Keeping Up With The Kakes: Ranking All The Kardashian-Jenner-West Birthday Cakes

The Kardashians are probably the most extra family out there, so we’ve come to expect a lot when it comes to their birthday celebrations. Each year, it seems that the family is throwing even bigger and better parties than before, especially since the new generation of Kardashian-Jenners is on the rise.

There have been a lot of Kardashian birthday cakes over the years, given how large the family is. But we’ve narrowed it down to the top 20 cakes the family has ever debuted over social media, ranked from worst to best. Some of these confections are purely comical and bizarre, while others are clearly works of art - and literally look too good to eat, might we add. We can’t imagine how much dough the Kardashians spend on cakes each year, especially when they’re simply going to be eaten in a matter of minutes. Still, that doesn’t mean we don’t love keeping up with the latest Kardashian cake trends.

Be sure to let us know in the comments what Kardashian-Jenner cakes are your favourites! Now that the New Year is right around the corner, we have a whole new year of extravagant cakes to look forward to.

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20 Well This Is… Romantic?

via Snapchat

Most couples think roses or a classic chocolate cake would be a romantic birthday surprise, but clearly Kylie and Travis aren’t like any other couple. For the makeup mogul’s 20th birthday last year, her rapper boyfriend gifted her with a very questionable creation.

The cake feature an unusually unflattering selfie of Kylie sprawled out on a bed with her tongue sticking out and eyes closed. It featured an even more cringey caption that made reference to the celeb’s nether regions - just Google it if you want to see the entire phrase. Travis even followed it up with an ice sculpture of Kylie’s butt. To each their own!

19 Simple Is A Vibe

via People.com

Now, when we think of the Kardashians, we think go big or go home. This family always seems to takes things to the next level, including birthday cakes. So, we’ve come to expect the unexpected when it comes to their cake choices.

But too bad Kourtney K’s most recent birthday cake didn’t live up to our expectations. To ring in her 39th b-day, the mom-of-three chose to celebrate with a simplistic cake from LA bakery Hansen’s cakes. The white cake featured an array of berries on the top and a single candle. Not that the cake wasn’t beautiful (and we’re sure tasty), but it certainly didn’t wow us like some of the other Kardashian cakes have. Maybe next year, Kourt!

18 Kylie’s Lackluster Lips

via instyle.com

We get it - Kylie is famous for her lips! First, she made headlines for getting some serious injections and then the next thing we know she’s launched her own line of lip kits and is on her way to being a millionaire.

As much as Ky should be proud of her accomplishments, we feel she went a bit overboard by having a lip-shaped cake for her birthday in 2015. It appears that the cake was meant to resemble her Kylie Cosmetics logo, but it failed miserably, to put it nicely. Plus, this happened at the time the controversial #KylieJennerChallenge was blowing up the Internet, so the cake also seems to be in bad taste. Luckily Kylie’s cakes since then have been a huge improvement (well, for the most part)!

17 Pointing Out She’s Pregnant

via instagram.com

For Kim’s 35th birthday, her husband Kanye decided to surprise her with a delicate floral cake. For the most part, the cake was gorgeous, featuring a three-tier structure and edible roses decorating the sides.

But what wasn’t as cute was the caption. Instead of just wishing Kim a happy birthday, the rapper decided to point out she was pregnant. Um, why? “Happy Pregnant Birthday Kim,” the cake read, which led many fans to question the necessity of pointing out she was expecting. It turns out the cake was part of the larger, bizarre theme of the party, which Kanye also organized - he asked guests to come dressed as their favourite Kim K maternity look. Whaaat? That sounds pretty ridiculous, but Kim claimed she had an amazing time.

16 The Cousin Cupcake Party

via instagram.com

The Internet went wild when Kylie, Kim, and Khloe uploaded matching photos of their babies enjoying cake in celebrating of True’s 6-month milestone. The photos showed Stormi, True, Chicago, Dream, and Saint digging into to a cake entirely made of cupcakes and covered in rainbow sprinkles. This is the definition of #goals.

Although this cupcake party was absolutely adorable, the reason it scores lower on the list is because cupcakes are a little lackluster compared to the other Kardashian b-day cakes we’ve seen. Then again, they were only celebrating a half birthday; so we’re guessing Khloe will go with something even more extravagant when True turns two next summer.

15 Under The Sea

via Twitter

We live for the joint birthday parties North West and Penelope Disick have each year, and they sure didn’t disappoint during their mermaid-themed party in 2016. Guests were treated to a pool party and appearances from Disney princesses.

But the star of the party was definitely the gorgeous cake party-goers got to enjoy. The three-tier cake featured a bright blue, wave pattern with an animated mermaid sitting on the top made out of ice cream. This cake was definitely what every 3 and 4-year old girl dreams of when they think mermaid party.

14 The Floral Arrangement

via People

Kourtney K tends to keep things on the simple side when it comes to her birthday cakes. Well, at least compared to her siblings. But fans were pleasantly surprised by one of the cakes she enjoyed this past April while celebrating her 38th birthday.

The mom-of-three showed off the gorgeous, rainbow floral fondant cake she received from her kiddos on the special day. It was also accompanied by a second cake made entirely out of ice cream scoops, and a giant display of balloons. We’re thinking her kids probably had help from grandma Kris getting this extravaganza, considering Kourt’s eldest is only 9. But boy do they sure know how to pick out a cake!

13 This Unexpected Throwback

via people.com

Kendall is known as the more down-to-earth sister, so we shouldn’t be surprised that she chose a more sentimental cake versus a glamorous one to celebrate her 17th birthday. The vanilla frosted cake featured a throwback photo of the model to when she was just a kid - and certainly not a household name. It featured black icing detailing along the sides, and 17 tall candles to mark Kenny’s milestone.

While we love how personal this birthday cake is, it definitely loses points for not being original. After all, it’s easy enough to get a photo printed on a cake nowadays. Though we love seeing old pics of the Kardashian-Jenners as kids, maybe they should keep to posting them on Instagram not on their cakes. Sorry not sorry!

12 The First Grandbaby

via ibtimes.com

Most parents don’t go hard for their baby’s first birthday, considering they won’t remember it. But that’s certainly not the Kardashian way!

Kourtney K was the first sister to have a child when she gave birth to son Mason in 2009 with her long-time love Scott Disick. The following year, the parents celebrated their son’s first birthday with an elaborate zoo-themed cake from the Kardashian’s favourite bakery, Hansen’s cake. The yummy-looking cake featured a train holding an array of zoo animals, including a lion, elephant, and giraffe. The new parents posed next to the cake as their little one smiled on gleefully, marking this as one birthday cake to definitely remember.

11 Going For A Ride

via people.com

One Kardashian birthday cake that doesn’t get enough credit is this hilarious car-themed cake that Kim had for her 31st birthday.

She celebrated this milestone - all the way back when she was (briefly) married to Kris Humphries, and Khloe was still with Lamar Odom - by partying it up in Las Vegas and even Momager Kris made an appearance! The comical cake showed the reality star and her then-husband driving away in a pink convertible Volkswagen beetle. Though it’s hilarious, this isn’t the most well-crafted Kardashian cake we’ve seen, which is why it only reaches the midway mark on the list.

10 Happy B-Day KhloMoney

via instagram.com

We don’t need a cake to know that the Kardashians are loaded!

But clearly Khloe wanted to remind everyone of her family’s wealth when she had a cake baked in the shape of a $100 bill with her face on it to celebrate her 21st birthday in 2015. The boujee confection was meant to look like a stack of $100 bills, and in gold lettering it spelled, “Happy Birthday KhloMoney.” While the cake is impressive and we love seeing a woman’s face on a bill, this cake fails to rank higher since fans didn’t love that it seemed the Kardashians were flaunting their wealth through the confection.

9 The Happy Family

via Instagram

Clearly, Kylie loves extravagant birthday cakes the most in her family, since she’s made this list how many times already?

To try and top the questionable cake he got Kylie for her 20th birthday, Travis Scott surprised his baby mama with this interesting creation for her 21st earlier this year. The rapper had a cake designed to look like him, Kylie, and their daughter Stormi riding an Astro-World roller coaster, identical to the one he’s been featuring in his tour this year. Although a cake featuring the family-of-three seems like a cute idea on paper, we’re not sure if this cake nailed it. At least most of the Internet seems to think it was pretty cringey, which is why this cake doesn’t score higher on this list.

8 Let The Lava Flow

via Instagram

Of course Kim didn’t disappoint when she threw a birthday bash for her husband Kanye West’s 41st b-day. While we’re sure the party was one to remember, the one thing we can’t get out of our heads is the insanely cool cake guests got to dig into.

The custom-made cake was designed in the shape of a volcano, and honestly looked more like a science project than a baked good. In addition to the beautiful cake, there were also cookies shaped to look like Kanye being served, so guests sure had their fill of sugary sweets. “Thank you to my wife for throwing me the most beautiful fun and intimate birthday party,” Kanye tweeted thanking Kim for the fun-filled evening.

7 The Merry Monster Mash

via Instagram

Last December, mamas Kourtney and Kim decided to throw a joint birthday bash for their sons - Saint was turning two, while Reign was turning three. To celebrate, they planned a Monsters Inc.-themed party, aptly called Merry Monsters Mash.

The kiddos were treated to a full winter wonderland, featuring a skating rink, sledding on fake snow, and even a visit from Santa Claus. But the highlight of the party was definitely these two gorgeous cakes, featuring Pixar characters Mike Wazowski and Sully made from frosting. We wish our childhood birthday cakes had been this boujee!

6 What Dreams Are Made Of

via Quien

Nowadays, we can always expect the Kardashians to go all-out when it comes to birthday cakes. Despite the drama happening between Rob Kardashians and his ex-fiancée Blac Chyna, the Kardashian Klan still threw an elaborate bash for the former couple’s daughter, Dream, which featured two dreamy cakes.

Dream’s first cake was entirely decorated in edible roses, and featured a beautiful chocolate sign wishing her a happy first birthday. The second cake was even more impressive, and featured an actual photo of the toddler in a pink dress that matched the all-pink theme of the party. What a perfect cake - er, we mean cakes - for a little princess!

5 Kanye Celebrating Kanye

via pinterest.com

Kim K’s husband Kanye West has certainly gotten himself a reputation for, well, loving himself. So no one was surprised when he chose to celebrate one of his birthdays with a cake that featured one of his most favourite things - a picture of himself. The cake was an animated version of the rapper that even got his iconic facial hair correct.

This cake scores high simply because it’s so Kanye of Kanye to get a cake with his face on it. Plus, we think it’s pretty cool to incorporate an animated version of yourself onto a cake. The only problem? We may never want to eat it because it’s that cool!

4 Kiddie Coachella

via people.com

This looks even better than the real Coachella! To celebrate their firstborn daughter’s first birthday, Kim and Kanye made headlines when they threw a child-themed Coachella party. The fun event featured everything from live music to bouncy castles, and of course all the kiddos were dressed in hippie-inspired outfits.

But the real star of the party was the gorgeous birthday cake the parents helped their toddler blow out the candles on. The three-tied cake featured a stunning rainbow, tie-dye pattern and edible daisies decorating the top, matching North’s floral headband. It was adorned with a green candle marking Nori’s first birthday.

3 The Rich Eat Gold

via Instagram

So this is what the rich and famous eat! Khloe K made a huge statement with her birthday cake this past August when she rang in her 34th birthday in Mexico with a stunning gold cake. The three-tier cake featured glistening, golden icing dripped over a vanilla body. It was decorated with a golden sign wishing the new mom a happy birthday (she’d just welcomed her daughter, True, two months earlier).

“Had the most incredible weekend at @casaarmara with the most beautiful people! @realjoefrancis you spoiled us as usual!!” she captioned a shot of herself featuring the yummy-looking confection.

2 It’s A Barbie World

via usweekly.com

This is one way to celebrate your 21st!

If anyone of the Kardashian-Jenners is extra, then it’s got to be Kylie. So, it’s no surprise that she went all out with her birthday cake this past August, treating party guests to a 5-layer Barbie themed cake.

The gorgeous confection was entirely pink, and featured two partying Barbies and mini liquor bottles. The dolls were actually custom made to look identical to Kylie and her best friend, Jordyn Woods - they were even wearing the same outfits the celebs wore to the party! These girls sure know their drinks despite just turning legal.

1 Rainbows and Unicorns

via Instagram

Every 6-year old girl would love to have a cake this gorgeous to celebrate their birthday, so that’s why Penelope Disick's and North West’s, who turned 6 and 5-years old respectively, unicorn cake wins the award as the most beautiful Kardashian cake to grace social media.

The cake, made by LA bakery Flour Shop, featured a gorgeous rainbow center filled with an inner core of sprinkles and chocolates. The top of the cake was decorated with rainbow icing, tons more sprinkles, and adorable unicorn ears to ties in the theme.

The rest of the food served at the joint birthday party were just as magical, with guests enjoying unicorn-shaped cake pops in sugar cones, unicorn rice crispies, and even pastel donuts.

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