This Jerky Advent Calendar Doesn't Include Any Reindeer Meat For Some Reason

Having reindeer meat in a jerky-themed advent calendar seems like a no-brainer to us, but not to the creators of the calendar below.

It feels as if Christmas arrives earlier and earlier every year. At the time of typing this, we are well into November and it honestly feels as if it has been the festive season for months. Christmas fanatics have had their decorations up since the day after Halloween, and we have already heard Fairytale Of New York at least 200 times.

For us, the festive season should not begin until December 1. We can just about handle an entire month being dedicated to one day. That's because on December 1, the advent calendar countdown to Christmas Day can begin. We get to open up the first door and are rewarded with a small piece of chocolate. That becomes a part of our daily ritual for the next three and a half weeks.


Some of you might be reading this thinking advent calendars are for children. We have some choice words for those of you who do believe that, but they aren't appropriate for this medium. Instead, we say to you that in 2018, advent calendars can be about more than just chocolate. There are any number of different themes of advent calendar available now from cheese to alcohol to non-consumables such as socks.

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Thanks to a company called Man Crates, there is now an advent calendar with a little piece of beef jerky behind every single door. Don't let the company's name put you off, this calendar is for all jerky lovers, regardless of gender. However, we feel like its creators have missed a trick. While the calendar features a variety of different flavors, they are all beef. Surely some reindeer jerky would have been apropos?

December 1 is inching ever closer so if you haven't bought yourself an advent calendar by now, you should really have it at the top of your to-do list. We hope we have convinced those of you that think the practice is childish to give it another go. It's no longer about chocolate alone, and there is almost definitely an advent calendar out there which contains something you enjoy.


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