Top 25 International McDonald’s Menu Items We Want In North America, Ranked

McDonald’s has always been a go-to restaurant for a fast, indulgent, tasty, and budget-friendly meal. McDonald’s has made its mark around the world and has adapted its menu to appeal to many different food cultures by using creative flavor combinations. From serving up breakfast noodle bowls in Hong Kong to selling small refried bean and toast snacks in Mexico, they’ve certainly produced some innovative meals.

Unfortunately, growing up in America, we’re used to going to McDonald’s for a greasy, messy burger and some over-salted fries. The menu is boring and outdated, and there are very few options that are suitable for vegetarians and gluten-free customers. Many of the options available at McDonald’s restaurants in America are very similar to one another. It’s difficult to find anything other than a big greasy burger, and it’s nearly impossible to consume items that remind us of other cultures. Customers in other countries have the opportunity to order rice bowls (topped with classic chicken McNuggets), noodle soups, meat kebabs, and even classic dessert macarons!

We’ve had enough of the burgers and fries, and we’re craving some new and creative combos. McDonald’s restaurants in America need to throw out their ‘50s milkshake, fries, and burger-style menu and step into 2019 with new culinary innovations. America is a culturally diverse place to live, and we need to embrace our differences and indulge in the many delicious cultural cuisines. We're ready for a change, and we're begging for McDonald's to bring these 25 menu items from around the world to America!

25 Cheese Melt Dippers

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Instead of the classic chicken McNuggets, we'd love to indulge in these ooey-gooey deep-fried cheesy bites. Mozzarella sticks are a popular choice for a Sunday night Football appetizer, so why hasn’t McDonald’s brought their version of breaded cheese to America? I’d certainly be out a few dollars if McDonald’s decided to sell these Cheese Melt Dippers (currently sold in the UK) in America, so I guess we should thank them for saving us some dough? The truth is, the McDonald’s restaurants in America need to expand their sides/snacks portion of the menu. We've had enough fries, apple slices, muffins, and chicken McNuggets—and it's time for an ooey-gooey, cheesy change!

24 McKebab


We all love the big, indulgent burgers that McDonald's sells—especially the delicious juicy beef and chicken patties! But sometimes, we just want to enjoy the meat without having to devour a 1000-calorie burger. This McKebab (sold in Israel) is a tasty-looking twist on a classic spicy summer meat kabob. The meal consists of giant spicy Kebab wrapped inside of a piece of flatbread and topped with fresh lettuce, tomato, pickles, and a spiced sauce. Add a side of fries or a small salad and a drink, and you have yourself a delicious, unique meal! No need to order a burger to get your serving of beef—this McKebab is the perfect solution to satisfy your beef tooth.

23 Big Brekkie Burger


Breakfast is supposedly the most important meal of the day, so we should definitely make sure it's a good one. This Big Brekkie Burger (found in New Zealand) is stuffed with everything you could ever want on a breakfast plate: a fresh egg, cheese, a hash brown, BBQ sauce, and a beef patty. The toppings are sandwiched between two halves of a sesame seed bun to make the perfect on-the-go breakfast meal. Customers in New Zealand don't have to worry about trying to make a giant breakfast plate in the morning—they just run to McDonald's and pick up one of these fully loaded burgers to fuel their day. It may not be healthy, but it would certainly help out during the hectic Monday morning rush.

22 Patongko

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I guess we have similar items to this in America, but there can never be too many fried bread options, right? This tube-shaped fried treat is similar to a churro but without the cinnamon and sugar. Admittedly, this would be a nice treat if it were served with a sweet sauce (perhaps a caramel or chocolate dip). In fact, how about indulging in a serving of these deep-fried plain pastries with some of McDonald’s classic caramel sauce (the one they served with their apple slices). Or maybe try dipping a few of these pastry treats in a McFlurry (to scoop up all the leftover bits of melted ice cream at the bottom of the bowl). Either way, it's clear that we need some of these deep-fried bread sticks to add to our McDonald's meals!

21 Chicken Cordon Bleu Burger

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Chicken cordon bleu has to be one of the best culinary inventions this world has discovered. Traditionally, the meal consists of a breaded and fried chicken breast stuffed with cheese and meat—what more could you ask for? McDonald's Restaurants in Poland have taken the innovation to the next level by combining the flavors into a truly satisfying burger. It's a little more of a sophisticated option in comparison to their other creations, but don't worry—it's still a messy and delicious burger. If a simple chicken patty doesn't quite tickle your taste buds, this burger combo will—and we definitely need a version on our menu in America.

20 Chili Cheese Tops

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Just like the Cheese Melt Dippers, these Chili Cheese Tops have taken the McDonald's  "side dish menu" to the next level. These deep-fried bites are filled with rich, ooey-gooey cheese and spicy chopped chilis. We’ve had enough of the boring ‘ol (and way too salty) fries and the classic chicken McNuggets—it’s about time for some new options. We could really use a serving of these deep-fried spiced cheese bites, especially after a long day of work or classes. Just imagine arriving home from a long day of work/school, and indulging in a basket of these little cheesy bites, while binge-watching your favorite Netflix series—a weekday night can’t get much better than that, right?

19 Big Spicy Paneer Wrap

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McDonald’s restaurants in India celebrate the country's popular paneer cheese by selling this “BigSpicy Paneer Wrap.” This wrap consists of a thick slice of paneer (crusted and fried in a spicy batter), fresh veggies, various seasonings, mustard, melted cheese, and a creamy sauce. Unfortunately, McDonald’s restaurants in America don’t offer many fried cheese options (which makes us pretty sad), and instead, we’re stuck with the classic fried chicken and fried meat products. It’s time for McDonald’s restaurants in America to put the meat to the side (just for a second) and embrace the ooey-gooey flavors of cheese. We need this wrap in America ASAP—I mean, what could go wrong with deep-fried cheese, cream sauce, and vegetables?

18 Scones with Jam and Cream

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A buttery, flaky scone that falls apart with every bite is one of the most satisfying food experiences one can have. Top the delicious pastry with butter and jam, and you've got yourself an unbeatable morning treat. McDonald’s restaurants in America offer a few pastries on their McCafe Menu, but they don’t have any sort of scone (darn). We would love to have this menu item in America for a deliciously sweet breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack with a cup of tea! Maybe they could even offer a few different flavors of jam to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Either way, we need some of these creamy, jammy scones in America—STAT.

17 McMolletes

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The only "snacks and sides" menu items that are offered in America include fries, apple slices, yogurt tubes, and yogurt parfaits. McDonald’s restaurants in Mexico offer these little McMolletes that sound like they’d be the perfect afternoon snack! These small bites consist of a slice of toast topped with refried beans, cheese, and fresh pico de gallo. This would be the perfect solution when you’re craving the spicy and fresh tastes of a taco (but don’t quite have the appetite to eat an entire serving of tacos). McDonald’s restaurants in America need to add a few more snack options to their menus, and this is certainly one we’d love to try!

16 Bacon and Cheese Toastie


This breakfast option is genius—it’s essentially a grilled wrap stuffed with crispy bacon and melted cheese. Instead of trying to fit a whole breakfast sandwich into your mouth while driving to work, you could snack on an easier-to-eat (and much less messy) toastie! This breakfast has everything you want in the morning—crispy bacon, loads of cheese, and a toasted wrap. Pair it with a big mug of coffee or tea, and you’ve got yourself a perfect on-the-go meal. Sure, it’s not necessarily the healthiest way to start off the day, but let’s be honest—if you’re having breakfast from McDonald’s, you probably aren’t expecting many nutritional benefits…

15 Macarons

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Here in America, we generally get stuck with heavy, sugar-packed dessert options like muffins, cookies, pie pastries, and cake. McDonald’s sells a bunch of these types of desserts, all of which contain far too many calories and a few too many grams of fat. Over in Australia, McDonald’s sells some lighter (and more creative) treats like these colorful macarons. McDonald's sells these bite-sized sweets in a few different flavors including salted caramel, mango, and chocolate. Pair a few of these macarons with a cup of coffee or tea for the perfect mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack—YUM! Hopefully, these macarons take a trip to America soon—we could use a few lighter (and more colorful) dessert items on our menu.

14 Greek Mac

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McDonald’s restaurants in Greece offer their customers the “Greek Mac.” This yummy-looking sandwich features two herb-spiced beef patties with yogurt sauce, onions, tomatoes, and lettuce. All of these ingredients are wrapped up in a pita, forming a perfect on-the-go meal to enjoy in your car. Most of the options at US McDonald’s restaurants contain heavy dressings like mayonnaise, ranch dressing, or BBQ sauce. It would be nice to have a lighter option like this sandwich with more of a “fresh and natural” taste. The Greek Salad on the America McDonald’s menu isn’t quite satisfying our cravings. We need the Greek Mac, and we need it STAT!

13 Sweety Con Nutella

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Anyone love a good 'ol spoonful of Nutella? If you're someone who's fallen in love with the sweet hazelnut spread, then this burger might just make all your dreams come true. This McDonald's "burger" is filled with a hefty amount Nutella! Don't worry—there's not actually any meat in this burger (thank goodness). Instead, it's a giant heaping of Nutella stuffed between two slices of a light and airy bread. Bring this to work and indulge in a delicious chocolaty treat (without anyone knowing—they'll just assume it's a regular burger). We could always use an extra touch of sweetness, so we're crossing our fingers that this appears on the McDonald's menu in America soon!

12 Spicy Jalapeno Chicken Burger


Sure, McDonald's sells a few spicy burgers in America, but nothing quite compares to this impressive combination. The spicy heat of the jalapeño paired with a classic McDonald's chicken patty sounds like a fool-proof flavor combo. Just imagining biting into this sandwich on a cold winter day already has our mouths watering. The spice would certainly warm us up, and the juicy chicken patty would make for a truly comforting meal. All of us spice lovers out there are begging for this jalapeño burger to come to America. We want another way to spice up our day—and this might just be the perfect thing!

11 Vegetable Pizza McPuff


Similar to the classic childhood favorite “the pizza pocket,” McDonald’s restaurants in India sell a “Vegetable Pizza McPuff.” This ooey-gooey snack features a brown crust stuffed with a mixture of tomato sauce, carrots, bell peppers, beans, onions, and (of course) mozzarella. Honestly, we’re a bit surprised this product hasn’t hit shelves in America yet—customers here would probably fall in love with the pizza-pocket-inspired idea. There are so many different flavors and combinations that could be applied to the same concept. Perhaps, McDonald’s could debut their McPuff in America with flavors like a spicy BBQ pizza McPuff or a chicken and feta pizza McPuff—YUMM.

10 Mashed Potato Burger


Anyone else love a generous scoop of mashed potatoes with their dinner? Let's be honest—it's hard not to love this creamy, buttery, and salty side dish. Unfortunately, mashed potatoes aren't exactly the easiest thing to snack on while you're on your way to work. If you tried to eat a serving of mashed potatoes on your drive, you'd probably end up with more of it on yourself than in your tummy... McDonald's restaurants in China have solved this problem by incorporating this comforting side dish into a burger. It's a meal and side combined into one easy-to-eat burger—jackpot! It doesn't seem like too difficult of a task to serve one of these sandwiches in America, and we wouldn't say no to adding a big scoop of creamy mashed potatoes onto our Big Mac burgers, right?

9 Bubblegum Squash McFlurry


Although the name sounds like McDonald’s has added some vegetables to their McFlurries, they haven’t. There's thankfully no actual squash in this dessert (phew!). Instead, this McFlurry is a combination of vanilla ice cream, bubblegum swirls, and fluffy marshmallows. The colorful bubblegum swirls make this McFlurry Insta-worthy, and the result is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how long the colors would last—this McFlurry might be all gobbled up before a picture can be taken. Our friends in Australia have had the opportunity to try this McFlurry, and we want to try it STAT! Hopefully, this sweet creation will appear in McDonald’s restaurants in America soon, so we can have a little taste of this colorful treat for ourselves.

8 McChoco Potatoes


I'm not quite sure if this menu item (currently sold in Japan) is creative or ridiculous. The "McChoco Potatoes" is reminiscent of Canada's poutine, but instead of topping the fries with a salty gravy and cheese, it features a sugary drizzle of chocolate. To make the meal, classic McDonald’s fries are served in a container along with a white and chocolate fudge sauce for you to pour on top. The sweet and salty combination sounds interesting, but the thought of pouring chocolate on fries seems a little odd. We’re not sure if these chocolaty fries are going to be sold in other countries, but we definitely think they should take a trip to America (at least for a few days so we can give the unique dish a taste for ourselves).

7  Cheesy Rice Bowl with Chicken Nuggets

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Have you ever wanted something a little more with your chicken McNuggets? Instead of just munching on a carton filled with the same ‘ol chicken McNugget bites, wouldn’t it be nice to have them combined into some sort of meal? Well, McDonald’s restaurants in India do exactly that! They combine their chicken nuggets with rice, cheese, and veggies to make a full meal that’s served in a bowl. If that wasn’t enough, they also offer a plain version (without chicken) and a spicy version! Not only do you get a complete meal (with grains, vegetables, dairy, and meat), but you also get to enjoy the crispy chicken McNuggets with other interesting flavors. We aren’t going to lie—we LOVE chicken McNuggets, but it would definitely be nice if they were served in a full meal (and not just as a side).

6 Chocolate Ganache Cake


What's the deal with all these decadent McDonald’s desserts around the world? And more importantly, why has America been left out? This Chocolate Ganache Cake looks stunning, and the ingredients sound mouthwateringly delicious. The cake consists of two layers of chocolate sponge stuffed with a whipped chocolate filling and topped with a smooth chocolate ganache. Although I’m sure it doesn’t quite compare to a classic chocolate bakery cake, I'd imagine it'd be a nicer treat compared to the questionable muffins and cookies we get in America. Perhaps it’s time for the dessert menu at McDonald’s restaurants in America to get a big ‘ol makeover—one that includes macarons, cakes, and other delicious bakery-style treats!

5 Steak Mince N’ Cheese


YUM! This Steak Mince N' Cheese is just what we need to brighten up our Monday morning drive to work. Just thinking about the meaty, fatty, cheesy goodness all stuffed inside of a perfectly flaky, buttery crust makes us hungry for a bite. McDonald’s restaurants in America aren't too creative with their main dish options. In fact, they’re pretty much limited to burgers, wraps, and salads—BORING. There are so many other fast-food places that sell these same menu items (most of which are admittedly tastier than McDonald’s). It’s time for McDonald’s to step up their game and bring some interesting flavors from around the world to America!

4 Sausage N Egg Twisty Pasta


Now, this is what I call a killer breakfast! Imagine waking up to a piping hot bowl of fresh noodle soup with eggs, sausage, greens, and broth. If you’re not a savory breakfast kind of person, you could certainly enjoy this later in the day as a way to warm up from a walk in the snow or a tobogganing trip. Many other fast-food chains in America offer varieties of soup (like Tim Horton’s soups in Canada, and Panera soups in America and Canada). It’s time for McDonald’s to finally join the soup trend and bring this soup (sold in Hong Kong) to America!

3 MegaMac


We’ve all heard of the Big Mac (and admittedly, we've all eaten far too many of them), but what about the MegaMac? The Big Mac is just a little baby burger compared to this massive stack of beef patties and buns. It has not one, not two, but four ground beef patties stacked between three burger bun halves. The burger still has the signature toppings like McDonald’s special sauce, lettuce, onions, melted cheese, and a crunchy piece of pickle. It might be enough calories for the week, but that’s okay—sometimes, taking a bite of a burger is a mega good sacrifice.

2 Pineapple Oreo McFlurry


Pineapples, Oreos, and McFlurrys aren’t exactly three things we’d expect to read in the same sentence—and we certainly weren’t expecting them to be in the same meal! McDonald’s restaurants in Colombia serve this wild creation to their customers. People seem to love the tropical flavor of the pineapple mixed with the sweet, chocolatey, and crunchy Oreo cookies. The mixture of citrus, chocolate, and creamy ice cream balance each other out surprisingly well. Maybe it’s time for McDonald’s restaurants in America to create some interesting tropical McFlurries for their customers. We wouldn’t mind a taste of the tropics (especially during these chilly winter days)!

1 McNürnburger

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We have some pretty cool burgers here in America, but none can even begin to compete with this masterful creation from McDonald’s restaurants in Germany. This supersized burger is stuffed with three bratwurst sausages, onions, and a generous serving of mustard. It may not be the “cleanest” meal to eat during a road trip, but these flavors might just be worth the mess. Unfortunately, McDonald’s restaurants in America don’t offer any options with sausages. The restaurant chain should embrace the US' BBQ traditions and create a fun sausage-stuffed burger just like this one. They have all the other food you need for a BBQ (burgers, soda, chips, fries, and salad)—but sadly, the sausages were left out.

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