12 Kitchen Gadgets Every Millennial Should Have In Their Kitchen And 12 That Are Totally Useless

As a millennial, you're basically used to ordering out at least twice a week or grabbing a bite while walking to work. Millennials are most likely to skip a sit-down meal and go for something quicker—it's just what we were built to like because of the hectic schedules most of us have to deal with.

An article by Business Insider shed light on the fact that baby boomers just had different tastes when compared to what's currently popular. Because of this, restaurants like Hooters are being replaced by places that are more fast food focused. Purchasing power that millennials hold is also supposed to surpass what baby boomers are capable of.

This is basically going to mean that most of the meals we have are going to be processed and most likely junk. The amount of times I walk into a McDonald's and call it lunch is embarrassing, and knowing your way around a kitchen can be the alternative you're looking for.

If you decide to start making your own meals, you're going to get pulled into the zone of the supermarket that can convince you to buy just about anything in the name of good food, and most of these will lie on your loft for decades before being thrown out.

At the same time, we don't expect you to churn your own butter, so here's a list of appliances that are worth it and will actually be used. We've also listed twelve that you're most likely to think will come to good use. "Think" is the keyword here—these are the ones you need to walk past real fast.

Without further ado, here we go.

24 Need: 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

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Apart from the fact that millennials can get pretty annoying about their obsession with avocados, doctors have even called for a safety warning when it comes to slicing avocados. People are slicing up their hands when they cut into the most well-known fruit of this generation. The 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer basically cuts it for you. Firstly, it has a non-slip grip so you can kiss those cuts all over your hand goodbye. The slicer cuts through the skin of the fruit with ease, while the pitter is used to remove the pit by a simple twist motion. There's also a fan blade within this gadget. So, it's a definite must-have.

23 Nope: Banana Slicer

via dudeiwantthat.com

Why in the world are people still buying these? The banana slicer, as you may have guessed, slices bananas. Why that's necessary, we'll never know. Firstly, most human beings just pick up the banana and slice it with the mouth. Secondly, if you do want to slice it and add it to a salad, I'm pretty sure that a knife for less than one-third of the price would do the trick. In all honesty, even a blade would, so I really don't see any purpose coming out of this one. Even if knives didn't exist, I doubt men around the world would be comfortable watching this kitchen gadget in action anyway.

22 Need: Magimix Vision Toaster

via which.co.uk

Coming from someone who burns her toast all the time, I can honestly say I'd appreciate this one. The vision toaster essentially lets you look at your toast getting done, which is an absolute lifesaver at times, considering most of us tend to burn our toast 'cause those numbers that are the 'level of toastiness' are a complete lie. The Magimix is also a fairly attractive device, which is always a plus, considering most of us like pretty things, and a cute kitchen is always nice to walk into. Here's the link so that you can buy your own.

21 Nope: Butter Spreader

via kitchenniche.com

If you cannot get your hands even slightly dirty, then maybe you shouldn't be in the kitchen at all. The butter spreader is for people who don't want to touch the stick of butter while they put butter on to a dish. So, for example, while getting some corn on the cob ready, you'd need to slide the stick across the cob, but for some people, that's apparently too much work. Hence, the butter spreader. The only issue here is—well, you could use a knife, or you could just use the wrapper that comes with the butter. This would save you a couple of bucks, and you can go through life without being part of the percentage of people that other people dislike.

20 Need: Watermelon Slicer

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Ever tried to cut what I fondly call the monster fruit? It's difficult times ten, and it becomes even more so for the time-starved millennial. The steel blade watermelon slicer is a very simple device created by someone really smart. You simply place it over the watermelon so you can get equal proportions. Here's the link for Amazon UK  and Amazon USA so that you can start buying watermelons (finally) instead of passing on them because you're lazy.

19 Nope: Quesadilla Maker

via Superb Vehicles

I'm pretty sure if you buy this, you're automatically losing any friends that you have from Mexico because they're going to judge you for it. This gadget is for people who love quesadillas so much that they decided to buy a special gadget for them that takes up more space in their kitchen but also cooks the quesadillas exactly the way the pan does. Basically, you're wasting your time, money, and space. The only thing you're really getting out of this gadget is the handles on the maker. It's sold as a 'specially designed' quesadilla maker, but that's an outright lie. It's an expensive pan.

18 Need: Breville The Waffle Pro Maker

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I'm not a breakfast person by nature. Eggs, pancakes, and everything else are just whatever for me. But waffles? Waffles are a gift from the Gods, and I would happily start any day with them. Come to think of it, I'd start and end any day with them.

The Breville Waffle Pro Maker is one of our favorites because the waffle doesn't stick to the appliance. You can easily move it to your plate without losing half of your waffle in the bargain. This waffle maker can even tell if you want a Belgian, chocolate, or buttermilk waffle!

17 Nope: Bear Paws

via DHgate.com

These meat-shredding tools would make sense if you eat pulled pork every minute of every day, but for most people, a fork will do just fine. Most inventions come about because of an actual problem that people are facing, but bear claws probably came into existence because someone was bored. There's no real need for them because we already have everything that we could ask for in the meat department. This meat-shredding device can easily be skipped. Don't get swayed by the advertisements; just pull out your trusty fork.

16 Need: Portable Cold Brew Maker

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The amount of money I spend on Starbucks is insane. I look through my monthly bank statement and just pity my decisions every single time until it happens all over again. The reason we love the cold brew maker is that firstly, it saves money, and secondly, it doesn't look clunky and heavy to carry around like some other options within the industry. The stylish black matter cold brew maker is easy to carry around, and you have coffee whenever you want it for half the price. You can buy it on Amazon here! You're welcome.

15 Nope: Pizza Scissors

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Um, what? Most of the useless items on this list just left the difficulty level of the task at hand the same as it was before, but pizza scissors just make the task more difficult. A pizza wheel or just a knife is far easier to use, and you're going to get far more even slices. It's sold as a 'unique design,' which is all it really has going for itself at this point. I cannot imagine cutting a pizza as an easy task. Your toppings are going to spill everywhere, and you cannot possibly hold a really hot pizza down long enough to get the scissors through. This is nothing but a showpiece and not a very good one at that.

14 Need: Standing Mixer

via theindependant.com

When you're young and have a tiny apartment to yourself without much else, space means everything. So, giving up a big stainless steel mixer for something more logical is your best bet. This cute li'l mixer is far more pocket-friendly than any other, and it's also a pretty cute addition to your kitchen. It's only $30, and you can buy it at your local Target store or online. So, if you love baking but hate the time you spend whisking away or kneading, then this could be what you need to get that batch of cookies in the oven that much faster. Which more importantly means they'll be out faster, too.

13 Nope: Plastic Egg Mold

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The plastic egg mold is the most immature kitchen appliance that we have on this list. An egg is an egg at the end of the day, and the shape doesn't really matter all. Even if it did, these molds rarely work out very well, so staying away from them is probably for the best. These egg molds are supposed to squash your eggs into fun shapes or something, which I can only imagine a child getting excited about. Even if you do have kids and they're trying to convince you to buy this (which is doubtful because they're going to be more into the toy section if anything), just remember that you're only going to use it once before it lies in your kitchen drawer forever.

12 Need: Sparkling Water Maker

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A lot of us may think that sparkling water tastes like electricity. Well, I do, at least, but I do know tons of friends of mine who enjoy it for whatever reason. If you're one of those people, this could be the cheaper version of your expensive habit. This sleek and sexy-looking appliance is exactly what you need to keep a range of sodas in your house anytime you want. So, if seltzers are your thing, then don't miss out on this. You can buy a great sparkling water maker on Amazon for $50.

11 Nope: Butter Dispenser

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For all the people who bought the butter spreader, the butter dispenser is the next great invention that mankind has celebrated over. The dispenser is basally a replica of what's normally used to put the icing on cake. The whole point is that sometimes, putting cold butter on toast can be hard, which is why the dispenser is used. The dispenser just pushes butter out of a tube, but you could just as easily use a grater that you already own. The grater also takes up far less space in your fridge than this gigantic device.

10 Need: Muji Rice Cooker

via randomwire.com

I absolutely love rice, and anyone who disagrees about how great rice is is wrong. This sleek rice maker will make the minimalist within you squeal with joy. It looks gorgeous and takes up barely any space within your kitchen. So, if you're a millennial in New York City stuck in a cramped up apartment with a lack of space, this would be perfect. Say goodbye to unevenly cooked and raw rice because this cooker cooks rice through by using superior heating technology that makes for puffier and better rice. You don't have to keep checking the stove and crossing your fingers anymore.

9 Nope:  Pickle Picker

via eBay

The pickle picker is for those moments in life when a fork just won't do. Apparently, our forks aren't good enough for the average pickle, which is where the pickle picker comes in. The pickle picker is essentially a steel toothpick, so it's pretty much useless. This tool has only been made to pick up pickles, and the worst part is, it doesn't even do a very good job. It also kind of reminds you of what an injection would look like. Overall, what we're trying to say here is: your fork is going to do just fine. Don't bother.

8 Need: Instant Pot 6-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker

via gumtree.com

Do you want a programmable pressure cooker? Well, you should. The thing that makes this device special is you don't have to constantly adjust the pressure. Essentially, it's the smart way of pressure cooking your food without having to worry about leaving the kitchen. It's one of the easiest pressure cookers I've ever used, and you won't have to constantly depend on the local Chinese shop around the corner for dinner. The only negative is that you're losing your excuses not to cook. You can buy it here.

7 Nope: Joie Tomato Slicer & Knife

via aliexpress.com

I don't know exactly how to explain this one, but here goes my attempt: apparently, our hands aren't good enough to cut tomatoes. This is where the Joie Tomato slicer and knife comes in. You place the tomato within the slicer, which is essentially an enclosure that has lines across it where the slices need to be. Then, you use the Joie knife because the knife you have just won't do and cut across the lines to get the slices you need without actually touching the tomato. You can take a look at the useless invention by directing yourself to Amazon that obviously needs to start filtering what they sell.

6 Need: Rapid Egg Cooker

via youtube.com

This cute little kitchen appliance looks like it came straight from the 1900s, but nonetheless, it's exactly what you need if you love eggs every morning. At first glance, a lot of people assume that all it can do is hard-boil eggs, but this appliance can do it all. Whether you want your eggs poached or scrambled, it's got you covered. It can even get an omelet ready for you if that's what you like. All of this is done in less than ten minutes, and you can even leave the room while it works its magic. You can get this one on Amazon as well.

5 Nope: Pasta N More by Emson

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Apparently, we needed a special box to microwave our pasta. What's different about this box, you ask? Well, it has holes at the bottom in some of the compartments within the box. Other than that, it looks like any other box that you've ever used but with a higher price tag. It also has something called 'cool touch' handles that are supposed to remain cool even after being in the microwave, but obviously, they've skipped the science lesson that explains how heat works. It's an absolute waste of space, and it is not even a pretty box.

4 Need: Livart Orange BBQ Deluxe Electric Barbecue Grill

via Chickery

Ever wished you had a house just so that you could have those barbecues that your friends have every weekend? Well, fret not, apartment dwellers—this could be the answer to all of your problems. The Livart electric BBQ emits far less smoke than the average grill does so you don't have to worry about your apartment becoming the fire department's next stop. You can now have those meats grilled just right that you kept missing out on. Hell, if you have a balcony, why not call your friends over and have a BBQ outside?

3 Nope: Hands-Free Bag Holder

via odditymall.com

This one's essentially a V-shaped piece of plastic that's supposed to hold up a bag that you don't want to hold. Nothing reminds you that you're absolutely alone like a pair of V-shaped bag holders. The V-shaped arms are adjustable, and their primary and only aim is to hold your bag upright, which just seems a little silly. Rest it on a wall or something; you don't need to actually go on Amazon and buy a Bag Holder for the times you cook. Or maybe just transfer whatever is in the bag to our bowl. We just simply cannot fathom when this is going to be useful.

2 Need: Milk Frother

via kitchenstuffplus.com

If you've always wanted to be your own barista, this gadget can get you a step closer to your dreams. This gadget can froth up all your lattes at the click of a button, and it's not very expensive either. There's no better way to start a day than a cup of coffee, so any appliance that makes the process easier and cheaper is a hit on our list. You can get this one for pretty cheap, too, so you don't have to worry about going broke. At $30, Amazon is your best bet. It comes with a one-year warranty, and you'll get the creamiest foam ever.

1 Nope: Amco Pepper Prepper

via Gizmodo

Again, could've used a knife here, but we wasted money instead. The Amco pepper prepper is nothing but a novelty. The pepper prepper is supposed to clean and remove the core of the pepper, which was done with a knife before we lost all of our self-respect. A tiny piece of plastic is shoved into the center of the pepper and is twisted. This unsurprisingly removes the core. I wouldn't even call this one an invention. It's just a waste of time and a few people trying to make a quick buck. You're just going to waste more kitchen space.

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