Thanks, Japan! Buy Soft-Serve Poop Emoji Ice Cream, Served In A Tiny Toilet

A candy and ice cream shop in Japan is taking its soft-serve to a whole new level, dropping a new ice cream option that looks exactly like the poop emoji found on your phone.

Sweet XO Good Grief cafe, located in Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku neighborhood, recently started selling “Unchi-kun Soft Serve Ice Cream,” which, loosely translated, essentially means “Mr. Poo Soft Serve Ice Cream.”

The name is more than fitting.

In case it needs confirmation, the product does actually not contain any fecal matter. Rather, it features a coiled mound of chocolate soft serve ice cream that perfectly resembles the poop emoji, complete with eyes and a smile to showcase its cuteness. To make sure you understand that Unchi-kun Soft Serve Ice Cream is in fact directly related to the bowel movement process, the edible character is served in a special bowl that is shaped like the Japanese-style urinal that is commonly found throughout Asia.

via PR Times

Unchi-kun Soft Serve Ice Cream can be made even cuter with additional toppings such as bunny ears, crowns, flowers, and hearts. Each toilet of Unchi-kun runs at 650 yen ($5.75 USD).

“Kids will enjoy it, and adults will be transported back to a feeling of childlike fun,” stated the Sweet XO Good Grief cafe.

The ice cream product was developed in collaboration with Japanese YouTuber Shinako, who also resides in the Harajuku District and appears to be no stranger to the world of frozen treats. In a (also loosely translated) tweet about the release of the new ice cream, she mentions “frozen popcorn” accompanying the soft serve, which makes the frozen treat even more amazing and hilarious, considering corn’s inability to be well-digested.

Deep down, we all knew this was coming. It’s not the first time that soft serve ice cream has been associated with poop, but the association to the actual poop emoji makes perfect sense. In fact, if you compare the poop emoji with the ice cream cone (and even the cupcake) emoji, it is easy to see how a swirled frozen treat became modeled after a process that generally takes place behind closed doors.

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