Japanese Restaurant Now Selling 'Girl's Hair'-Flavored Fried Chicken, So There's That

Fried chicken comes in countless forms and flavors. From buttermilk, to Korean, to Nashville Hot, there is probably a style of fried chicken that can appeal to any chicken-lover, if they are willing to look. But popular Japan-based fried chicken chain, Tenka Torimasu, continues to take fried chicken to new, hair-raising heights.

The takeout franchise has unveiled its latest fried chicken flavor: Onnanoko No Kamenoke No Aji - which translates to “Girl’s Hair Flavor.” That’s right. Girl hair flavored fried chicken; a flavor you never knew you wanted.

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The new flavor comes in collaboration with J-pop female group, Kamen Joshi. It also happens to be the third such flavor collaboration with the group, the other two girl-genre flavors featuring that of “sweat” and “soles of feet.” While the majority of people would probably be appalled at the idea of eating anything hair flavored, apparently it is delicious.

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In fact, the ingredients of the dish is nothing more than chicken and nori (Japanese seaweed). The nori is thinly sliced and scattered over the fried chicken to essentially mimic the look of human hair. The chicken itself is reportedly “really tender” and is fried in a batter similar to that of fish and chips. The dish - costing 400 yen (which is roughly $3.50 USD) - also comes with a thick, dark sauce known as Gohan Desu Yo, which is made from boiling seaweed with soy sauce.

Honestly, the only association with anything girl-related comes in the form of commemorative packs of tissues featuring images of Kamen Joshi. As one taster describes it, the girl hair flavored chicken “is probably better described as ‘an artistic interpretation of girl’s hair through the medium of fried chicken toppings.’”

Tenka Torimasu’s girl-genre flavors might be a little unorthodox, but pushing the envelope is almost a necessity, considering the competition that exists amongst Japan’s fried chicken culture. Excellent fried chicken can easily be found throughout Japan, including places as accessible as the local corner store. For example, Japanese convenience store Lawson’s most popular food item is their fried chicken, which is prepared on-site and served in a variety of styles.

With so many varieties of fried chicken available, it is hard to find a recipe that doesn’t make the cut. Looks like we can add girl hair flavored chicken to the list of delicious styles.

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