Mayor Bans Junk Food Ads On London Public Transportation

In an attempt to stop child obesity issues in their tracks, the London mayor’s office has decided to ban advertisements for junk food on all modes of transportation in the city.

In a brash statement moving forward to face the issue of obesity head-on, London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, stated that the ban would come into effect this upcoming February. And as Londoners face the New Year, so will they face a commute without those eye-catching junk food advertisements they’ve all gotten used to.

Remember the long days… the days that seemed as though they’re never going to end? Well, sometimes the commute back home after such a long and tedious day can be quite tiresome. Sometimes, a tasty treat can make the difference between a terrible day to one that's a little easier to digest (pardon the pun) in the blink of an eye.

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Well, the hankering for these snacks often came at the sight of a quirky advertisement announcing the latest flavor of soft drink, the newest menu item at a local fast food restaurant, or even a candy bar. There is nothing like getting a craving for a sweet treat and satisfying it at the next station on your way to or from work.

But as it now stands, Londoners may now be destined to face a commute without the so-called temptation that the advertisements impose on any and all commuters.

According to reports, the mayor’s office has been working on this proposal since May of this year and the approval rating for the motion was pretty much through the roof… a whopping 82% were in favor.

The issue of obesity has indeed spread to the rest of the world and far from the shores of North America, where the issue, especially among children, has skyrocketed over the years. Many feel that the support for this ban comes from a collective concern from all those in favor of the ban, and the showing of solidarity and support is a rather refreshing turnout.

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Statements made by the mayor can show exactly the state of mind the whole city seems to be in regarding this issue: "It's clear that advertising plays a huge part in the choices we make, whether we realize it or not, and Londoners have shown overwhelming support for a ban on adverts for junk food and drink on our transport network … It's completely unacceptable that in a city as prosperous as London, where you live and the amount you earn can have a massive impact on whether you have access to healthy, nutritious food. I'm determined to change this.”

Others ask if the measures are maybe a little too drastic and the popular concern is if we remove the temptation for such foods, are we really solving the problem of obesity, as we are taking away the right for people to fend off urges for junk food on their own merits?

A profound opposition to the ban. Both theories are sound and only time will tell if this is the right course of action.

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