In-n-Out Shoes: PUMA Releases Sneakers Inspired By Classic Burger Joints

PUMA unveils a new sneaker design inspired by the classic burger joint, In-n-Out: the Cali-0 Drive Thru CC in “Blazing Yellow.” The collaboration between the athletic wear giant and the fast food restaurant is not an official one, so the sneakers are very limited edition. Who would’ve thought a fast food joint would look so fashionable?

Harry Snyder opened the first In-n-Out Burger 1948, and it was the first drive-thru hamburger place in California. Since then, In-n-Out has become a staple in Californian life, especially because it can’t be found all across the country. With the new PUMA sneakers, you can honour your love for this Californian classic.

The Cali-0 Drive Thru CC is the latest trainer to be released in a line inspired by classic burger joints. The shoe is made of luxe leather in white, and additional details and highlighting are in vibrant yellow and a cherry-toned red—mirroring how the packaging of the In-n-Out fries appear. The PUMA Cali logo on the side of the shoe is also in the same red throughout the shoe. The most In-n-Out-like design is definitely the pattern on the shoelaces: red palm trees reminiscent of the location icon of the burger joint. Each shoe retails for around $120, if you can get your hands on it.

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Unfortunately, as of Tuesday evening, the shoe was completely sold-out online. The shoes received a lot of love from In-n-Out customers, unlike the burger joint’s fries; some have dubbed it the worst in the country. Other than the burger places, PUMA has a history of creating sneaker lines to the theme of something near and dear to peoples’ hearts. For example, they created a PUMA x Hot Wheels line for all those who grew up playing with the colourful toy cars.

Via: Flickr, Ernesto Andrade

The In-n-Out sneakers were a celebration of the Californian life. For sure, those who bought the sneakers love the burger joint a lot, so they wanted to honour that love. However, they could’ve also just bought the sneaker to say that they finally bought something In-n-Out related that they actually like. With the shoe no longer available, we’ll just have to honour In-n-Out the traditional way: driving thru and eating some good, greasy food.

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