The Kardashians Re-Imagined As Types Of Sandwiches

The Kardashian-Jenner clan is one of the most-followed (and most lucrative) families in the celebrity business. And that’s just the thing: they’ve literally made a business out of being celebrities. With their intense social media following, the family could practically sell anything as long as they slap their faces on the product. But what if they weren’t the highlight of Hollywood, but instead something a bit more palatable?

Sure, imagining the Kardashian crew as average people is kind of tough, especially since they’ve been famous longer than not at this point. But what about picturing them as sandwiches instead? From their spicy exteriors to their gushy insides, the Kardashian-Jenners have more in common with everyday sammies than fans might think.

Despite the fact that they all seem to care a lot about outward appearances, the family is also surprisingly grounded and business-conscious. Their backgrounds say a lot about who they are and what’s important to them—namely, family—but each of the Kardashian girls (and guys) have their own preferences and traits that make them unique. Fans may have to dig a little to find out the important details, but food is a seriously universal language.

Even the littlest and newest additions to the fam have their own personalities and styles—so they’re included here, too—plus, some of the honorary Kardashians like Kanye and fan-favorite Scott. Here are all of the Kardashians re-imagined as types of sandwiches, from the humble BBQ pulled pork plate to a literally gold-studded grilled cheese with a just as hefty price tag.

20 Kris Jenner—Caviar Anything

via E! News

Kris is inarguably the boss of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. After all, she grew the family’s fame from the time she married her first husband, lawyer Robert Kardashian, and kept it up after separating from her now-ex Caitlyn Jenner. She propelled all her daughters to fame, and even encouraged son Rob to get in on the KUWTK happenings—he even had his own show, thanks in part to his mom’s “meddling.” That’s why Kris is totally a caviar sandwich—and yes, that’s a thing! She’s classy, rich, and totally unconventional in terms of how she’s raised her family—so caviar is the perfect fit.

19 Kylie Jenner—Caprese On A Baguette

via The Inquisitir

While we know we’ll never catch Kween Kylie in a diner ordering a sandwich, it’s not hard to figure out what type of fancy bread-bound menu item she’d be. With its relatively fancy (at least in the deli sandwich world) fresh mozzarella, a bit of peppery-minty basil, fresh tomatoes, and a classy baguette base, the Caprese is a sandwich befitting Kylie. After all, it lacks high-calorie and high-fat meat, it is more expensive than your standard deli fare ingredients from France, and it’s practically a salad. But it also has something unexpected thanks to the bite of the basil—just like Kylie has an unexpected side that became a makeup mogul.

18 Stormi Webster—Beyond Meat Burger

via Mirror

She’s not even a year old yet, but Stormi Webster is probably one of the most famous tots out there—outranking even her cousins Chicago and True. It could be because mom Kylie kept her pregnancy and birth under wraps until she was ready for a big reveal—suffice it to say, Stormi made quite the entrance! Which is why a certain kind of burger is her sandwich alter ego. While it’s not truly a sandwich, the Beyond Meat Burger, a veggie-based “burger,” has attracted just as much attention in the foodie world as Stormi has in the celeb one. You may love it or you may not be a fan, but either way, it’s likely made an impression on you—and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, either!

17 Kourtney Kardashian—Collard Green Wrap

via Well+Good

If you’re a fan of Kourtney Kardashian, you likely know that she sticks with some pretty strict rules for her pantry. In addition to avoiding gluten and dairy for both herself and her kids, Kourtney also concentrates on healthy ingredients—including as much fresh produce as possible. She certainly catches a lot of flak from her sisters (and others) for trying to keep her plate free of stuff that’s bad for her body, but her commitment to health means in the sandwich world, she’d be a collard green wrap with all kinds of healthy things inside—like hummus, cabbage, sprouts, and maybe even some quinoa.

16 Scott Disick—Luxe Grilled Cheese

via Vine Pair

Whether you love him or feel strictly otherwise about Scott Disick, there’s no denying he’s been a huge part of the KUWTK success. While fans were disappointed when Kourtney and Scott finally called it quits, he’s still been a snarky yet entertaining presence on the show. Which is why the “most expensive” grilled cheese in the world is totally his style. CNBC reported that this high-class grilled cheese is cooked with actual gold, super-rare cheese, and is served with a tomato soup that includes lobster chunks. It’s a little greasy, totally satisfying, and super expensive, and reminds us a lot of a certain someone.

15 Kim Kardashian West—Turkey Wrap

via Us Weekly

Kim is reportedly a fan of the keto eating plan, which strictly limits the intake of carbohydrates. That means no bread, processed grains, rice, or really, any treats. Of course, she still has plenty of fresh produce and meat—because you need way more protein when cutting carbs, especially if you’re hitting the gym the way Kim reportedly does. That’s why Kim’s personality appropriate sandwich would be more of a wrap—a turkey wrap—with the turkey on the outside. It’s a little unexpected—just like some of Kim’s more edgy fashion choices—but it’s also keto-appropriate and healthy—also like Kim!

14 Kanye West—Shrimp & Clam Po Boy

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There’s not much that’s predictable about Kanye West, but that’s part of what his fans—and probably his wife Kim—love about him. And while there’s a lot to know about Kanye’s expensive taste—have you met his Yeezy brand?—we also know he cares a lot about his hometown—Chicago. He loves the place so much, he and Kim named their third child after the city. And, rumor has it, Chicago is home to plenty of tasty sandwiches, which is why we think the Kanye sandwich is a Po Boy. But knowing Kanye, it’s got to be something fancy like a shrimp and fried oyster Po Boy—because, after all, Kanye doesn’t do anything mainstream.

13 North West—The Iconic Elvis

via James Devaney/GC Images

North is very much paving her own way when it comes to both style and attitude. And with parents who are as famous as hers, she’s going to have to work hard to stand out. Which is why the Elvis sandwich is the ideal menu item to embody North. The Elvis is a peanut butter and honey sandwich with both bananas and bacon! The idea is it combines sweet and savory flavors, which is something North is clearly familiar with. She’s both sweet and edgy, with just the right amount of personality to stand out in a crowd—which this sandwich does, too.

12 Saint West—Turkey & Cheese

via E! Online

Saint might be Kim and Kanye’s middle child, but he’s already earned respect for his personal opinions! Kim has shared on her social media feed just how much Saint is like his mom and dad. He refused to give his mom a kiss in one video, exercising his right to refuse the public’s attention, no matter how much they dote on him. Suffice it to say, this kid is going places—but only the places he wants to go to! Which makes us think he’s probably pretty set in his opinions and behaviors, which makes a basic turkey sandwich his “spirit” sammie. It’s reliable, dependable, and there’s just no changing it—it’s perfect the way it is.

11 Chicago West—Chocolate-Centered Ciabatta

via todayentertainmentnews.com

She was born in an unconventional way—via surrogate—and as the youngest West child, it makes sense that Chicago will be just as tough and talented as her parents and siblings. Of course, she looks like Kim’s mini-me, something Kim has said really helped her bond with her newest addition. For now, all we really know about Chicago is that she looks angelic in photos, is super sweet and doted on by her big siblings, and will definitely have a life of fame ahead of her. Since she’s super sweet and adorable, her sandwich is one of the dessert variety—like Giada’s Nutella sandwich on ciabatta bread.

10 Kendall Jenner—Strawberry & Cucumber Sammie

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Kendall is the slightly aloof sister in the family, one who’s not so interested in being front-and-center and who would rather hang back. Unless she’s on the clock of course—she’s definitely no stranger to working the catwalk, as she’s a famous model in her own right. She’s also relatively down-to-earth, especially in comparison with her more outgoing sisters. But she does follow many of the same food rules as her more health-minded sisters, keeping away from processed food and filling up on healthy stuff—including detox tea. Which is why she’s a super-healthy sandwich: a cucumber and strawberry sammie with plenty of freshness and subdued yet tangy flavor!

9 Penelope Disick—Breakfast Sammie

via Page Six

She’s edgy and stylish, even though she’s only six, and just like her cousin and BFF North, she draws attention wherever she goes. But that doesn’t mean she’s always happy about it—she seems a little more reserved than North, and she’s been known to mean-mug the camera when paparazzi approach her. That makes a breakfast sandwich the perfect embodiment of Penelope: it’s youthful, unexpected, and totally outside the norm—if you’re having it for lunch. Think a buttery and slightly crispy sandwich with eggs, maybe some ham, and of course, melty cheese. And for a Penelope-like twist, add a little hot sauce!

8 Mason Disick—PB & Honey (Hold The Gluten)

Go Dairy Free

Although Kourtney is set on having her kids consume the healthiest foods possible, she also enjoys letting them be kids—being spoiled by their aunts, taking them to Disneyland, and indulging in the occasional treat. And since Mase is considered so sweet by his entire family, even though he’s usually super quiet, a peanut butter and honey sandwich is the perfect embodiment of this boy. It’s sweet and unassuming—and thanks to mom Kourtney, it’s reasonably healthy yet age-appropriate, too. And just like Mason’s ever-changing super-cool hairstyle, this sandwich always looks just as good on the outside as it is on the inside, too.

7 Khloe Kardashian—Protein-Packed Panini

via People

Khloe is another health-conscious eater who limits her carbs, which might make you think her signature sandwich would be something super-healthy and maybe featuring sprouts. Especially post-baby, though, Khloe is focused on healthy fats—grilled meat and a bit of fish—and a few carbs throughout the day. Which means the sandwich that most embodies her personality would be something that’s as interesting as her, yet in line with what she likes—something like a trim panini with low-carb bread, grilled chicken, and some healthy avocado on top. Of course, she’s got to have a side salad or other healthy veg, too—that’s the well-rounded aspect of Khloe’s strong personality!

6 True Thompson—Sweet Sprinkle Sandwich

Vini's Cookbook

True is still a baby, so she’s another tiny diva in the making that we’re not quite sure how to peg as far as personality. The thing is, with a mom like Khloe, there’s no doubt True will be famous enough in her own right sometime soon. For now, we just have to go off of Khloe’s snaps of the baby—which mostly look super girly and fancy! There are tons of pics of True wearing tiaras, tiny bikinis, and sparkly bling—so she’s clearly a sprinkle sandwich. These can contain everything from plain bread and butter to cream cheese, peanut butter, or even Nutella.

5 Dream Kardashian—Dream PB&J

via Blac Chyna/Instagram

Though it’s early yet, we can likely expect toddler Dream to follow in her mama’s brightly-colored footsteps. With everything from colored mermaid hair to sweet braids, Dream’s shown off plenty of styles already in her first couple of years, and with both mom Chyna’s and dad Rob’s influence, we’re sure she’s going places. And while we shouldn’t assume things, it’s likely that Dream’s upbringing won’t include the standard kid fare of PB&J on Wonder bread. Nah—we’re thinking she’s more of a powdered-sugar-coated PB&J girl—with only the fanciest ingredients, of course. After all, just because she’s a toddler doesn’t mean she doesn’t have standards for her snacks.

4 Reign Disick—Cheese And Pickles

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He’s still little and so there’s not much detail out about little Reign’s personality, but if his name is any indication, there’s plenty to expect out of this guy in the future. Not only does little Reign sport his own style—think of his mini man bun—but he also manages to rock some serious style, often matching his mama. And something makes us think there’s more to Reign than following the rules—which is why the offbeat combo of cheese and pickles sounds like the perfect kind of sandwich to embody the tot. Then again, it might have to be non-dairy cheese and gluten-free bread with mom Kourtney!

3 Rob Kardashian—Classic BLT


While Rob Kardashian is the only Kardashian kid not to make huge headlines for his business ventures and wealth—he has a line of socks, but other than that, he hasn’t created a name for himself yet—he has attracted attention for his high-profile relationship with Blac Chyna. And while the pair had daughter Dream together, Rob and Chyna have since gone their separate ways. But beyond that drama, Rob has also been diagnosed with diabetes and has had some struggles with his health. That’s why a classic BLT is the perfect embodiment of Rob: it’s got some produce, but it also has the delectable yet often off-limits bacon that’s so beloved by sandwich fanatics everywhere.

2 Travis Scott—Pulled Pork Sandwich

via Today Show

He’s clearly edgier than many of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, but that doesn’t mean Travis hasn’t found his place within the family. In interviews with Kylie, he’s clearly passionate about his partner and their daughter Stormi, even if fans don’t see much of him day-to-day on Kylie’s social media feed. That might be because he’s got his own gigs to worry about—he is a rapper, after all. He made his own way in music after dropping out of college, moving away from his Texas hometown, and having his parents cut him off financially—but the experience just seems to have made him stronger. Thanks to his southern roots, Travis’ sandwich alter-ego is a BBQ pulled pork platter—something hearty, strong, and seriously Texan.

1 Caitlyn Jenner—Magic Melt

via SF Eater

Caitlyn Jenner spent most of her life denying who she really was inside—even through marrying and having kids with not only Kris Jenner, but also two previous wives (with two kids each). So when she finally came out, the world was surprised, but Caitlyn also quickly became the poster child for how making big changes late in life doesn’t mean you can’t be true to yourself. Which is why the traditional grilled cheese with a “pride” twist is the perfect embodiment of Caitlyn: a fan-favorite comfort all around with just the right amount of flavor, sass, and an attention-grabbing presentation.

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