Inspired To Taste's Pies Are Just Too Beautiful To Eat

Liz Joy-Murray (@inspiredtotaste on Instagram) creates sugary masterpieces that are too gorgeous to eat. While she makes a variety of beautifully designed baked goods, her favourite medium is pies. Not only are her pieces so beautiful, but they’re also wonderfully delicious!

Joy-Murray only started baking around two years ago—a surprisingly short time given how her baked goods look like they were done by a master baker of many years. She was previously an art director in Hollywood, but she had to take a leave of absence due to health concerns. Her creative mind needed an outlet, so she tried baking and continued to fall in love with it.

Joy-Murray enjoys making pies the most because of the “Through the Looking Glass” effect they have, as she describes in an interview with Tasty. Pies challenge her creativity as well because as an artist, she only has that set round canvas to create something magical. She doesn’t recreate designs, so each template for a pie is unique. After getting the rough idea of the piece and baking the shapes, she begins to paint and envision other detailing that would add magic to the piece. She uses a variety of techniques, tools, and materials to create amazing details such as dress folds, flowing hair, and surface texture. After all the pieces are ready, she simply finds the best positioning for every detail on the pie, then it’s ready to go! Of course, she makes sure that everything used for the piece is 100% safe to eat.

One of the things that Joy-Murray loves about food art is the ethereal quality of it; it doesn’t last forever, so you’ve got to enjoy the moment. Of course, an Instagram photo will last, but the piece itself is meant to be enjoyed in the moment and enjoyed with friends. Other than being stunningly beautiful, Joy-Murray also likes to make sure that the flavour profile of each piece matches the feel of the visual design. Her pies are both pleasant to the eye and the palate!

As an artist, Joy-Murray encourages those trying out new mediums, styles, or processes to keep at it and continue learning despite any challenges faced. She admits that sometimes she’d burn three pies before getting to the perfect one, but the final product is always worth it because not only is it beautiful, but it also helped her grow as an artist. Through this journey, she learned that her art is what makes her unique, not any specific job titles or pieces. With every pie, design, and cookie, she is truly putting her heart on the plate!

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