After Successful Testing, KFC Will Bring Chicken And Waffles Nationwide

First the good news, in two words: Chicken, waffles.

Now the bad news, also in just two words: Limited time.

And the worst part of it all? We're talking KFC! Yes, in "What On Earth Took Them So Long News," the beloved, finger-lickin' good chain has finally added waffles to their considerable menu. But, again, it's for a limited time and, what's worse, that limited time is year's end. Maddening, right? It's here, it'll be delicious, and it'll be gone by the time Ryan Seacrest is counting down the ball dropping in New York City on New Year's Eve on national television.

Oh, and there's more: It's already begun. Rolled out just this past Monday, you can hop in your car and hit the drive-thru by the time you finish reading this article. (Heck, maybe you just left - who can blame you?) The chain trotted out the long-awaited chicken sidekick this past summer at several restaurants in North Carolina, and by the end of July it was pretty much a done deal. What happened in the three months or so lag-time between then and now is anyone's guess, though it probably had more to do with developing a menu that would see to it customers could get their dish a variety of ways than it did rolling tape on actor Jason Alexander as the latest in a long line of "Colonel Sanders."

According to an official KFC statement, the waffles are made with pearl sugar imported from Belgium. Furthermore, according to the aforementioned statement, KFC worked diligently to see to it that the waffles would pair perfectly with their extra crispy chicken, and in order to do so had to use a yeast-raised dough in lieu of the time-honored batter. That pearl sugar is the finishing touch in the sense that the outer texture is intended to be sweet yet have a crunch of its own.

There were 15 different attempts before zeroing in on what the Colonel himself could sign off on.

As for that menu, how does a crispy piece of chicken atop a Belgian Liege-style waffle sound, drizzled with some Mrs. Butterworth's syrup? Chicken leg, thigh, or even boneless for that matter, and served all day, every day. The true go-to item, however, will no doubt end up being sandwich-style, with - you guessed it - the waffles serving as the bread. This, my friends, is finger-stickin' good!

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