Jack Daniels Is Now Selling Whiskey-Flavored Coffee, In Case Your Mornings Are Really That Bad

Jack Daniel's will want you to have that Tennessee Whiskey flavor, as the 150-year-old distillery releases its non-alcoholic Whiskey Coffee.

Let’s face it people … mornings are rough; especially Monday mornings. If you aren’t already drinking pots and pots of coffee just to get from your bed to the door, to the car and rolling out onto that road to work, then we’re sure you will be doing so come this hectic Holiday Season, which has reared its head just this week. Indeed … with the first day of Hanukkah well under way, the Holiday Season has commenced and with a pretty loud bang. And as we rush hither and thither, there’s nothing like a strong cup of Joe to get us from one task to another.

And maybe for some of us, that cup of Joe isn’t quite enough. Maybe for some of us, that little extra flavor will help us that much more in dealing with all the stress and hectic clamor of this season. Especially by the end of the day, when most switch to decaf and some also are known to drip a little spirit into their coffee, if you catch our drift?

Well, the good people at The Jack Daniel's Distillery know what we’re saying. In fact, they are way ahead of us. As it turns out, they’ve just introduced Jack Daniel’s Flavored Coffee and you won’t believe how many people are actually excited about this novelty.

A novelty indeed, as the beverage will be non-alcoholic, but have no fear, the classic full-bodied taste of Jack Daniels Whiskey will indeed be present in every sip and drop of this great new brew. And maybe the flavor will be enough to get you through those crazy days ahead this particular December and make all the craziness all that much easier to handle, one cup at a time.

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Jack Daniel’s Distillery was founded quite a few years ago, back in 1875 — 143 years ago to be exact — and that definitely takes the company and its popular brand of whiskey way back in our minds and palates, securing it as one of the leading whiskeys the world over.

The venture was in fact accomplished in conjunction with World of Coffee and the recipe is said to contain 100% pure Arabica Coffee. The only difference between this coffee and the other great Arabica Coffees around the world is, of course, the infusion of the coffee grounds with real Jack Daniels Tennessee Whisky aromas and flavors.

Those interested will be able to purchase the coffee at the many distillery locations and as well as online stores. So if you want this for the Holiday Season, we’d get to ordering if we were you.

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