adorable potato carvings we used to make in second grade. And it looks quite realistic: small rounded ears, eyes with such a mild and gentle look, even a sharpened nose and small paws. Only the soft shaggy fur is missing!

16 Foot-Shaped Radish

via boredpanda.com

OK, this is a big foot! Perhaps it’s some Bigfoot’s foot replica! I wonder which shoe size is it? And look how realistic it is – it even has five perfect proportionally sized toes many people can just dream of! However, it doesn’t have the toenails done, which probably means it’s a male foot… I mean, radish! Well, this could be an excuse for those who don’t like radishes: after all, who would enjoy eating things that look like feet?

15 Dancing Carrot

via Reddit

I didn’t mean to share one more unusual carrot, but this one just has to be shown! I mean, look at those moves, man! Is it Gangnam Style? Some rap stuff? The 2018 summer dance hit? I wish this photo had a music background! Oh, I know! It must be “…I’ve got the moves like Jagger, moves like Jagger…”

And this incredible green Mohawk hairdo… He must have used the whole tube of hair gel! So cool!

14 The Tin Man Eggplant

via imgur.com

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this funny eggplant was “hey, it looks like the Tin Man!” You know, the one from the iconic Wizard of Oz from 1939… Dark gray and black shiny face, round eyes and big long nose… but I don’t know if he has gotten his much desired heart yet!

Well, eggplants are not really on kids’ favorite food list, but this one here could be interesting enough for them to try it!

13 Angry Pickle

via imgur.com

I can almost hear this pickle screaming “Why am I stacked in here? What have I done to deserve this? I’m not even whole! Where’s my other half? Do you have a kitchen scale man?! This brine is too salted! You have put the Dead Sea inside this jar! And what are those herbs in here? Oh no, dill! I’m allergic to dill! Let me out now, this jar is just too crowded…” Well, who knows how this short horror story ended…

12 Heart Potato

via boredpanda.com

Now, that’s called planted and grown with love! You can just see it from the Moon!

Hey, maybe I should try mass producing this and sell it as a Valentine’s gift! I don’t even have to dye it – it’s already red! Ugh, I like those little devilish horns on the top! People are getting fed up with all those heart-shaped chocolates and cakes, so this must be a hit! Valentine’s Potatoes… How revolutionary! Oh, did I just said it aloud? Oops, my billion-dollar idea has gone public…

Seriously, this potato is worth attention for its loving and adorably unusual shape.

11 The Like Strawberry

via boredpanda.com

Well, social networks rule the world for a couple of years yet and people would do anything to be popular there, so why shouldn’t strawberries sign up? Like! Oh, this status got 3k likes already! Maybe I should share it on Instagram too and get some more followers! Which filter should I use…?

You know, the photo above is #NoFilter. This strawberry is a charming piece on its own and proudly highlights its natural look… I mean, origin. Like!

10 Buddha Pears

via finedininglovers.com

All of the above mentioned crops have been shaped by nature. But sometimes people tend to make fruits with unified shape that is different from the natural one in order to become famous, to earn, or just for fun. A few years ago, a group of farmers from China succeeded in growing Buddha-shaped pears by sealing the young fruits into plastic molds which practically forced them to grow in this very specific shape. It happened that those pears became very popular in China, even abroad, so their production is growing each year!

9 Angry Birds Onion

via Imgur

This onion looks so much like an angry bird, and nothing less but like the angriest of them all – Red! He is so angry he could easily make you cry! But you know, he’s not bad at all… His cynical behavior (please read “smell”) tends to make people stay away from him while hanging around, but in fact he can make every party fun (and delicious)! So, the next time you see it’s in the repertoire in a supermarket near you, do not hesitate to see it! And buy it… And spice up your lunch!

8 Theatrical Bell Peppers

via imgur.com

Those bell peppers are just so theatrical! They remind of sock and buskin, the two ancient symbols of comedy and tragedy often pictured as smiled and sad masks. Well, the sad one here looks like it has been scared from something… Maybe it doesn’t like the sauce it’s going into. Or it is afraid the dinner party will end up a mess. Oh, it is always thinking of tragic! Come on, dude, cheer up! Let’s take a photo… say “pepper”!

7 Banana Lemon

via reddit.com

Well, I can’t really say I would have been deceived by this banana-shaped lemon enough to try to peel it and make myself some banana split, but it’s a fact – this lemon looks nothing like lemon! It looks like banana, though a tiny one (I believe it’s called Lady’s Finger Banana). Oh wait… Maybe it is a tiny banana that has some skin problems and started looking like a lemon? I have nothing else to do but to try it and see it for myself: banana split or lemon curd? Will take both!

6 Pepper Lemon

via funtof.com

If you thought the banana lemon looked weird, take a look at this pepper-shaped lemon! I’m not sure if I would take this one, though. I’m not sure either if it was grown naturally or shaped with molds, but it is definitely an interest-arousing piece of fruit I would like to have in my kitchen (which does not necessarily mean I would eat it!). It doesn’t really look like you could make a lemonade, but maybe it’s hot and you can spice up your drink!

5 Sweet Potato Finger

via boredpnda.com

Sweet potatoes don’t have any particular or determined shape, but I doubt they should look like fingers! As if it wasn’t enough, this finger even has a nail with a different color on it! And it’s pointing on something… Maybe to the Addams Family home, to its cousin Thing? Kind of gross, but definitely funny and absolutely unexpected from a delicious sweet potato picked up from someone’s garden.

4 Snake Cucumber

via wowamazing.com

OK… I guess I will remove cucumbers from my favorite veggies list after this. I would for sure if it was me that found this snake-like cucumber in my garden! And it seems it couldn’t grow crazier – it looks like those creepy cobras coming out of basket when music is played. Well, maybe I could still check my garden for some fresh cucumbers, but will go without any music playing… just in case…

3 Bird Gourd

via boredpanda.com

This gourd plant looks absolutely fabulous and so real! It reminds of one of the most elegant birds – a lovely swan that is taking a break and preparing to sleep. Well, the color is quite different and unusual for a swan, the hard skin of the gourd is totally opposite of the gentle bird, and this gourd would sink immediately in the lake, but still, the similarity is incredible!

2 Witch Apple

via Icepop

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the ugliest apple of them all?

This apple is the most accurate personification of Snow White’s evil stepmother! Ironically, it’s nothing else but apple, the fruit that she used to poison Snow White. Actually, this could be the face of any witch from fairy tales! But you know, there is one good thing about it - if you ever find some apple like this, you can use it instead of the scary carved pumpkins for Halloween!

1 Dragon Pumpkin

via Reddit

Speaking of pumpkins, let me present you this cool one: the fruit is perfectly normal, but it has an amazing dragon-shaped stem! Now, if you carve this one for Halloween, you can make it as twice as scary and as twice as terrific! If you dare to do it… Maybe someone stole it from Daenerys Targaryen’s home and her dragons are now after it! Actually, I doubt so – her land isn’t that green… But you have to admit, this dragon looks beautiful!

Would you like to have found some of those in your garden?

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