Keeping Up With The Kardashians: 22 Things That The Famous Moms Feed Their Kids That We Should, Too

Feeding kids is hard. From allergies to preferences to outright refusal to try new things, even the youngest children can stress their parents out to the max by being picky about eating. But they’ve got to eat something, right?

And although celebrities often set a high standard for average parents, there are some who actually have good ideas and advice about parenting‚ like the Kardashians, for example. Not only are they open about their parenting struggles—Scott Disick admits parenting is hard, Kim Kardashian-West notes her kids’ sibling rivalry difficulties, and Khloe found nursing to be challenging—but they’re pretty relatable in terms of what their kids eat, too.

Although it’s not all healthy stuff, the Kardashians do make it a point to be careful about what their kids eat. After all, not only is the media watching, but the family also knows firsthand how easy it is to get sucked into unhealthy habits that go both ways—either extreme in terms of health and carb cutting or extreme in terms of fast food binges.

So, when fans spot the Kardashian children snacking on something delicious, they should take note and see if their own kids might like the same stuff. Even if it’s not healthy, take it from the Kardash clan: some things are just necessities in life. Like pizza and ice cream.

From must-do childhood indulgences to super healthy hack foods that every parent needs to know how to prep, here are 22 things the Kardashian moms feed their kids that average mamas should, too.

22 Organic And Sugar-Free Stuff

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Hollywood Life reveled in reporting on Kim’s strict meal planning when North was a baby. After all, the then-new mom stated she had instructed the family chef to only make North meals without added sugar and that were entirely organic. You can tell from North’s public appearances these days (sometimes with a lollipop in her mouth!) that mama Kim has loosened up since then, though. Of course, it’s actually a great idea to start babies and toddlers off with a mostly sugar-free diet, and going organic never hurt anyone. In fact, most pediatricians recommend not feeding one-year-olds junk food at all—and it’s not going to scar them for life.

21 Piles Of Pancakes

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Though the two sisters are both moguls in their own right, Kourtney and Kim are very different—especially when it comes to how they feed their kids. While Kourtney takes a more natural approach to everything—including stocking her pantry with gluten-free ingredients to whip up homemade pancakes—Kim doesn’t seem to share the same passion for pure kids’ food. Nope, she gives her girl chocolate chip pancakes, which North then got all over her face, but the expression on this little one’s face says it all: every parent needs to cave and give their kids chocolate chip pancakes every so often. It’s like a parenting rite of passage!

20 Clearly, Cake

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With this next generation of Kardashian babies cropping up, it’s not surprising that there are tons of birthdays happening! Between Mason, Penelope, North, Reign, Saint, Dream, Chicago, Stormi, and True, there are so many “babies” that we wouldn’t be surprised if the Kardashian-Jenner grandbabies were eating cake at least once a month. And with the Kardashians, you know it’s not just any cake—it’s a mile-high sugar-filled confectionary creation that also must be photographed before it’s consumed. Forget healthy eating; pass us a party hat! There’s no reason to deny kids birthday fun—even if it happens a bit more often than most health-conscious parents would like.

19 Candy Bars—Actual Bars

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When North West celebrated her fifth birthday, mom and dad went all out. Even with health-minded Auntie Kourtney and her kids in attendance, Kim still pulled out all the stops and went wild with a cotton-candy-and-s’mores station for her girl. And just like every other junk food item on this list, we have to say, eating junk is just part of childhood, so there’s no shame in letting our kids indulge every so often—especially when it’s done while celebrating something big like a birthday. After all, even famous kiddos get to be regular kids and go candy crazy once in a while.

18 Real Bread

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Kourtney has been quoted numerous times over the years talking about her kids’ (and her own) gluten-free and dairy-free eating habits. She's said that the family got “muscle testing” done and that they’re sensitive to dairy and gluten, which led her to change up their entire pantry. But even before this big change, Kourtney was teased by her sisters for feeding her kids organic bread with whole grains and seeds. And while some varieties might taste like cardboard, we’re sure Kourtney knows what’s good, both in terms of nutrition and taste. Besides, white bread really isn’t good for anyone—especially when it’s overly processed and devoid of nutrients.

17 Pizza, Of Course

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Even Kourtney, the super strict and dairy-free mom, occasionally indulges in pizza—normal-people pizza with gluten and cheese! Of course, she suggests that the family will sort of pay for it later, especially when they’ve gone gluten-free for so long. But still—Kourtney Kardashian lets her kids eat pizza! There you have it—there’s no reason for us average moms to feel like anything “less than” just for ordering up a nice pie. If one of the most famous health nuts out there says it’s okay, then we can feel good about letting our kids indulge. Just save us a few slices, too.

16 Disneyland Churros

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Another indulgence Kourtney has been quoted as approving of is churros. The caveat is, they have to be Disneyland churros to be worth stepping outside her strict nutritional commitments. But this means her kids clearly aren't living such a sheltered life away from McDonald’s that they don’t know what a churro is. And it also suggests that just because people eat healthy most of the time, there’s no reason to not enjoy some truly indulgent dishes every now and then to keep a good balance—and basically, to keep mom from going crazy because she also needs her carbs to keep up with the kids!

15 Clif Bar Kid Zfruit

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This is another suggestion that comes straight from Kourtney’s pantry, but honestly, we’d be surprised if all the other K kids didn’t jump on the bandwagon with this snack. Clif Bar makes a lot of great snacks—namely their bars—but they’ve also got these Zfruit packs—organic and gluten-free fruit “ropes” made with fruit puree. So, when your kids want something sweet but they’ve already had five packs of fake-fruit character fruit snacks for the day, you can try something a little closer to nature that they won’t suspect is anything other than another gummy and sweet treat.

14 [Organic] Gummy Bears

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In another unsurprising departure from the conventional, Kourtney recommends a handful of sweet treats for kids that are organic and, presumably, healthier than their standard junk food counterparts. And while Saint has been spotted walking around carrying a bag of regular Haribo gummy candies, Kourtney’s a bit stricter about her kids’ junk food intake. She suggests Yum Earth Organic Gummy Bears—because at least those are free of additives and other junk—if she can’t cut out sugar entirely. See, Kourtney doesn’t deprive her kids as much as the media would have you think, and we don’t have to deprive our kids, either.

13 Plenty Of Protein

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Even though many people criticize Kourtney for her lifestyle choices, she does her best to maintain a healthy balance for herself and her kids. And that includes getting plenty of protein into them. Especially since their diet lacks dairy, getting protein via meat, eggs, and nuts is pretty important, which Kourtney knows all too well. Isn’t it refreshing to see a celeb kid noshing on some deli meat instead of shoving candy in their mouths? No offense, Saint—we get it, those gummy bears are delicious! Besides, we can blame that one on the nanny, whereas it’s clear whose refrigerator this tot is snacking from.

12 Ice Cream Sundaes

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Whether it’s Baskin Robbins with her cousin North or a giant sundae in celebration, Penelope Disick has had her fair share of ice cream in her young life. Despite her mom’s commitment to eating healthy at home, it seems like they’ve all fallen off the wagon at some point—and with delicious results. Sometimes, it’s grandma Kris taking the kids out for creamy treats, while other times, it’s Scott Disick or any one of the aunts or uncles who are around. The thing is, all parents should give their kids ice cream sometimes—it’s one of those great childhood memories.

11 Cheddar Bunnies

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As a kid, you probably loved those square cheese crackers that back then, didn’t actually have cheese in them. These days, Cheez-Its do have cheese, but also a ton of sodium and other processed stuff. So mama Kim’s solution? InStyle reports that Kim buys Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies for her kids instead. The celeb mom likes that the bunnies have natural ingredients (and lots of Annie’s stuff is organic). She may not be as "next level" with her kids’ eating habits as Kourtney is, for sure, but Kim’s got the right idea by swapping out junk food for some kid-friendly and healthier options.

10 Fresh Salads

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Everyone who’s ever caught a single episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians probably knows about this one eating habit the whole family has: salads. All the ladies in the family are seemingly obsessed with eating gigantic salads, and they even have a favorite restaurant to order them from. But Kourtney’s love for giant salads rubbed off on her daughter at least, InStyle noted, as seen in Kourtney’s quote where she says that she and Penelope often enjoy a yummy salad, in addition to their other menu items, at lunchtime. That’s an inspiring parenting accomplishment—one we would all do well to try and imitate—because vegetables!

9 Hot Dog Sushi

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Kim caught some flak for sharing this on social media, but she “came up with” a fun recipe that’s sure to delight kids everywhere. And it seems a little weird at first—Kim calls it hot dog sushi—since it’s just a slice of hot dog with rice inside some nori. But according to LAD Bible, this type of sushi is actually really popular in Korea and Hawaii—in Hawaii in particular, they put Spam inside their sushi. See, you knew Kim’s kids were worldly! The truth, though, is that every kid loves hot dogs—no matter if they’re kosher or vegan or whatever—so this sushi idea is a win-win.

8 Frozen Yogurt

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They do step out for ice cream sometimes (keep scrolling for that), but Kourtney also likes to “indulge” with a lesser-loved frozen treat: frozen yogurt. Her kids were little when she was photographed out enjoying a big cup of yogurt with them, so you can assume that at that point, they didn’t know the difference between “real” ice cream and this knockoff variety. Still, the fact that Kourtney does it means we don’t have to feel bad about giving our kids frozen yogurt once in a while, too, especially if we drop some fruit on top of it—that automatically makes it healthier, right?

7 Better Breakfast Cereal

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If you didn’t already know that most cereals on the shelves today contain not only GMOs but also tons of sugar and processed “stuff,” then now you do! And who better to turn to for suggestions on what to replace our kids’ Lucky Charms with than Kourtney Kardashian? If she can keep her three kids from eating gluten and dairy 90 percent of the time, she’s got to have a few tricks up her sleeve. And basically, it’s just better-quality ingredients and non-GMO stuff. Like Barbara’s cereals—they have a cute “Puffins” honey rice variety that’s gluten-free. Plus, they also have plenty of other healthy varieties. So, you can let your kids have cereal and not feel guilty about it!

6 Avocado Pudding

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Kourtney gets the credit for this healthy recipe, as offbeat as it sounds. The thing is, avocado pudding has become something of a trend lately, and it’s clear that all the Kardashian kids have probably tasted it. There are a few variations of the recipe, but the most popular with kids seems to be the chocolate pudding—you blend up avocados, cocoa powder, and a sweetener, and it creates a smooth and healthier pudding. Avocados have lots of healthy fats, so this is a great food for even little kids, although leaving it green the way Kourtney does is a hit-or-miss gamble with most little ones.

5 Baby-Led Broccoli

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When baby Dream Kardashian—Rob’s daughter—was younger, mama Blac Chyna shared a Snapchat video of their girl eating broccoli. At that point, Dream was probably young enough to still be eating purees off a spoon, but Blac Chyna took a popular page out of the celeb parenting book and did baby-led-weaning-style feeding. She put small pieces of broccoli on the baby’s high chair tray and let her go to town—something most parents swear by these days when it comes to getting food into the baby’s belly instead of all over the place. It’s also a way to start healthy eating habits early and encourage tots to sample new foods.

4 Scrambled Eggs

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As mentioned, a lot of Kourtney’s eating has to do with fresh and organic produce, plus lots of protein. After all, when you’re skipping carbs and dairy, what’s left? A lot, as it turns out. Along with her gluten- and dairy-free waffles or pancakes, Kourtney also serves her kiddos lots of scrambled eggs, SheFinds notes. And have you seen her salads? Those often contain eggs (or another source of protein), too. All parents should feed their kids eggs—barring any allergies or intolerances—as they’re a healthy source of protein, fat, and vitamins. Whether you’re low-carb or not, eggs can be super versatile for feeding kiddos.

3 Heaps Of Hummus

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Hummus is another trendy food that's right on Kourtney Kardashian’s radar. SheFinds highlights that for lunch, Kourtney likes to give her three kids veggies with hummus for dipping and some gluten-free carbohydrate along with a healthy protein. And honestly, hummus is one of those amazing and versatile foods that we can’t help but recommend. You can get all kinds of flavors—garlic, spicy, even chocolate—and you can DIY at home with just a handful of ingredients. So, even if you don’t have Kourtney’s grocery budget, hummus is one of the totally doable staples that kids seem to love.

2 Dried Fruit For Snacking

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Although Kourtney has a lot of fresh and organic food suggestions, one of the simplest is dried fruit. You can’t always keep fresh bananas or apples in your diaper bag, but dried fruit—preferably organic and without added sugar, per Kourtney—is a great staple to keep on hand for hungry kiddos. And who knows? They just might be fooled by the flavor and forgo regular fruit snacks and other junk in favor of the less processed stuff. Either way, convincing your kids to eat dried fruit for a snack is a great approach for regular parents of the non-celeb kind, too.

1 Burgers & Fries In Moderation

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You’ve probably heard of the Sugar Factory by now. It’s where plenty of celebs go for IG-ready snaps of colorful food that probably isn’t that good for you. But it’s an amazing place to take kids—just look at how colorful it all is, even the hamburger buns—and a burger and fries every so often isn’t that bad. Just don’t order the 24-scoop ice cream sundae… Kanye took his and Kim’s son Saint there on a daddy-son weekend, and the pair enjoyed fries, rainbow sliders, and a little bit of candy, too. Kanye’s since pulled the pic from IG, but that doesn’t mean other celebs aren’t willing to promote the place!

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