Gooey Fun: Jell-O Rolls Out Edible Slime You Can Play With

Jell-O has created edible slime so that kids can actually play with their food. The rise of popular YouTube and Instagram videos of people playing with slime might have influenced Jell-O’s decision to create their own version. The new product is a great choice for parents who are afraid of toxic chemicals present in any store-bought slime.

Kids’ curiosity constantly leads them to touch, lick, or eat various things they find. As a parent, it must be a nightmare to always worry about ensuring that nothing in the house within a kid’s reach is dangerous when ingested. With the increasing popularity of slime videos online, kids watching want to copy and play with their own versions. Consumer advocacy groups warn parents of slime toys containing boron, as it is toxic when ingested. With Jell-O’s new product, parents now have the option to purchase edible slime instead of making it themselves.

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The new mixture is 100% edible, and it is available in two flavours: strawberry (“Unicorn Slime) and lime (“Monster Slime”). The product is a mix of starch, sugar, gelatin, and additives that create the gel texture. All you need to do is add water, and you have edible slime! The packaging specifies that it “stretches if you pull it slowly, but snaps if you pull it apart fast,” so it’s a good idea to be more gentle with the slime.

While Jell-O is taking the right steps towards creating safer toys for kids, it is also important to emphasize the supervision of children during playtime. Their slime could be edible, but a child might believe all the gooey objects in the house can be eaten because they can eat the Jell-O slime. Kids are curious and want to touch, taste, or observe everything around them, so they will find ways to get into things that peak their interests. Even if all the toys around the child are safe to consume or play with, there could still be extraneous factors that might harm the kid. Ensuring toys are safe is only the first step; kids need to be supervised in order to ensure their safety.

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Jell-O was smart to capitalize on the Internet slime craze to gain more attention and profit. Even if their intentions were not purely safety-oriented, the product they created gives parents the ability to provide a safe toy for their kids. Children can now finally play with their food, but they should know to wash their hands first!

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